tagExhibitionist & VoyeurAdding Risk to Swimming

Adding Risk to Swimming


I have recently taken up swimming again, I used to swim for my County when I was younger and gave it up due to Uni and work using up too much time. Now that I have finished Uni I have started to go back again.

I am 21 years old, very petite build, weighing around 50kg and barely 5 foot tall. I have shoulder blade length, brunette hair and blue eyes. I wear a 34B bra size, but could get away with an A cup, or even none at all fairly easily as I am small in the chest department. Except for the hair on my head I am fully shaved, well waxed, including downstairs as well.

The changing rooms were communal in that men and women used the same ones. There were several cubicles, mainly single size, with a few that were double sized for people with kids, as well as some that were family sized for three and four people. It was a strange feeling being in a public place hearing male voices as you strip naked before putting on a swimming costume. Even though you are in a cubicle, it still feels quite exposed as it is open top and a gap at the bottom. A well timed peek would see everything, although it had never happened to me I am sure it does sometimes.

I normally wear a full body swimming costume as opposed to a bikini which has the tendency to move around a bit during proper swimming. I used to wear a bikini, but spent most of the time refastening the bottoms or top which when wet, work loose, as well as having a couple of close shaves with pushing off from the wall with top or bottoms slipping. I gave them up when I pushed off and the top ended up around my waist, causing a potentially embarrassing "tits out" moment. Don't think anyone saw, but still a bit close for my liking. The swimming costume has a fairly high leg cut on it and low-ish chest cut which does show a tiny bit of cleavage, not that I have much to show anyway. The usual swimming costume really. I don't bother wearing a swimming cap as it is just something else to forget, I just tie my hair back with a hair band thing.

I saw him look me up and down as I came out of the changing rooms; I looked down my body to make sure I hadn't just walked out in my panties or something and ran my thumbs round the elastic of the legs of my swimming costume, making sure they weren't sitting funny or showing what they shouldn't. Happy I was decent, I jumped into the pool in the same lane as him and sorted my goggles out. He had been in the pool before and I had seen him watching me and generally having a 'perv' as he swam passed.

I usually do 40 mins of just regular swimming, but I made sure I was slightly slower than him and always at least starting a fair bit in front or behind him. This was partly because I usually did breast stroke and breast stroke from behind gives a very 'legs open' view, but mainly because he was to be my next victim. He was a pretty good swimmer, but I was sure I was quicker than him. I was sure he was giving it his all trying to show off to me, as well as catch me up, so he could have a good look between my legs.

He was pretty cute, quite toned body, not a six pack, but flat stomach, nice smile, cute bum from what I could see, as he was wearing swimming shorts and not something tight fitting. Each time he overtook me when I stopped, he smiled at me, and after about 30 mins or so he stopped next to me.

There were only two of us in the lane; there were two lanes roped off for swimming; we were in the medium lane and there were a couple of people in the slow lane as well. The rest of the pool was just for messing around and general playing.

"Want a picture?" I asked as he pretty much stared at me for an uncomfortable amount of time.

"If you are offering," he said back, grinning, "sorry, was I staring?"

"Yeah, a little," I said crossing my arms and sinking into the water to cover myself up.

"Sorry," he said again, "so what about that pic?"

"You wish," I said. I took a deep breath before I continued with, "what about a race instead?"

"A race?" he repeated back.

"If you want."

"For what prize?" he asked.

"How about..." I started, as I thought it out in my head before continuing, "how about my costume..."

"Your costume?"

"Yup, costume," I said back to him, smiling.

"If I win I get your swimming costume?"

"Yup," I said, "keys on the side, winner gets both keys."

"Cock out naked?" he asked, sounding like he was maybe going to bottle it.

"Yup," I said, "well, I don't have a cock, but yeah,"

He smiled, before asking "Here?" as he looked around the pool.

"Yep," I said, "same if I win for you."

"For how long?" he asked.

"Well I am nearly done. So two length race, then loser strips and has to swim back, then into the changing rooms and can have their stuff back once the winner is dressed and sorted," I suggested.

"K," he said, "let's do it," he added, looking me up and down.

