tagGroup SexAdult Reality TV Ch. 2

Adult Reality TV Ch. 2


The South African Nightjar's mournful lament, "Good Lord, Deliver Us", filled the night air as Naomi, Sam and I, Celeste sat around the fire. We were silent, listening to the sounds of the night. The fire cast flickering shadows on our naked bodies. I broke the silence.

"Naomi, where did you learn about South African plant life?"

Naomi took a deep breath, as if scooping up enough courage to reveal a secret. "I was raised by a sangoma, a medicine woman."

"But I thought you were American."

"I left South Africa to start a new life but after a few mishaps in America and my lover dumping me, I wanted to return to my roots."

"Well, I'm glad you did," said Sam. "Without you the meal wouldn't have been so tasty."

"And I wouldn't have eaten your pussy," said I. It felt strange and exiting to relax naked around the fire after our first day on an adult reality TV program being shot in the South African bush. It felt great to be filmed while we made love on the riverbank. Licking a pussy while being fucked from behind helped me trust my companions for our survival for the next twenty-seven days. Sam had earlier secured the hide of the impala in the river to soak as the first step in the tanning process. He had also cut the venison in strips to dry as a precaution against decay. Naomi had gathered more herbs and roots for future use. I had collected dry ironwood and dropped it next to the fire.

The camera crew shot everything and didn't have a chance to eat. Naomi gave them food and asked to be left alone for the rest of the night. The crew was only too happy to oblige.

I moved closer to Naomi and kissed her luscious lips and darted my tongue in her mouth. Naomi responded by caressing my breasts and pinching my nipples. If I could make love to a beautiful woman twice in one day, bring on the surviving. I inserted my fingers into my pussy to make sure that the wetness I felt was real and to taste it as well. Bringing my fingers between our lips I tasted the sweetness and arousal. Naomi's own need kicked in. The next thing I knew she started to ravage me, tracing wet kisses over my tits, my belly and to my vulva.

"I love your shaved pussy," whispered Naomi from between my legs. "You are not afraid to expose your vulnerability to the world. I like that."

Lying against the tree, I opened my legs wider and called Sam closer. He came to stand next to me and pushed his dick toward my face. Like a calf trying to find its mother's teat to suckle on, I opened my mouth and waited for Sam's protruding manhood. Sam guided his cock into my mouth. Grabbing his tool, I licked around its helmet first and then flicked my tongue over its eye. Pouting my lips I sucked onto the knob and slowly pushed it past the resistance of my lips into my warm mouth. I could feel it hitting the back of my throat. Using both hands I played with his balls and started a forward and backward motion of my head.

But Naomi who found the sensitive spot on my clit interrupted my rhythm. I jerked back, startled by the sensation. No one has ever discovered that tiny trigger and when Naomi saw my reaction, she continued to give me maximum pleasure.

I nearly choked on Sam's beautiful cock and all I could manage was small licks between my whimpering. Naomi stuck two fingers into my cunt and played with my g-spot. She ran her tongue between my pussy lips and caused my juices to overflow with joy. I couldn't stand it anymore, I had to let go of all control, even of the blowjob I was giving Sam. He must've understood because he dropped to his knees next to me and suckled on my teats.

As I reached my climax I let out a scream that startled my lovers. It was the roar of a lion close by that spurt us into action.

"Quick, up the tree!" I shouted. I gave Naomi a lift and then Sam. My own knees were still too weak to scamper after them. They had to pull me up just in time. An old male lion walked into our camp, looking for an easy kill. He prowled around for most of the night, looking for the venison he could smell.

We each found a branch to make us comfortable for the night. No one said anything - maybe we were too frightened or just too tired. I must have fallen a sleep just before sunrise because the next thing I heard was Sam groaning and felt the weak rays of the morning sun in my eyes.

Sam was hugging the tree trunk like a lover, his arms and legs locked around it. Naomi was lying on a branch with her feet against the trunk. We were still naked. I looked down and saw nothing of the lion. When my feet hit the ground I was ready to jump back if the lion showed so much as a flicker.

Scouting around to make sure everything was in order, I felt alive again. This is my valley, my world where I am at home, where I can be myself without the hypocrisy of society. The tree eventually gave birth to Sam and Naomi, both still very scared. Sam had an erection and Naomi's eyes were bloodshot.

"Didn't sleep well?" I got the fire going and trotted off to the river to fetch water for our morning coffee. On the way back I managed to pick up a large piece of bark to use as a kettle.

That day we spent on improving our camp, our beds and built a toilet away from the river. Sam kept himself occupied with the preparation to tan the hide, Naomi with her herbs and I made a more arrows. I also worked on the long intestines of the impala I shot the day before into another bowstring. The camera crew shot a few scenes of our work but since we were not going to fuck again, they called for an early night.

After our supper Sam gave us each a pair of moccasins that fitted perfectly. By eight ó clock Naomi and I fell asleep in Sam's arms. My last thought before I drifted into a deep sleep was that the lion could go and fuck himself, I'm not moving.

The next day was as uneventful as the second but the third day brought excitement no one would have predicted. We had our first visit from the producer and his psychologist.

Early on the third day, before the camera crew could see me leave, I slipped away to hunt for something other than venison. The moccasins made travel easier and an hour from camp I picked up the spoor of a rabbit. It took me another hour and a half to find it and when it jumped from its hiding place my aim with the bow was true.

On my return I was so deep in thought about my nudity in nature with my two lovers that I nearly walked into our host. Fred and Julia had just parked their 4X4 vehicle a distance off and were on foot to find us. There was no way that I could let them walk into our camp unannounced.

