tagLoving WivesAdult Movie Theater Ch. 3

Adult Movie Theater Ch. 3


Jim Evans spent the next day on the phone.

"No, I am not kidding, and no it is not a scam, does a scam artist wear a tailored suit worth at least a thousand dollars?" He listened for a few seconds, "Look, if she doesn't turn you on, just leave, and if no one shows up, the first two rounds are on me." He listened again, "Listen to yourself you idiot, you want a drink more than you want a woman, man sometimes I worry about you. Just be there before 8:30, okay?" He hung up the phone and shook his head, I need to get some new friends, he thought to himself. If they saw the sincerity in the old mans eyes, there'd be no problem. His only fear was what the wife looked liked. When Jim and the five friends he called saw Kris, Jim never had to buy another round the rest of his life.

Kris spent the day at her spa, being pampered by a bevy of drones. She had a sauna, pedicure, manicure, massage, facial, and her hair styled. No part of her body went untouched, she saved her pussy for herself, and fingered herself to a climax in the sauna. While rubbing her clit, her eyes closed, and she saw herself being touched by many hands, all stroking and caressing her body, then she saw her husband watching and immediately came. She still didn't know if she was doing this for him or for herself.

Stan spent the day buying the clothes he wanted Kris to wear that night. He saw her as a classy tart, so he was at the mall going from Bloomingdales to Neiman Marcus to Lord and Taylor, looking for that certain something. When money is no object most anything can be found. Stan wound up finding a white sheer silk blouse with a peter pan collar and an attached tie that would fall between Kris' breasts as it fell on her chest. Of course they would be clearly visible under the sheer fabric, when Stan held the blouse in his hands he could make out the creases in his palms through it. He also found a knee length see through skirt, or it would be with some modification. It was a sheer outer skirt with an opaque inner slip which Stan figured he could cut out, leaving her legs as exposed as her breasts.

His next stop was the lingerie shop, where he met his next sexual adventure, although he didn't know it at the time. Kris wasn't going to wear a bra so he only needed to pick out a pair of panties and some thigh highs. He was attracted to some Vanity Fair string bikinis, he picked a black pair, he knew it would be completely visible under her skirt. Next was a pair of thigh highs, he felt this was going to be a problem because of Kris' long legs, he didn't like the look of short stockings on long legs, so he wanted to be sure to get an extra long pair. Just then a leggy blonde sales lady appeared and asked if she could help him. Stan eyed her for a second then said "my wife is 5'9" and I want to get her a pair of thigh highs, but I need them to reach the top of her thighs, not the bottom or middle." The pretty blonde said

" I wear thigh highs, and I would be happy to show you the ones I wear." Stan decided to take her literally

"Wonderful, raise your skirt so I can see where the tops come to."

Betty dropped her mouth and stared at Stan, he could see her going over her statement in her mind, then she blushed a deep red.

"That didn't come out right sir, I meant that I could show you where the ones I wear, are." Stan looked at her for a few seconds,

"No miss, I think I heard you right, and to prove it, I will give you five hundred dollars to raise your skirt so I can see how high the stockings go." Betty just stared at him, her mouth dropped open a little more. Stan got out his wallet and took out five crisp one hundred dollar bills and fanned them in front of her.

"Just enough so I can see how high they are miss, that's not so hard for five hundred dollars is it?" Stan said and shrugged his shoulders. The blonde looked at him in a new light, a distinguished looking older gentleman, and from the look of his suit and the diamond ring on his finger he definitely had money. He seemed harmless enough.

"Okay," she replied. Betty dropped her hands to the hem of her skirt and raised it so Stan could see the tops of her stockings. They were high enough that she had to hike her skirt so he could see the crotch of her panties.

Stan hadn't seen legs on a woman like hers since the days of his childhood looking at pictures of Marilyn Monroe. He was smitten by them. He reached into his wallet and got out a business card. He handed it to her along with the bills.

"Those stockings are perfect, and so are your legs. I want you to come to work for me, I will triple what they pay you here," Stan said to her, "and I want to buy every pair of those stockings you have, I will give you half and keep the other half."

Betty again just stared at Stan. She mulled over the job offer in her mind,

"Just what type of job did you have in mind?"

"Oh, I'll figure something out for you to do, but rest assured it will entail you raising your skirt to show off your legs. Think you can handle that?" Stan replied.

