tagGroup SexA Stranger in Our Midst

A Stranger in Our Midst


Ever since I can remember, my ex-fiancée Chen and I had openly shared romantic fantasies that involved him watching while I entertained a strange man or two. It was one of many we shared over the course of a 2-year long-distance relationship whose physicality was sustained through creative use of phone sex. So, it wasn't too much of a stretch to say that, when I found myself in my early 30's with my frigid relationship dissolving, and in desperate need of a romantic jolt; I gave him a call. We made small talk and then I finally got to the point: would you be interested in helping me live out what we had always talked about? We hesitated- we had not seen each other in almost three years. The past and its unspoken hurts hung in the air. He thought about it a minute, then said "Sure, why not?"

A few weeks passed while we worked out the logistics; he paid for a room in the only nearby city, where anonymity was possible, and I placed the ad, "Inter-racial couple seeks third man for a night of intense pleasure". Craigslist is a hit-or-miss resource, but it's free, and you can weed out wackos pretty well if you're careful. Half the neighborhood, I think, responded, but I whittled choices down and selected one, and we called him. A young Australian man had responded; he was a college student, D/D free, and loved to pleasure women for hours before going in for the kill.

Chen and I met up without too much awkwardness. He hugged me warmly, and we went out to dinner. He looked older, and had put on a few pounds, but was still more or less exactly as I recalled. We spent several hours getting caught up on events and happenings, and by the end of the dinner, my nervousness was fading into the background. We were openly flirting like we had years ago, and were regaining the unspoken easy comfort with each other that we'd always shared. I had hesitated at first, as it is very easy to succumb to the prudish thoughts and expectations that have kept women's sexuality at bay for generations.

Even though I was in a relationship with a man who did not love me, even though we hadn't had meaningful sex in six months, admonitions such as, "you made your bed now sleep in it" still sometimes crept into my life. Worse, a medical condition had left me 20 pounds heavier than the end of the previous year. I had, in short, never felt less sexy in my life. It took a few hours for me to get up the nerve to suggest we set out to meet our mysterious stranger and see where things led, and even then, my hopes weren't high that he'd even be interested once he met me.

Tony turned out to be cute as Hell- short, but lean and rough built with great eyes, black hair, and powerful looking hands. We met him for a few drinks, and I liked him instantly. He was well dressed, had an easy manner to him, and was very thoughtful. His accent was an instant turn-on, as well, which did not hurt. Watching his hands cradle and absentmindedly caress his drink, I started wondering what they might feel like cradling other things, and let myself become lost in my reverie. We talked for about an hour, getting comfortable, none of us sure how to really begin this thing.

Seated next to him, I was slowly warming to him- his presence, the heat from his body, the scent of his cologne. I waited until I was sure I could handle rejection, and I boldly ran my hand up his thigh, suddenly feeling a lovely hard-on bulging under his jeans. When I looked him in the eyes and asked him, "Well, do you think you're interested in our proposal?" the answer was a resounding, "Yes, I certainly am!" That's all it took- I was sold. Still nervous, but sold.

We left for the motel, 25 minutes away, and I rode in the backseat with Tony, while Chen drove. I was wearing a low cut top that exposed my cleavage nicely, and a long black skirt slit up almost to my hips. Tony immediately started kissing and licking my neck, while rubbing my thighs and calves. His hand slid over my body like silk. He stroked my sides, nibbled my neck, and delicately licked his tongue across my lips in a gentle and sexy kiss. I gasped as he buried his face in my décolletage, carefully moving my bra aside to suckle expertly on my nipples. I decided then that the time was now or never- if this was going to happen, I had to own the moment. I could not be the passive recipient who said, "it happened to me"- rather I had to be the catalyst of my own awakening, and accept the full consequences, good or bad, of my decision. I made the decision at that moment to plunge myself completely into this encounter, and see where it would take me.

I deliberately lay back in the seat to give him better access, caressing my breasts and looking him in the eye in lustful challenge. In response, he worked my top down off my shoulders, tracing my right breast's outline with his tongue, before turning his attention again to pleasuring my rock-hard nipple. I was wearing my non-piercing nipple rings tight, and the combination of engorged throbbing flesh and his sucking and nibbling was intensely pleasuring. He slowly drew more of my generous breast into his mouth while his hand reached up underneath my skirt to lightly stroke my pussy. His middle finger found my slit, pried it apart, and teased it open. I arched my back in bliss, feeling my opening start to literally drip with anticipation, while Chen stole glances from the driver's seat and stroked himself.

Tony respectfully worked my bra off, and completely buried his face in my tits, seemingly enraptured in their flesh and heft, letting their softness stroke his rough cheeks as he nuzzled into them. His right hand literally danced around my clit, pussy, and vaginal opening; now one finger in, then stroking the outside so lightly he has barely touching, now entering with three fingers and twisting to tease my G-spot. Each stroke of his talented fingers stoked an inner fire that was burning hotter and hotter,and I was soon lost in delight. I came to my senses long enough just to sit up and reach for the zipper of his jeans, gently tugging his member free.

