tagNovels and NovellasAdventures of James & Julia Ch. 1

Adventures of James & Julia Ch. 1


The air was growing colder and the first hints of snow were starting to linger on the ground. Yes, Julia thought, the time was coming again when she would have the challenge of finding something special for her husband for Christmas.

While James was easy to please in most regards, as with most men, it was difficult to find just the right gift. This year in particular Julia was going to have to be creative. James had recently changed jobs, accepting a lucrative position in the private sector after a long and rewarding career in the Public Service. As a result, most of his temporal needs were met and James was not a man that liked to indulge consumerism to excess.

In her search for inspiration, Julia studied the December issues of the various magazines that she reads monthly. In the Holiday issue of Cosmo, she found her answer. Deep in the pages of Cosmo, under the heading "Intimate Christmas Gifts", was a suggestion that readers should reward their lovers with Boudoir photos taken at a professional studio. With James's love of photography, THIS, Julia thought, would be the answer.

The next day at the office, Julia flipped through the Yellow Pages looking for a studio that would offer such a service in, hopefully, a tasteful and professional fashion that would allow her to model in comfort while still portraying her seductive side. Julia truly wanted to vamp in her photos but wanted the experience to be personal and something that, to the greatest extent possible, only she and James shared.

About half way through the "Photographers" section of the Yellow Pages, Julia found the ad she thought she was looking for. The ad read:

"Diane's Studio - Specializing in Boudoir Photography: photos taken of women, by a woman, for men. Taste, comfort and quality guaranteed."

Although a little apprehensive, Julia phoned the number advertised. "Good Morning" answered the cheery female voice at the end of the line, "Diane speaking, how may I help you". " Well", Julia replied, "Christmas is coming and I thought that I would like to give my husband some boudoir photos for a sort of personal present". "I haven't done this before, but I think he would really appreciate something like this and he is very difficult to find gifts for". "I know what you mean", Diane said. "I have that problem with my partner, every year is a challenge".

"If you haven't tried this before, you must have a number of questions about the nature of the studio, the backdrops we use and suggestions we have for wardrobe". "Well, yes I do. I 'm sure that your work is very professional and tasteful Diane, but I can't help being a little nervous". "That's understandable, what I recommend is that a potential client drop by the studio and check it out. You know, look at the props, the lighting and sets; and ask any questions you might have. We're located in the Golden Triangle downtown, and many of our clients come by at lunch to look us over and book a session". "Actually", Julia offered, "my office is downtown, if it's convenient I could come by today at about 12:30". That was fine with Diane and after exchanging information and addresses; they agreed to meet during the lunch hour.

As Julia walked down Elgin Street, she wondered whether she would be able to pose for intimate photos taken by a stranger. On a number of occasions she posed for James in lingerie that he had given to her for various occasions, and on New Year's she had actually made an "adult movie" with James. That was very exciting, and she enjoyed taken his hardness deep in her mouth in front on the Camcorder. This however would not be a private viewing and someone else would be behind the lens as she primped in her push up bras and thong panties (Julia had a number of outfits in mind). This thought was a little unsettling for her, but was strangely exciting as well. As she walked along the back streets of the Golden Triangle, Julia felt a familiar dampness between her legs.

When Julia arrived at the studio she was greeted by an attractive woman in her mid to late thirties. Diane was of medium height and appeared to be fit. There was no question that she was attractive, but in a wholesome way with no particular feature that would overwhelm an observer. "Good afternoon, you must be Julia", she said. "Let me show you my studio". With professional pride, Diane gave Julia a tour of her studio, spending quite a lot of time showing how the numerous couches, brass beds, hammocks, plants and faux fireplaces could be used with her studio lamps to create the right mood for intimate boudoir photos.

After receiving more than satisfactory answers to her numerous questions, Julia was almost ready to make an appointment, but still had a lingering reservation. No one other than James had seen her pose seductively before and she was not sure that, for a stranger, she would be comfortable making love to the lens. That is the image she wanted the photos to project, so that in their long absences from one another James could look to these photos to remind him of her firm compliant body and those rich full lips that he loved to feel exploring the fullness of his erection.

