A Thrilling Prophecy


She finally dragged her eyes away and picked up the second stocking. This time she looked back at Peter and held out the stocking towards him.

"Will you do it?" she whispered a little falteringly, to his total surprise.

There was no need for Peter to respond as he covered the ground between them in a couple of giant strides, but as he reached out to take hold of the flimsy material he got another surprise. She didn't let go and instead started to remorselessly draw him further towards him. He was staring into those deep blue eyes and at last recognised that unidentified emotion. It was a match for the one that he knew she was seeing in his. Pure, unadulterated desire!

As their faces drew closer and closer together, she twisted her head slightly and reached up a little, one hand running over his cheek as she finally closed her eyes just as their lips met. Peter's heart was already pounding hard, but the gentle touch of her lips on his almost sent him into orbit. It was gentle at first, but quickly developed as the passion overcame them both and their lips were soon working hard against each other, their breathing getting increasingly ragged. When her tongue finally started to explore he thought that he would explode.

It seemed to have been a shock to her too as, to his horror, she pulled away, still breathing hard. Her hands were still around his neck, but her eyes were fixed on his.

"If we do this," she almost gasped, her hand tight on his neck, "It has to be OUR secret. You must understand that! I love Anders dearly and I can't lose him! It's just that ......that ....." her voice tailed away, "........ he's away so, so often...."

As she finished she looked so miserable that Peter almost pulled away, but he could still see the fire in her eyes and the fire burning in him wasn't going anywhere.

"Of course Hanna," he replied decisively at last "I couldn't do anything to hurt you!"

It was all that she needed, and this time as she pulled his lips towards hers, there was no holding back and as the kiss developed again, he felt her semi-naked body pressing hard against his, and he knew that she must be feeling his response too as she pressed up relentlessly against the big bulge in his jeans.

Too soon her lips left his again but her hands were still running through his hair as her lips nestled into his neck and she whispered huskily into his ear.

"Why am I the only one in my underwear?"

He needed no further encouragement as he jumped back and clawed off his top, unbuckled his belt, dragged down his jeans, and threw off his socks.

She gave out a delightful little squeal of laughter as she watched him tear of his clothes so urgently, but he could see that her eyes were now fixed on the very respectable bulge in his boxer shorts.

"My, my ...." she continued mischievously, "........you do look in need of some help with that!"

Then, as she smiled intently at him, her hands drifted behind her back and with a little sigh he noted the slackening of her bra straps. With a little shrug of her shoulders, she pushed the flimsy material forwards and his throat went dry again as the cups dropped away from her breasts as the bra drifted down to the floor.

From his bedroom window, he'd had glimpses before, but nothing compared to the vision in front of him now. They were so beautiful. Not large, but pert, her dark brown nipples standing erect, and seeming to reach out for him.

"Wow!" he gasped in admiration, if anything the bulge in his shorts expanding!

She smiled again at his response, before slipping her fingers into the waistband of her bikini briefs and slowly easing them over her hips. His eyes were nearly popping out of his head as the material began to slowly uncover the shapely little bush covering the delicious little mound at the top of her legs. She was enjoying the moment as his mouth dropped open and she held the flimsy white material briefly at the top of her thighs as he drank in the sight of the curly blonde hair disappearing between her legs, giving just a hint of the labia lips below.

Then she was suddenly all action! She dragged the briefs down her legs, almost falling as she stepped out of them and quickly came to him, still standing in frozen admiration at the sight of her naked body. With a shock he realised that she was reaching towards his waist and before he could move, she'd eased his boxer shorts over his now aching erection and sent them on their way to the floor as well.

When she rose back up, her lips were instantly searching for his again, but this time as she pressed her body into him, he could feel the sharp points of her nipples rubbing up against his chest and then she somehow cocked her leg over his erect cock and capture it between her thighs, letting it rub up against the underside of her bottom. His befuddled brain didn't know where to concentrate on as the sexy sensations from lips, chest and down below washed relentlessly over him!