We carefully maneuvered into an awkward 69 position, and I inhaled his musky, unfamiliar scent as I deep-throated him in one plunge. He gasped, and I slowly drew back, wrapping my tongue around his shaft, lazily circling the trunk, and stroking every vein with my tongue's broad surface. I located the sweet spot below his cockhead and flicked it insistently with the tip of my tongue, then settled in to repeat the motions and lap at the tiny slit on top for a taste of pre-come. He repaid the favor by lowering his lips to my nether ones, and tickled my clit just once with them, jolting me like an electric current. His tongue traced the contours and outlines of my neatly trimmed cunt, teasing me, titillating me and leaving me wanting more. Every so often, his tongue would dip deliciously straight into my opening, and he'd hold it there, as if savoring my flavor, before slowly lapping away the juices that were threatening to explode. I spread my legs as wide as I could in this position, never before having felt so frankly and delectably slutty before in my life. We deliciously ate each other thus, each trying to outdo the other in sensations given, until we reached the motel. I quickly rearranged myself just long enough to get into the room.

Once inside, Chen joined in the action by standing behind me, pressing his hard-on against my ass, and stroking and hefting my now braless breasts from behind. After removing my shirt, he ran his calloused hands down the front of my thighs, lifting my skirt, and held my pussy lips open in deliberate invitation; all while grinding himself against me. Tony busied himself with kneeling and ferociously lapping away at my sweet dripping cunt from below while Chen massaged my clit and offered me to him.

My heart pounded, and I gasped and shook with sheer lust and desire. Chen's familiar embrace was giving me the strength to relax into my animal self, and this talented stranger's touch was tapping into my deep wells of feminine carnal energy. My inner thighs were wet from the attention, and my womb felt like it was expanding to fill my entire body with its powerful need. I spread my legs and let Chen hold me up as I went weak in the knees.

Chen finally laid me on one of the beds in the room, settling me down so my head was leaning back over the edge. He wasted no time inserting his dick into my mouth, pushing in up to his balls with a single thrust, growling, "Oh you're such a good little cocksucker!" I took him in, and tried to focus on pleasuring his wide girth. His balls rested on my chin as he forced his member deep into my mouth, letting up occasionally for em to breathe, and trying not to gag me too badly.

Tony meanwhile placed a pillow under my hips, and resumed his meal. Now that he had better access, he licked me slowly and deliberately from my lower spine to my clit, not missing a spot in between. I was in heaven. His tongue flickered into my pulsating asshole, lashed my clit, circled my labia, and licked the liquid off the walls of my inner tunnel, as if he were trying to drink from my gushing cervix while he held me open with both hands. My hips thrashed uncontrollably, and only Chen's cock in my throat kept me from screaming in ecstasy! I was delirious with desire. My liquid was drenching the pillow below me, I was shivering with delight, my nipples throbbed and ached more than they ever had before, and I was starting to orgasm. Which made Tony stop what he was doing and wait patiently for me to calm down.

Chen continued to methodically thrust in and out of my mouth while playing with my hair and tits, but Tony pulled away from my crotch and starting massaging my feet, calves, and ankles instead. He played my body like a finely tuned instrument, holding me just at the brink of coming but not letting me get there. He slowly licked each of my toes, then kissed his way up my shins, knees, and inner thighs, stopping just short of my most sensitive and delicate spots. He'd finish one leg and start the other, in absolutely no rush. This continued until I was just getting used to the attention.

Wordlessly, he and Chen then switched places, and I was delighted to have his longer, slightly thinner dick to pleasure with my mouth, while Chen greedily spread my legs and buried his head between them. He was like an animal in comparison to Tony's measured, artistic style. My body responded equally to both of them; I couldn't even begin to differentiate. I would have begged for anyone's cock to fill me had I been able to speak! Chen buried four fingers in my sloppy wetness, using the other hand to carefully work my ass open, the way he knew I liked. Tony stroked his shaft along my face, and breasts, and played with my mouth. I licked his cock, stroked it, suckled his ball sack, lapped at his perineum, and fingered his ass, in turn. He leaned forward, crawling on top of me, and kissed my navel, the curves of my hips, and my abdomen. He nibbled and bit my pelvis. He was as unhurried in his desire as Chen was bursting with his.

The winner of course, was myself, as I lay there in complete bliss. Unbelievably, none of us had come yet. I felt Tony's shaft grow hotter and thicker in my mouth as I continued to work him with all the skill I had, trying to give back some of what he was giving me. Chen was meanwhile devouring me with ragged breaths, holding me open with two hands while he thrust his tongue in and out of my drenched hole.

Chen backed away as Tony finally rolled over on top of me, repositioning my body more or less lengthwise. He grasped my breasts almost reverently in both hands as he kissed me deeply and longingly. I tasted my sweet self on his tongue, and kissed back with all my might. I was wetter than I'd ever been before in my life, and Chen's recent attentions had left me gaping.

