tagIllustratedA Week to Remember Ch. 04

A Week to Remember Ch. 04

byChris Cross©


Sheila was wearing a sheer, lace-trimmed black and purple bra that packed her small breasts into a stunning cleavage and making them seem larger than before. Matching long black gloves came up to just below her shoulders and across her shapely hips, completing the set; was a diamante suspender belt holding up glossy, black and purple lace-topped stockings. She stood taller than usual in the same high heeled shoes that she'd worn the night before last. Swinging in a circle from the tip of a forefinger were the missing pair of knickers from the set. Thank God for Anne Summers! I felt my cock begin to respond. Sheila's mouth opened into a wide smile as she noticed the movement.

"Didn't think I'd need these." She whispered, looking at the twirling knickers before twitching her finger so they flew off across the room and out of sight. That finger then beckoned me into her rooms and I entered, my awareness of being exposed on the landing swept away by lust for this effervescent creature before me.

The door closed behind me and Sheila smiled. I'd been in her room many times before, but it somehow all looked different now. Not just because most of her belongings were packed in suitcases and boxes (I noticed a partially closed suitcase that looked to be filled with clothing and guessed that was where the lingerie came from). Nor because of the eight or so candles I counted giving off warm, flickering light but because of the way things had changed between us. From friends to lovers (lusters?) in less than an hour. Sheila brazenly ran her hands down from the back of her neck, over her breasts and down her body

"Does sir like what he sees?" she asked playfully. I walked over to her bed and dropped the condoms onto her bedside table, then turned to face her with my cock nodding its way to a full erection.

"Take a wild guess." I replied. Still smiling, Sheila stepped over to me (God, her legs looked sexy with the high heel/stocking combo) and took hold of my cock, pushing it down and gently rubbing it against the smooth, segmented texture of her suspender belt

"I'm glad. I bought these a while ago to help make myself feel sexy after splitting with Ian. I was thinking about using them on Stu, but..." she wrinkled her nose and pulled a face.

I gasped a little as my cock grew fully erect and fought to spring free of her grip. She rubbed it across her belt again.

"His loss." I managed. Sheila's grimace turned into one of those bright smiles that lit up her face.

"Money well spent then?"

"Worth every penny." I said, before gasping as the smooth head of my cock bumped over the diamante again. I could tell Sheila was enjoying this brief moment of power, her nipples had swollen up and now poked at her bra. I continued "Are you going to do anything with that monster you've created, or just play with it all night?"

"Bit of both, I think." With that, she let go and brushed past me. My cock sprang up and as I turned, Sheila was mounting the bed and lying back, parting her legs. Boy, was she feeling confident! "C'mere," she purred "We're not finished yet." I grinned in reply and climbed onto the bed, moving forward to lose myself in her again.

We kissed and kissed, exploring each other anew with energy and passion, enjoying the added thrill and sensations of her lingerie. I buried my fingertips in the tight grip of Sheila's cleavage and teased her skin through the different textures. Sheila slid a hand around the back of my neck and pulled my head down to her chest, breathing

"Please. Lick my nipples through the bra." I obliged and felt the sheer mesh, slippery to the touch at first, become rougher and rougher against my tongue as my saliva soaked into it. As Sheila gasped and moaned I turned my attention to her other breast, nibbling at the hard nipple. Sheila panted urgently and I felt her hand seize one of mine, guiding it to her crotch and pressing it against the warm skin of her pussy. I lapped at her nipple, gently tweaking and rolling it between my teeth and rubbed the flat of my fingers over her labia, feeling them part. Hot, wet skin slid under my touch and Sheila groaned, moving her hips and pressing up at my hand. I slithered over her clitoris and Sheila's entire body twitched, then began to flick the tip of my tongue rapidly across her nipple. Sheila panted through her mouth and cried out in pleasure as she orgasmed again.

After composing herself Sheila started to stroke my cock, teasing me with her lace-covered hands, before pushing me down onto my back, moving alongside me and steadily working my foreskin up and down in her fist. I gasped and gave in to the feeling, making no effort to hold back. The more I could cum now, the longer I'd last when inside her body. Her firm steady rhythm was relentless, almost mechanical. Our tongues circled together and in less than a minute the urgent tingle sprang to life in my balls. Pearly cum spurted in an arc over the carpet, making me cry out and as Sheila turned her head to watch me cum, her hand wavered and another gout fired over her shoulder onto the carpet.

