tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA View to Remember

A View to Remember


Scott turned the key and opened the front door to his home. Laying down his brief case by the hand carved table by the door and putting his Mercedes keys in the small bowl set for that purpose, he crossed the room heading for the kitchen, as was his habit. A generous splash of Scotch over three ice cubes and now Scott felt officially home.

Scott headed for his bedroom to change clothes and suddenly stopped. He stopped so fast that his Scotch nearly sloshed to the floor. He was frozen. Jaw dropping as astonishment gripped him and all he could do was stare.

In his guest room, on a king sized bed lay a sight so mind blowing that if he would have spoken, he might only be able to stutter. He was paralyzed by choice and his calm demeanor became one of bodily distress as his breathing quickened and a moistness formed on his upper lip.

She was laying on the bed on her stomach. Four soft comfy pillows were arranged to snuggle with. She was nude. Her hair wrapped in a towel to dry the recent shower and another towel laying haphazard at the foot of the bed.

Rachel was a long standing friend of Scott's with an open invitation to spend an occasional weekend on her many business trips. She had her own key and although Scott was informed of her possible arrival he had completely forgotten that she might arrive on this day.

They had been friends for more then 10 years. In that time there had been casual dating but they had succumbed to the stability of a close friendship. They often spent long hours just talking, sharing the woes and battles that life bludgeons us with. A physical relationship just hadn't been a consideration with either for many years.

Rachel obviously was caught off guard with Scott's early arrival from work and was taking a quick nap after a long cross country flight. Being caught nude was not on her agenda and she would be mortified if she knew she had been discovered.

Scott knew all these things and surmised that his early arrival was the explanation. He had complete respect for Rachel and a thought (buried deep) was trying to tell him to close her door and continue to his room. This is one of those cases where the body and the brain just don't seem to connect. He couldn't move....only stare. She was beautiful to look at. Her frame was slight, only 5'2", her breasts proportionally small, and her bottom was extraordinary. Firm cheeks, tight thighs, shapely calves, a recipe for a voyeur's wet dream.

Her legs were nearly closed and Scott traced every line, bone, and muscle with his eyes. Her skin was smooth and tight, and a very tiny bikini line graced her like a Victoria's Secret pair of panties. He felt the irregularity of his breath and succumbed to the hormones flooding his body. He heard the clinking of the ice cubes in his Scotch and took a long pull from the glass. With a jittery hand he took another long gulp and felt the Scotch fueling the moment.

He couldn't help but imagine slipping in her room, gazing at this delicious sight up close. His fingertips could almost feel the heat from her skin. He longed to tenderly slide his hands up her calves, further to her thighs, his thumbs clinching the inner flesh of her legs as they traveled to those gorgeous globes of her ass. He wanted desperately to knife one hand between her cheeks and cup the entirety of her plump, but firm, butt cheek. His mind raced with desires as the mental picture of his hands massaging the entirety of this mind boggling sight.

The Scotch warmed his throat as he gulped and his lips circled one ice cube sucking the remaining alcohol from the cube. It surprised him to see the glass in need of a refill. How long had he been staring? The answer came quickly....not long enough. His feet couldn't move. His cock, on the other hand, began to move of it's own volition. He had to reach inside his pants to arrange the direction of growth. His own brief touch sent an explosive current of lust connecting powerfully with the vision his eyes could not release.

His imagination continued with it's decadent journey. He pictured his lips kissing the crease and tan line of her erotic ass. His cheeks flushed with the thought of sliding his face lovingly across her body. His teeth clenched when he envisioned his face sliding between those luscious butt cheeks and licking to his hearts delight. He wanted desperately to spread them apart. He mentally begged to gaze upon her deeply private areas and wanted more, much more. Without forethought his hand slipped down the waistband of his trousers. His cock throbbed with need and attention. There was no mystery to what it desired. Scott's brain screamed with taunting demands. He wanted to slide that hard dick all over her backside, explore those hidden delectable's that were just beyond his eyesight. His cock wanted to plunge into that wet and creamy wonderland and gratefully pump his own lust deep within her. He was so sexually charged that he felt he could fill her pussy with more then she could hold and he imagined his cum dripping down her thighs as she accepted him while on her knees.

