tagLoving WivesA Wife and Stepmother's Love Ch. 03

A Wife and Stepmother's Love Ch. 03


That night, Bruce was seduced by his wife and actually brought her to a wonderful orgasm with his finger on her clit. Of course, she was thinking about her two stepsons' cocks the whole time, imagining she was fucking them. As Bruce slid his four-inch stiff penis into her, he thought that he'd never felt her cunt so wet. He slid back and forth 9 or 10 times in her pussy before he was filling it with his semen.

As Angela and Bruce drifted off to sleep, Brett was downstairs by himself. He found his dad's laptop and turned it on. He tried several names for passwords, none of which worked.

Thinking harder, he typed in "Angela36" using her name and bra cup size. Bingo! He looked at the "Favorites" and found the Literotica one and knew from that that his dad liked to read porn stories. What kind? he wondered. He looked at the "Recent Documents" drop-down menu and saw a list of stories. He clicked on each one and saw that they all dealt with husbands in cuckold relationships with their wives. Brett's dick got hard as he read about all the hot wives who were getting fucked by big cocks and were turning on their smaller-dicked husbands in the process. Brett now realized his theory about his dad was holding true. He then began stroking his hard-on when he realized he would soon be fucking his beautiful stepmother.

Sunday featured a very sunny, hot afternoon and after lunch, Brett suggested they all take a swim. He helped Angela clean up the dishes and took her aside. "I want you to wear that thong again today."

"I don't know, Brett. Your dad wants me to tone it down around you boys. I have a nice two-piece, not a bikini."

"Angela, remember, you need to trust me. I wish I could tell you why, but I can't just yet."

"We'll see," said his stepmom. "No promises. That was a special treat for you two yesterday."

Bruce and Michael were already in the pool when Brett came out. He sat on a lounge chair and put a beer for himself and glass of wine for Angela on the table next to him. Both boys had their speedos on again and Bruce wore a more modest suit that was loose and went halfway to his knes. A few minutes later, three pairs of eyes watched Angela walk out the door. She had sunblock in her hand, and the same thong bikini with little triangles covering her nipples and her pussy. The string covered the crack between her ass cheeks. She walked slowly to the chaise lounge next to Brett, her breasts bouncing and her hips swaying. She spotted her drink and said, "Thank you, Brett." She handed him the lotion and said, "Would you, please?"

Bruce looked shocked at first, then he processed what he was seeing. His son was spreading lotion all over Angela's body, beginning with her back, legs, and ass. Bruce and Michael watched as he slowly rubbed the lotion into her butt cheeks, taking way more time than was necessary. Then she turned over, and he applied the lotion to the front of her legs, then her thighs, and finally her stomach. When he reached her nearly exposed breasts, he again took much more time than needed as he generously rubbed the lotion all over her tits. Bruce wanted to object, but held his tongue when he saw that his son was in charge of the situation. The husband and father also had a full erection and could not leave the water.

He glanced at his son and wife as they lay next to each other, talking quietly. Brett finished his beer as Michael emerged from the water. Brett said, "Angela, please get Michael and me some beers and pour some more wine for yourself." Bruce was surprised to hear the authority in his older son's voice. Angela rose from the lounge chair and as she walked slowly towards the house, her breasts were jiggling and her ass was wiggling. Bruce glanced at Michael's speedo and realized his younger son was trying to contain an erection of his own. Brett, who was much bolder and more confident than his brother, stood up and walked slowly towards the pool to take a dip. His hard-on stood out proudly in the front of his speedo, stretching the material so much that he was almost exposed. He paused in front of his father and Bruce stared at his son's erection. Then he made eye-contact with Brett, who was grinning.

"What an outstanding pair of tits, Dad. And, God, what a gorgeous ass." This was the first acknowledgment of sexual interest in Angela from either of Bruce's sons. All Bruce could do was nod and gulp as Brett dived in the pool.

Angela returned with the drinks, bringing hers to the edge of the pool. She sat, nursing her wine and watched Brett do laps. His chiseled body sent shivers down her spine as she watched, mesmerized. Bruce then got out of the water to go get his beer. Angela glanced at the front of her husband's suit and thought she saw evidence of a little erection. At the same time, Bruce looked at his wife's nipples and saw them standing upright against her bikini top.

