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A Starring Role


For a long time there has been an argument between those so-called experts that profess to know these things, that who we are is either as a result of breeding, or, just as convincingly, our environment. In support of those on the genetics side of the argument, it would seem that I have a genetic pre-disposition to becoming a whore. On the other hand, it could be that, as the daughter of a whore, there would have been environmental factors that influenced my life.

As opposed to these so-called experts, I am not a whore, I do not sell my body for money for the simple reason that I have no need, financially or emotionally, to do so. There is a difference between my life and that of a whore, I'm in a relationship with a man who I love, that I get paid to maintain that relationship is a bonus. If there is one thing that I have learnt from my mother it is that, even in Tinseltown, a whore has a limited life expectancy. Sooner or later she would no longer be able to attract the attention of those who could pay well for her services, and end her life in a cheap rooming house, either dribbling drunk or off her face on drugs, and needing to turn tricks to buy her fix.

My mother could have been a successful actress if she had so desired. That she wasn't, was a testament to her not wanting to take part in the casting ritual that would usually end up on the casting couch. Oh, she had a few bit parts early on, but it wasn't until she attended a film premiere on the arm of the film's male lead that she realised that she had a better role to play, that of , not a whore, but the professional girlfriend, or, when appropriate, wife. The star in question was contracted to one of the major studios at the time, and the publicity machine took great pains in finding suitably attractive ladies to accompany him to these affairs. The need for this was hidden from his adoring fans, not only was the manly image just that, an image, but he was a raging homosexual, the knowledge of which would, most certainly at that time, seen the end of his career. His Box office status created the imperative that this secret be kept from the public, and this was where my mother came in, she became his 'lover' in the eyes of the fans, a role for which she was paid extremely well by the studio. If they had been lovers she could possibly be classified as a whore hired by the studio, but they were never lovers. They did however marry, and it was to all intents and purposes a happy union. She insisted early on that any gay liaisons were kept away from their palatial mansion, and that she would reciprocate.

I came into this world some time after this marriage of convenience ended amicably, with a suitably high settlement. This occurred around the same time that his ego got the better of him, and he began to make impossible demands of the Producers and the studio. The rumour mill ran hot with stories of temper tantrums on set, and his co-stars refusing to work with him. It was a financial decision to end the marriage, and my mother found herself out of work and with no salary. A visit to the studio heads resulted in a new star appearing on the scene, a star who was not gay, a star who was my father. They played happy families for some three years before he decided to stray with a co-star. This divorce was anything but amicable and the studio hired a good Lawyer for my mother who got her an even bigger settlement, one that allowed her to live a comfortable life as a single mother, at least until a new partner could be found. From her I learned that to be comfortable a girl doesn't have to endure endless cattle calls for bit parts in low budget films with stints of waitressing to make ends meet. From her I learnt that a comfortable living could be made by being a wife or girlfriend of a star.

From her I also learnt to deal with egos, something that I had to put to use very early in my career. He was an up and coming star with Oscar potential written all over him, at least that was the image that he projected, even to his lovemaking, he had to be 'in the zone' before he could perform, something that I had to change. For someone with what I knew of the subject, spontaneity was the key, and by the time he had reached the 'zone' I had lost interest and it became a chore to convince him that he was the world's greatest lover. "Look Rob, (Rob Stone, not his real name by the way) by the time that you get into your zone I have completely lost the urge. What do you say that I help you achieve your 'zone' while at the same time maintaining mine?"

"What do you mean?"

"Just sit back and enjoy it." I kissed him, while, at the same time I opened his shirt, running my hand over his wax denuded chest (the studios didn't like hairy male leads). I pinched his nipples, causing him to squirm, before raising my hands to his face. Using the tip of one finger, I traced irregular patterns around his face, around his lips, pushing them apart and inserting a finger into his mouth. He sucked on it briefly, only because I pulled it out just as he got interested in it, before continuing around his neck and gently into his ears. By this time he was getting into his zone, his hand beginning to wander over my body. "No." I told him. "Not yet."

