tagErotic HorrorA Succubus in the Shower

A Succubus in the Shower


Erin hadn't been in many girl's locker rooms, but she could tell this one was nice. Someone had been writing the university some very generous checks. She checked her watch and thought for a moment. She had ten minutes until her 'guest' arrived, and maybe thirty before Stace might show up. Plenty of time. She disrobed casually, tossing things about in a way that could be thought of as "carefree".

Despite being a newer facility the ladies shower lacked for private stalls. It was just one big communal shower. If she had to use this shower on a regular basis it might have bothered her, but for what she planned to do it was perfect.

The air was chilly and made her nipples stand to attention. Turning, she faced the entrance and covered her breasts with one arm and genitals with another. She made a face, practicing, and tried to make her voice sound both surprised and afraid.

"My goodness Coach! I didn't realize you would be here!"

She dropped her hands and expression. Erin had never liked Theater and was worried that he wouldn't buy it. Well, he might seriously scare her by accident. Maybe she wouldn't have to act. Well, she'd try if she had to.

She walked around the room, turning shower knobs as she went. Only eight knobs, but that was plenty. The room quickly filled up with steam and moisture. It quickly chased away the chill that had aroused her nipples. Stepping under one of the streams, she began to soap her body, making everything nice and slippery.

Erin wasn't a knock-out, but she was incredibly cute. A short pageboy haircut had given her a newfound innocent look which she liked, since it was a lie. Her chest was capped by a respectable C cup, and her butt. Mmm, the butt was nice. She gave it a slap now to hear it accompany the rushing water.

(She really wanted a shirt with WHO NEEDS TITS printed on the front followed by WHEN YOU HAVE AN ASS LIKE THIS?" on the back.)

She hoped he'd go for the butt. From what Stace had said, he was violent, but not unnecessarily cruel. Erin had pitied her for that; Stace was understandably trying to rationalize her experience. Erin's thoughts on the matter were that given time, he would and probably was unnecessarily cruel. Was there even such a thing as necessarily cruel?


It was a small sound, not at the edge of hearing, but thought. She listened. The sounds of the shower dimmed as she tuned her senses. She heard it again, several times in fact. It was the thump-thump-thump of an excited human heart. A heart that was pumping blood towards an erection that would, with luck, be buried inside her within the next few minutes. Erin let her extrasensory perceptions dim.

She slipped a few fingers into her sparsely furred cunt and moaned in a way that wasn't fake at all. The water pounded into her body for a few minutes, untying the vicious knots of daily life, relaxing her, making her feel centered and-

"What the fuck are you doing here? Who the fuck are you?"

The voice was distinctly male and angry. Angry was good, it was stupid. She gave a surprised sounding gasp and jumped, turning to face him, barely remembering to cover herself and look helpless.

"What the fuck are you doing here?" the man asked. He was naked and middle-aged. His hair was on the thin side and he wore the expression of a man who was used to receiving answers when he asked questions; being listened to when he gave a command.

She decided to take a different tack with this. Rather than being the 'oh so helpless naked female', she would just be herself. Belligerent, confident, annoyed at the interruption.

"Um. Taking a shower in the girls locker room? What are you doing here, GUY?"

"I'm Coach Hall, this is my gym, I can go where I want," he said with a smirk. "And you're in my shower. You're in my shower instead of Stacy, did she send you in her place? If she thinks she can wriggle out of her "extra credit" you can tell her she's mistaken."

Erin's eyes had drifted down towards Coach Hall's bobbing cock. Decent looking, like the rest of him. A decent thing put to an ill purpose. A disgrace to penises everywhere.

He looked her over too.

"Though you're not bad, I suppose you can count towards her final grade." He smirked again. The "extra credit" shtick made her want to gag.

"If you lay a hand on me," she warned, uncovering her breasts with one hand to raise an admonishing finger, "you'll be sorry."

He laughed this time, a big throaty laugh that wouldn't have sounded out of place around a dinner table full of jolly relatives. It made her feel dirty despite the cleansing jets of hot water massaging her back.

The laugh ended abruptly as he lunged for her. Powerful hands gripped her wrists and pushed her against the shower wall. Wow he was dumb.

What about my legs you idiot? What stops me from crushing your balls with my knees?