For the next two hours, they all took turns swimming, sunning, or hot tubbing. Brett's erection was evident several times to both his dad and stepmom. All four of them had consumed enough alcohol to be feeling no pain. Bruce had grown comfortable with the amount of skin his wife was choosing to show her stepsons. The afternoon drifted into happy hour as Bruce put some steaks on the grill. After dinner, they all relaxed with some brandy as evening came.

Feeling half wasted, Brett began directing the conversation towards sex. He did this by bringing up something from one of his psychology classes and some of the research he'd done. "I did my research by interviewing a hundred coeds and a hundred guys on campus. I found the results interesting. My theory was that there was a natural attraction between women who are well-endowed and men who were equally well-endowed. In other words, big breasts attract big penises, and vice-versa. These two types of people give off sexual attracion signals to each other. The women I interviewed could tell who the well-hung guys were by the way they carried themselves, their self-confidence, and the well-endowed women displayed the same self-confidence."

Bruce sat there wondering how he and Angela had ever hooked up. Angela wondered the same thing but neither acknowledged it. Brett then announced he was going to take a shower and Michael said he'd help Bruce clean up the pool area and grill. Then Angela surprised all three men by saying, "After you're done out here, could you clean up the kitchen. I need a shower as well." She stood up and was a little wobbly.

Brett was standing near her and said, "Here, lean on me. I'll help you in." As Bruce and Michael watched, Angela put her arm around Brett's back, and he around hers, then he let his hand slide down and planted it firmly on her ass. He looked back at his father who had a very embarrassed look on his face.

After Bruce and Michael started cleaning up outside, Bruce said, "You go ahead and finish out here. I'll get started on the kitchen." He had decided he had better keep an eye on Angela and be sure she was okay since she looked rather drunk. Inside the house, he heard water running upstairs and went up to check on his wife. He walked into the master bedroom and looked around the corner to the master bath, expecting to see Angela. The bathroom was empty. He felt an uneasiness in his stomach as he walked by Brett's bedroom. He glanced in and there on the floor was Brett's speedo and Angela's thong and bikini top.

Bruce walked down the hall towards the guest bathroom where the door was closed. Bruce's heart was now pounding in his chest as he tried the doorknob. It was locked. He was about to pound on the door when he realized he had an erection. How would that look if he busted in and Brett and Angela saw the tent in his swimsuit? Instead, he put his ear to the door to hear what he could. All he could hear was giggling, mostly coming from his wife. Involuntarily, Bruce found his hand dropping to the front of his trunks and he began lightly fondling his small penis.

On the other side of the door just six feet away, Brett and Angela stood under the warm water, both totally naked, soaping each other's bodies. Brett's hands were all over her tits and ass, as she generously soaped up his big balls and equally big cock. They were passionately French kissing until Brett dropped to his knees and she spread her legs to open her cunt lips to him. He played with her cunt and clit, fingering her hole, thrusting one, then two fingers inside her wet pussy. Then his tongue replaced his finger as he began licking her clit and eating her pussy. Angela squirmed and moaned at his assault on her cunt.

Outside the door, Bruce heard his wife moaning. Where most husbands would have busted the door down, Angela's instead found his hand inside his trunks, playing with his fully erect penis. He could feel the drops of precum at the tip and smeared them around his little cock head.

Inside the shower, Brett's tongue alternated between rapidly licking Angela's clit and thrusting deep into her pussy. He was holding both ass cheeks in his hands and squeezing gently. The feeling was heavenly for the hot, horny wife. When Brett finally inserted a finger into Angela's beautiful ass, she began coming hard. From outside the door, Bruce heard, "Oh...awwwww.......gaaawwwwwddddd" and knew his wife was having an orgasm. He squeezed his penis hard to keep from cumming himself.

At the top of the stairs, Michael paused when he spotted his father outside the bathroom. Michael held back and stayed quiet so his dad wouldn't see him. He guessed that Brett and Angela were showering together. He could clearly see that his dad was playing with his penis.

In the bathroom, Brett held Angela's lower body to his face as she came down from her first orgasm with him. He finally stood up and put his hands on her shoulders, urging her to her knees. She stood back up and looked into his beautiful eyes. "Brett, I will suck your cock, and very soon, but right now, I really need your cock inside me. Please fuck me now." Brett smiled at her, kissing her firmly on the lips. She returned the smile and said, "Not enough time to suck your cock, and when I do, I want to swallow it all."

