tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Tempting Vacation Ch. 02

A Tempting Vacation Ch. 02


Beth was quite pleased with herself as she admired her friend Pam in the lightweight sundress she had picked out for her at the airport boutique. Beth had wanted to show her appreciation for being invited on the trip, and had not let Pam talk her out of buying a new dress for each of them.

"You look fabulous." Beth had told Pam only minutes earlier.

She had used all her powers of persuasion to convince Pam the thin, cotton blend dress was not too revealing. The spaghetti strap style didn't lend itself to wearing a bra. Although Pam and Beth had both seen Amy and other young girls proudly exhibiting their lacy bra straps beneath various articles of clothing, it was not a fashion statement either of them found attractive.

Pam had turned to view her body from every angle possible in the dressing room mirrors, and she had finally agreed with Beth that the additional lining across the chest of the dark purple dress made if difficult to see Pam's nipples pressed against the material. Pam's concern with her breast kept her from noticing that the protective lining did not extend beneath her chest. Plus, the pink and lavender flower print was so busy, even Beth didn't notice that with the proper lighting, Pam's black French cut panties were somewhat visible through the knee length dress.

"I can't believe I let you talk me into these things," Pam had said as they stood before the cashier. "But at least as long as I am standing next to you, no one will notice if I am wearing a bra or not. Aren't you self conscious at all about your nipples poking through like that, not to mention I can actually tell you are wearing a thong if I look hard enough."

"Well, then don't look so hard," Beth laughed, she had known exactly the image she portrayed in the solid yellow sundress, similar in style to Pam's. "You need to loosen up some girlfriend, we are on vacation! We're going to the Bahamas, where nobody will know us, and furthermore, we will probably be considered prudish by comparison to the college girls running around, partying their way through spring break. Besides, why have we been busting our tails in the gym for the last three years? I'll tell you why, it is so we can wear dresses like these, and look damn good doing it."

Pam wasn't yet sure if she was ready to run at Beth's pace, but she decided a sexy little vacation dress was within her bounds, and as they left the boutique, she began to say to Beth, "Okay, you win, I .."

"OH my God! Look at you two, you look totally hot!" Amy exclaimed from 15 feet away, interrupting her mother in mid-sentence.

Ron could not have agreed more with his girlfriend, and did not even realize he was hungrily staring at the two older women before him.

Noticing the look of teenage lust on his face, Beth leaned next to Pam as the two teenagers approached, whispering, "I take back what I said earlier, I don't think Ron is thinking we are prudish at all." They both giggled as Pam gave her friend a gentle elbow to the ribs, signaling her to be quiet.

Beth had noticed Ron staring at Pam's ass in the car on the trip down but she hadn't thought much of it at the time. Pam did have a superb ass, and it was not at all uncommon for the young guys at the gym to position themselves for optimal views of both Beth and Pam as they worked out. Beth had noticed that while Pam was aware of, and maybe even enjoyed the stares her body garnered, she definitely didn't solicit the leering eyes of the men and boys at the gym to the degree Beth did.

Beth had discovered since her divorce that she really got a thrill from knowing her body was being admired from across the gym. She had never admitted it to anyone, but sometimes when she went to workout by herself, she would wear one of her older sports bras that showed quite a bit of cleavage when she bent forward, and a pair of short, somewhat baggy jogging shorts, without any tights or panties. She would go straight to the weight machines and begin bending and stretching through her workout, and like clockwork, several young guys (it seemed the younger ones were more obvious about it anyway) would begin to take positions on the surrounding machinery. The mirror-lined-walls allowed them to spy her from several angles and she knew every time she bent forward they could see most of her tanned breasts spilling over the sports bra. And the more she worked out, the more she sweated, until the thin, light gray bra became discolored from her perspiration, and her stiffening nipples would become visible.

She also knew that many of the exercises caused her loose fitting shorts to gape open, allowing her voyeuristic audience a brief glimpse of her sparse, blond pubic hair. The knowledge that she was likely causing their young dicks to test the confines of their jock straps, was a major turn on to Beth. On more than one occasion she had gone straight to the locker room shower stall, where she would bring herself to orgasm with her fingers, thinking about all the stiff young cocks she had inspired only minutes earlier.