Sheila giggled as another hit her shoulder and a last jet splurged onto her hand. Smiling in mild fascination (and obviously happy with, dare I say it; her handiwork), she worked my cock to and fro a few more times, watching the cum ooze out to rest in stark contrast with the swollen purple hue of my helmet. She let go of my shaft and rubbed her thumb and first two fingers together, smearing the cum between them and chuckling to herself as she slowly moved them apart, making tacky strings of cum stretch form one digit to another. Turning to me again and giving me a bright smile (God, she looked so sexy when she smiled at me like that, so... alive) she stood and took hold of several tissues; beginning to wipe away the sticky fluid.

Watching her kneeling on the floor, hips and bum forming tantalising curves and shapes, long legs a warm dark colour in the stockings that pinched slightly at the flesh of her thighs; I decided I wanted to taste her. Getting off the bed, I crouched behind her, reaching forwards and cupping her breasts, squeezing and kneading them. Sheila made a low, happy noise and relaxed back against me, turning her head to kiss me over her shoulder. I brought my hands to the clasp of her damp bra and undid it, slipping it forwards and down her arms, where it dropped to the carpet. I squeezed her soft naked breasts, the nipples feeling hard as stone again and lifted gently upwards. We both rose until we stood, kissing repeatedly.

Taking hold of Sheila's shoulders I gently twisted, turning her so the backs of her legs met the front of one of mine. Now she was off balance and by continuing the motion I swept her off her feet and lowered her quickly, but gently onto the bed. Finding her mouth again I kissed her lips twice more, moving to her neck, shoulder and further down, sliding myself onto the bed. I kissed each of her breasts only briefly before moving down to her flat belly. Sheila seemed to realise what I was intent on doing and lay back, parting her thighs for me as I kissed her skin just below the suspender belt. My lips brushed against the swell of flesh above the top of her stockings and then the inside of her thighs through their slippery mesh. Reaching her feet, I lifted each leg in turn, slipping off her shoes and running a single finger up the sole of each foot. Then I kissed the inside of each knee and the naked flesh of her thighs again, breathing in the sharp scent of her excitement.

Looking forwards, her fleshy lips were still slightly parted, revealing their pink inner folds. I lapped my tongue up the length of them, pushing to open Sheila up further, tasting the tang of her honey. She gasped and moaned

"Oh, yesss..." as I rasped my tongue in and out of her sticky tunnel, probing as deeply as I could. Pausing to allow my tongue and jaw a quick rest, I'd pull and tug at her swollen labia with my lips, rolling hers with mine before plunging deep into her again. With a sigh, Sheila raised her left leg and put it up over my shoulder, opening herself up for me even more. Wet smacks and slurps were soon drowned out by Sheila's heavy breathing, then her panting and finally cries of pleasure as her back suddenly arched off the bed and she hissed quiet profanities as she came.

Sheila seemed to orgasm really easily. I'd love to say that was all down to me, but unlike most women I'd had sex with, she just climaxed easily and frequently, sometimes with small explosions of pleasure that would make her gasp quietly, other times with more force that would make her grit her teeth and swear under her breath. It made me feel great to see someone getting so much pleasure from being with me. Pausing briefly to fix a sheath into place; we went on to take each other again and again. I loved the feel of her legs in those stockings and rubbed and stroked them almost constantly.

By the last time we took each other, there was only one condom left. I had just particularly enjoyed taking Sheila doggy style, as the view of her legs and bum was magnificent. She had cum biting at her pillow (I didn't think anybody really did that outside of movies and books!) and swearing quietly through clenched teeth. Now I was on top of her, slowly and tenderly rocking back and forth, almost unable to feel her pussy about my cock, she was so slick and I so overwhelmed by sensation. I wanted to see her cum one more time, to fix forever in my memory the way her eyes screwed shut and her face twisted into a mask of ecstasy, perhaps with her high pitched pants and moans of pleasure. I could tell Sheila was tired too, but neither of us wanted to stop just yet. I adjusted myself and circled my hips to stimulate her differently. This seemed to have a good effect as Sheila gripped my shoulders and then clasped my bum, pulling me into her. Within another minute, she came for the final time that night, gasping my name and shaking uncontrollably for several seconds.