I took off my wrist band with the key and placed it on the side next to his. I could feel my heart rate rise a little, as I was about to race for my costume. We counted down and the race was on. I had the left of the lane and he had the right. I stuck with him for the first length with relative ease, just making sure I was not too far behind him. On the second length I sped it up a bit and pulled in front of him, giving it my all. I beat him by a few metres, but it was a lot closer than I was hoping, still, I won!

"Fuck off," he said, "shit!"

I took my goggles off and smiled at him as I took hold of his keys.

"Unlucky, cock out naked," I said to him using his own phrase.

He looked around the pool nervously, there were 17 people in the pool, 8 had goggles on, so if they looked would get a good look as he swam across to the steps. There were also 8 people sitting at the side just watching or having a coffee, so no matter what he did really, a fair few people were going to see him in his full glory.

After a few minutes he glanced around again and sank down so just his head was above the water. I saw a flash of red as he dropped his shorts. I bobbed under the water to have a quick 'perv' and got a good view of him. He was unshaven, his balls were floating between his legs as was his cock. His cock was quite big considering he was in cold water and was enjoying its freedom, floating around as the water swirled between his legs.

He handed his shorts over and just knelt up facing me so I could see, but as few other people as possible. He glanced around nervously as I just grinned at him, I didn't even look, a cock is a cock. I was more amused at the murmuring that was getting louder as a few of the people with goggles saw he was nude, which attracted attention and people started to notice me holding his shorts in my hand. After a few moments I casually swam to the side and climbed out before walking into the changing rooms. He followed to the sound of whooping and whistles as he climbed out naked. He covered, but I will let him off, it is probably a natural reaction to cover up when 26 people, plus me and 4 attendants get to see you naked. He darted into the changing rooms and disappeared from sight.

I opened my locker, just leaving him standing naked as I got my stuff out and selected a changing cubicle. I looked at him, his hands cupped over his privates as he stood in the cubicle next to mine so no one could see him. I nodded towards his hands.

"What?" he asked.

"Cock out naked," I said, looking at him and smiling.

"Here?" he said, sounding a mix of alarmed and surprised.

"Yep," I said, "hands by your side please."

Begrudgingly he looked around and slowly lowered his hands to his sides exposing himself again. I smiled at him as either the nerves, or the cold, had got to him and he was doing a good impression of a walnut. He stood with his arms by his sides until a group of girls came into the changing rooms and he darted into the cubicle next to me, locking the door.

"Wimp," I said, as I closed my door and slipped my costume off, quickly drying and getting dressed before opening the door. "Where you parked?"

"Erm, front, the red Nissan, why?" he asked.

I handed him the keys but kept hold of his shorts, "Shorts will be on your car, good luck getting your stuff."

"It was a set-up wasn't it?" he asked.

"Yep, in that I faked being slower than I am, but still, close," I answered.

"Can't believe I fell for it," he said, "hot sexy girl asks for race she can't possibly win, risking all of her dignity, what a dumb ass."

I walked out leaving him standing in the communal changing room, stark naked, with a group of girls between him and his locker. I placed his shorts on his car before getting into mine and going to see Sarah.

Sarah is my best friend, we have known each other for as long as I can remember. We had experimented sexually with each other and we still do on a fairly regular basis, at least a couple of times a month. She is the same age as me, a little bit taller and weighs 65kg or so. She has long brown hair to around the middle of her back when wet, although the natural bounce in it makes it normally hang just passed her shoulders. She wears a 36C bra and is neatly trimmed down below into a triangle that "points towards the prize" as she puts it.

We consider ourselves to be "straight" sexually, in that I would rather have a boy than a girl, plus Sarah is exclusive, We haven't slept with any other girls and hadn't really considered it either. Sex-wise, although she will go down on me, she won't suck a penis at all, but she will and does, take it anally. I don't do anal, tried it a couple of times and just no, I will suck and swallow though.

I got to hers and she invited me in. She still lives at home with her parents and brother when not at University. Both her and her brother have their own rooms unlike me, where we still have to share. We went into the lounge as everyone was out and ordered a pizza for tea as we were lazy. I told her about the pool antics and she was very jealous. She was normally there, it was the first time I had done it without her for backup / moral support.