Ron's eyes had initially locked dead onto Beth's nipples pressing through the yellow dress, like any good teenage boy would. Only after his gaze had wandered down her body, did he realize he could faintly make out the white panties rising up from Beth's crotch and across her hips. He allowed his eyes to roam quickly down her long tanned legs before trailing back up to her sexily displayed breasts, then finally upward to her face, angelically framed by her shoulder length blonde hair.

Amy was making over her mother, having her pose and turn for her inspection, and neither of them noticed how Ron had given Beth the once over. But Beth had been paying particular attention, curious if the shy young boyfriend of Amy's would be able to keep from gawking at her the way she would have expected most any man with a pulse to do. She looked away from his face before he saw her observing his reaction.

"Wow Beth, good job, you must have really sold mom hard to get her to wear this." Amy read the look of concern on her mother's face and added, "Don't get me wrong mom, you look great. I am just thrilled you decided to flaunt your form some, I mean you work your butt off at the gym, you should be proud enough to show it a little. Doesn't she look great Ron?"

Ron wasn't quite prepared to be drawn into this conversation, for he had in fact been taking the opportunity to admire Pam much the way he had given Beth the once over seconds earlier. He wanted to answer Amy that her mom, and Beth for that matter, were probably the two sexiest women he had ever seen, but instead, he tried to quickly come up with an acceptable response, "Yeah, you look .well what I mean to say is , .that dress is.well.. really pretty, it makes you , ..ah..look.."

"Great?" Amy finished his sentence for him, while at the same time punching him in the arm. "Get a grip Ron. See mom, your so hot even Ron is speechless." And then she hit him again, jokingly saying, "Looking at my mom like that, you should be ashamed." All three laughed at Ron, and he decided not to try to defend himself, but to remain quiet before he really said something to make Amy mad at him. Pam told an excited Amy that Beth had insisted on buying her a new dress as well, and they quickly headed back into the store.

As Pam and Amy walked away, Beth said to Ron in a voice soft enough the others would not hear, "So, I guess I can interpret your prolonged stare from before as an approval? .Or do you see something wrong with my dress?" and as she spoke, Beth ran her hands down along her rib cage and waist, pulling the dress tight down across her body.

For an instance, Ron's eyes involuntarily followed the path of Beth's hands, then his head snapped back to meet her face. "Ah, no, .er,.. I mean yes,." Ron could feel the blood rushing into his face as he stammered around, "I am sorry, I, ah, well, I think it looks very nice. Um..I am sorry I was staring, I didn't mean to, I just, well, I didn't really, you know, know I was, you know." Ron rambled, trying to save himself from complete embarrassment. He noticed the briefest of grins cross Beth's face as he spoke.

"Well, you know," she couldn't keep from laughing a little as the word 'know' came across her lips, "I know what your are trying to say," she suppressed yet another giggle, "thanks and don't apologize, if I didn't like to be stared at now and then, I sure as hell wouldn't dress like this, now would I?" and with that statement, Beth tussled Ron's hair like he was a grade school kid being told how cute he was, and turned to join the other girls in the store.

Beth could almost feel Ron's eyes on her ass as she sauntered past the racks of dresses, eventually moving from his line of sight. She was thinking to herself how much fun she could have with such a timid, yet excitable, and quite nice-looking teenage hormone factory over the coming week. Of course, she wouldn't be too obvious. He was after all Amy's boyfriend, and even though Amy didn't exhibit the jealous tendencies of many teenagers, Beth certainly didn't want to make her or her mom mad. Plus, it wasn't like she was planning on seducing the boy or anything, it was just that she knew she couldn't pass up such a perfect opportunity to do some serious prick teasing.

As Ron realized he could make out Beth's white thong disappearing between the firm cheeks of her ass as she strutted into the boutique, his dick began to call for the blood which had just moments earlier been inhabiting his embarrassed face. He quickly found a seat, laid his carry- on bag across his bulging lap, and began to contemplate whether or not Beth had seriously intended to be so forward with him, or was she just messing with him some... and the way Pam and Beth were dressed along with Amy's disregard for their sexy attire and its noticeable effect on him, plus Amy without panties, and Pam and Beth obviously without bras..Ron's mind was reeling, his cock was growing, and then they came back out from the boutique ready to board the plane.