Sensing a continuing reluctance, Diane offered, " Julia, if it's not important that the photos be a surprise, perhaps you and James can come together. Actually, many of my customers like their partners to come, so that they each can have photos taken for the other". This removed Julia's last concern and an appointment was made for an evening early in the New Year.

On Christmas morning James had a number of brightly wrapped packages to open. The most intriguing, however, was one he found in his underwear drawer. That package held a variety of silk boxers, Joe Boxers and bikini shorts. As well, the package included an invitation to join Julia for some boudoir photography at Studio Diane.

On a Friday evening in January, Julia and James went to the studio as scheduled. They each had an overnight bag containing the various outfits that they had selected for the photo session.

After greeting her guests warmly, Diane was right down to business. "The first thing", she said, "is for each of you to remove all of your clothes and put on these loose fitting robes. Your street clothes and underwear make lines that we don't want showing up in my photos. You change in those rooms near the exit sign. Once you've changed, look around and have some wine while I check the exposures I want to use. After we done that, the lines will be gone and I'll be ready.

After a few minutes, Diane returned asking, "Who's first". No one volunteered. "So it's going to be like that", Diane said. "I guess I better decide for you". "James, you seem a little more comfortable, you first". Following Diane's orders and Julia's suggestions James withdrew and changed into a pair of black Joe Boxers and a black silk robe. After leaving the change room, James moved to a couch the ladies had selected and sat inclined with his legs lying across the couch.

Following Diane's instructions and Julia's encouragement, as Diane clicked off the exposures, James opened the robe showing more of his chest and legs. Julia couldn't help but think that James's exercise regimen over the summer and fall had done a nice job of firming him up. With much pride and a hint of annoyance she noticed that Diane also was admiring her husband's physique. For his part, James was thoroughly enjoying the experience of having the ladies sip wine and coax him to pose more suggestively with each exposure.

After posing for at least twenty shots, James announced, " We have enough pictures of me, I think it's time that Julia pose". Diane agreed and sent Julia to change into the first of many outfits that she had selected. After sampling the wine and watching James pose, Julia was more than ready and was looking forward to showing what she had to offer. She was very proud of her body, which was firm from the aerobic program she was following and still was tan from a December holiday she had taken in Cuba.

Julia's first outfit was a crushed velvet robe with a matching velvet pushup bra and thong, all in deep Christmas red. In turn, Diane made Julia cross and uncross her legs, bring her shoulders forward to accentuate her cleavage and hold her legs in the air while reclining to give that long-legged look.

After taking a number of pictures on the hammock and roman style couch wearing various pieces from her collection of intimate apparel, Julia asked if she could move to the brass bed. Evidently she had a particular outfit in mind, because as soon as Diane agreed Julia went to the change room, leaving James and Diane to exchange tips on photography. During the evening, Julia had mentioned James's interest, and relative success in taking pictures.

"James", Diane asked, "after I'm finished with Julia, I wonder if I could ask you to take some boudoir photos of me. I would love to give my lover some intimate pictures and am too shy to ask a colleague to take them for me". Having overheard, Julia answered for James. "Of course he will, however, I'm going to supervise; but first, my pictures on the brass bed". For these photos Julia had selected a black lace bustier and matching thong. She wore five-inch black suede pumps and very shear black lace top stockings.

Julia reclined on the bed seductively and as the shutter clicked she started to run her hands along her throat and lower where she adjusted the fit of the bustier so that her breasts were shown to their best advantage. She touched her breasts softly and rhythmically. She then moved her other hand slowly down her stomach to where the fabric of her panties began. She lingered there only for a moment while she summoned her courage. After this shortest of hesitations her fingers continued, seeking the dampness she new existed below. While Diane was taken completely by surprise, she didn't stop advancing the film and recording exposure after exposure of this lovely, seductive and erotic exposition.