Then Rachel moved.....and Scott's face flushed. Seconds later the glass slipped from his hand.

Earlier Rachel had opened her eyes but was still. She didn't move her head but she could see a very clear reflection from the glass on a picture frame. She could see Scott three feet back from the open door staring at her. She then realized that she was completely naked. Her first instinct was to jump and run for cover but decided it might make everyone uncomfortable and Scott would look like a Peeping Tom. She was sure Scott was taken of guard just as she was.

In the reflection she looked at Scott to see what his reaction was to finding her nude. She expected he would turn away but what she discovered was that he was getting turned on! She saw him reach down his pants to allow his member to expand. Actually....Rachel enjoyed that. She felt flattered that she could give him a hard-on without even trying. She very much enjoyed watching his facial expressions. She could tell he was getting hot just by looking at her. Scott's hand slipped down his pants again. Rachel could tell he wasn't just "making an adjustment" he was stroking himself!

Rachel began to really enjoy turning her friend on, just by the mere gaze of her naked body. It was making her feel sexy. She felt like a Goddess that made men squirm just being in her presence. She wanted to push him harder, tantalize him, tease him, make him cum in his pants. Feeling more confident by the minute she decided to give him a better look. Pretending to still be sleeping, she lazily parted her legs and bent one knee. His reaction was profound.

When Rachel spread her legs, Scott gasped for air and tensed his cock to keep it from exploding a hot load of cream into his own shorts. His face turned red as he focused in on the tuff of hair that hid her pussy. He could barely see the pucker of her ass but the soft fleshy folds of Rachel's pussy were easily discernable. For a second he imagined that she was up on her knees, her legs spread, exposed in there entirety her hot sexy pussy and ass hole. Just the vision made his cock pulsate and leak pre-cum, leaving a very wet spot. He was mesmerized and extremely turned on.

The glass slipped from his hand to the dark Cherry Wood floor.

The sound seemed deafening and Scott jumped in horror and embarrassment. He scooped the empty glass from the floor, stammered an apology and quickly raced to the stairs to his room.

Rachel busted out laughing. She knew that men are visually aroused thus the explanation for billions of dollars being made on the Porn websites but she had never first hand seen any man reduced to putty for such a simple enticement. But one thing for sure.....Rachel loved "showing herself" as much a Scott loved "looking". It made her feel sexy...and yes...even powerful.

An hour later they joined at the back yard pool. Scott immediately tried to explain but Rachel just held up her hand, gesturing not to be concerned. She explained that she should have shut her door.

After a couple of cocktails they felt much more comfortable and there conversations had no boundaries. Rachel teasingly grinned at Scott when she described how horny he looked. She relished telling him in detail what she had seen in the reflection even reaching in her own bikini to mimic Scotts desire for relief.

Scott sheepishly acknowledged that it was true. He was frantically turned on just by seeing her naked. "It's just a guy thing" he said.

Rachel then went into detail of her own emotions, while he was watching her. She finished by saying, "It made me so hot that I wanted to show you more.....I mean, EVERYTHING!"

Scott's eyes opened wide and said, "Seriously?? How much begging would I have to do?? How about I wash your car every week for the next 150 years?"

Rachel laughed, "I might have other requests to make me agree." She winked and let the subject pass.

Scott's pool was impressive and the landscaping was very professional. The Jacuzzi bubbled and looked very inviting and the crystal clear water sparkled with the sun reflecting silver streaks embossed in each tile. Handfuls of miniature palm trees lined the perimeter to give privacy. The island in the deep end of the pool lended a tropical atmosphere making the experience very luxurious.

Rachel was feeling her cocktails and drug her lounging chair to face Scotts. She settled in comfortably to further engage him in conversation. "So tell me.....just why is it so exciting just looking at a naked woman?" While they talked she lazily swung her bended leg flashing her bikini clad privates. She was clearly teasing him.

Scott tried to explain but ultimately succumbed to admitting that natures powers were far beyond explanation and more powerful then he could control.

Rachel looked coyly at him, with her pinky finger touching her lips, she dropped one leg over the arm of the chair. Her tiny bikini barely covered her spread pussy.

