tagNovels and NovellasA Strong Relationship Ch. 05

A Strong Relationship Ch. 05


Mason had been ready to call the week a total loss. Work had been grueling. She hadn't been able to snuggle with Michy, who was feeling out of sorts, cramped and achy – Mason knew why. Samantha was out of town and sexy little Tamara had to work this evening, so Mason was left on her own tonight. She decided to treat herself to her favorite Ice Cream and when she got to the store, they were sold out. Neal had been offered an extra writing assignment that paid really well, so she hadn't heard from him in 2 weeks. She was tired, she was cranky, she was fed up and she was horny – and there was nothing she could do about it. Friday night without a date, she was about to go to bed and read a book when the phone rang.

"Hello gorgeous."

"NEAL! Oh, how wonderful to hear from you. Did you finish your assignment?"

"Yeah, a few days early. Babe, I know it's short notice and it's a bit late to ask, but heck, it's worth a try. Do you want to go to dinner tonight? I've got some extra cash from the writing gig and we can do it up nice and ... "

"God yes, darling, you're a lifesaver. It's been a hell of a week, I could use an evening out. It's not quite 8 yet, could you give me until 9?"

"Of course hon, sounds good. How about Bellisima's?"

"Italian sounds good. I'll see you at 9, sweetheart!"

Mason hung up and then realized she'd called him sweetheart. But the more often she saw him, the more certain she was that she was falling for him. He made her heart sing and tonight was perfect evidence that he could brighten up a bad day. She ran to the shower and washed quickly, not wanting to waste a minute of time.

Mason wanted to convey to Neal that she wanted him to come back to her place tonight and fuck her brains out, but she didn't want to be trampy. She had just the right outfit to wear, a very elegant black satin dress she'd bought a year before but never had a chance to wear. The dress was snug, with a slit up the right side and a nice plunge in the back that ended just above her buttocks. She grabbed the dress from her closet and laid it across the bed, then she went into her lingerie drawer and got out a lacy black G-string and black silk stockings. She put those on and hooked the stockings to a garter belt, put on a sheer black bra and looked at herself in the full-lenght mirror. Knowing she looked hot, she put the dress on and took another admiring glance in the mirror – Neal would love this outfit, she was certain of that – and there was no mistaking her message.

She also vowed that tonight she would tell him about her relationship with Michelle and with other women. She wanted to see him make love with Michelle, the thought of seeing her two lovers together and really fucking each other got her so hot, so wet and ... oh God, she thought, I better calm down or I'll attack him the moment he gets here. She smiled – she was almost glad Tamara was working tonight, although a romp with the brunette cutie tonight might have been fun. She hoped Neal had lots of energy tonight – because after dinner, she was going to drag his ass back to her place and fuck his brains out.

ThumpThumpThumpTHUMP .

Sara Morrison wasn't sure if it was coming from the driving beat of the music or if it was in her own head. She still had the headache – 4 Tylenols hadn't removed it, not even after four hours. It was all his fault. He being her boyfriend.

Mick and she had been dating for nearly a year and until tonight, she had been very happy with their relationship. The pretty blonde DJ had caught his eye at the Blue Pelican nightclub, where she worked and he was a VIP customer. Mick demanded Sara's number – people did not say no to the successful attorney – and although Sara turned him down and wouldn't give him her number, the owner did give it to him.

People just didn't say no to "Mick" McKenzie. Mick was persistent, he called every day for a week, sent flowers, came to the club until Sara caved and went out with him. He was smooth and suave and charming, she gave him that. Very attentive. He was patient and didn't rush her into sex, but when they did sleep together, Mick was wonderful in bed. He was everything a girl could want. It seemed to good to be true. It was to good to be true. The problem was, a lot of girls wanted what Mick had and he made sure they got it. He was a player and Sara hadn't seen it. Friends had tried to tell her, but it took her seeing him openly making out with one of the GoGo dancers earlier in the night to open Sara's blue eyes wide. She had fumed, she had cried and she had decided it was over. In all the time she'd been going out, Sara hadn't been with anyone else, although opportunities had certainly presented themselves. The hot blonde had been pursued by many a patron and some of the staff. She wanted a revenge fuck. She wanted to cheat on her boyfriend and then flaunt it in his face. Then, for perhaps the first time, someone would say no to Mick and that someone was going to be Sara.

