A Tempting Vacation Ch. 02



D e v o u r _ o u r c o _ k

"Surely you can guess it now." Beth said. It was obvious he had drawn the conclusion she had hoped for, not noticing she had not written the second C required to spell the word cock.

"Um, well, I could guess, but I am not certain, maybe if you would give me one more clue." Ron said, deciding to stall until he could devise a plan of action.

Beth, just as she had rehearsed only seconds earlier in her mind, said, "All right,. let's see,.. oh, I know, this is something I can't wait to do, I believe you will like it, I doubt Amy will appreciate it much, but Pam already told me she wants to do it too."

Beth watched as Ron's head seemed to snap around involuntarily in response to what she had just said.

"What's wrong Ron, you look kind of funny? Do you feel ill?" Beth gave him her best look of complete innocence.

Beth's statement began to register with him. Pam wants to do it too. Surely this was just some big joke. He looked over toward Pam and Amy to see if they were in on it, but they both appeared to be catching up on their sleep.


Amy was now envisioning Beth, holding Ron's prick at its base, as she directed Amy to swing her leg across his lap, her ass facing Ron. "Now, just lay back on Ron's chest and I will get you both ready so this will go smoothly."

Amy did as Beth told her, her body sliding down until Ron's dick poked up from between her legs, as if she now had a penis of her own. Her engorged labia slid against his shaft as if trying to grasp it. Beth crawled up between their legs, still gripping Ron's cock like a weapon. She moved it from side to side, causing Amy to squirm from the contact with her clit.

"Ok Ron, now reach under here and grab Amy's ass," Beth guided Ron's hands to where she wanted them. Now slide her up your body a few inches. As her torso was pulled further up Ron's sweaty stomach and chest, Amy could feel her clit tracing up the length of his cock, as Beth pressed it firmly against her very wet cunt. Once the opening to Amy's pussy was poised above Ron's blood filled cock, Beth began to deliberately alternate between rubbing the head against her clit, then firmly pressing it back down to Amy's aching cunt, slowly stretching her tight opening to accommodate his prick.

Amy's finger was providing the pressure her mind was deriving from Ron, with Beth's help. She slyly looked to make sure she was not being noticed. Her mom was still asleep, and Beth and Ron were too engrossed in their game to notice her. Satisfied she could continue unobserved, she resumed the pressure from her hand, and let her mind go back to Ron and Beth.


D e v o u r _ o u r c o _ k

"Surely you have it now." Beth said as Ron continued to stare at the paper on his lap. When he didn't respond, she said, "All right, one more clue. No one can cook it as good as in the Bahamas."

Ron had still been struggling to decipher the events of the day, from this new perspective of Beth admitting she wanted to suck his dick, when what she had just said registered with him. "Huh? What does a Bahamian cook have to do with, well, with your puzzle?"


Pam could almost feel Ron's big dick poised to enter her needy body. She was pressing her pelvis upward to him as best she could, but her restraints kept her from getting what she desperately wanted.

"Tell me you want it" Ron said in a smug tone, completely foreign to anything he would do in real life.

"I want it." Pam did as he asked.

"No, I mean beg me for my cock. If I don't think you mean it, I won't let you have any, not even the first inch." Ron tormented her.

"Ron, please, I need your cock so bad, I am on fire, please fuck me with your lovely, long fat cock."

"That's more like it." Ron said as he pressed his prick ever so slowly into Pam's hungry cunt.


Having already drawn him in completely, Beth knew she had to totally crush any thoughts Ron had been having about her purposely coming on to him. Even if he still suspected it, as long as she kept him off balance enough, she could continue to safely have her fun with him all week long. The last thing she wanted was for him to think he could make some awkward move on her. She wouldn't fuck Ron for all the obvious complications it would cause, plus, if she was going to have sex this week, she would seek out a real man, not some teenager with a little cock ready to explode the moment she touched it.

"Well, it has everything to do with it, unless you like your Conk uncooked."

Ron looked at her with a puzzled expression as she said, "Devour Sour Conk" That's what I was talking about, I thought you had it figured out by now. You've never had sour conk? It's kind of like sweet and sour pork, but make with fresh conk straight from the ocean."

"If you didn't think it was that, what were you going to guess?" Beth asked, leaning over Ron's lap, pretending to examine the puzzle.

"Oh, nothing really, just some wild guess." Ron said, now feeling like a complete idiot for the thoughts he had been having.