Scott twisted uncomfortably in his chair and mumbled softly, "oooh Baby!"

Rachel was enjoying his discomfort and it made her feel more embolden. She took a long pull on her drink and felt the alcohol drop her inhibitions even further. Her pussy lips pressed visibly against the thin material of her bikini and Scott allowed himself to stare and could just see her love nub as it swelled with new appreciation. Rachel closed her eyes and let her fingers slide between her spread legs. She teased herself letting one finger ride slowly back and forth over her clit.

Scott couldn't believe his eyes and was entranced by this erotic gift. When a tiny wet spot stained Rachel's bikini, Scott gasped as adrenalin raced through his system. He was reluctant to speak for fear that the moment would stop.

"I really love doing this for you. I'm so hot that I'm a little embarrassed. But.....I have a plan to even things up....and I have a little surprise for you!" Rachel cooed.

Scott had no issue with whatever she had in mind. This was just too unbelievably erotic to pass up.

"If you want me to toss my bikini in the pool," she began. "Then you will have to have some skin-in-the-game." She continued. "I have to be sure what I'm doing really turns you on and the only way I'll know is if you drop your suit and rub yourself in front of me....just what you did when you didn't think I was watching."

Scott wasted no time and in a second his suit had rocketed to the far side of the pool with a splash. His manhood was already fully erect and his large balls promised a big load of appreciation.

Rachel hadn't seen him naked in years and completely enjoyed having this power over him. She was so turned on herself that the tiny wet spot on her bikini had grown and moistened the width of her pussy lips. Her nipples stood proud against her bikini top that belied her impression that she had complete control over him. The fact was, she could barely wait to tear off her suit and give him the show of his life.

She reached toward him with a bottle of sun lotion and squirt a stream onto his crotch. "Wouldn't want you to get sun burned. Rub that in for me."

Scott gratefully began to stroke himself and in two seconds his cock was slick and reaching powerfully toward her.

That was all Rachel needed to see and untied her bikini top then tossed it into the pool. She slipped off the bottom of her suit and it too was air born, splashing into cool inviting water. She then dropped her other leg over the arm of her chase lounge and put her hands behind her head.

Scott gasped. Not a little gasp but a full gulp of air to compensate for the wanting need his body experienced. He saw his surprise. She had completely shaved her pussy! She grabbed the backs of her knees and pulled up. This erotic maneuver exposed the cute pucker of her ass and Scott thought he was going to lose his mind. She had such a beautiful pussy. Her clit was pink and her lips as smooth as home made ice cream. A small drop of her juices clung to the opening of her love canal. Scott was paralyzed with passion as his eyes drank in this delectable sight. A drip of pre-cum fell from his cock and splashed on the pool deck. Rachel squealed with delight.

Rachel had beads of perspiration dotting her forehead and cheeks as she reached further to drive Scott insane. "This is making me so HORNY!" she gasped. "I just love that you are dripping cum just by looking at me!"

She reach down with both hands and pulled her pussy lips apart.

Scott could only groan as his hand began to uncontrollably stroke himself. His face now just inches from that beautiful cunt he could smell her lusty aroma and it was driving him mad. "Oh baby....I can see white bubbly cum oozing from deep inside..."

Just the thought of Scott watching her cum sent her to the moon. Her pussy began to clinch and open on it's own volition. Creamy, white, cum began to drool from her sex. Scott could no longer contain himself and tenderly pushed his face between her pussy lips. It felt so warm. So loving. So sexy. His tongue dipped inside, scooping her love juice into his starving mouth. Again and again his tongue plunged deep inside of her. She could feel his tongue slide across her "G" Spot and was instantly engulfed by a powerful orgasm. Scott whimpered with ecstasy as his mouth was filled with a flood of both watery cum and white, bubbly, creamy cum from deep inside her pussy.

There was no stopping his own orgasm as his balls pumped stream after stream of cum onto Rachel's out reached palm.

They both fell back in their chairs and Rachel slowly licked her hand clean as if it were a vanilla cone. They rested for awhile not needing any communication. Scott rose to his feet and padded into the house.

"Where are you going?" She asked.

Wiping his brow he said....."I've got to go wash your car."

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