She put on another track and standing to her left was Tamara Williams, one of the GoGo dancers at the club. She didn't know the striking brunette very well, but she seemed to be likable and friendly. Sara's boss had asked her to help train Tamara as a fill-in DJ, should one of the others get sick. The Blue Pelican only used female DJ's, a pretty girl spinning music kept the crowds coming through the doors.

"Hey Sara, what's up? You okay hon – you look like you've been crying?"

Sara nodded. "I'll be okay – I just found out what a rat Mick is."

Tamara sighed. She had seen this coming, most of the girls knew what Mick was like. Some – the true whores of the bunch – didn't care, they just wanted the gifts Mick lavished on them or a quick fuck. But girls with self-respect, like Tamara herself, had his number and kept him at a distance. Tamara knew Mick was a total sleaze and she felt bad that Sara had gotten mixed up with the smarmy lawyer.

"I'm sorry Sara – I guess you had to find out sooner or later. Hey, Austin and I are going out after for some pizza – why don't you join us, I know Austin won't mind having two hotties on his arm."

Sara protested, but Tamara had really been wanting to get to know the sexy blonde better. Swinging both ways, she had hoped an opportunity to bed the pretty girl would present itself. She loved life and sex and hoped that she could inject those kinds of feelings into Sara, but Sara had been totally faithful to Mick. Now she had her chance and the sexy dancer wasn't going to let it slip away. At first, she thought of ditching Austin after the pizza, but it'd been a while since she'd had a good fuck and maybe Sara would be up for a little revenge-screwing.

The Pelican closed a few hours earlier, a Private Party was coming and another DJ was spinning the tunes for them. Sara got her coat and prepared to go, when Mick came to collect her, Sara flipped him off. He would've caused a scene, but Austin at 6'5" and 250 pounds of solid linebacker muscle, wasn't intimidated. He told Mick in a strong, masculine voice "Back off turd – the lady isn't buying what you're selling!"

Sara felt very protected and she wondered why she'd never given the College Football player much attention. He was an impressive man, with short-cropped black hair and a solid build. His green eyes were hidden behind black-rimmed glasses and he had a very good mind, his football scholarship helping pay for his way to Med School. He worked at the Pelican as a bouncer to help defray other costs and everyone liked him, Tamara and he were often seen together, Sara wasn't sure if there was anything serious between the two.

"I think Austin likes you" Tamara said as they were seated at Boston Pizza. The waitress took their order and scurried away, Austin excused himself to use the bathroom.

"Don't be silly, he was just being nice, and besides, you're dating him. I don't go after other women's guys!" Sara said to her companion.

"He and I are just friends Sara – we keep it light, nothing serious. I'm free to go out with whoever I want and fuck whoever I want, and so is he!" Tamara smiled, her brown eyes looking into Sara's blue eyes. She hoped a little naughtiness might just loosen the blonde up and perhaps open up a door ...?

Austin returned and Sara stood up and gave him a hug. He had a puzzled look on his face. "What was that for?" he inquired.

"For being a good guy and standing up for me. Mick's a powerful guy – he gets what he wants. Aren't you worried he might try and get you fired?"

"Shit Sara, guys like that are cowards, he won't do a thing, wait and see. Besides, I'm the best bouncer the Pelican has and I'm reliable. They can't afford to lose me."

The pizza and beer came and everyone dug in. Sara's headache was gone and she really liked the company, Austin was so warm and friendly and Tamara was so bright and lively. Despite the lateness of the hour, she didn't want to end the evening. It was Saturday tomorrow – well, it was Saturday now – so she had no plans and she wasn't working. Her only plan for Saturday was sleeping in, and at the moment, Sara wasn't tired.

Tamara couldn't help but notice the sparks flying between the pretty blonde and Austin and it made her smile. She felt Sara's sexiness every time the girl smiled at her and she wanted to make love to the blonde lovely, but she really wanted to feel Austin's cock inside her again. She knew Austin would go for a threesome – he was a man, wasn't he? – but would Sara be up for it?

Sara sighed. "They're closing – darn, I guess the evening's over!" she pouted.

"Says who?" Tamara countered. "We can go back to my place, my Mom's gone for the weekend, not that she'd mind. I have the whole place to myself, we can go back and do whatever we want." She leaned over to Sara and repeated " Whatever " and nibbled her ear.

Sara shied away for a second and looked at Tamara directly. "My God Tamara – are you coming on to me?"