"Oh my God!" Beth said in feigned outrage, "Did you think I had meant to Devour Your, well, your, well you know what I mean. Did you really think I would write that?"

"No. I mean.well not really, but it just made sense, with the clues and all." As soon as he said it, Ron wanted to take it back.


Amy's fingers, along with the kinky fantasy playing out in her mind, had her approaching an orgasm, right there on the plane, sitting next to her mother.

Amy felt Beth guide his cock further inside her as she said to Ron, "Move your hands back up and play with her tits, I will take over from here." Beth's hands quickly replaced Ron's on Amy's ass. She allowed Amy's body to slip further downward, deliberately impaling itself over Ron's dick. Once Amy had taken most of its length, Beth began to push her back up until only Ron's head remained clutched in Amy's pussy.

Amy could look down and see Beth lean over to take Ron's balls in her lips, sucking and licking over them as she again let Amy move back down on his hard rod. This continued for several minutes, with Ron and Amy both quickly approaching orgasm. Beth once again guided Amy up to the tip of Ron's cock, only this time she allowed her tongue to follow Amy's cunt up Ron's shaft, licking up their combined juices. Amy watched in anticipation as Beth's hands again began to pull her back down, only Beth did not move her face with Amy's body. Beth kept her tongue pressed firmly on Ron's shaft as it disappeared inside Amy. First Beth's nose pressed into and past Amy's clit, followed closely by her ever-active tongue.

Amy's finger was still working feverishly beneath her skirt, imagining Beth sucking on her pussy while Ron's fat dick pounded in and out. Amy opened her eyes as she heard Beth and Ron's muffled voices from across the aisle, but neither of them seemed to notice her. Her mom was still asleep, although she was squirming around some as if she were having a bad dream. She envisioned Beth once again, flicking her tongue all around her pussy as Ron's dick slipped in and out, in and out.

Amy's body tensed in the window seat, as she had one of the most intense orgasms of her young life.


Beth suppressed a grin, realizing she couldn't have planned for a better reaction from Ron. "Do you mean what I said about me and Pam loving to eat conk, my guess that you would like it, but that Amy couldn't eat it because of her reaction to some shell fish.?"

Beth began to laugh, making Ron want to crawl under his seat he was so embarrassed. "You must really think a lot of yourself, imagining all us women chasing after you like that." Beth said between bursts of laughter.


Pam heard Beth laughing across the aisle, but she didn't open her eyes. She was too busy having her fantasy persona plead for her daughter's boyfriend to fuck her.

Ron pushed his cock further, tugging at Pam's swollen lips at he pressed the head into her opening, "Oh yes, please fuck me wi..."

"Ladies and gentlemen, we are making our final approach to the Grand Bahama Airport, please return your seat to their upright position."

Pam was taken from her wonderful fantasy by the voice of the flight attendant. It is just as well, she told herself, even if she was more frustrated now than before. She shouldn't be picturing such lurid acts anyway. Thinking such thoughts about Ron can only cause her frustration to rise higher and higher. It would be best if she keep him out of her mind concerning her sexual fantasies. She would just have to act normal around him, pretending she didn't even realize her ass had been grinding into his big, long, thick, teenage cock when they boarded the plane.


As the plane touched ground, Beth looked over at a still obviously sheepish Ron, saying to him, "Don't worry Ron, I won't tell Amy or Pam those nasty little thoughts you were having earlier. I think your willingness to be my personal cabana boy this week should be enough to keep my mouth shut, maybe." Beth giggled slightly, not sure if Ron even noticed her emphasis on the words, 'keep my mouth shut', tussled his hair as she had in the airport, and turned to speak to Pam.

As they prepared to exit the plane, Pam vowed once again to make every effort to keep her mind free from the recent, perverted thoughts she had been having.

Amy, her thighs slippery from her recent orgasm, had already licked her fingers clean, wondering briefly if all women tasted the same. She couldn't wait to get Ron alone and have some seriously nasty fun.

Beth, increasingly horny herself, was satisfied in the manner she had totally mind-fucked young Ron. She had her mind busy planning some more interesting ways she would be able to "inadvertently" or "accidentally" tease him. Plus, the way Pam and Ron had each reacted to their forced friction, maybe she could arrange a few unavoidable encounters for them over the coming week as well.

Ron, having quickly positioned his carry on bag, once again required to conceal his seemingly perpetually swollen cock, was walking in a daze. He was equal parts confusion, embarrassment, and hard on. And Spring Break had only just begun.

More to come.

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