tagInterracial LoveA1A Goin' Down

A1A Goin' Down


As always, Max had studied the route. Him and his young wife were going to drive from Miami all the way to New York, and back again. He worked for a car dealership that specialized in classic used imports. They had a shipment that came in which included a 72' Polloi, which was the soviet response to a Jaguar, a poor response, but a response nonetheless. The car had been refit and improvements were made in the handling. the water cooled pumps had been replaced with modern coolant conditioners and other such upgrades had been done at the Astor Auto Shop in Germany before the care was low boated across the Atlantic. but from the outside and in the interior it was a perfect mach from an off the line model back in 1972.

Max's boss had asked him to drive the car up to the man who had purchased it and in return he would pay for the travel expenses to include hotels and three nights in New York city with his new bride. Max was thrilled he'd only been working for the company for a year and no one seemed to notice him until the last company picnic when he brought his then Fiance. She was a buxom blonde with dreamy eyes and an exotic smile. He'd met her at a dance club, she was a waitress studying to be a nurse and he was... well Max.

The boss had insisted that he take 2 weeks for the trip: "Consider it an anniversary gift with the company. No office duty, no floor room shows just you and the new miss' in a car for two weeks paid vacation... OK?"

So then Max planned the route- he found the quickest way not from Map-quest which leads to EVERY pay road and turnpike, but by use of an off the shelf roadmap guide. He bragged to Annette how much he was going to save them, on a trip that wasn't going to cost them anything in the first place.

"With the extra money will you buy me something?" she asked batting her eyes.

"You know I will."

"Something shining... something exotic?"

"Like you my love a treasure."

On Sunday morning he packed up the car with their two bags which fit easily enough into the oddly rectangle trunk and they were off.

The inside of the car had a blue leather and the dashboard was real wood. There was a high roof for the low seated car and armrests folded down or tucked away if not in use. For a Russian made car it drove smooth and was very comfortable.

It had a long seat in the front, there were no dividers, save where the gear box made it awkward if one were to sit in the middle. Annette was able to snuggle next to Max as they drove along the interstate 95 north. She sat with her knees up on the front seat as one might lay on a couch, and put her head on his shoulder, she held his arm and pointed out peculiarities about the car as he drove. "The windshield has a yellow tint; the door latch is upside down; the windows in the back don't roll down, etc... "

Not long after leaving the heavy traffic of West Palm Beach, Annette got the naughty idea of giving Max a nob-job while there were not cars around. He immediately seconded her notion and moved to unzip.

"No- no." she chided him. "This isn't our car... keep both your hands on the wheel sir." she laughed and gave him a kiss on the ear, then the neck, then she stooped under his arm, dropping to her elbows as she stretched out on the front seat, with her feet up in the air by the passenger side window. She unzipped his fly and fished out his penis. It had already begun to grow erect. "Hmm, looks like he's been thinking about me." she said as she took her husband's six inch penis in her hand. She licked the head of it and messaged the balls until it became the familiar seven and a half.

Annette took the cock in her mouth and dove to the base, sucking it into the back of her throat as they drove along the interstate.

Max kept a weary eye in the mirrors as he wife continued to suck his cock. Her feet kicked playfully as her head bounced up and down in his lap. "Oh..." he moaned. "Oh yeah..."

"Do you like me to be naughty and suck your cock?" she asked him when she pulled her head off it and took it in her hands.

"Yeah I love it." he gasped, gyrating his hips slightly as he drove the car, and she drove him.

"I like stick shift." she said playfully.

He laughed.

Annette went back to the business of the blow job and a car whooshed passed them. "What was that?" she asked.

"Nothing." he removed a hand from the wheel and put it on the back of her head, "That feels so good baby."

"Both hands on the wheel." she mumbled with his cock in her mouth.

"Oh... uh... yes..." the vibrations of her speaking sent a thrill down the base of his penis. "You're so good!"

"No I'm naughty." she mumbled.

He groaned and gyrated up at her as she sucked on him.

Another car pass but this one did so slower. Max noticed that the passenger, an older woman did a double look but he didn't say anything to Annette for fear that she would stop all together.