He lifted her nude body up off the floor and she wrapped her legs around his hips. This allowed his cock to line up with her vaginal opening. Then they pushed closer together as cock penetrated cunt. Only Angela's ex-husband had ever fucked her standing up. Brett was so strong, she marvelled. His cock, although very thick, easily slid into her very wet pussy. He stopped a second and looked into her eyes. "Birth control?"

She grinned and shook her head. "Nope, can't have kids. Nothing but bareback for you, lover." She looked deeply into his eyes and said, "Now fuck me, Brett. Fuck me with that huge cock of yours."

Out in the hall, Bruce could hear every word of that command. He rapidly stroked his stiff penis and down the hall, Michael saw his dad's buttocks tighten and watched him shake all over as he launched a load into his swimsuit. Michael quietly made his way down the stairs so he wouldn't be discovered.

In the bathroom, Angela was impaled on Brett's cock as he was thrusting back and forth inside her cunt. "Now this is how a girl needs fucked," she cooed. "I'm getting ready to cum again, baby. Can you cum with me?" Brett increased the speed of his strokes into her cunt as she built up to her orgasm. He could feel his balls tightening as the semen moved up into his dick.

"Now, baby, now!" Angela cried out, and she came hard as Brett launched his huge load into her hungry cunt. Bruce heard the two lovers cumming together and felt the shame a man feels when he can't satisfy his wife. But he smiled as he pictured Brett's big cock cumming in her cunt. The sticky mess in his trunks was bathing his now shriveled penis and he slowly went back to his bedroom to clean up his mess.

Downstairs, Michael finished cleaning the kitchen to get dad off the hook. Fortunately, Angela and Brett took their time coming out of the bathroom, so Bruce was able to clean up his mess and put his suit back on, and be downstairs before the lovers emerged from the bathroom. Michael had gone to his room already to change. As he came out the door, he saw the two naked lovers walking into the hallway from the bathroom. Angela looked extremely guilty at being caught by her other stepson.

"The coast is clear," Michael whispered. "Dad's downstairs." Angela grinned and retrieved her bikini from Brett's room, then scurried down the hall to her bedroom. She put on fresh clothes, then went downstairs where she found her husband finishing kitchen cleanup chores.

"Good job, hon," she complimented him, not realizing it was Michael who had cleaned up.

"Thanks, babe," her husband replied, acting as if nothing had happened upstairs. "How was your shower?"

She caught her breath for a second but realized he probably didn't know and was just asking. "Really felt good, got alot of cobwebs out. Not as tipsy now."

Upstairs, Brett had gotten dressed and went to Michael's room, knocking on his brother's door. "Uh...Michael...about what you saw..." Michael was grinning. "How was she?"

Brett grinned back. "Exactly like you would imagine. A total sexual being. And, bro, I can almost guarantee that you will get your turn soon. But be patient."

"Brett...did you get to fuck her?"

Brett smiled broadly. "Boy, did I ever get to fuck her. We had simultaneous orgasms."

"Condom?" Michael asked. Brett shook his head.

"She can't get pregnant. Totally bareback." Michael looked thoughtful for a moment.

"What's wrong?" Brett asked.

"Close the door," Michael replied. Brett stepped into the room, closing the door behind him. "I've been debating whether to tell you this, Brett, but I thought since I know you should know too." He took a breath. "I saw Dad in the hallway outside the bathroom door. He was listening while you were in there with Angela."

The color drained from Brett's face for just a second until Michael said, "Wait, there's more. The whole time he was listening at the door, his hand was in his swimsuit. He was jacking off and then I saw him cumming in his trunks."

Brett's face broke into a big grin until he started laughing. "Why that little pervert. so our dad enjoys his wife behaving like a slut. See, Michael, this all fits into my theory that Dad is a cuckold wannabe. And this couldn't fit any better into my plan than if I'd written the script. Now, Michael, here's what needs to happen. Let me continue to implement my plan. You keep an eye on Dad for me. Anything at all you observe out of the ordinary, let me know. There's a terrific reward awaiting you." Michael nodded, and he grinned as broadly as Brett had.