This was almost insulting. She felt perfectly comfortable handling a rapist, but the fact that he had not covered this obvious point of attack against his own person was annoying. If she didn't need his cock and balls intact, it would have been gratifying to kick them up into his intestines. But as things stood now...

Erin stood on tip-toe, braced herself against the wall, and head-butted him on the chin.


He gave a "Mwuh?" noise, let go of her hands, and fell backwards onto the shower floor looking dazed.

Erin's head was clear. The impact was jarring, but the pain had faded within a second. She stood over him and pressed one foot against his ball sack in a threatening manner.

"Move, and I crush them." She said, her voice flat. "This can be fun, or it can be painful. Not both."

The Coach's face was distorted in pain, and his hands held his bruised face, eyes firmly locked on her in shocked surprise.

"I'm sorry! Listen, lets just forget this ever happened, OK? This was just a big understanding."

He moved his hands away from his face and spread his palms wide in the universal gesture of someone trying to mollify a crazed psychopath.

She applied a small amount of pressure with her foot. His face contorted in pain and his hands leapt downward to aid his balls. Unfortunately, the sudden contraction of facial muscles was painful, and it confused the hands sufficiently that they hovered for a moment in a kind of protective limbo. They eventually settled on the face, muffling a few reedy cries of testicular pain.

She relented with the foot, stepping off entirely and resting her hands on her hips. Then she began to sway back and forth, sliding those hands over her breasts. Her gaze became lustful, and the coach's cock responded quickly to the girl's change of heart.

Erin's body was covered with water and the room was wreathed in steam. The coach had an excellent view of everything she had to offer. She took a few fingers and spread her lips wide for him to see how pink she was, and then slid a digit inside herself.

His hands had left his face and one was tentatively stroking his engorged cock.

She smiled.

"See? It can be fun when we both play nice. Nice being the key word here Coach."

Erin withdrew the digit and promptly stuck it in her mouth, sucking off her juices quickly before the shower could wash them away. Mmmm, tasty!

She got down on her knees and crawled towards him, pausing when her mouth was poised over his cock. She'd decided beforehand that she wouldn't kiss him on the lips, his lunge attempted a few minutes previous had only reinforced that decision. His cock was the only part she really needed.

Gently, Erin moved the coach's hand off of his cock, and replaced it with her mouth. Sliding the warm wet opening around the head, traveling all the way down to kiss the root, and stare him directly in the eyes with his cock lodged deep inside her throat.

He was floored. This was amazing head, the best! Her mouth felt so soft! It was unlike anything he had experienced. Usually he had to deal with teeth marks on his shaft a few days after face-fucking a woman, but not this time. Bitch had skills.

Her mouth traveled up and down his cock several times, deep throating him with ease, her eyes never leaving his unless he was closing them to groan in pleasure.

This continued for several minutes and Erin could not help getting turned on. A cock was a cock, and she loved cock. His was warm and alive in her mouth. She loved feeling the smooth skin of its mushroom head pressing into the back of her throat.

She thrust two fingers into her snatch and began to move them in and out slowly, spreading the juices she was producing around her labia.

"Ohmyg- Honey, I'm gonna, I'm gonna cum! Ooohhh!"

The coach's body convulsed and Erin cupped his balls, feeling the life-giving fluids traveling up the tool lodged in her throat and flooding her mouth. Each mouthful tasted like the most exquisite honey, the loveliest wine. It was life. Even drinking it from a monster like this, life was delicious. She swallowed every drop.

When he finished, she sat up and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand in an exaggerated movement. His cum roiled in her stomach momentarily before being diverted down some incredibly unusual gastronomic pathways.

"Did you like that?" she asked rhetorically.

The coach was too winded to speak, he just tried to nod, but he had to stop because it made him dizzy.

"You're still hard," she pouted(badly), "so I guess you didn't like it enough."

The coach looked down, he was still hard. Huh. He thought about shrugging, but his shoulders ached from cumming, so he opted to just lie still and let her fill in the conversational blanks. Damn that was good!

"I guess I'll just have to try harder this time. Anyway, its MY turn to cum. You have no idea how much I need this."

She crouched over him and Coach Hall got a lovely view of her pussy lips parting to accept his member.

"I'm tight, so this might take a minute," she huffed, blowing out her cheeks melodramatically. She felt the head of his penis part her slick pussy lips and begin sliding inside her.

