tagGroup SexA Twist of Words

A Twist of Words

byB.B. Monroe©

That... was... it!

My roommate had made me agree not to bring women home when we signed for the town house and she had agreed not to bring home any men. But the first thing I heard when I opened the door after work today was the soft moans of a female. I knew that sound all too well. I had lost my girlfriend because of that damned rule and I was going to kill someone before I let my roommate break it.

I stormed up the stairs, throwing my jacket down to the floor and cursing under my breath but as I stepped onto the second floor I stopped. It hit me like a ton of bricks. That wasn't my roommate... Confused and, I admit, a bit excited, I rounded the corner and stopped before the door to her bedroom.

It was wide open and there was a smooth, round and very bare ass in front of me. Attached to it were a pair of long slender legs and above it were the edges of shiny blonde hair. And there, on either side of that bobbing blonde head, was a pair of perfectly pedicured feet. I nearly ripped the zipper out of my pants with my erection.

I mustered every bit of anger I had felt when I first opened the front door and spoke in the harshest tones I could manage. "What in the fuck do you think you're doing?"

She slowly turned her head and tilted her body around until she was staring me in the eyes and just smiled. Her fingers never stopped pulsing in and out of that wet pussy in front of her and her mouth glistened as she slowly licked her lips. "Welcome Home," she purred and then turned back to the task at hand. The girl on the bed arched her back and rubbed her bouncing breasts as she moaned louder.

I stared for a moment longer at the scene in front of me before I noticed my roommate's bare bottom again. Then I didn't waste a moment with any more thoughts about what I was so obviously not a part of and remedied that situation. My fingers flew to my zipper and my boxers hit the floor with my pants. My shirt fell to the floor a few buttons less than it had to begin with and I was on my knees behind her.

My cock was so hard that it stood straight out at attention as I used my hands to spread her thighs apart. I rubbed the tip along those smooth bare lips and then plunged right in as hard as I could. She bucked slightly and let out a little moan. The girl on the bed giggled and gave me the most seductive look I have ever seen on a girl in that position.

My roommate buried her mouth back into the girl's pussy and I used both hands to hold her hips as I drove harder and harder into her. The girl on the bed griped the sheets and her body shuddered with an orgasm and I nearly blew my load right there. I slowed down to a smooth glide and then my roommate slid away from me and crawled up onto the bed.

She looked at me and winked and the girl sat up next to her. There sitting in front of me were the two sexiest women I'd ever had the chance to be naked in front of and I felt myself growing harder by the second. They went into a deep French kiss and I watched as their hands went to caress each other's bare bottom. Every guy dreams of this moment and prays that he never wakes up from it.

I leaned slowly onto the bed and my roommate turned to me and pushed me down onto my back. She straddled me and slid slowly down onto my cock. She was so tight that I knew I wouldn't last much longer. I pulled the other girl over to me and kissed her. She pulled away and smiled at my roommate and then leaned over to kiss her. I pulled her hips over my face and just sighed into those smooth lips.

I heard the girls giggle and I went to town licking every last inch of that warm, wet snatch. I could see the girls fondling each other and I could feel my roommate getting faster and faster as she slid up and down my pole. I felt the girl above me tighten like she was ready to go again and I knew I was a goner. My roommate stopped right at the tip of my cock and then slammed down so tight and quick that my whole body was shaking from the tension.

The girl on my face moved over to the side of me and sat down on the bed to recover from her orgasm and I sat up, cradling my roommate. She was going faster and faster and her breath was so quick I thought she was going to pass out. I kissed her hard and then rolled her onto her back.

I lifted her legs over her head and the other girl leaned down to kiss her. I decided they'd had enough fun for one day and I pushed harder and harder and harder until I blew my load. Seeing the two of them making out was enough for any guy to lose it. I realized my roommate was about to orgasm and I looked down to see the other girl's fingers rubbing around and around on her clit. And then my roommate bucked as she gave way to her own orgasm.

When it was over, the girls looked up at me and smiled. My roommate all sprawled on the bed with her hair behind her and her face glowing. Her friend sitting on her knees and looking as innocent as any girl could if she was naked with her hands in her lap. And I stood there in disbelief.

My roommate broke the silence in the most innocent of tones, "So glad you could join us... And to think, you only told me that I couldn't bring men home..."

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