tagNonHumanAdoring Claudia

Adoring Claudia


I couldn't help but stare at the voluptuous beauty that bathed beneath the falls. I was in a trance by her, as her long golden hair flowed down her back in waves by the water that shot down on her head, and made rivers down her body. And what a body it was! Her hips were just right, and carried two, well sculpted legs that were just so admirable. Her breasts, they were just enough to fill my hands, with pink, inviting nipples that almost begged for my mouth. She was small, so most of her features were small. But never those big blue eyes of hers. She was called Claudia, such a beautiful name for a beautiful goddess.

My hand rested on the bark, body almost on the side of the tree, in her sight if she were to open her eyes. I had started to become less and less careful. One of these days she was bound to notice me, and then what? She would never think of me any more then a pervert.

I turned around, pressing my back against the tree I had been hiding behind all along. My knees were weak, just from looking at the beauty before me. I had noticed that my breathing was heavy. Oh, what she does to me. I knew that if I stayed any longer, I wasn't going to be able to walk.

I took one last look at her, smiling as I noticed she had turned her back to me, revealing her rump. I liked my lips hungrily, my hands wanting to reach out and grope her. I shook my head, snapping out of the trance. It was time for me to leave.

I ran a hand through my auburn hair, feeling it touch the middle of my bare back. I took a minute to gaze at the scenery around me. It was just so lovely here, with the thick canopy above me, parts of the moonlight coming in through the gaps of the trees and reflecting on the thick bushes with berries and flowers upon them. A thin fog clung to the ground as it always did at night here, and as the hours pass, it would just grow thicker, until you can barely see the ground. My crickets were chirping their love songs, and a few deer were frolicking in the forest.

I started to move towards my home, nestled deep into the forest. It didn't take me long to get there. I found the small, yet cozy house, built of mostly rock and wood. There was smoke coming out of the chimney. Luke must have built a fire.

I walked into the house, shutting the door behind me. The burst of warmth sent a chill down my spine. Luke sat in his big bear-hide chair in front of the fire, sipping his blood that was in a goblet. "You were watching her again." He didn't turn around to look at me from his chair. I had always come home and rant and rave about how I was in love with Claudia. He would do nothing but listen, and then ask why I haven't approached her yet.

"I was." I made my way to him, standing next to his chair, facing the fire. The heat of the licking flames felt good on my cold flesh. My skin was pale. I was hungry.

"You haven't fed." I turned my head to look at him, my hair falling over my shoulder. He looked beautiful tonight. His black hair fell around his face and his shoulders, landing in the cushions of the chair. His lips were parted, red, with his tiny white fangs showing. He looked at me with his bright green eyes. I nodded to his statement. "You always deprive yourself, Gabriel. Here." He handed me his goblet, still full. He must have just filled it. I brought it to my lips, and drank hungrily; not bothering to take a breath until the goblet was empty.

He waited a while after I was finished, resting the goblet in my lap, eyes back on the fire. "You're obsessed," he stated. "It isn't healthy for you to stalk her like some kind of hungry beast."

I turned back to face him. "I..." I wanted to defend myself, but I couldn't deny it. I was absolutely in love with her, and he knew it. I have been for more then half a year now. "I know." I sighed. I put the goblet back in Luke‘s hands. "But I am a hungry beast." I walked in front of him, my fists pressed at the base of my throat. "I hunger for her touch. I want her beautiful body in my arms. I want her." I let my hands at my sides, my head bowed. "All we are is monsters, Luke."

"You're only a monster if you let yourself be."

I nodded, and walked back to the door. I needed to see her again. However, Luke's voice stopped him. "Where do you think you're going?"

Gabriel turned the knob, pulling the door open to hear it creaking. "For a walk." Without another word, I was out the door, leaving Luke in solitude.

‘This is getting out of hand. That girl is taking Gabriel away from me.' Luke stared into the flames as they entwined themselves around each other. He was just going to have to do something about that...

I had snuck into Claudia's bedroom. The rest of her family was sleeping sound, as was she. I sat on the edge of her bed, watching her breath. Her room was so lovely. She had beautiful rugs, the color of lilac. She had a big oak armoire, which held all her tasteful outfits, no doubt. Her bed was the most eye-catching, though. It had four big posts on each four corners, and a curtain covering over the top and sides. It was like her own little cocoon, and she was the beautiful butterfly waiting to come out.

My hand went out to her, my index finger tracing her lips softly. She moaned, and turned her head away from me, yawning. She was so beautiful when she slept. I stiffened, though, as she started to stretch, almost waiting for her eyes to open. My eyes widened, holding my breath.

She finally settled back down, and I sighed softly in relief, relaxing again. I moved my hand through her golden tresses, feeling the silkiness seep through my fingers. I could smell her womanly scent, her hair, and her blood. I wanted to taste each, to be wrapped up in them. Being so close to her was not helping any. I had thought that it would sedate myself a while longer, but I was wrong. I just wanted more of her. I wanted actual contact. I wanted a kiss.

I leant forwards, touching her jaw opposite of me, and pulled her face towards me so I could look upon her beautiful features. She had a small chin, with a little dimple in the middle. Her lips were full and rosy. Her cheeks had the young blush to them, and her skin was pale. My lips touched her long eyelashes, feeling the feathery hairs with my lips. I had to have a kiss. I leaned into her, feeling her warm breath puff against my skin. I brushed my lips lightly against hers, and finally pressed into her.

She shot up out of bed, looking around the room. Nothing. Her fingertips came to her lips, feeling the strange warmth still lingering. The cool air was coming in through the window, curtains blowing in the breeze. She stood up, walking through the maze of silky material, and finally shut the window. "Thought I closed it before I fell asleep..." She shrugged her shoulders, and crawled back in bed.

I smiled to myself, licking my lips, still having her taste upon them. I went home, and slipped in. Luke wasn't in his chair anymore, and the fire was nothing more then a burning pile of embers. He must have went to sleep. I couldn't, though. I was too lively. I went to my room, and got out my easel, a blank canvas and my palette. I started to paint away at her image, until the sun came up. I didn't have to worry about a window, since there wasn't one in my room. I went to my bed, and collapsed upon the covers.

(Next chapter will be coming soon. Comments and votes are highly adored.)

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