Annette continued bobbing up and down on her husbands cock. She knew the car that had passed had to have seen her doing it, and that gave her an extra thrill. A Semi followed and she hoped her husband didn't say anything. She sucked his cock slow, hoping the driver had a passenger that could see what she was doing. If not from the side window, surely through the windshield as it was so big, the roof was high and the seats were low. She stretched out her body even more and kicked her legs as her head bounced up and down along the length of her husband's cock.

The semi lingered along side for a while and Max grew nervous.

"Um... oh..." he was about ready to cum. "Fuck it." he gasped and shot his load up into his wife's mouth.

"Mm." she hummed with the surprise of his brashness. The cum shot strait into her throat and caked the roof of her mouth as well. She sucked it down and licked his head for a while before tucking his penis away under his underwear. She zipped up his pants and sat up strait, fixing her hair. The semi drove on.

"Wow! You do that so good." Max was flushed.

"Thanks." Annette wiped at some cum that had dripped to her lip and then she sat in the corner and stared at her husband for a while. "I like to do it you know... for you... I like to please you."

"You do- sure enough- I have NEVER been so happy."

"If there was anything you wanted me to do you know Max, I would do it, for you."

Max wasn't sure what she meant by it but the detour sign up ahead and the flares told him there was trouble. "Looks like we have to detour to US 1 for a while... this changes everything."

"Maybe we can stop at the boardwalk!" Annette said suddenly, "You can win me a prize!"

"That sounds like a plan." Max agreed.

She eyed him from the corner: "You are NEVER spontaneous, what has gotten into you max?" Annette was smiling.

"Who say's I am being 'spontaneous? This could all be part of my BIG design." Max gripped the wheel like a madman, and made a face.

Annette laughed, "I love you."

"Who can blame you?" he grinned.

The road that they were on came to an end at US 1 and they turned North.

It was along the stop and go traffic that He got a cell phone call. He answered: "Yeah!... no kidding all the way up there too huh? ... let me see...." he put his thumb over the receiver: "Do you think we can pick up my friend Malcolm in Daytona?"

"Malcolm." she pronounced the name carefully: "A friend of yours from where?"

"College, I was one of the 25% at Bathoon Cookman... it's an all Black college, but all black means they have to accept a minority of white and I was blessed..."


"Oh yeah I only had to pay 17% of what my tuition would have been... but the locker room was a drag."

"Why is that?"

"We'll talk later..." he put the phone back to his mouth, "Yeah no problem, to Savannah right?" he glanced at his bride, she nodded. "No problem bro." and hung up. Max could feel Annette's eyes on him. "What?"

"What was so depressing about the locker room?"

"You know... you were a cocktail waitress I am sure you've heard Blacks come on to you saying they had huge dicks and all."

She blinked: "I thought it was just a line... is it true?"

"Mostly... some our average and some are small... but when they are big Good God that they are!"

She laughed. "Why would that make you depressed- your dick is perfect." her voice went shallow as if someone was listening and she didn't want them to hear: "no one has every made me feel like you do, when we make love- you are a fantastic lover."



Time passed and they were able to get back on the interstate. It had been a forest fire: "And there's another one near Daytona- all exits are blocked, we'll have to get to U.S. one from one of the southern exits and cross over, Pick up Malcolm at the Marriott and get back on Ninety-five near St. Augustine."

"Wow! that is a lot of traffic!" she said as she pulled some bubble gum from her bag. One thing the Russian car did not have was a glove box: "You know there's no glove box."

"No wonder the union collapsed, not a common sense among them!"

Along the way, they stopped for Ice cream. She licked her cone while he drove. "You are gonna have to learn to stop that..." he chided, "You are detracting me."

"Oh you want to pull over and finish this?" she offered tracing some ice-cream down her chin and to her cleavage.

He swerved a car honked and Max refocused on the road. "Oh you are a cruel woman."

Annette laughed playfully

By the time they arrived at the Marriott the sun had began to set and it started to rain. Malcolm had been waiting in the lobby and was more than ready to lead his four cases into the trunk, with one having to go into the back seat with him. "This is a roll reversal... drive white people drive!" he laughed.

"Easy." Max cautioned as he guided the slick car out of the parking lot. "I took all the courses on how to identify oppression at BC and I won't hesitate to file a class action lawsuit... I got people."

Malcolm laughed, "See Blackness is a learned trait. And you must be the lovely Annette. You are certainly as if not more beautiful than he described."