"I assume you won?" she asked.

"Oh yeah," I said, "close though, but close enough for comfort," I added.

"Cute?" she asked.

"Yeah, he was, helped by the fact he was starkers."

"Ha, yeah, embarrassed boys are always cuter," she said, "gives that vulnerable edge. What did you make him do?"

"I put his shorts on his car, so he had to walk to the other side of the changing rooms in the nude," I said, "it wasn't massively quiet either," I added with a grin.

"Evil bitch," she said smiling back, "you will lose one you know one day."

"Aye probably," I said, "not today though."

We watched Avatar which was on Sky TV and when it ended it was getting late.

"You staying over?" Sarah asked me.

"Erm," I said, checking the time which had just past half 11. "Wow, it is a bit late isn't it?"

"Yeah," she said, "up to you, I am up for work anyway in the morning."

"Yeah okay then," I answered, "if you don't mind."

"Nar, I don't mind" she said, standing up and heading to the kitchen. "Wanna drink?"

"Sure," I said, "whatever you are having."

She came back after a few moments with two milkshakes and handed me one before we went upstairs.

Her room was fairly large, the king sized bed easily fitting in the centre against the wall, with cupboards at the foot of it. I walked around to near the window and put my drink on the bedside table before closing the curtains.

Sarah flicked the TV on and said, "Watch what you want, gonna have a quick shower."

"Yeah, k," I said, laying on the bed, "leave some water for me."

"Will do," she said, before disappearing.

I put on one of the many re-runs of QI XL on Dave. Quite liked it and there was very little else on at that time of night. After 10 mins or so Sarah came back wrapped in a towel and handed me a clean one.

"Cheers," I said before getting up.

"Parents are back," she said. "Prob best take a dressing gown. I had to run the gauntlet," she added with a cheeky grin.

"K," I said, grabbing the dressing gown on the way out.

As I found out a few years ago, due to how the landing of their house is set out, you can see up from downstairs, as it is a large open hallway / reception type room. So walking across the landing after a shower only wearing a towel when her Dad is walking downstairs, is a bad idea.

I got into the bathroom and locked the door, before stripping and having a shower. Sarah had left all of her shampoo and stuff on the side which I used, before getting out and drying myself off. I had come straight from work via swimming, so I only had what I had gone to work in, which was a knee length skirt and blouse with the usual underwear. I put my panties back on followed by the dressing gown and went back to Sarah's room.

She was in bed watching TV, which was still QI as it was one of their many 4 of 5 episodes, 'back to back' nights. She slept wearing anything from furry Pjs to nothing at all depending on how warm it was, I noticed she had bare arms and shoulders.

"What ya wearing?" I asked her.

"Oh, erm, just panties," she said, "way too hot these past few weeks."

It was the middle of July and the last few weeks had been very hot even touching 30 degrees C, which for the UK is very, very warm.

"Topless?" I asked.

"Yep," she said, "if you don't mind?"

"I don't mind, I don't have anything with me so will join ya."

"Can borrow a top if you prefer?" Sarah asked.

"Nar, tis okay," I said, slipping the dressing gown off and cupping my boobs to cover them. Sarah swept the covers back on my side to let me into the bed. I climbed in next to her and covered myself up.

Sarah switched off the TV leaving us in total darkness as our eyes adjusted. We nattered for a while before I felt Sarah rest her hand on my side between my rib cage and hips before she went to sleep. I cuddled up into her and fell asleep next to her.

I woke up boiling hot and checked the clock which showed 04:02, the early summer daylight was already starting to illuminate the room. Sarah had kicked off the covers and was laying on her back, her nipples protruding from her rounded breasts, her sexy flat tummy running down to her hips which were just visible above the elastic of her panties. I smiled at the sight of her half-naked before rolling on my back, kicking the covers off and going back to sleep again.

I woke up again, this time Sarah was awake next to me and was drawing circles with her fingertips on my bare tummy.

"Morning," she said, "six o clock, what time do you get up for work?"

"Erm," I said shifting my weight so I was on my back giving her full access to my tummy, "half 7 ish normally. You?"

"Same," she said.

