tagLoving WivesA Teacher's Way Out of a Dilemma Ch. 07

A Teacher's Way Out of a Dilemma Ch. 07


Last of Chapter six

I went to him and gave him a kiss on the cheek, saying, "I DO love you John." He took me in his arms and kissed me as passionately as I can ever remember. We undressed each other and made love there in the living room. What was nice was the gentle touching and soft caresses mixed with us both telling each other how much we loved each other and would always be together to support each other – no matter what else happened.

As I was on my knees, John was taking me from behind. I couldn't help but think how Kevin filled me so much more and was wishing John would pump into me faster, harder and deeper. I then realized he was not fucking me, he was making love to me. I relaxed; realizing I would not have one on Kevin's' explosive orgasms, but did enjoy the gentle manner John and I were sharing each others body.

Holding my hips firmly in his hands, John kept stroking into me, over and over again. It did feel good, but did not create the tremendous sexual arousal I experienced when being taken and used by Kevin. I kept my ass arched up to my husband and pumped back against this every stroke. I could finally feel him approaching an orgasm, so I yelled out, "Oh yes, oh god yes..." and faked a climax. That was enough to get John to finish. He did eject a small (compared to Kevin) amount of cum into me.

I thanked him, told him how wonderful he was and went into my third shower for the night. By the time I got to bed, John was asleep and I tossed and turned wondering what the next week would bring.

End of chapter 6.


The following week was as normal as I can ever remember for both John and I; we were spending our last two weeks closing out classes for the summer break. It would be a full two months before we would be back to start the next semester. The great thing was that since we were fulltime staff and had already signed our contracts for the next school year, we would continue to receive our full salary. Things were looking so much better financially. Our bills were now paid up to date and we even had started building a saving account.

I was both disappointed and surprised that Kevin did not try to reach John or me during the last week. We were expecting to be asked to meet him somewhere the following weekend. It was Friday morning that John finally received one of his private notes. Instead of a required rendezvous, Kevin said that he and his wife would be on a cruise the next two weeks. My only instruction was for me to continue my sessions at the gym with my trainer. John was told that he was allowed to touch me, but never to have intercourse. No sex was to be difficult as we felt more attracted to each other than we had for years. Kevin obviously wanted us to build up our sexual needs and desire.

Never being late for any session, Mr. King continued working me hard and increasing the intensity of my workouts. I had sore muscles, but was feeling very good and could see improvements in my shape and strength. My pecks were visible and my legs had a better shape. I had wondered if he would ever make a pass at me, but he was always very strict and professional.

John and I finished our last week of class and had begun out first free week of summer vacation. I continued my workouts and now had free days to go shopping. John and I actually went to a park for a picnic followed by a wonderful dinner at an Outback then to a classic, romantic movie. It was as if we were dating again, except when we returned home we did not make love, but just watched TV and went to sleep.

It was Wednesday when the phone rang. I was startled to hear Kevin. They had just returned from their vacation cruise and he told me he was sending an email to me with instructions for the next weekend. I was to tell John not to make any plans for Sunday. I could plan on returning home at noon on Monday. Everything would be explained in the email.

This was not a surprise for either of us, but we did feel very uncomfortable; not having any idea what would be required of John and I. I kept checking my email and did not receive anything until Friday about noon. Here is what Kevin said to me with an exact copy also sent to John.

"My servant John and My cunt Pam,

I hope you both had a couple nice weeks off to play your vanilla life. You will be able to continue next week after you complete a few things for me Sunday. My wife is going to spend the weekend with her mother and will not be back until Tuesday. Here are your instructions for BOTH of you, just so you do not forget or misunderstand anything.

John drive my sweet bitch to the Red Rose Parlor at 2454 Hwy 435 East. Pam has an appointment at 9 am Sunday morning. It is a couple hours drive so leave early. They are not normally open on Sunday, but I have made arrangements for a special, private appointment. You should be finished by noon and they will be providing you both lunch. You can expect to be home before four. You both can wear something comfortable and definitely not fancy to the Parlor.