The older women headed toward the gate while Amy strolled over to get Ron. She was now also wearing her new dress. It differed slightly from that her mom and Beth had purchased. Hers was not quite the daring spaghetti strap design, but did have a scooped neckline that showed more than a hint of cleavage, just like the others. Like theirs, it also came down to just above the knee, hanging down loosely from the enticingly snug fit across the bust line.

Amy stepped onto the escalator first, leaving Ron one step below her. He quickly confirmed there was no one getting on behind them, then dropped his hand to her muscular calf. She turned only slightly and flashed Ron a knowing grin as his hand moved further up, past the back of her knee, beneath her dress, and quickly to her bare ass. "So, Beth didn't buy you any panties I see?" Ron asked in a hushed tone.

"Oh God no, but you wouldn't believe what happened. While I was checking out the dress one last time in the mirror, Beth starts gathering up my skirt and tank top." Amy said, even as Ron's fingers began tracing up and down the lips of her pussy. "She is about ready to hand them to me, when she notices the stains across the front and asked me what I got all over my shirt." "Mmmm, that really is starting to feel good." Amy cooed in reaction to Ron's ever active fingers.

"Don't stop with the story now, we are almost to the top" Ron said as his index finger began to probe slightly past her moistening opening.

"I'll try, but you make it hard to keep my train of thought. So, anyway, I tried to play it off, saying it was just ice cream."

"Quick thinking" Ron responded as he glanced past Amy to Pam and Beth, who were now approaching the top of the escalator. "Did she go for it?"

Amy kept talking, and Ron was listening, but his eyes were transfixed to the sight above. The upward angle coupled with the relative shortness of their dresses presented quite a sight to young Ron. Each woman's legs looked even longer than usual from this position, and their toned thighs retreated beneath the hem of their dresses only inches from their round ass cheeks. But the sunlight shining down from the many windows in the concourse level was at just the right position to provide for a truly sexy image of both women. Their dresses let the sunlight pass through so that their curvaceous bodies were clearly silhouetted through the cotton material, and Beth's panties especially, were plainly evident in contrast to her tanned body and yellow dress.

Luckily for Ron, Amy was too preoccupied with his fingers, and her story, to notice what had taken his attention from her, as she went on, "Ron, pay attention, you won't believe what happened next. After I tell her it's ice cream, she says 'That sounds good, what flavor did you get.Wait, don't tell me, let me guess.' Then she held my shirt up to her nose and sniffs. And while she is doing this, I realize there must have been more on there than we knew, because she keeps finding more stains than we did, and some are obviously still damp."

"No way!" Ron exclaimed, his cock now reacting to the combination of the recent image presented by Pam and Beth , his finger pistoning methodically in and out of his girlfriend's pussy, and the image of Beth examining Amy's cum stained shirt. "Then what?"

"Mmmm, you have to stop with your hand Ron, ...for now.. But you can count on the fact that I will have you go down on me as soon as we get alone again. You owe me one, but for now we are almost to the top."

Ron looked back up, realizing Pam and Beth are off the escalator, waiting for them a mere ten steps up. He quickly slipped his hand from beneath Amy's dress, eliciting a moan of desire from her as she watched him discreetly suck her juices from his finger.

"I can't finish now" Amy whispered as they got ready to step off toward their gate, "but you won't believe what happened," then seeing the concerned look on his face, she went on, "Don't worry, we weren't busted, but you still won't believe what she ..."

"Hurry up you two.' Pam interrupted her daughter, "Our plane is boarding." Ron was thankful he had a carry on bag to hide his boner as they made their way onto the plane for the Grand Bahama Island.

They had four seats across the medium sized plane, two on each side of the aisle. Neither of them having ever flown before, Ron and Amy quickly got into an mild argument over which of them got to sit next to the window. Pam intervened, giving up her window seat to Ron, and agreeing to take the aisle seat next to her daughter. Ron's cock had managed to soften some during the time they boarded the plane, although it was still semi-swollen. As other passengers were also moving about the crowded plane, Ron stood in the aisle while Pam edged past Beth to stand in the aisle with Ron. Pam's efforts to get past her friend required her to lean over from the waist, causing her dress to fall from her body, giving Ron a prolonged view down the neckline of her dress. Her braless tits were visible almost to her nipples, which to his disappointment were still hidden firmly against her new dress.