Makeup were not going to be happy with me as I gave him a large love-bite. He, on the other hand, enjoyed every minute of it, his body began to writhe around on the bed and once more he tried to cup my breast. "No." I moved his hand away. "Not yet."


"When I let you."

My hand slid down his belly with its thin layer of fat over his six pack, until I reached his trousers. I loosened his belt and slid my hand under the waistband, meeting his cock half-way. It wasn't a big cock by any means, but big enough if he knew how to use it, which he didn't yet, that would come (no pun intended). My finger circled the tip of his cock, causing him to squirm even more, resulting in another grab for a breast. "No." I told him as I removed his hand. "Not yet."

"Fuck." He said as he came on his belly.

"Who's the eager beaver then?" I chuckled, as I resumed his treatment, kissing him and caressing him, paying special attention to his now limp cock, my barometer of his desires. It took some time before he began to respond (his cock that is) and rise to meet my finger. Tentatively his hand reached for a breast. This time I allowed it to cup me, this was accompanied by an audible sigh. I lifted my top to allow greater access and his hand slid under my bra and pushed it up over my breasts. He now had full access, his hands cupping my breasts while his fingers worked on my nipples. "Gently now, you don't want to put me off." He reduced his enthusiasm to a much more pleasant level.

He kissed me and his tongue found mine, but for a while it reacted as if he'd learned tongue technique from a textbook, because there was no feeling involved. I withdrew my tongue and stopped kissing him. "What's wrong now?"

"Have you ever made love to a woman before?"

"Yes, plenty of times."

"I mean made love as opposed to fucking?"

"Is there a difference?"

"The fact that you asked that question answers my question, allow me to demonstrate." I kissed him and gently inserted my tongue into his mouth, this was not a fight for supremacy between two tongues, this was a meeting, and he soon got the message.

After several minutes of this, I felt his hand slide under the waistband of my pants and my underwear, and a finger slide into my now wet pussy. He hand was applying the message he'd learnt and his insertion was gentle, and I loved it. I raised my hips and he pushed my pants down, I figured that he was now in his 'zone' and had decided to let him take control. His cock was up to the task despite his lack of size, it was as if he sensed what would turn me on and did it. I already knew what got him off and we reached the conclusion at the same time, that this could be a very satisfactory relationship.

"You are good, do you know that?" He whispered to me as we caught our breath after a prolonged session of love making. That it was long was as much a testament to his staying power as it was to the pleasure that I got from him. That it was good, if not great, was a testament to me leading him without appearing to take total control of the process, his ego would not have allowed that, and tonight was all about him, about him realising that he wanted me.

That he wanted me became obvious the next day when I got a call from the studio where he was making his latest film. "Madeline Donovan?"


"Mr Lawrence of Amity Studio (the studio head) would like to speak with you."

"What is it about?" I had a good idea, they were not going to allow any relationship that would impact negatively on his career and the studio.

"Mr Lawrence will make it all clear when you get here, you will be expected in an hour from now." No negotiation as to time, I was under orders to be there.

"I'm sorry but I can't make it at that time, I have another appointment to keep, a prior appointment."

"Cancel it."

"I can't, it is important for my career."

"We were not aware that you had a career."

"Not yet, but I'm working on it, and unless I get a better offer than the one that's on the table, I'm afraid I will have to take a raincheck."

"I'm sure that Mr Lawrence will want to make you a better offer."

"You're sure. Look whoever you are, do you speak for Mr Lawrence when you say that? If he can guarantee me a better deal then I might consider obeying his command and see him in an hour, but I will not break this appointment on the vague chance that he just might have a better offer. If you can give me his guarantee, then I will see him in an hour, if not I will call him and arrange an appointment at my convenience." My mother had taught me well, it was all about confidence, and the ability to convince others that you are confident.