We both agreed we were shagged out and as the clock told us it was nearly three in the morning, decided to settle down for the night. It would have been stupid to check if I was welcome to stay, so after making more use of tissues and peeling off her stockings and suspender belt I nipped back to my flat, got my key and locked up. We snuggled down together naked on top of her soft bed covers, heads swimming with wine, the smell of incense, the pleasure of what we'd just done and growing drowsiness. There were surprisingly few words between us, but I felt that the looks we exchanged spoke volumes. I pondered that I'd probably be a knackered wreck tomorrow after two such 'busy' and late nights, despite my boast to Sheila earlier about sleeping when I'm dead. And I still couldn't quite believe her directness and determination in bedding me. Not that I minded, of course! Thank God for women who know what they want and have the confidence to go and try and get it. Arms around each other and legs entwined, I wondered where we'd go from here as I fell asleep.

I woke up as Sheila clinked a steaming mug of coffee onto the glass coaster on her bedside cabinet. Muzzy headed, I fumbled with my memories as I awoke in an unfamiliar setting. One look at Sheila's naked, lithe body, the lingerie scattered on the carpet and it all came flooding back. My stomach sank as my brain mercilessly served up another nugget of information. Sheila was leaving. She'd be gone in - I checked the clock - five hours. At two. I then realised Sheila had a second mug of steaming liquid in her hand.

"C'mon, bedhog. Move over and let me back in." I grinned and shuffled over closer to the wall that separated our rooms. Sheila put down her mug and got in alongside me. Moving the sheets she revealed my raging morning glory. Sheila grinned her cheeky smile as she took a sip from her mug. "Morning to you both." I laughed and reached past her to get my mug of coffee. M'mm. Milk and no sugar. Hell, she even knew how I took my coffee in the morning.

Sheila's sunny disposition and renewed flirting made me feel at ease. It looked like there were no regrets on her behalf for what had happened between us. I had a quick think. Nope. None on mine either. Taking another sip of coffee, Sheila reached under the covers and prodded at my cock as if it were an interesting specimen of some kind. Having caught my attention, she looked across at the solitary condom left in the bag and then back at me. She took another sip.

"Be a shame to let that one go to waste, h'mm?"

My mind boggled for a moment as I wondered if she were referring to my erection or the condom. What? I'd only been awake for a minute and she wants -w'ohh!! Her hand was doing interesting things under the covers. I gulped down a mouthful of coffee and looked at her.

"Y'know, I think you could be right!"

Sheila laughed cheerily and threw back the covers, pulling my cock until it was vertical and proceeding to firmly work it up and down. I gasped as my foreskin made a moist noise as it peeled back, tightening as her hand moved down, then crinkled back up over the glossy purple helmet as her hand moved upwards again. Sheila looked over at me reproachfully and said

"Better pass that coffee over here. I don't want you spilling it all over the sheets in throes of pleasure." I held back a retort at how she hadn't been concerned about my shooting cum over them earlier on and handed her the mug, which she put down next to hers. She lay forwards with her knees bent and feet upwards, ankles crossed. Propping herself up on her elbows, she began squeezing and moving my cock to and fro as if she'd never seen one before.

I was struck by how small her hand looked as her fingers wrapped around my girth. Her administrations were starting to feel particularly good now. I considered putting my head back down on the pillow, but the view kept my attention.

"Surely after last night you..." I winced as her hand squeezed me in a particularly nice manner "know what that is and what it does?" Sheila made a noncommittal noise back at me.

"Yes, I do, but I was wondering..." she paused and then I felt something warm and very wet engulf my cock and brush against it, as Sheila suddenly lowered her head and took me into her mouth.

I dropped my head back onto the pillow and gasped. Sheila sucked at me once, twice - man, it felt good! But then she released me and smiled, narrowing her eyes and pulling a face. "...how it tastes. Yeeuch." She smacked her chops a couple of times. "Sorry, not good." A thought struck me.

"It's probably the remains of the lubricant form the condom. I'll bet that stuff tastes foul if it's supposed to kill off sperm." Sheila had sat up now and was taking a swig of her coffee, rinsing it around her mouth.

"Sorry, yeah, you're probably right. I wasn't trying to say -"

"Oh, no, don't worry. Look, I wouldn't particularly want to have that thing in my mouth either." Sheila grinned naughtily, eyes twinkling.