That evening in the family room, everyone acted as if nothing had happened. Bruce was even being extra nice, Brett thought, offering to get drinks and snacks for everyone, even giving his wife a long neck-rub. Before bed that night, Brett took Angela aside and said, "I want you to let me know the next evening you're really horny and need to be fucked. The way you'll do it is by changing into that Victoria Secret number you wore when Dad was gone. Okay?"

"I don't know, Brett. I can't wear that in front of you guys and your dad. What would he think?"

Angela, remember you have to trust me. Please. I've got some things to share with you about how my plan is going, but not quite yet."

"Okay, Brett. You're the boss. I just hope we don't get into something we can't get out of."

Thursday night, the boys were relaxing with their dad in the family room when Angela said she was going to shower and get comfortable for the evening. A half hour later she came strolling into the family room in the red Victoria Secret gown with her tits very much on display and the long slit up the side. "Angela!" her husband scolded. "The boys are here. You shouldn't be wearing that."

"Relax, Dad," Brett said in that alpha tone. "We've seen more of her by the pool than she's showing now." It sent goose bumps up her arm to hear him talk like that. Angela looked at Bruce with a little girl sexy look of defiance. Then she surprised all of them again by sitting on the couch, instead of in her regular chair. She was positioned between her two stepsons. both boys could easily see down the top of her gown, almost to her nipples. The slit was so high as she sat that it nearly showed her left ass cheek. Bruce was getting horny watching her as she watched TV.

An hour later, Bruce was headed to bed. "You coming,hon?" he asked.

"Sure babe, I'll be there shortly," she smiled. Micheal went up a few minutes later and Brett followed him, telling Angela to wait a few minutes so he could talk to Michael. He went into Michael's room and closed the door.

"Listen, Michael. In a half hour or so, Angela's gonna come to my room. I'll leave the door cracked and some low light in the room. I'd appreciate it if you'd watch the hallway from here with your door cracked just a little. I want to know what the little cuckold does, especially whether he tries to spy on us."

Back downstairs, he told Angela, "When you get into bed, no matter how much Dad wants sex, don't give it to him. After awhile, tell him you can't relax and you're going to go downstairs and read for awhile. Then come to my room. And when you do, leave your panties on the floor outside my door. Please trust me, Angela darling." He then kissed her full on the lips.

In the master bedroom ten minutes later, Bruce put every move he could think of on his sexy wife. He had blue balls and really needed relief. seeing her in that nightgown flashing her big breasts and her thighs at the boys had really gotten him going. She told him repeatedly, "I just don't feel like it tonight, baby. Please."

As he finally relented, and turned over in a huff, Angela said, "Look, I'm really on edge. I can't relax so I'm going downstairs to read for awhile."

"Well, goodnight then," her husband said dejectedly.

"Maybe tomorrow, Bruce. I just don't feel like sex tonight."

After she'd left, her husband lay awake for awhile. First she wears her sexiest revealing nightie all evening, then says she's not in the mood for sex. Or is she not in the mood for sex with me? He tossed and turned for another ten minutes, then decided to investigate. His hand had already gone to his penis, as he wondered if she really went downstairs.

After getting out of bed, Bruce took off his boxers and decided to walk naked in the hall. Walking into the hall, Bruce looked downstairs at the top of the stairs and saw no lights on. That's curious, he thought. Next he walked down towards Michael's room and saw that his door was shut and the light was off. Next came the guest bathroom, then Brett's room at the end of the hall. He could see the door was ajar, and a very low light was coming from the room. Before he reached the door, he looked on the floor and saw Angela's bikini panties. He bent to pick them up and sniffed them. The crotch smelled exactly like his wife's cunt when she is excited. He moved over to the door and peered in. The low light was coming from 4 candles that Brett had strategically placed around the room. There was just enough light for Bruce to see that his son and wife were naked on the bed. Brett was lying on his back, and Angela was kneeling over him. Her tits were pressed against his side, and Brett's fully erect cock was being treated to a delicious licking and sucking by his stepmom. This was the first time Bruce had seen his son's cock erect outside his speedo and he felt a great deal of respect and admiration. The techniques Angela was using to wet and suck Brett's dick were awesome. Bruce felt his little erection getting even harder. This time, not only could he hear the lovers, he could see everything. She was also fondling and squeezing Brett's golf-ball sized testicles and Brett was loving it. Angela had not yet sucked Bruce in the two years he had known her. She had told him she really wasn't into that.

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