I was placed on hold for a couple of minutes. "Mr Lawrence will see you in an hour."

An hour later I was seated in a comfortable chair sipping an excellent coffee, I had declined the offer of a stronger drink, but that didn't stop Mr Lawrence from having one. "Now Madeline, the most important question here is, what are your intentions with respect to Rob?"

"My intentions are strictly between myself and Rob, I don't see that it is any business of yours."

"It is very much my business, my studio has a great deal of money invested in our star, and anything that impinges in a negative manner on the plans that we have for him, will cause me to look upon the cause of that with a great deal of anger. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes, very. Now I have to ask you, was there a difference in Rob this morning from previous mornings?"

"Yes, he did seem to be a little more co-operative with the director, and he did seem to be much happier."

"And did he follow directions readily?"

"Yes, I have to admit that the feedback from the production team did mention that they had never seen him to be more amenable to direction."

"Then I have done my work well. You see, I taught him that he needed to be more confident in himself and that will lead to him being a better person, and to forget all about the bullshit that he thought was necessary for him to get 'into the zone' to be a good actor. Once he became a good actor stardom would follow, but if he kept going the way that he was he'd end up on the scrap heap very quickly. Now, did I do the right thing or not?"

"It would seem that you have improved him, and for that I am thankful."

"Thankful enough to pay me to look after him, to be his girlfriend, on a permanent basis."

"What did you have in mind?"

"You pay me to be his steady girlfriend, and if it works out as I think it will, you will continue my payments after we, with the studio's blessing of course, marry."

"Getting a little ahead of yourself aren't you? How do you know that he will want to marry you?"

"Oh he will, you see, he's well on the way to wanting that as we speak, and do you want to know why? I'll tell you, he's in love with me, he loves me more than he loves himself and that's saying something, and he has, in a very short period of time, come to realise that I will be very good for his career, something that you will find out for yourself."

"We shall see what we shall see. Now I suppose that you have a number in mind for your salary?"

"I think that I can survive on standard rates for a bit player, especially if it's a regular salary. At this point in my career, I'd be more than happy with that."

"Very well, I'll send you to Legal to sort out a three month contract with the option to extend, subject to a performance review."

"You will not regret this decision, I am good at what I do."

"For someone so young you are incredibly self-assured."

"I have been taught well."

"You have been taught well, where did you learn your skills?"

"That, I'm afraid, you will never know, and I'd advise you against attempting to find out, there are forces at play here that are beyond your control, and which will impact more negatively on you and your studio than anything that I do with Rob." Mother had taught me well, she had predicted his every move and advised me on how to counter them.

"I take it that you can not only act on that threat but will not hesitate to act."

"Was what I said a threat? I'm sorry that you took it that way, it was not meant to be." I mentally ticked the last box. Win over the star, tick. Improve the star's standing with the studio, tick. Negotiate satisfactory contract, tick. Imply threat to studio, tick. Deny threat, tick. Leave them intrigued, tick.

Social media is a two edged sword, on the one hand there was those that were happy that Rob and I were now an item, and then there were those that flooded my Facebook page with vitriolic outbursts about my status as the biggest bitch in the world for stealing their hero from them. The one thing that I'd been taught was not to become involved in a slanging match on social media, that would be done for me, not by my personal friends, but those appalled by the hurt being directed at me. The furore caught the attention of the broader media and I was soon receiving requests to appear on chat shows, and the subject of tabloid journalists looking for sensationalism. Apart from the obligatory public appearances I kept very much in Rob's shadow, not seeking publicity for myself and only venturing from my house to shop for such mundane items as food and feminine essentials.

The studio limo dropped Rob off at home, yes I'd moved in with him, but I didn't open the door and run into his arms as the assembled media hoped, but waited until he was inside the house with the door shut behind him before doing just that. I kissed him. "My love, how did it go?"

"Michael (Director Michael Rogers) is pleased with my work, most of today's shooting was done in one take and we're actually running ahead of schedule."

