tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Walk To Remember

A Walk To Remember


It is a warm summer evening and I decide to take a walk. I go down to the park and watch some baseball games. As I leave to head back toward home, I notice a nice looking man staring at me. I can't help but smile at him as I walk back toward my house.

The sun has gone down and I find myself walking through the woods in the dark. I think I hear footsteps behind me, so I stop and listen. The silence is almost deafening and I turn to see if there is someone behind me. Seeing nothing, I turn back and continue on my way.

Now I am certain I hear something and I speed up, almost jogging now. I can feel my heart beating in my chest, hear it in my ears. The steps are closer now and I can hear him panting as he catches up to me. He tackles me and we fall, him on top of me. I start to scream and he clamps his hand over my mouth. He whispers in my ear "do not scream, bitch. I am going to have you, but if you struggle, I will have to hurt you... you don't want me to hurt you, do you"

I shake my head no and he slowly removes his hand. "That's a good girl... relax. You might enjoy this." I am trembling as he gets back on his feet. I can see his shadow as he removes his shirt, and then his pants. He tells me to take off my shirt and shorts, but leave my panties and bra on. I sit up and do as he tells me. He grabs me by the hair and pulls me to my feet. I start to struggle again and he pulls me to his face and sneers, "listen bitch, I am going to fuck you, you will suck the cum out of my cock and I will not play this fucking game with you. We can have fun, or we can play rough. Its your decision"

I try to calm myself down but he can feel the fear in me. He starts to kiss me and even though I am scared to death, I feel my heart beat even faster. He slides his tongue into my mouth and unconsciously, I respond to it. He pulls away and laughs, "see... you might just enjoy this after all"

His hands move down my back and cup my ass, pulling me closer to him. I can feel his hard cock on my belly. He leans down and kisses my tits through my bra, sucking on the nipples. I gasp from the intensity. He grabs the legs of my panties and yanks them off me. His hand moves between my legs and he feels my swollen, wet lips. I hear him laugh to himself. He puts his hand on my chest and feels my heart beat. "I can't tell if that's fear or desire doing that to you"

I try to find my voice and I answer, "fear" knowing in my heart that its a little of both. He grabs me by the shoulders and shoves me down to my knees. He pulls his underwear off and I can feel the heat from his body on my face. He wraps his hands in my hair forces his cock to the back of my throat. He moans deeply, pumping his dick fast and furiously in my mouth.

I am trying to pull away and he gets rough again. He pulls my hair and tells me "suck my cock, you little bitch. Take it deep. I know what a whore you are... you were looking at me, wanting me to shove this hard dick in your mouth. Your just getting what you asked for."

He is panting and moaning and saying "that's right cunt, take it... take all this hard dick in your mouth"

I can't help myself and I moan. Hearing this sends him into a spasm that causes his cock to shoot load after load of his hot cum in my mouth. He is now grunting and telling me "you better swallow every drop, bitch. I'll fuck you up if you gag or let any run out the sides of your mouth..."

I take every drop down and he shoves me away from him. I try to get up to run, but he is on me and shoves me to the ground. He is on top of me, sitting on me. His hands are holding my arms above my head. He gets in my face and says "Dumb move bitch. You know you are going to have to pay for that..." With that he pulls a knife from his pants pocket and I start to scream.

He cuts my bra off my body and starts to suck on my tits, hard. I am squirming under him, trying to push him off me. The more I struggle, the harder he sucks my tits. I can feel his cock on me and can tell that the struggling is arousing him. I can't help myself and I reach down to stroke him. He gasps and moves his hips so that I am jerking him off. He moans "Oh God, your hand feels so good, you cunt."

I stop stroking him and try to move away again. Without a word, he is between my legs, his tongue on my clit. He sucks it into his mouth and I go crazy. I start bucking against his face and I cum instantly. I grab his head and grind my cunt into his mouth. He is groaning as he sucks my pussy. After I cum several times he moves away and falls onto his back, breathing heavily.

Again, I try to run, but only half heartedly. I WANT him to get rough. He grabs my ankle and I fall onto my stomach. He rolls me on my back and pins me down, his hard cock on my ass. He whispers in my ear, "Now I am going to give you what a slut like you deserves, I am going to shove my cock inside you and fuck you like the whore you are." With that, he pulls me to my knees and drives his cock into me in one hard stroke. I scream and he slaps my ass. I like the stinging blow and I scream again. He slaps me again, harder. I start to pump back against him.

He is slamming into me so hard that I can feel him beating on my pubic bone. I am screaming from the pain and pleasure and everytime I do, he slaps my ass harder. He is grunting as he pounds his dick into me "Ooooooh yes, slut. Take my cock, take it you fucking whore"

He starts to finger my ass and he is very rough. I try to move away from him again and this angers him. He stops and starts slapping my ass and telling me that now I will have to pay for being so disobedient. In one smooth move, he pulls out of my cunt and slams his dick into my tight, hot ass.

He lets out a low moan as it sinks up to his balls. I can't take him all at once and he shoves even harder. "Yes whore... that's it, relax and take this dick up the ass" I try to and he shoves it in completely. He holds still for a second so he can feel me as I milk his cock with my ass muscles. I reach down and start fingering myself as he pulls on my tits and slaps them. He stops long enough to get on his back and he moves me over him. "Squat on my cock, bitch. I am going to watch my dick fuck your tight ass"

As I lower my ass down onto his huge cock, he starts slapping my tits. "Faster, bitch. Ride my dick." He pulls my nipples and slaps my tits each time I slow down. He rubs my clit and I can feel my cunt juices flowing down onto his balls.

Suddenly, we both start to cum at the same time. I can feel his hot cum shooting into my ass. I pull off of him and move down and take his dick into my mouth as the last few drops ooze out. The sight of me sucking his dick and licking his cum off of it is too much and he starts to cum again, never losing his erection.

He yells and moans "Oh baby, that's it! Suck that dick into your hot mouth. Lick my cum off my hard cock. You are such a fucking nasty slut"

As his orgasm subsides, I move up and kiss him deeply. We lay there a few minutes and then he gets up and tells me to stay there for ten minutes after he leaves. As he walks away, he tells me " That was a good fuck, slut. Next time, I will have friends with me..."

I can't wait for the next time.

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