Tony slid in without even interrupting his kiss. I felt his hot penis enter like a hot knife in butter. He pumped me and held it, then pumped some more, held it, thrust deeper, thrust up, and started over. My body started to orgasm and didn't stop for at least five minutes, only continued to grow deeper and more insistent. I grabbed Tony's ass and tried to pull his whole body into mine. My pussy spasmed and twitched to accommodate his every move, every stroke, every centimeter. My back arched wildly while he quickened and slowed his pace and honed my mounting urgency to a keen edge. I could have fucked a telephone pole by the time he was done. After several incredible minutes like this, I gripped him tight with my PC muscles, clasping his cock as hard as I ever grabbed anything, and he shrieked his pleasure as he blasted his come into me. His seed only fertilized my mounting desire for male cock. Drenched with sweat and come, I lay panting like a complete whore on the bed. Any inhibition I'd had when we started was gone. I absently rubbed myself and enjoyed the feeling of a stranger's come dripping out of my still twitching cunt.

No sooner had I stopped gasping for air than Chen jumped on top of me and entered my sloshing pussy, cursing incoherently with lust as he pounded me into the headboard. I let myself delve even deeper into the fantasy with his familiar body on top of mine. The bed rattled the walls, I screamed as I came again, and the workers 5 doors down in the lobby probably heard us as we worked each other into a repeated frenzy!

Still we weren't done, and the part I'd been anticipating for years finally happened. Chen rolled over, and I straddled his wide hips with my strong thighs, riding his member like a bronc-buster. His cock slid straight up into me as Tony's come ran out and pooled below me. I leaned back, and rubbed my breasts, dangling with their sparking nipple rings, against Chen's face while he nuzzled and sucked and bit them. My hair fell in a cloud around me, adding to the exotic flavor of the situation. My body was tense as I waited for my last treat.

Finally, I was rewarded with my ultimate fantasy, when I felt Tony wordlessly press his cock against my loosened asshole and gently slide his way in to my back entrance. He grasped my hips and thrust in time to Chen's thrusts from below. Both men alternated strokes, and I felt their dicks rubbing together inside me through the slight membrane that separated them. I may have actually slipped into unconsciousness as they worked me over. Faster and faster they moved in me, and I felt the crescendo of yet another orgasm rise in me. I was helpless, pinned between them, the scent of our mingled sexes overwhelmingly powerful in the air. I love the crude smell of a man in heat; it makes me hotter than just about anything. Both of them so near; Chen's wide chest and Tony's sculpted lean one, had me dizzy.

I leaned back into Tony and purred, while he lifted my breasts, twisted my nipples and offered them into Chen's open mouth. Chen came first, and his load blasted up into and out of me in raw, pulsing streams while I convulsed in a state beyond any I have ever felt before. I made sounds that I didn't know my throat was capable of. My orgasm ripped through me so intensely I almost missed Tony's second coming when his cock started to throb, but savored every second as he suddenly buried it to the hilt in my tight passage and exploded his second load of the night into my welcoming hole. My ass, pussy, nipples, cervix, and heart throbbed in time to the pulsations of his cock, and I swear time stood still while my entire body went rigid with the apex of the most extreme orgasm of my life.

I almost cried out with a sense of loss as he extricated his spent member from my opening, but he read my need and lay down beside me, taking me away from Chen and into his arms, holding me close to his sweaty naked body. He traced his hand over my heart and kissed my neck as I fell asleep.

I dozed right where I was for about 20 minutes, as my heartbeat returned to normal and my muscled slackened. I was awakened to Tony still holding me, gently running his fingers down my spine, kissing my neck and face, and caressing my body's curves. I turned to him, and we made love two more times like we had known each other our entire lives. I had come here hoping to rekindle my sex drive, and instead I felt the life force of the kundalini laying claim to my body. Tony successfully reawakened every desire I had ever felt, while Chen was forced to content himself with watching me give this man the best lovemaking of my life. Tony took my pussy and ass in succession, murmuring the whole while how lovely it was to be with someone as responsive as me.

I in turn marveled at how perfect his beautiful cock was while I went down on him again. I relished in sucking his nipples, and bit his shoulder hard as we came together. I relinquished my will to him, surrendering to his hips and tongue and insistent cock. He was gentle, and unhurried, and passionate in his attentions, and in return I was awesome in my fully summoned sexual power. We spent all night wrapped in each other's arms. I'm sure Chen felt like a third wheel that night but I couldn't help it- he and I had all the time in the world to rediscover our passion for each other. I was trying to burn the sensations of Tony's touch into my DNA, instilling a lesson that would hopefully reach all the way to my unborn daughters as they investigated the sacred call of a woman's sexuality for themselves.

I wanted to reclaim the physical authority that had been denied my gender for so long, and hold it as close as I held his body. My one and only regret is that I never saw Tony again after that night, as he went back to Australia a month later. I would have followed him to the ends of the earth for another night like that one. I am sure wherever he is he is making another woman very, very happy. For me, Tony was an unexpected gift that I was smart enough to accept with eyes open, both hands outstretched, and legs spread wide in trust. He reminded me to always seek perfection in all my relationships, and demand what was rightfully mine. He made me feel like a woman of power again.

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