Betty pondered some more, he was offering her over 25 dollars an hour to show off her legs to him, she was doing that for her many men friends for free.

"Okay, Mr. Bridle," she said looking at the name on the card, "you've got a deal."

"Wonderful," smiled Stan, " but please call me Stan, all my employees do, Miss? ahh it is miss isn't it?"

"Yes, yes it is, Betty Ponce, Stan," Betty answered the question in his voice.

"Even better," winked Stan, " just call the number on the card when you are ready to come to work, and remember, you are not allowed to wear pants."

"Yes sir, no pants, sir, and I will call soon sir," Betty responded, in an obedient tone.

"Excellent," Stan smiled at her, taking note of the tone of her voice, "I'm sure you will make a perfect employee."

"I will try my best sir," Betty replied, handing Stan a bag filled with thigh high stockings.

"Wonderful, I expect to see a lot of you real soon, Good day Miss Ponce," and Stan took the bag from her hands, nodded his head to her and walked out the door.

When Stan got home he found Kris in the bedroom in front of the mirror putting on makeup.

"Getting ready so soon?" He asked as he leaned over to kiss her lips.

"No, just experimenting with how much I want to wear and how I want it to look."

"Not too much rouge, I don't want you looking like a cheap tramp. In fact here are some things to wear to make you look like an expensive tramp, they may give you an idea of what make up to wear," and Stan handed her the bags containing the blouse and thigh highs. He kept the skirt so he could take a scissors to the inner slip; cutting it out to make the skirt as see through as the blouse.

Two hours later they were ready to go, Kris looked beautiful in her see through blouse and skirt. Her tits were easily seen under the blouse, her black panties and dark thigh highs stood out beneath the almost nonexistent skirt.

James drove them to the theater, as he held the door open for them to exit the car, Stan leaned over to him and said

"Come into the theater in about half an hour, James, see if we need you. I'll leave a ticket for you at the door." Stan saw no reason his staff shouldn't partake of his wife too.

They bought their tickets and entered the theater, Stan saw the man he was going to give his wife to standing in the lobby.

Jim Evans and his friends had been waiting in the theaters' lobby, and they were awestruck when the man and woman approached. They watched as the tall, beautiful, almost nude, Kris walked towards them, and then they heard those magic words.

"Here is my wife, she is yours to do with as you please for the next three hours, as we have agreed" Stan said as he presented Kris to the man.

Jim took Kris by her arm and turned to his friends with a huge smile on his face, "meet me inside gentlemen, the festivities are about to commence."

Jim only half expected the man to show up with his wife, but he had invited five friends to come along just in case they did show, he also thought about, or fantasized, more like it, a few scenes he would do with a woman given to him at a dirty movie theater. Now, not only did it happen, but the woman given to him was as beautiful as any model he had ever seen in any magazine, and she was his to be used in any way imaginable for the next few hours. He couldn't help himself, as he and Kris walked down the aisle he slipped his hand around her chest and squeezed one of her tits. He felt her nipple, and like all men who encounter her nipples for the first time, was absolutely astounded by its hugeness.

Kris was getting hotter and hotter by the second. She had been leaking cum juice from the time Stan gave her the clothes she was to wear, and her nipples had grown along with her wetness. So when the stranger put his hand on her breast, and felt her nipple, he felt hours of sexual anticipation.

Jim was growing bolder by the second too, as they slowly walked down the aisle he looked around the theater. He wanted all the men to see him with this beautiful lust-filled woman. He stopped in the middle of the theater and spoke out loud:

"Excuse me, may I have your attention please, gentlemen. This gorgeous piece of ass has been given to me this evening to use as I like, so I am going to fuck her here, in front of all of you, then my five friends are going to fuck her, then you gentlemen can fuck her. Or let her suck your cocks, or I suppose, even fuck her ass, if you care to."

With that Jim stopped, leaned into Kris' ear and told her to lean her elbows on the nearest armrest. So still standing in the aisle Kris found herself bent over a chair, followed quickly by the bottom of her skirt being thrown over her back, exposing her panty covered ass and nylon covered legs. Jim didn't even bother with lowering his pants, he just unzipped them, struggling for a second or two getting his ever hardening cock out, bent his legs, pulled Kris' panties aside and shoved it in her cunt. No preliminaries, no words, just shoved it in, he didn't care if her cunt was lubricated or not, he just wanted to get his dick into the woman who had been delivered to him.