Tamara just gave the girl a sly smile and replied "Maybe – you'll have to come back to my place with me to find out. Austin won't mind – will you, lover ?"

Austin shook his head – he knew a good thing when he saw it.

"Tamara – I've never – I mean, I'm not a – I don't think I ... "

Tamara lifted Sara's blonde hair and kissed the side of her neck. "Don't think Sara ... just do . You're very sexy – Austin thinks so and so do I. You can fuck him baby, but I'm part of the package. Why not let your hair down and have a little fun – no strings attached, it's not like you're with Mick anymore."

Sara wasn't sure if it was the mention of Mick's name or the fact that she found herself overwhelmingly attracted to both her companions, but she turned to Tamara and kissed her full on the lips. "Let's go for it!" she enthused and took Tamara's arm on one side, Austin's on the other and exited the restaurant.

It was a cool night, but Sara herself had never been hotter. Tamara and she shared a passionate kiss in the Parking Lot, Tamara's hand sliding under her miniskirt and naughtily, she pinched Sara's ass. She hadn't bothered with panties and Tamara's hand went unimpeded to her bare pussy and stroked it gently. Sara didn't care it was a girl who was arousing her this much, all she knew was how much she was aroused. Austin's lips were on her neck from behind and she felt a whopping desire to be fucked. "T-take me to your place, I need it!" she practically begged.

They took Austin's car back to Tamara's place and practically broke Speed Limits getting there. Tamara was happy her mother was out of town, although Samantha always enjoyed meeting her daughter's latest conquests. Sam and Austin had fucked a few times, Tamara loved watching her mother screw the younger stud. The two women shared lovers a few times, their tastes ran in exactly the same directions.

The trio stumbled into Tamara's home, kissing and playing, Sara's tiny mini was being pulled off by Tamara who couldn't wait to get out of her own silver, chain-link mini. She pulled of Sara's top and saw the girl's tanned, nude body for the first time – it was exquisite and she proudly removed her tiny black top to show off her own, dark-skinned body to Sara, who eyed her appreciatively.

"I think you're the most beautiful thing I've ever seen" Sara said gently, lifting her hand to touch Tamara's cheek. "I'm a little nervous, so if I don't do anything right or ..."

Tamara touched Sara's cheek and leaned over to kiss the sexy blonde. "Don't worry – don't over-think it. We're both sexy and nude – but hey, where the heck is Austin?"

"I'm up here, get up here, I'm horny!" came a voice from the upstairs bedroom.

"Men – can't live with 'em ... "

"But you can fuck without 'em!" Tamara said, adding a funny twist to the old cliché. Tamara intended to show Sara that men weren't always necessary for a good time in the sack, although Austin was better than most. She led Sara upstairs and stopped once, pushing Sara against the wall and rubbing her pussy against Sara's. They were equal in height, around 5'7" and their bodies melded together very nicely. Sara just let herself experience the sweet sensation of her first girl-girl experience and found herself enjoying it very much. It was so unlike kissing a man – no pressure, just softness and gentle touches..

"Hey you two – are you coming or do I start without you?" Austin yelled down at them. Tamara smiled at Sara and said "To be continued ...?"

"Yes ... please."

Austin was laying on the bed and he openly admired the two young beauties. Sara was feeling much looser and got on bed beside him and wasting no time, engulfed his cock in her eager mouth. The blonde girl knew how to suck dick, Tamara noted – she went right down to the base of the shaft and back up again. Not wanting to be left out, Tamara moved herself atop Austin's seeking mouth and waited for him to work his magic. The sultry brunette's body was tingling within seconds, Austin was quite skilled at cunnilingus and he always enjoyed eating pussy, Tamara's in particular. His tongue lashed out and swabbed up and down her cunt while Sara slurped his dick and covered it with her saliva. It glistened, a large pole that desperately needed to be buried in a cunt very soon.

Sara was thrilled to see how nicely Austin was built – Mick might have the cash, but Austin had the cock – but this was Tamara's home and she knew she should defer to her hostess. She gestured towards Austin's bobbing dick, but Tamara shook her head.

"Guests first" the pretty brunette smiled. "I'm quite happy right where I am – and once you ride him, you and I can play, gorgeous!"