You may want to rest a couple hours and have something to eat before your next appointment. I have sent some clothing for Pam to wear that evening. A box will be at your house when you return from the Parlor. John, you may wear casual slacks and a long sleeved white shirt and slip on loafers with no socks when you bring Pam to me.

Meet me at 7 pm at Charlie's Bar on Main Street in Barnesville, about 50 miles south of your house. It is far enough away and not the kind of place you normally visit, so you should not know anyone. I will arrive a few minutes later. While waiting, ask for Al, the bartender and tell him you are my guests. Both of you sit at the bar and wait for me. We will take the evening from there... By the way, you two are still not allowed to have any sex until we meet."

Signed, Kevin."

John and I did not discuss the email directions, we just acknowledged we read and understood them.

It was early Sunday when the alarm went off and John and I got dressed and silently went to the car for our long drive to the Salon. It was too late to fix a breakfast, so we both grabbed a can of Slim-Fast to tide us over until lunch.

Driving this unfamiliar highway we almost missed the small sign and building, as it was a small place behind a cowboy style bar. The lights were on so we walked in and were greeted by two women and one man. One woman offered us coffee, juice and pastries which we gladly accepted. I drank a glass of orange juice but passed on the baked goods as I was still working on my strict diet.

John took several pastries and a cup of coffee. The man asked John to sit in the waiting area and he turned on a TV to some morning news shows. One woman escorted me down a long hall to a room in the back of the shop.

She introduced herself as Rebecca and informed me that she had been given complete instructions and was already paid. She added, "Kevin also gave me a nice tip. Don't worry; I'll make you look great for him." I had no idea what was expected of me, but knew I would have to go through with what Kevin had arranged.

"OK Dear," Rebecca said, "First take off your slacks and panties if you are wearing any. Then have a seat in this ancient OB Delivery chair. Make yourself comfortable as this will take awhile."

I opened my slacks and took them off, laying them on a chair. My panties came off with them. As I sat on the cold leather of the chair, she said, "Don't worry Dear, it will warm up soon."

She placed my feet in the stirrups and ran Velcro straps across my knees and feet. My legs were stretched away from each other as she adjusted the height of the seat and extended them even further apart. Rebecca told me, "This first task will feel very good, so lie back, close your eyes and relax."

I heard her gather some items and some water running. The first thing I felt was a warm wash cloth across my lower belly. It did feel good as she washed me on down to include my pussy. I did become uncomfortable when she continued washing between my ass cheeks.

As she continued and I settled down in this comfortable chair I began to get sleepy. I thought it was because of a poor night's sleep and getting up early. Rebecca said, "Go ahead and lie back and take a nap. This will take a couple hours, so to make you more at ease; I placed a mild tranquilizer in your orange juice. It will help you relax and will wear off by the time I finish." With the sedative already working, I was becoming drowsy.

A hot towel rinsed me and was followed by a warm foam being spread all over my private areas. She picked up a straight edge razor and began shaving me from my navel on down. As she finished my mound and began on my labia I fell into a deep sleep.

The light from the overhead lamps blinded me from being able to see anything while I was beginning to wake up from my drugged sleep. "Perfect timing Pam, as I am just finishing. You will be able to see yourself in a couple minutes." She offered me a drink of water as I was feeling dehydrated. "Don't worry," she added smiling, "no more tranquilizers..."

I was still in the same position I was in when I went to sleep. My feet and legs were widely spread and I now had an ache deep in my vagina. It was not painful, but aching in my most delicate spot. I tried to raise my head to see myself, but fell back, as I was too weak to move. Rebecca said that I should rest a few minutes then she would show me the "new Pam".

After drinking more water and clearing my head, the throbbing was still throughout my vagina. I had to see what she had done to me. Rebecca told me to lie still and she would explain what had happened. She would then show me her work.

She said, "Kevin sent us some very specific instructions to follow. He wanted your pussy to be visibly identified as his property. We first of all cleaned and shaved all of you, between your legs, pussy and ass. That was done and he considered a tattoo but decided against that as he might want to change it later.