He needn't have worried, Kris' cunt was dripping and he entered her quite easily. Kris had been anticipating this moment all day. Her cunt was more than happy to have a hard dick in it.

"Ohhhh, Jeeessuuuuus, yessss, fuck me, fuck me gooooood, sssoooo gooooodddd, uuummmmmm, yesssss." Kris hissed, as she ground her ass cheeks into Jims pelvis. She tossed her head like a horse shaking a bothersome fly, sending her mane of hair scattering in all directions. Her torso shook spasmodically as she had her first orgasm.

Jim raised his head and looked around him as he fucked Kris. He saw his five friends standing in the aisle watching him with their mouths dropped open. He noticed the husband standing behind them, it looked like he was stroking the front of his pants. He gazed around the theater and saw the heads of about ten guys, all intently looking his way. He slammed his cock harder into Kris' cunt, wanting to, and making her, moan louder and louder. He bent over her back and whispered into her ear

" You got a nice tight cunt, cunt, and your going to let every man here have a piece of it. I count about fifteen of us, cunt, and your going to fuck every one of them."

Kris moaned back, "Oh yesssss, I will fuck them all, I want to fuck them all, I am ssooooo horny, you make me cummmmm," and she pressed her ass back into his thrusting pelvis, tightening her pussy muscles around the cock buried in her.

"Pick your head up," Jim said to her, " look at the men around you, they're watching you get fucked, their dicks are getting hard seeing such a beautiful wanton slut like you ready to fuck them all."

Kris did as she was told, she raised her head and looked around her, as Jim had done. She saw his five friends, she saw her husband; their eyes met, she saw him nod his head at her and smile, she also noticed he was rubbing the front of his pants. Then she looked around the theater, she made eye contact with the men she was about to fuck for the first time. Some of the men were young, some were old, when she looked at one old man, he smiled at her, and showed a mouth with no teeth, she would have been repulsed any other time, but she was in such a sexual high that she didn't care who fucked her, or what they looked like. She came again from their eyesight. She liked being the object of everyone's attention. Her orgasm and body movements were getting to Jim, but he had one last idea in mind before he came.

" Get down on your hands and knees in the middle of the aisle," he said to Kris, "I want to fuck you doggie style, so everyone can see." He turned to the men in the audience, "this hot bitch is gonna fuck me while kneeling on all fours, you should all stand up and come over here to watch up close."

With that, he took his dick from Kris' pussy and waited for her to get down on her hands and knees on the floor. He once again flipped her skirt up over her back, pulled her panties aside and slipped his cock back into her eagerly waiting cunt.

Kris orgasmed again as he entered her, his cock was bigger and harder than her husbands and she was thrilled by it. It had been a long time since she had been fucked so well and so hard, she loved her husband but this was heaven.

Jim was in heaven too, he had never fucked such a beautiful woman, let alone one so willing and slutty. Then he realised...

"Say, I don't even know who I'm fucking, what's your name, you exquisite cunt?"

"Mmmyyy namme isss Kkkrisss'" Kris tried to say as she was impaled by Jims cock.

"Nice to meet you, Kris, fucking you is a real pleasure, but I think I have to cum now and I want it on your gorgeous face, in fact I think every one who fucks you tonight should try to cum on your face." Jim took his cock from her cunt and while he stroked it, he walked around the kneeling Kris until he was in front of her face. He took her chin in his hand, pulled her face up so he could look her in the eyes and said

"Now suck me off so I can drench your face in my cum."

Kris quickly took him into her mouth, she ran her tongue over his pole as she sucked on it. She placed the tip of her tongue on the tip of his prick and rubbed it over the slit, than slid it around the ring . Jim shoved in further, hitting the back of her throat. The tightness and warmth of her mouth surrounding his cock was getting him even closer to his explosion. He pulled out of her mouth, stroked his cock a few times and started spurting. He aimed at her mouth, the first wad came out fast and hard, it hit Kris on the lips, she opened her mouth wider and the next few spurts landed almost to her throat, the rest of his cum coated her tongue, her lower lip, and some dribbled down her chin. Jim took a finger and wiped up some of his jism from her chin and put it her mouth, Kris lapped it up with her tongue, then stuck it out as she looked Jim in the eyes, put it back into her mouth, and visibley swallowed it. Jim smiled down at her,

" My lovely cunt, what a wonderful woman you are. Now it's time for you to fuck my friends." He stepped back, replaced his softening cock, and zipped up his pants. He looked at his friends and with a hand, motioned them to come closer. As one, they walked towards him, still not believing all they had seen, and especially how absolutely stunning the woman they were about to share, was.