Sarah had switched on the TV which had the breakfast news on it, not that I was really listening to it, as she continued drawing shapes with her fingertips on my tummy. I had no covers on and after lifting my head to check, I saw that she didn't either although she was laying on her side so slightly less exposed than I was.

"Good view if anyone comes in..." I said making eye contact and smiling at her.

"I am okay," she said, "I am not on my back with my tits out," she added returning the smile.

I didn't reply to her, just smiled as the circles her fingers were drawing got higher and higher before she grazed across first my breast and then my left nipple.

"Oops," she said retracting her hand.

"Yeah, oops indeed," I replied as I felt my nipple react to her touch.

She also saw the reaction and smiled at me, her fingers returned, this time starting on my left nipple drawing circles around it and occasionally dragging her fingernails across it. I don't know what it is, but I have fingernails, I am female, just like Sarah, but doing to myself what she is doing to me now just does not compare. She shifted her attention to my other breast causing my right nipple to get erect as well. She lowered her head down and took my left nipple in her mouth sucking it as hard as she could before releasing and playing with it with her tongue. I felt her hand getting lower and lower before she started to brush against the elastic of my panties.

I moaned in approval, wriggling my hips and pushing upwards towards her hand, encouraging her. She took the hint and gently lifted the front of my panties to allow her fingers and then hand to slide into them. I felt her fingers run down my front before she placed a finger either side of my slit. She stopped sucking my nipple and kissed me on the lips. I followed her lips with mine, lifting my head off the bed as she pulled away. I licked her lips just as she got out of reach and pushed me back onto the bed.

She was kneeling up on my right hand side about level with my waist, her right hand was down the front of my panties, her fingers gently teasing my clit and vagina. She was leaning on her left hand which was by my shoulder, as she started to finger me.

"Oh wow," I murmured, as she simultaneously slipped two fingers inside me and pushed her thumb against my clit.

"One sec," she whispered into my ear, before stopping and getting off the bed.

"What the..." I started, as I opened my eyes in disbelief that she had just done that then stopped cold.

She looked back at me and smiled as she put the lock on the door, "Just in case," she said, "guessing we don't want an audience..."

She came back and crawled up the bed giving me a kiss. Our tongues twisting together as we explored each other's mouths. She pulled away again, pushing me back when I tried to lift my head off the bed to follow her.

"Where was I..." she said, as her hand went back down the front of my panties and continued exactly where it left off.

"Oh yes..." I said, barely audible as she fingered me.

I shifted my arm, manoeuvring my hand between her legs. She moved her knees apart as she knelt next to me allowing me access. I lifted my hand brushing my fingers over her panties underneath her. I shifted them to one side and stroked my finger from her clit right round to her anus. She jumped when she felt my finger push against her arse and pulled away a little.

"Not bum," she said, smiling at me.

I looked at her a little confused as she normally liked it.

"Office job," she added, "gotta sit on that all day."

I laughed, "Fair enough."

I felt her tug at my panties, I lifted my hips off the bed and she slid them down and off, dropping them onto the floor. I hooked my fingers into hers and relieved her of her panties as well. Without warning she went down on me, her tongue pushing against my clit before flicking down and into my pussy. She shifted herself around until her knees were next to my head. I lifted her knee across my face so she was kneeling astride me. I scratched my fingernails across her bare bum causing her to arch her back pushing her privates down towards my waiting tongue.

Returning the favour I flicked against her clit before burying my tongue as deep inside her as I could go. Her sweet juices coated my tongue as the smell of sex filled my nostrils. We embraced in the 69 position until I felt an unstoppable shudder causing me to fall away from between her legs.

"Gonna cum," I gasped, loud enough for her to hear, but not too loud for anyone else who was in the house to hear.

"Good girl," she said, as she responded to my admission instantly, knowing what got me off. She pushed two fingers deep inside me and started sucking my clit squeezing it in-between her lips whilst gently grazing her teeth against it.

"Oh fuck," I gasped, as my body surrendered to pleasure. The waves rippled through me as I climaxed numerous times. I shuddered on my back as Sarah removed her fingers and finished me off with her tongue, gently licking and sucking me until I was finished, leaving me on my back with arms out to the side and legs wide open.

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