So, using a special skin dye made from a strong hair tint, I wrote in a lovely bold one inch script font, "Kevin's' Cunt". It is just above your clit on your mound. It should last a month or two, regardless of what you do to attempt to remove it. If you and Kevin like it, we can make it permanent as a tattoo."

She continued, "After you went to sleep I did my best work. Kevin had told me exactly what he wanted. You may remember something similar from the old French novel, The Story of O. He wanted to place a permanent tag on you."

Rebecca explained that she had made a stretched piercing through my right labium (labia minora) and inserted a surgical steel flesh tunnel. She pierced the Labia minora due to its high elasticity of the tissue, whereas labia majora piercings are less likely to distend. This would now eventually hang lower and become more evident than the outside labia majora.

She told me the flesh tunnel was basically an eyelet allowing many things to be inserted and easily removed, although when fully healed it would never be removed. Often Masters have two of these installed, one on each side. When padlocked together they make an excellent chastity device. For some reason Kevin only wanted one at this time.

Rebecca did tell me that Kevin did want a one inch captive bead ring welded closed through the tunnel. It was to be a permanent installation. Another eternal ring was linked to it which had a bright, chrome letter "K" and his personal insignia identifying him as my owner. I was warned that it was large, about 2 inches tall, heavy and never was to be removed.

As the sedative wore off I slowly became aware of what had been done to my body. Afraid to move myself, Rebecca took several pictures on her cell phone and showed them to me. I was frightened and could not believe this was indeed me that was shaved bald, tattooed with "Kevin's Cunt" boldly on my mound and most frightening the jewelry hanging from my labium.

It was obvious Rebecca was very proud of the work she had done on me. Removing the Velcro straps; Rebecca helped move my legs together and gave me back my panties. She placed a Kotex pad against my pussy to help during the healing, which should only be a few hours. The soft pad kept the large "K" from rubbing or poking me as I moved.

She also gave me a few pills which she told me were mild pain pills, "if I needed them" later on.

I was still dazed but awake enough to now realize what had happened. How could I live like this? How could I tell John?

Rebecca helped me up and walked me back down the hall to a small kitchen where a table was waiting for John and I. Someone told John and he joined me. We were served a nice light lunch of fish and salad with a soft drink because of the drive home. John asked what had happened and I told him I would tell him all about it later. Right now I was hungry and wanted to eat lunch.

It was a long drive home and we listened to some soft music on the radio and did not talk very much to each other. John suggested I try to sleep as we drove back home. He woke me as we pulled into the driveway. We didn't have much time as we had to meet Kevin at 7 and it was an hour's drive.

We both saw the box on the front porch, but I got to it first, knowing it was the clothing that Kevin wanted me to wear tonight. John told me we needed to get ready to leave and said he would fix a couple sandwiches while I was getting dressed.

Walking as quickly as I could with the new jewelry pressing against my labia, I went upstairs and into the bedroom. I didn't have time to shower and tore open the box to see what I was going to have to wear to meet Kevin.

John yelled up to me and said sandwiches were ready. I said I was getting dressed and would be down in about ten minutes. As I opened the box I found a large note on top. It said, "I hope you enjoyed this morning and your new jewelry. Tonight you will have an opportunity to wear it in public. I am very anxious to see my cunt in person. You will be able to dress quickly as you are to wear only a few items.

Remove ALL of your clothing and put on ONLY the black garter belt, your new fishnet stockings, the new nipple showing, open cup, black satin platform bra and the enclosed sun dress. Put on only basic makeup but put bright red lipstick on your lips, your pussy and your nipples. Get dressed and I'll see you tonight."

When I removed my clothing and slipped off my panties and kotex pad, for the first time I felt the full weight of the insignia swing free and pull down on my labia. It did not hurt, but certainly felt unusual as if someone was holding and pulling down on me. Then I saw the bold writing which said, "Kevin's Cunt" just above my pussy. I was stunned and did not know what to do or how to act. I still have to get up the courage to tell my husband.

After dressing as requested, I went downstairs, walking carefully as the insignia poked me in the thighs if I walked with my legs together. John and I ate the sandwich he fixed and immediately got into the car for the hour's drive. It was already 6 and my mind was racing as to what was going to happen tonight.



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