The coach made no move to touch her, he had expended a lot of his energy in the first load. Her stomach gave a small rumble.

"Ooooohhh, god, you feel really good coach."

She wasn't exaggerating or acting now, it really did feel damn good to have a man inside her. She pushed herself downwards a bit at a time, swallowing him up in fits and starts.

Her cunt was amazing, like one big muscle. It writhed and shifted as he penetrated it, conforming to the contours of his dick and massaging it simultaneously. One thing he noticed: she wasn't lifting up off him and settling down as some women were wont to do, sliding in and out a few inches at a time to get used to a man.

No, she was going one way, down. He didn't mind.

Finally she had every inch of him stuffed tightly inside her, safe and snug. Well, snug.

"MMMM! You feel good. I've got you tucked away inside me." She pressed her hands against his chest and tried to lift herself off him. Instead of his cock sliding out of her pussy, which was what he assumed would happen, his body lifted upwards. They were joined, literally, at the hip.

"Wow," the coach managed, his voice hoarse, "you've got some powerful cunt muscles on you babe, really."

"Hehe," she giggled, covering her mouth as she did so. "You have no idea."

She dropped them both back down to the floor and began to rock her body back and forth on top of him. Her hands gripped his chest as she did so, grinding against him with her hips. She threw her head back and gave a long luxurious moan. Her cunt began to throb around him. Milking him.

It started slow, like the most teasing handjob imaginable. A ring of tightness traveling down from the head to push against the root, and then slowly rising upwards again. As the pressure rose, Coach Hall felt his balls begin to tingle. By the time it had reached the head of his dick it was much more than just a tingle. His body thrashed beneath her as he trembled, and his hands splashed feebly in the water around them.

Something inside her kissed the tip of his dick. It was concave, warm, and soft. Like a suction cup. It slid around the mushroom head of his penis just as the pressure ring reached the top.

She cried out as she came and the muscles massaging his penis contracted, causing him to cum too. Both of their cries were loud enough to carry over the sound of the shower.

It was several minutes before he was conscious enough to think clearly. He was dazed and barely conscious after the most powerful orgasm of his life had been ripped from him by this saucy little bitch. He tried to raise his hands and push her off him, but he could barely move. He lifted his head to better look at her, she was staring at him...there was no white left in her eyes, just blackness. The sclera, everything. Two black pools stared at him and he could see his reflection in them. He looked scared.

She sat back and put her hands on his knees, thrusting her chest out in front of her. She started to grind against him again; the exotic set of muscles that made up her pussy growing more insistent with each milking sensation.

Her stomach...something was wrong with her stomach. Between belly button and pussy something was writhing inside her, a worm, he didn't know. But he knew it frightened him more than the eyes.

She watched his gaze and smiled, were her teeth pointed?

"Noticed something have we? Well, its not for you, so don't worry, my tastes don't run that way."

She smiled again. Yes, pointed. His balls were tingling again, more insistently than before. If his limbs didn't feel like lead they'd be trembling.

The ring had stopped at the base of his penis and he felt the suction cup adjust itself and slide further along his length until it met the ring at the bottom.

"Uuugghhh, ooohhh, what is that?"

"That? Just my womb, it's the most dangerous part of a succubi's anatomy dontcha know."

This admission from the girl of being demonic didn't faze the coach much. His body didn't have enough energy to keep all those neurons ticking and keep his body alive. The only thing he could really feel was his cock. Someone had wrapped it in silk, no, something more than silk, beyond that. It was more than just a pleasant texture. It was muscled, skilled, alive, an entity separate from the girl herself.

It felt every nuance of his pleasure before he felt it himself and adapted accordingly to give him more.

"Its time to ggggooooo...." Her voice ended in a hiss, but he was too far gone to feel fear.

"I'm gonna fuck you," she whispered. "I'm gonna fuck you into dust."

She raised her hips up, briefly releasing a small amount of his cock briefly. The heat from the showers was overwhelming, but compared to her cunt, it was the arctic. His whole body shivered as the first few inches of penis were exposed to it. She slid down and...blessed warmth! Another moan. He sounded so weak.

She slid up. Shiver.

Down. Gasp.

And up again. Shiver.

The shiver didn't stop as she slid down again, but grew. His balls tingled again, but the sensation was so intense, it spread throughout his body, swallowing up the shiver and replacing it with a feeling of weightlessness.