"Thank you." she giggled and shook his hand in greeting. "What else did he say?"

"That your blow jobs were to die for, you were a tigress in bed and had the endurance of an African planes' man!"

Annette blinked.

"I said no such thing!" Max's face burned red.

"Oh is she lousy in bed?"

"No she's great!"

"Hey fellahs, I am right here ya know!" she slapped Max's shoulder and spun around in her seat. "I guess that teaches me to ask so many questions right?"

"Point and match." Malcolm whistled: "Hey these windows don't go down."

"How about that?" Max said cooly.

"Yeah well how am I gonna smoke."

"That's easy."


"You won't." Max eyed him in the mirror: "This car isn't mine I am delivering it for a customer and they'll be no smoking in the car."

"If I sat up front than I could have the window all the way down no one would know."

"That's not gonna happen."

"I can't make it the whole way man come-on!"

There was a long pause. "I am going to take a break just south of Jacksonville, why don't you smoke one there?"

At the rest stop Malcolm had his cigaret, Annette peed and freshened up, Max found some coffee and talked with Malcolm by the car, about the car- they pointed out features to each other and reminisced old times at the campus.

Annette came out of the bathroom and not finding her favorite soda in the machine, settled for a diet Sprite.

"How can you drink that crap?" Malcolm asked.

"The same way I do a lot of things... with my mouth." Annette smiled.

"Oh shit! I know why you like her... besides the obvious hot body and stuff." Malcolm punched Max's shoulder.

"Owe! Now I can't drive!" Max said jokingly.

"Cool, let me!" Malcolm grabbed at the keys.

"No way."

"Come one man I know my way through Jacksonville better than you and besides than I can have another smoke. AND if you guys are going to continue North after you drop me off you'll need to get some sleep."

"That makes sense, Annette said suddenly: "You could stretch out..."

Max eyed her quizzically, "You drive a hard bargain miss."

Without much more delay they were back on the interstate. Malcolm drove with the window down, and smoking- careful not to get any ashes in the car; Max wrapped himself up in a blanket and a pillow in the back seat and Annette sat at the far corner of the front seat, watching Malcolm smoke and drive.

As a cocktail waitress she'd been hit on many times by blacks. Most were un employed, or scrubs that she wouldn't give the time of day to. Some were frightening, like gangsters- and frankly she'd NEVER considered being with a Black man as a possibility. In college she had kissed a black girl at a party but that was the furthest she had ever gone. Annette watched him as he drove the car. His large hand gripped the wheel... her eyes traced his arms to his body... to his crotch: "College was so depressing..." she remembered Max saying... "The locker rooms..." she turned away then gave his groin area a side long stare: "Cocks..." she thought.


Annette looked up with a start, she had been chewing on her finger and staring at his crotch- and Malcolm had caught her! Her face beet red, she offered a smile and turned away to look out the window.

"Casual cotton..."

She batted her eyes and her brow furrowed: "Casual what?" she glanced back at him.

"My pants... I could tell you wanted them... a gift for Max?" he smiled. "They are loose, comfortable for travel."

She nodded: "Yeah... that was it... how much were they?"

"About ten inches..." he said with a smile.

Her eyes widened: "Ten what?"

"Ten dollars, got them on sale- what do you think I said?"

"You are playing with me."

"I'd like to." he grinned.

Annette looked over her shoulder, Max was out. "Did you say your dick was ten inches?"

"Not now it ain't, but with your help it could be."

She looked away again, "This isn't happening." she felt hot and cracked her window to get some air.

The awkward moment passed. "So would you like to see it?" And came right back.

Annette played her hair with her fingers as she looked at him for a moment. She didn't want to but she did glance into the back seat. Max was out.

"He's my friend... I'd NEVER double cross him..." the back man smiled, flashing his white teeth. "Besides ain't no harm in looking is there?" he removed a hand from the wheel and began to unzip his pants but then had to swerve as a car in front put there breaks on for no reason: "You better do it."

Again, Annette peeked into the back seat, Max was still sleeping.

"It's OK." Malcolm said, "I'll keep both my hands on the wheel."

Annette granted him a half grin and then leaned over stretching out over the seat. Her cleavage hung low as she extended her left arm, then her right. One hand held the snaps of his pants the other unzipped him.