Tom was the first to step up between Kris' legs. He had been playing with his cock so it was all ready hard and out of his pants. He impaled the still on all fours Kris, shoving his dick into her cunt in one thrust. Kris kind of oofed as she was knocked forward from the power of his movements, the stiff pole in her pussy pushed to it's limit, his thighs pressing against her ass cheeks. It didn't take Tom more than 15 or so thrusts before he felt himself begin to explode. Jim was intently watching his friend fuck, when he saw his body begin to tense and his breathing quicken he said " remember, cum in her mouth." Tom looked up at him, swore to himself, and disengaged from Kris' cunt, but it was too late, he started spurting as he left the warmth of her pussy. His cum began to fly in all directions as his cocked jumped up and down while at the same time he was moving to the front of Kris. Kris turned her head to see what was happening and saw all that cum being wasted. Within a flash she grabbed the jerking cock, and put it in her mouth where she could swallow the last few spurts. She swirled her tongue around the tip, tasting the last few drops while swallowing all that she had captured. Tom's cock made a popping sound as he removed it from Kris' mouth.

Kris was now standing erect on her knees, Bill was next in line and noticed her mouth was at the perfect height for a blow job. He couldn't wait to get his cock in her mouth as he struggled to get himself free of his pants. He finally wound up dropping them to his ankles along with his shorts. He hobbled around to Kris' face, his erect pole stuck out at a 45 degree angle, eagerly anticipating the warmth of the woman's mouth. He grabbed Kris' hair in both hands and guided her mouth to her dick.

"You are the most beautiful woman whose ever sucked me off, you turn me on so much I'm gonna fuck your mouth like it's a pussy." With that he grabbed the back of Kris' head and shoved himself into her mouth, jabbing his tip against the back of her throat, he backed himself out and then back in, out and in, holding her mouth steady while he pistoned in and out of it, then he stopped, and with his hands on Kris' head he forced her mouth to go back and forth on his dick, her mouth fucking his cock. Suddenly he froze, pulled out of her mouth and began sending jets of cum onto her face. He covered her cheeks, lips and chin with it, then used the cock head to smear it around.

Bob and Mark moved Bill out of the way so they could take their places in the willing wife's cunt and mouth at the same time. Bill sat in the aisle chair, "lean over the arm rest and suck my dick, Mark is gonna fill your pussy from behind while my cock fills your mouth from the front."

Kris wiped her face with her fingers and sucked them clean. She then rose and leaned over the arm rest as instructed, as she bent her mouth towards the waiting cock she spread her legs as far apart as she could, so the man in her rear could have easy access to her cunt. Just as she put Bills' cock in her mouth she felt Marks' cock entering her cunt. She sucked on Bobs' cock with the same rhythm as Marks cock going in and out of her pussy. Her tongue ran up and down Bobs' shaft, circled the ring, and touched the slit, where some pre cum had oozed out. She licked at it and swallowed it.

Kris was more aroused than she had ever been, not only did she love being fucked in front of all these men, she loved being fucked by them. Her pussy had never been so wet, her clit so sensitive, nor her nipples so hard. Her entire body was hooked up to the sensations in her cunt and mouth. Her moaning sent new sensations over Bobs' cock, the vibrations of her grunts and hums pulsed through him, causing his dick to quickly empty it's load in her mouth. Kris swallowed all she could, but some leaked out the sides of her lips.

Mark continued fucking her from behind. He looked around him as he did, seeing the men in the theater with their eyes glued to the beautiful woman. He noticed the husband still standing in the aisle.

"Hey mister," he said to Stan," you like seeing your wife fucked like this?"

Stan had been silently watching his wife, rubbing his cock through his pants, he was startled to be spoken to.

"Yes, I guess I do," he replied, "but it's more for her than it is for me. I can't satisfy her like she should be so I tricked her into behaving this way." Stan realized what he said to late to retract it, but fortunately Kris didn't hear him, for she was too busy swallowing a new cock and grinding her pussy on Marks.

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