The kiss seemed to go on and on and the way that she squeezed his cock between her upper thighs was driving him into sensations that he'd never felt before. At the back of his mind was an increasingly horrendous thought that he might not last much longer!

Fortunately, she seemed instinctively to recognise the moment and she finally released his lips. As she snuggled her head into his shoulder he felt the tortuous grip on his cock weaken as she opened her legs a little and gradually eased away from him. She was whispering incomprehensible words into his ear as she slowly she let the tip of his rampant cock slide deliciously under her bottom, pausing slightly as it nestled across her labia, letting out a low moan as she felt the surge of pleasure run through her.

Then she pulled away completely with her eyes fixed hungrily on his, "Now, Peter ...... Now!" as she stumbled back to the sofa and lay down.

He paused to drink in the beauty of her sensuous body again and then she lifted her stocking clad leg up to rest her calve along the soft top of the sofa's backrest. His eyes were drawn immediately to her exquisite pussy as her movement opened up the damp slit so that he could see the pink folds of skin around her vagina. It was an invitation he wasn't capable of resisting.

With a little grunt, he moved towards her and knelt on the sofa between her legs, his erect cock waving purposefully in front of him. As he bent down over her, he saw the desire flaming in her eyes as she reached out for him, but something else had caught his attention. Her pert breasts were almost standing up in front of him and he couldn't resist dropping his head so that his lips could capture and caress her erect nipples.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh" she sighed as she arched up her bosom, pushing her sensitive skin harder into his mouth, crying out with the electric sensations that swamped out any other thoughts other than the blissful fire from her nipples.

She sucked in deep breaths to control herself, and reached down to grasp his cock, now waving about above her wet pussy , tingling in anticipation as she fed the tip up to the soft, receptive entrance to her vagina.

It was all the encouragement that Peter needed as her finally released her nipples and eased forwards with his hips, driving his cock deeply into her waiting, warm cavern. They both closed their eyes as they absorbed the delightful sensations of his penetration. She felt her whole vagina light up with the contact of his firm, hard flesh as he felt her soft inner skin wrap around and caress him. It was a blissful moment.

It was instinct really. Without a further thought he began to draw back before plunging back in and beginning a wild series of thrusts that had her almost sobbing as she wrapped her legs around him and thrust her back hips to escalate the throbbing sensations building up to almost intolerable levels in her body.

All too soon though, he felt himself reaching the point of no return. Hard as he tried to hold back he suddenly felt the blissful sensation of his cock erupting deep within her, the convulsions running right though him.

"Oh God! Jesus!" he gasped as he absorbed the sensation, slightly horrified that he'd come too soon.

Hanna's hips were still gyrating slowly under him as she struggled to get her breathing under control before she reached up to pull his head down on hers and began to cover his face with soft, wonderful little kisses.

It took long minutes before either could speak, wrapped in each other's arms now, the previous state of high tension replaced by a more languid torpor. Soon he couldn't contain himself any longer. He had to ask.

"Did you ..........? Was it too quick ............?"

She paused for a moment and instinctively he knew the answer. But then she cupped his cheeks and smiled back into his troubled eyes.

"It was glorious Peter! It felt so.......so....fantastic! Oh..... I don't have the words in English!" she paused for a moment before continuing gently, "Look Peter, a woman doesn't have to have a giant climax every time to enjoy sex with a man you know."

He didn't seem convinced, so she added mischievously, "Anyway, it might happen next time."

It took a few moments for her words to register, but when they did his face lit up.

"You want to do it again?!"

"Of course I do!. Didn't I say that you were fantastic. But remember, it must be our secret, so we must be careful."

"So we could do it the next time Anders is away then?" he added hopefully.

"He's not back for a few days yet Peter," the mischievous grin was wide across her face, "Why don't you come round to my house tonight after tea ......... maybe about seven?"

Their eyes met in a warm understanding and this time the kiss was long and gentle, a sensual anticipation of their plans for later, his naked skin pressed comfortably into her soft, warm body.

It could have gone on forever. It didn't.