Just as she cleared Beth, and was preparing to move to her seat, a rather heavy lady, toting a big bag came barreling down the aisle. She forced both Ron and Pam to move back closer to Beth, still seated in the aisle seat. As the lady's girth pressed into Pam, she had no choice but to scoot back even further, eventually pressing her firm ass against Ron.

Ron was thankful for the difference in their height. No matter how much he tried to avoid contact with Pam's ass, he couldn't. But at least his prick didn't lodge right between her fabulous cheeks, like it would have a woman as tall as Beth. Her ass was however pressing against his upper thighs and balls, and as she shifted from one foot to another, her firm cheeks actually seemed to cause his balls to shift from side to side. His cock was at the same time laying across his pelvis, therefore lightly pressing about six inches of his rapidly swelling dick horizontally across the small of her back. Ron quickly realized the irony in this situation, for if Pam's ass were not so pronounced and bubbly, he would not have had the space between them to prevent his cock from pressing against her back like a rolling pin. Their close proximity also allowed Ron the opportunity to look directly over Pam's shoulder, down the front of her dress. As she leaned her upper body back slightly to avoid the fat lady, he could actually see between her lovely boobs, down to her flat stomach, and managed to catch a quick glimpse of her black panties

Pam watched at the obese lady bulled on past. She was well aware of how her ass was pressed into Ron, but she was unable to do anything about it. She tried to move right or left, but with the limited space available to her, she only succeeded in pressing first one, then the other of buns into his scrotum. She couldn't believe she was in this situation again so soon after their encounter in the back seat, only now it was obvious each of them were fully awake and aware of the predicament they were in.

Pam could feel Ron's big young cock pressed across what felt to be the complete width of her slender back. She caught herself trying to guess just how big Ron's dick was, then quickly forced those thoughts from her mind. Her daughter was sitting only two feet from her for God's sake, and intentionally or not, she was grinding her ass into Amy's boyfriend's cock and balls. The perversion of the whole situation made her feel guilty for sure. But, it was also having the same effect on her that swept through her body earlier in the car. Pam could feel herself growing wet. Finally the lady passed, and Pam quickly took her seat. She decided she would use the flight time to decide how she should handle what just address with Ron, if at all.

Beth watched with interest the entire episode that played out only inches from her face. Ron's ass was pressed into the edge of her seatback, and although she couldn't see his crotch, there was no doubt Pam had been forced to press her ass right into him. The rude passenger pressing past had caused them both to have to wriggle around, obviously grinding against each other. Beth noticed Pam quickly separate and take her seat as soon as she was able. Beth also made note of the way Ron scooted past with his back to her, slipped into his seat and dropped the service tray across his lap. Beth's earlier vow to have some fun with young Ron flashed through her mind, and she knew now would be a perfect opportunity to further torment him as he obviously tried to hide his erection.

As the plane taxied out, and the stewardess gave the usual instructions, Beth said to Ron, "She said put your tray in an upright and locked position. Want me to do it for you?" and she began to reach for the tray.

Ron jumped as if he had been shocked, "NO! er sorry, I mean no, I can do it." And he grabbed a magazine to slide over his lap as he raised the tray.

"I was just trying to help." Beth said , giving it her best hurt feelings tone.

"I am sorry," Ron said quickly, feeling guilty for having snapped at Beth. "It's just that, ah, well I guess I am nervous about flying, that's all."

"No problem," Beth said as the plane throttled up and began to pick up speed, "I still get a little freaked every time I fly. Taking off is the worst part for me." As the plane began to leave the earth, she dropped her hand over and gripped Ron's knee as if it were a nervous reaction. He actually was nervous about the flight, and didn't notice for a second or two that her hand was on his thigh, and had caused the magazine to scoot further across his lap.

A few seconds later, as the plane leveled off, Beth seemed to become aware of her hand clasping Ron's leg, and removed it, saying, "Sorry about the death grip, like I said, I just get nervous."

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