Malcolm had a commanding view of her honey soft breasts, but tried not to stare too much- not wanting to swerve again and risk waking up Max.

"It's all Max's fault!" Annette told herself. If he hadn't gone on about Black dicks so much she wouldn't be thinking about them- if he hadn't picked up Malcolm- she wouldn't be pulling down his pants right now... His dick flopped to one side under his boxers. She had to fish it out to get a look at it. Next to her somewhat tanned skin, his dark meat was that, dark. His balls and head were near purple and the uncircumcised base was a dark, dark brown almost black. Black bushy hairs sprung up from where his dick met his body: "Wow!" she said gripping it with one hand. "That's a pretty big dick."

Malcolm's dick twitched in her hand. Annette giggled. "Do you like it?" Malcolm asked.

"I wouldn't know." Annette dismissed him and began to put the dick back into place.

"See I kept my word... hands on the wheel." He showed her his large hands.

"Thank you." she nodded and sitting back, sipped her diet sprite. When she put the can back down she brought her fingers to her nose and sniffed them- they had a slight musky odor to them, not fowl, not sweet- just musky. Annette felt his eyes on her and she blushed again. "What?"

"Why don't you just get closer to them?"

"What are you talking about Malcolm?" she asked, pulling her legs up and sitting like an Indian in her corner.

"Look, you have the touch, the scent- you are not going to get this out of your mind until you complete the act now... and Max's my friend I would rather have you do it with me than some punk gangster from the street who could hurt you and hurt max."

Annette's face grew warm, her body tingled, If she wanted it to- what Malcolm said made sense... could she trust herself to stay faithful with Max later on after days and nights pass with this Black Cock thing on her mind? "No- it's OK- it's not like that." she pulled at her knees and looked out the window.

Malcolm shrugged. "OK... if that's how you want it... now I have to struggle with that thought by myself..."

"What do you mean?" she batted her eyes with a tricky smile.

"You know... you are so fine and you took me out and then put me away... that's ok I am strong, I can deal with it..."

"Do you want to pull over and whack off or something?" she asked him with coy.

"No Max will wake up and be like how did you get so horny?" He shook his head, If I have to lie it's gonna be for something good- something worth the while." now he smiled at her.

"Ah... I see." she took another sip of her soda then pulled her hair back into a pony tail: "No use this getting in the way."

"The effectiveness of wives never ceases to amaze me- you girls really know how to get the business done."

"What do you mean by that?" Annette asked as she leaned over the seat again and carefully unzipped his pants.

"There's no drama, no awkward angles like in a pornographic film, just strait up stick it in we both orgasm done."

"Hey I can get pretty experimental." she wagged a finger at him and eyed the back seat one last time, fishing out Malcolm's cock with her other hand while she did so. Max was sound asleep. She bent down between the steering wheel and his crotch and tongued the rapidly erecting penis. The skin flaps pulled back revealing a shiny purple mushroom shaped head which was fat and wide and barely fit in her mouth. Without hesitation she took the growing member into her mouth. When she came off she pulled a black curly hair from her tongue and one from her teeth then continued to suck on his cock.

Malcolm focused on driving and adjusted the review window to see if Max had woken up yet or not. He had. Max had been watching the whole time. Malcolm smiled at him in the mirror and lipped the words: "Told you so."

Her blond pony tail flopped around as her head bobbed up and down in his lap. She slurped it, sucked it, stuffed it further and further down her throat as he grew harder and harder.

Annette gripped the sides of his cock with one hand and plied her other under his heavy balls to squeeze them, gently.

"Oh yeah... housewives have their tricks." Malcolm raised his ass off the seat allowing her to get her hands down deep. Her nails scratched his taint as she massaged his balls. She jerked his cock with the other hand, continuing to suck it, and slurped up her own saliva that poured out in rivers down his lengthy sides.

She could feel his did begin to pulse.

"Be ready Annette..." he cautioned, "I am going to cum... oh yes... and it is going to be a lot." he made a short thrust up as his dick constricted for the blast. Part of him wanted to hold off to keep going, and part of him wanted to blast.

Annette sucked him faster now that she knew he was going to cum. She ran her head up and down his cock with a brazen fury. Her lips were swollen and red, her throat and jaw a little sore when the later part of his desires won.

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