She eventually glanced over his shoulder and saw the wall clock.

"What time did you have to be in college?"

"Oh God!!"

4. Before Dinner

Peter paused at the bottom of the steps leading up to the college library.

It was a big, imposing building with a long row of stone pillars guarding the large revolving door that allowed entrance. It was an old building, built in the first flushes of excess when the college was established over a century ago. The old oak floors and fittings seemed to cry out quality and good taste and, if you liked books, there was something about the smell of the place that encouraged calmness and leisurely thought.

Peter loved the place.

So, pausing before going in was unusual but after the momentous events of the morning it was the first moment where he'd had time to reflect. The mad dash to catch the bus to college, the ten o'clock lecture and the half hour tutorial that had followed had used up time like a whirlwind. He'd briefly spoken to friends at the lecture, and he was thankful that they'd taken notes because he knew that his were almost non-existent as he'd struggled vainly to switch between the lecturer and visions of a naked Hanna on his sofa.

The tutorial at least had forced him to concentrate on 'work' as Professor Hawking had spent time quizzing him on his understanding of some of the finer points in his Mechanical Engineering course. When he'd finally stumbled out into the bright summer light again, he'd been in two minds. He could have met up with his friends at the Student Union before grabbing some lunch as he'd got another lecture at one o'clock, but he'd decided on the library instead.

He had his reasons.

A couple of weeks ago he'd literally bumped into one of the young library assistants as he'd walked round a corner. He'd apologised profusely, grabbing at the book she'd dropped and handed it carefully back. She'd smiled quite shyly at him as she thanked him and continued on her way, but looking back a little self-consciously after a few yards to see if he was still looking at her. He was. She had a small, round face surrounded by stylish short brown hair. Her brown eyes radiated warmth and he'd immediately decided that she was beautiful. She wasn't tall, but he'd admired her rounded curves, even under a rather prim looking dress.

Since then, he'd spent a lot of time in the library! He'd managed to talk to her a few times, found out she was called Sarah, but still hadn't plucked up courage to ask her out. But today was different. Today he'd got the prophecy and he was on a mission!

Inside was a bit of a disappointment though. He hadn't been able to see her when he went in and a quick tour of the main reading area and the alcoves off it proved equally unrewarding.

He looked across at the admin area in the corner where the librarians worked, but there was no sign of her at any of the desks there either. This really wasn't looking encouraging!

It had to be worth checking with one of the other librarians though surely?

He sauntered over to the enquiries desk, still hoping that she'd appear from one of the back rooms. The desk was unattended when he got there so he looked around hoping that his presence would get noted. A couple of the more senior female librarians were discussing something at the back of their area. He was sure that they'd seen him, but they continued whispering together in a rather animated way, glancing at him from time to time before one of them headed over, almost being pushed forward by her colleague.

He'd seen her around before but hadn't taken much notice. She was much older than Sarah, probably at least thirty he speculated, medium height with her blonde hair tied back into a tight pony-tail. She wore a frilly cream shirt, fawn skirt and a large brown belt around a respectably trim waist.

"Can I help?" she asked, letting her hazel eyes run quickly over his athletic frame.

"Err yes, I hope so......... That is ....... I'm actually looking for one of your colleagues.... Sarah .... is she errr around today?" It was hardly his most adult moment of the day.

The woman lifted her eyebrows in surprise, "Well no, I'm afraid that she's taken a day's leave today, but she should be back in tomorrow." Now a slow smile spread across her face, lighting it up, "Are you sure that I can't help you, I am fully qualified you know!"

"Oh err .......... I'm sure that you are....... but I really needed to talk to Sarah. I'll probably catch up with her tomorrow then."

He was about to turn away when the librarian's dark haired colleague called out from the background, "Well go on then!"

The librarian in front of him looked annoyed and confused for an instant, before the smile was back.

"Ignore her," she waved her hand back towards her colleague who seemed to be enjoying herself immensely, " ............... but I was wondering if you could help me perhaps?"

Her smile was back with one eyebrow lifted quizzically.