Sara liked that idea, so she straddled Austin's cock and lowered herself down on it, taking her time. She was no shy little virgin, but she wasn't quite a slut either, Austin had the biggest cock that had – ever – entered – her – cunt – there – she - had - it! Oooh, her body felt electrifying sensations coursing throughout and she felt so alive, those feelings were added to when she began to ride the hard stallion's massive prick. It got even hotter when Tamara leaned over and began kissing her and fondling her round, pink-nippled tits. "Such a pretty baby!" Tamara purred, flattering the pretty blonde.

Sara began to ride Austin's cock with a bit more fury now and was becoming an active participant in their cluster-fuck. She marveled at the sleek softness of Tamara's darker-hued body and how nice a picture the three of them made. She sucked Tamara's nipples, which responded quickly to her loving touch. She could see how wet her friend's pussy was and yet, Austin was keeping the pace, licking her juices as fast as they flowed. Sara just went for the gold and screwed Austin with all the fire she could summon up.

"Sara, ride him baby, whip that sexy blonde hair baby, you look good, fucking Austin like that, fuck him baby, fuck the shit out of his cock!" Tamara yelled, encouraging her new friend to grab all she could. She could see in Sara's eyes that her troubles were forgotten, she was really into it and Austin wouldn't be forgetting this evening any time soon.

The girls got as close as possible and hugged each other tightly, lips kissing and breast pressed together. Sara thought she'd be weirded out having sex with another girl, but it wasn't weird, it was downright sexy . Their tongues swirled about each other and Austin's cock continued to move in and out of Sara's tight, hot, wet pussy while Tamara continued to revel in the tongue-lashing he was giving her cunt.

Sara thought what an idiotic fucker her soon-to-be-ex boyfriend was – had he played it straight, he might have been able to enjoy an evening like this with her. Cheating on him didn't feel wrong, because as soon as she could, she was going to demand her apartment key back. She deserved respect, even girls who liked to fuck and were kinky deserved honesty and respect!

"Ohhh Tamara, if I like fucking you both this much, does that make me a slut ?" Sara asked, giving voice to her thoughts. A warm smile came over Tamara's beautiful face.

"Sweetie, slut is just a word and you can take it any way you want. As long as you're honest with your lovers, if you want more than one partner, there's nothing wrong with it. I love to fuck and I adore having sexy people in my bed. Does that make me a slut? If so, then I'm happy to be a slut. I'm proud to be a slut Sara, I empower the word, I wear it as a badge of honor. To me, being a slut conveys that I make my own choices about who gets to share my body and bed!"

Packed with cock-meat, Sara groaned and nodded. Tamara made perfect sense and she was giving Sara food for thought, so another kiss, one of gratitude and passion combined, was bestowed on Tamara's full, soft lips. Sara was also grateful to Austin, he had treated her with kindness and respect from the outset, he was being thanked to death, she giggled.

Austin was trapped between the two fuckstresses, but he wasn't complaining. He figured he was up for a pleasant evening of fucking with sexy Tamara, but having Sara thrown in for good measure was an unexpected / welcome bonus. His fantasy girl was riding his cock, she was taking it deep, it was her tits that were bouncing up and down while she rode him!

"Tamara, we should switch places – you need some of his cock darling, he's still so hard and so good – c'mon baby, let's switch places, okay?" Sara said with the gratitude she felt towards the brunette for including her in this evening of pleasure.

"Sounds good Sara honey, but I have an naughtly little idea. Shift around a little – that's it, your pussy is against my face – now taste me, don't rush, take your time. Austin – you get behind me, studmuffin and fuck me as hard as you like, I'm going to eat this cute little morsel the way I've wanted to all night!"

Sara was a bit timid about eating pussy for the first time, but the timidity vanished the instant her lips touched Tamara's sweet muff. She tasted sweet, like a mild honey and now Sara went after her whole-heartedly, really cutting loose and licking the brunette for all she was worth. Tamara, in turn, felt Austin's cock move into her cunt and she slid her own tongue deep into Sara's box and began to show the blonde the time of her life.

Sara was now – happily – bi-sexual. Tamara's tongue was doing amazing things to her body and she didn't doubt there were many other girls who'd be happy to play these kind of games. She intended to find out. Why should men have all the fun? Tamara had the right idea, she was just going to live in the moment and share her sexuality with whomever she chose. She drove her tongue into Tamara's cunt, which was filled to the brim with Austin's thick cock, which she was able to touch and lick from time to time.

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