I fell into rhythm behind them and when Fred took the lead in a narrow path, I grabbed Julia from behind. My left hand covered her mouth while I scooped her up with my right and disappeared into the bush. When Fred turned around to talk to Julia she was gone.

I pushed Julia against a tree and pressed my naked body against her. With my hand still covering her mouth I quickly ripped off her clothes and tied her up with her bra and belt. I stuffed a sexy panty in her mouth to keep her quiet.

Fred came frantically looking for her and as he walked beneath a branch I pounced on his back. Using my weight and surprise I pushed his face in the sand and before he could recover stripped him of all his clothes. I didn't remove their boots.

"Now we're equal," I said throwing their clothes in the bush. I freed Julia who immediately covered her pussy with both hands. Her perky breasts quivered with anticipation and her nipples stood out like beacons on a hill. I bet Fred always wanted to fuck her because his prick was growing bigger by the second.


"Now listen here - Celeste, isn't it? You cannot do this to us," complained a very uncomfortable Julia.

"Why not? You entered our turf without warning us."

"Where is my crew?" Fred was impatient, but I prodded him with one of the arrows to keep walking. "We're here for our weekly visit," insisted Fred.

"You have to explain that to the Supreme Council."

"Who the fuck is that?"

"Just wait and see, and keep your trap shut." I walked behind Julia and was immediately aroused by her beautiful tanned ass. This wasn't the first time Fred's prissy shrink was nude in the sun. It will be fun to pull the real Julia from herself, I thought.

Fred's prick was of a good size, and he was proud of it. The circumcised head looked like cruise missile ready to strike. The faint smile on his lips betrayed his true feelings about being captured, stripped and taken prisoner. He was enjoying it. Well, so was I, and that was the reason we were in this crazy show in the first place, to have fun.

Close to the camp I hollered at Sam and Naomi. They came running to see what was wrong with the camera crew in hot pursuit. Naomi was the first to arrive and when she saw my naked prisoners she slapped Fred, glared at Julia and confronted me.

"What the fuck is this?"

"Fred and Julia."

"I'm not stu.. Why are they naked?"

Sam just smiled when he saw the naked Julia. She also had an effect on him. Variety is the spice of life and with one extra cock and pussy in the camp I knew that we were going to have a ball. The cameraman was already shooting the whole scene.

Naomi wasn't a happy camper and I could see that some unresolved issues between her and Fred needed to be sorted out. And the best way to do it was a good clusterfuck. While I tied their hands above their heads to the tree, I brushed my ass cheeks against Fred's erection and pushed my tits against Julia's. Her small pubic triangle directed my hand to her clit. I was pleasantly surprised to encounter a wet and slippery pussy.

"You're going to enjoy this," I whispered in her ear. "Lust in the Dust would be a good title for your book."

I walked to Fred and played with his cock and balls. Precum was already seeping from its eye. Then the cameraman was next to me, indicating that I must suck on it for a clear shot. I obliged and with my pointed tongue tasted his juices before I swallowed his dick.

Then Naomi pulled me off. "You slut," she screamed at me. But before she could go any further I pinned her arms to her sides in a hug and kissed her. The taste of his precum on my tongue calmed her down. I caressed her tits and her ass before I went down on her. Opening her legs for the cameraman to get a clear shot I sucked on her clit and protruding pussy lips. I realized that I was in control of the situation and was directing this scene for TV. I better make it look good, with enough drama, tension and sex.

I got up and left Naomi close to an orgasm. The amusement on Fred's face was taunting and I decided that I would make him beg for release. Sam was already stroking his cock, ready to go into 'battle'.

Taking Naomi by the hand I led her to the tied Julia.

"Kiss her." Naomi looked at me. "Kiss her," I repeated.

Naomi gave Julia a peck on the lips.

"Not like that. Give her a proper French kiss."

Naomi did as I instructed and slipped her tongue into Julia's open mouth. Inspecting the kiss I saw Julia responding to the caress by hungrily licking and sucking on Naomi's mouth and tongue. The cameraman was also busy filming the two naked women kissing in the bush.

"Sam, get behind Julia and put that dick of yours to good use." I was enjoying this. He moved in behind Julia, cupped her breasts and kissed the small of her neck and nibbled on her ears. Julia pushed out her bums as a clear sign that she wanted Sam inside her. He guided his manhood into her wet cunt and started to fuck her. Naomi dropped to her knees, licked Julia's clit and inserted a finger next to Sam's shaft into her cunt.

Every once in a while they changed positions to help the cameraman get a better shot of the action. My hand was on my vulva, frigging my self to a climax.

"What about me?" moaned Fred. His cock was as hard as rock, ready to burst.

I thought Naomi took pity on the guy when she walked over to him.

"You ungrateful bastard. You kicked me out of our love nest so you could shack up with her." Naomi was fuming. "I think she realizes what a two timer you are. I didn't mind you fucking other women, but I also wanted that same privilege to fuck whom I wanted. But no, you are such a jealous prick." With that she flicked a finger on his aching cock. Fred howled in pain and lust.

Sam and Julia were still fucking. He rubbed her clit and slammed into her from behind. Her face was aglow with lust and passion. I could hear her breaths shortening in a buildup to a massive climax. She shuddered and screamed in the throws of an earth shattering orgasm.

Before Sam could cum I pulled him out of her pussy and stuck it into my mouth. He shot the first of his load deep in my throat and when the cameraman arrived I took away my mouth. The rest of his milky juices spurted on my face and tits. Naomi come over and licked every drop from my body.

It took us a while to recover. Our two prisoners were still tied up.

"What about them?" I asked.

To be continued... Please send your comments

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