"I bet you've tried, though. I'll bet it's every guy's ambition to be able to suck himself off. " I chuckled.

"Believe it or not, no. Well, at least not this guy, anyway. Besides, it's much nicer when a hot young filly like yourself does it, She."

She smiled and shrugged, putting down her mug again.

"Believe it or not, just then and giving you a kiss down there last night is the closest I've ever come to giving a blow job. Guess you could say I'm a blow job virgin." I was surprised.

"Well, I wouldn't have guessed. What you just did felt great. How come..." I trailed off. Sheila answered anyway

"Just never found a cock I wanted to suck on before. Not sure I fancy all that cum spurting into my mouth. I'd probably choke, or something daft." I felt quite chuffed that Sheila thought I looked 'tasty' enough to finally have a go at. I really hoped she might have another go, too; it had felt good.

"I could go and have a wash, selflessly volunteer to be your guinea pig for blow job training?" I said. Sheila laughed and stroked her hand up and down my erection again, which had begun to fade just a little.

"I'd rather you put it back where it was earlier and give me another good seeing to, if you don't mind?" God, was this girl horny, or what?

"Suit me up then." Sheila frowned for a second, then twigged and reached over for the condom. Seconds later, my cock had taken on a pinkish sheen as the condom was snapped into place. Sheila looked at me, grinning.

"Come here then, you horny l'il devil." I said, reaching out to take hold of her shoulders and pull her down on top of me. Sheila surprised me by dodging back, standing up and moving away from the bed. Oh, no what was wrong? What had ...

"Catch me if you can!" she grinned and moved away slowly, running her hands over herself provocatively. I felt relief and a small amount of irritation, She wanted to play games? Now?! Tease. I got up, feeling conscious of the way my cock bobbed about in front of me.

"No fair, She!" Sheila merely giggled and shook her shoulders, jiggling her boobs at me. I walked closer to her, skating around the pile of boxes and then lunging forwards. Sheila squealed and shot sideways to avoid me. I missed her by millimetres. Now she was over by the doorway.

I turned and stalked slowly over to her. Sheila was up on the balls of her feet, swaying lightly this way and that. As I got within arm's reach she tried to shoot past me again. I'd seen her tense up, ready to spring forwards and this time grabbed her arm. Sheila made a distraught noise and tried to pull free, breasts jiggling wildly. I whipped her about and hard up against me, wrapping my arms around her.

"Gotcha!" Sheila wriggled and struggled, but I squeezed and lifted her up and off the floor. She giggled and stopped struggling.

"Alright, you win." Her voice dropped into a sexy whisper. "Where d'you want me?" I lowered her back to the floor, looking across her room to the desk in front of her window. I released her and pointed.

"Hop up onto your desk. Sheila looked over her shoulder, then back at me smiling.

"Alright," she said, moving over and plonking her bum on the edge of the desk and lifting herself up and back onto it, swinging her feet to and fro playfully.

. I stepped forwards and kissed her tilted back face, fondling her silky breasts again as her small hands found my cock, which bobbed just above her wet entrance. I bent my knees and felt my helmet nudge against her pussy. We both looked down at our groins as I took hold of her thighs and pulled her closer to me, so her pussy was further forward. Sheila spread her legs wider and whispered encouragingly

"Yes, that's it, c'mon and ooohhhh!" I had increased the pressure and slipped into her hot body. Sheila grunted and moaned as I began to gently rock back and forth, holding onto her hips. Bracing her arms and sliding her tongue into my mouth, we slowly made love on the desk.

We took our time. Eyes closed and tongues slowly circling I felt oddly at peace, the warmth of Sheila's body and our selfless intimacy combining to make me feel incredibly relaxed. I would cup her small breasts, squeezing their soft weight and rubbing my thumbs over her hard nipples; or run my hands over the curvature of her hips and thighs. Sheila's' hands would come up from the desk to briefly caress the back of my head or run over my shoulders and chest. The desk creaked as we moved, accompanying the odd low moan from deep in Sheila's throat. It felt beautiful, but it didn't last long. The gentle pace and tender kisses aroused me even more than the hard and fast fucking had previously. As I slid my hands up and down her parted thighs urgent signals suddenly blazed through my feeling of well-being. I started to pant and began to thrust more urgently as Sheila slipped her tongue from my mouth and sucked at her lower lip.

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