"Well, of course," he responded automatically with a smile of his own. After all he'd been brought up to be polite and helpful, before adding as an afterthought, "If I can that is."

He was puzzled as he saw her reaction. She seemed relieved and yet strangely excited at his response.

"Oh I'm sure that you can. I need your height you see. There's a book that I can't quite reach in the Committee Room, but I'm sure that you will manage it alright. Please follow me." With that she opened up the little wooden barrier at the side of the desk and led him towards a fine oak panelled door at the rear of the admin area.

As they crossed the room, her colleague crossed over and pressed something into her hand, "You might need this Barbara," she laughed as her brown eyes ran boldly over Peter's tall body, "shout if you want any help!"

'Barbara' had now reached the door, opened it with the key she'd been handed and was waving Peter in.

"I'm sure we'll manage just fine!" she shot back waspishly at her friend.

Inside the room, Peter was impressed by the size of the big wooden table that dominated most of the room. It was shiny, polished red wood of some sort, lined on each side by matching chairs with comfortable looking red leather seats. Along the far wall ran a set of matching wooden shelving holding an impressive array of dark leather bound books with gold lettering. Half way down he saw that the upper shelving was empty in one section, with one large book peeping out over the edge.

"That One?" he pointed. It looked like the only one that the librarian wouldn't be able to reach.

"Yes please."

It was easy, he sauntered over and, with his height, he hardly had to get onto his toes. As he lifted the heavy volume down, he glanced down the rows of chairs and wondered why she hadn't used one of those.

"Here you are...." he said as he turned and took a step towards the open doorway. Except that it wasn't anymore. And not only was it shut but the librarian was busily turning a key to make sure it stayed that way!

He stopped in surprise a few yards away his mouth open to question her, but his words never came out. The young woman in front of him had dropped her hands to the hem of her skirt, lifting it up quickly to her waist, and exposing very nice pair of stocking clad legs. With a quick bit of wriggling her hands disappeared even higher and were soon descending rapidly with a bundle of soft red and black which she smartly stepped out as her skirt hem dropped down to respectable lengths again.

Peter stood, still open mouthed as she reached for the book, taking it out of his frozen hands and then shocking him even further by placing the little bundle of red and black into his hand, closing his fingers over the soft, warm material.

"Will you look after these for me please, they're so comfortable and I don't want to lose them! Now, I really would like to read you a little story from the book. Will you like that?" As she spoke she took the book over to the end of the table.

"Errrrr" was the most expressive response he could make as he watched her push the book down the table and open it before bending over the end of the table. She propped up her elbows on the table, her head resting on cradled hands, her impressively shaped behind pointing straight back it him.

He sucked in a long, deep breath as he realised that the warm parcel of material in his hand had recently been wrapped intimately around that shapely behind. What the hell was going on? Then his reverie was broken as he realised that she'd started speaking.

"Emily had been waiting for this opportunity for weeks. She'd admired the virile young man every time she'd seen him, yearning to strip off his clothes, item by item, before running her gentle fingers over his taut muscular body."

She needed to take a deep breath herself at this stage but it mattered not as Peter's eyes were still riveted on her bottom as it wriggled in front of him as she continued, her voice quivering a little in excitement.

"She knew that he wanted her too. Those tell-tale little glances, the way that he watched her hips sway as she passed him, the way that his eyes seemed to undress her, leaving her naked before him! God, it was all so arousing as she felt the pleasant tingling between her legs suddenly intensify.

And now she was at his mercy, bent over a table in front of him, waiting for the touch of his firm, manly hands. A low moan escaped her lips as the almost unbearable anticipation drove her wild with desire!"

Peter finally snapped back into reality as he heard the expressive moan roll around the room. He hadn't imagined it. It was real! What the hell should he do? That decision was being made harder by the impressive bulge that was building in his pants. His attention was instantly dragged back to 'his' librarian as her voice seemed to rise in pitch.

".......... she could feel the young man close up behind her now, his hands hovering over her buttocks,"

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