The luxuriously slow tempo ended suddenly. One moment she was teasing him with her cunt, the next she was fucking him with it. Hard. A series of rough slaps filled the room, followed by her screams and his.

"Yes, yes, yes, I'm fucking you coach, I'm fucking you hard! I'm gonna feed you to my tight little cunt!"

He came.

It was a torrent. Her rough fucking had summoned forth an orgasm that didn't plateau, it just rose. With each SLAP of their bodies meeting, he erupted inside her.


His head hurt, he couldn't keep his eyes open. Was the water still hot? His body felt so cold.


The last thing he heard was the girl chuckling softly to herself as he sank into darkness.


Erin stood up and meandered towards a stream of hot water. She tilted her head upward to catch the torrent full in the face. It slid over and around her body, feeling glorious. A grey stain on the floor behind her was being washed down the drains. A few minutes later, nothing was left of Coach Hall, except what small part Erin carried within her. Her tummy rumbled insistently, and she rubbed the small bump above her pussy.


She smiled. This heartbeat was much more welcome than the last one. Stace stuck her head around a corner of the shower room, peering through the steam.


"Here, and I'm alone."


Stace brought the rest of her around to meet her head. She was shorter than Erin was by half a foot, had a head of honey blond hair, blue eyes, and a cute nose. If that wasn't enough, she had a great set of jugs. Erin felt her mouth watering, although she knew they didn't have time for that now.

Stacy strutted towards her, rocking her hips from side to side the way Erin knew she liked. They met under the water, wrapping slick arms around each other and touching tongues. Stacy whimpered when Erin stuck a few fingers in her. Erin's bump was pressing against her tummy. She slid one hand down to caress it.

"How was he?" she asked.

"Yummy, it's the first time I've ever had to do that. Usually I just take a few small sips, I've never fed in one big gulp like that."

"Are you OK?"

"Yeah. Oh yeah," Erin said, smiling down at Stacy's concerned face. "I'll feel even better when you help me with the, well, the you-know-what."

Stacy grinned up at her boldly. She grabbed Erin's head in both hands and thrust their mouths together forcefully. That kiss didn't last nearly long enough, but she was gratified when Stacy broke it to slide down until she was at eye-level with her puss.

Stacy stroked the bulge gently, making Erin's thighs quiver. Leaning forward, she kissed it, and licked the general area, staring at her the way Erin had at Coach Hall when she'd swallowed his dick.

Erin's hands cupped the back of Stacy's head softly as the bulge squirmed beneath her tongue. It began to move downwards and Stacy followed it with her tongue until it reached a point where it sat behind Erin's clit.

She wrapped her lips around Erin's tender clitty, sucking softly and widening her mouth until she felt something hot, soft, and slippery fill the space where Erin's clit had been moments before. It slid forward slowly and began to leak salty liquids into her mouth. She tongued the head of it with her tongue as best she could in the confined space.

"Oh god, STACY! That feels amazing! SO GOOD! Please don't stop! I'm almost there, more, just a little more and I can get it-"

Erin looked down at the cute little face. Stacy's cheeks were puffed out, completely stuffed. She winked.

"Ooohhhmmmyyyggooodd!" Erin's scream was loud and shrill. Her hands moved from Stacy's head to her shoulders, throwing her onto her as more of the lump was expelled from her shaking body.

Stacy's back hit the slippery shower floor fairly lightly. Erin usually convulsed a bit when this happened, and it wasn't unusual to get thrown around a little. It was a small price to pay.

Where Erin's cute little clit had sat, there now stood a cock. Or part of one, it wasn't all the way out. Stacy watched Erin screw up her face, pushing hard. Finally, with a SHLUCK, seven more inches of meaty dick slid out of Erin's cunt.

"WOW, um, Erin. It's much bigger than usual."

Erin was sliding down the shower wall, gasping.

"It," breath, "must be," breath, "because I swallowed him, instead of just sipping." Big breath.

"Sssooo, you've got him all in there? All his cum? All of his "life force" or whatever you want to call it?"

"Yes," gasped Erin.

"Gooooodddd," purred Stacy, crawling across the floor. She laid Erin down on her back beneath the water and began to massage the giant dick with tits, mouth, and hands.

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