"That's wonderful." I kissed him again. "Would you like a wine before dinner, I've cooked your favourite for you, or would you rather freshen up first?"

"I would rather make love to you first." He kissed me, gently as I'd taught him, his tongue barely touching mine.

"There will be plenty of time for that." My hand had found his hard cock and stroked it through his pants. "We should never rush a good thing, and I fully intend to make love to you very passionately later, do you think that you can hold out until then?" I squeezed his cock.

"Yes." His tongue returned to mine for an instant. "Just." He released me and strode off to change. This was the general pattern of our evenings and it pissed the pap's big time to the point where they had just about given up on us providing them with money-shots. Rob certainly wasn't complaining about staying in all night, and by staying in I mean staying in, his cock inside me until we dropped off to sleep. I made sure that he got plenty of sleep so that he was at his best for filming and it was paying off big time. As his reputation grew with the Producers and Director my standing as his girlfriend also grew.

Three months after I'd signed the original contract a new one was being negotiated, along with the offer of a role in an upcoming film that the studio saw as the perfect vehicle for going public with Rob and my relationship. "I'm sorry, but that's not in my plans for the future. I am very much Rob's girlfriend and will do nothing that would distract from his position as star."

"But, if you don't do this we'll have to get someone else to play the lead, and while I'm not saying that he'll fall in love with her, well, you know how the publicity machine works . . . ." He left it at that and to my imagination.

"The answer is still 'no'. I have faith in Rob not succumbing to temptation and don't see any need to appear with him." I would just have to make sure that he comes home every night and doesn't get the opportunity to stray. Time for a visit to Mother.

While Mother was carving out her career as a professional girlfriend she had a lot of time on her hands, time that didn't go to waste. She continued her studies with a view to having something to fall back on if the need should happen to arise. She no longer works in her previous profession, instead has a role as my legal representative. Having graduated from Law School and passed the Bar Exam, she now worked as a Corporate Lawyer specialising in Contractual Law, something that was about to come in very handy.

She had changed her name from Andrea Lambert to Angela Donovan not long after she began her career as a professional Girlfriend but when she took the Bar Exam she had to use her real name, this meant that any dealings within the industry would not be connected with me, even though there was a family resemblance. The use of makeup and hair colouring reduced the similarities so that no-one had made the connection.

When the studio Lawyers had presented me with their original new contract I took it with me, telling them that I would get my Legal Representative to read it through before I signed it. The document that I signed had several additional clauses in it that the studio Lawyers and Rob's Agent all signed. The clauses held the studio to a guarantee that it would pay the agreed salary while Rob was contracted to them, they thought that this was fair enough and signed. The other clauses had in them provisions that, if Rob, his Agent or his Agent's Representative or his Publicist, undertook any action that would harm in any way, the relationship between Rob and myself, they would be required to pay me a lump sum commensurate with my projected earnings for the next ten years. His Agent didn't fully understand the implications but signed anyway.

"So, if the rumour mill picks up that he is having an affair with his co-star and he decides to call off your relationship, or it impacts on your relationship in a way that causes you stress, we can and will sue. Now you must be certain that you do nothing to exacerbate any deterioration in your relationship, that means that you are to continue as if there is nothing wrong with it, no tweets, no comments on Facebook, no talking to gossip mags, nothing other than you being the loving girlfriend."

"I can't believe that he would do anything like that, he loves me."

"It's happened before and will happen again, believe me, I speak from experience. Why do you think I qualified in Law?"

"I don't know what I'd do without you." I hugged her. "I need to get home, his film wraps today and he promised that he'd forego the usual wrap party and come home, so I'd better be there to welcome him."

Rob was late, all of five minutes late, but they were the longest five minutes I think that I've ever spent. They were forgotten under the shower of kisses that he rained on my willing mouth, and breasts, and, eventually pussy, now this was how welcome homes should be.

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