James was widely excited but was in absolute shock. He was expecting to see Julia model various attractive outfits, but was unprepared for this kinky demonstration of Julia's lust. Aware of their confusion and knowing that someone had to say something, Julia spoke. " As I got into this, I knew that I wanted to go a little beyond shots that we would see in Victoria's Secrets. I sensed that neither of you would object if I got a little kinky, and I was so wet I just had to touch myself. Frankly, I didn't think I would be touching myself quite this intimately with Diane here, I hope it's okay".

Diane was a little short of breathe, but responded," It's fine, actually it's lovely". "Would you consider having a few photos taken together? It's really a wonderful thing for a couple to share. What do you think James?"

James didn't need much encouragement and he was immediately at Julia's side kissing her earlobes, neck and her breasts at the fringe of her bustier. As the camera clicked, James fought the desire to release Julia from this garment and take her long hard nipples into his mouth. Diane seemed a little excited by what was unfolding in front of her, but continued to be the professional her ad had said she was and did not neglect her duties as photographer. While James wanted to take Julia immediately, he resisted the urge to place his hardened member between her legs and bury it deep inside her. That would have to wait until they were home and they had no audience. Wouldn't it?

With immense control, James withdrew from Julia and suggested that they end the session and return home. The plans he had for their return home would not have been a surprise to Julia or Diane. Julia purred that she to was anxious to get home, but reminded James that he had promised to take some shots of Diane, and that a promise was a promise.

Taking the cue, Diane removed to the change room to model the first of the outfits she had selected for herself. This was a cream coloured half-length silk robe with a matching panty underneath. She wore cream-coloured high-heeled slippers that lengthened her profile and made her legs seem more trim and fit than Julia and James had noticed before. In modeling her first outfit, Diane was surprisingly nervous. However, as the session continued and she tried more combinations of lingerie and poses, her comfort grew. The third and fourth outfits were getting increasingly risqué and were rivaling some of Julia's selections for their use of heels, stockings, push up bras and panties that could only contain all of the soft pubic hair that largely lay hidden behind because Diane, like Julia, had apparently trimmed her pussy in preparation for her boudoir photography session.

Indeed it was Julia who commented on how lovely Diane's selections looked and how the panties fit her bottom so well. While Diane changed into her final outfit, Julia gave James a deep passionate kiss telling him how she was still very wet and couldn't wait to get home so that she could do something about the obvious bulge in James's Joe boxers.

When Diane returned, James and Julia were surprised to see that Diane wore an identical outfit to Julia's. Yes, she too had a black velvet bustier and matching accessories, down to similar, if not identical, black pumps.

"Julia, when I saw that we had the same outfit, I thought it might be fun to model together to give James a special memento of our day together". "Are you game"? Inspired by the eroticism of the evening and the very fine wine, Julia replied, " I think that would be a very nice idea, I think we look wonderful".

Julia and Diane moved close to one another and posed first by the fireplace standing back to back, and then with Julia standing in front of Diane with Diane's arm playfully around her shoulder. Next, they moved to the couch and curled up like a couple of dear girl friends having a sleep over. To James' delight, however, they had not chosen to wear flannelette.

For the last few exposures together, Diane and Julia moved to the brass bed. They piled the pillows high and reclined together. Sensing that the session was near the end, almost by instinct they became move serious and their hugs became more intimate. Julia lay her head on Diane's shoulder and Diane ran her fingers through Julia's hair. Slowly Julia placed her hand high on Diane's thigh and let her fingertips lightly explore the lace stockings tops.

The silence could be cut with a knife, with no one knowing what to do next. Finally after an uncertain amount of time, James announced, "I'm out of film, I think that we should call it a night". With regret, it seemed, Diane agreed. But first she asked, "Julia I would like to thank James for this session, would you give him this kiss for me?" At that, she leaned over and lightly brushed Julia's lips with her own. The touch of their lips lingered for a moment. Slowly the pairs of lips opened and the light brushing was replaced by a moist, tentative but very exciting kiss. For the first time, Julia felt the softness of another woman's tongue. After a few moments, the embrace broke and Julia joined James at the couch. "I have a kiss for you" she said, and then she kissed James as deeply and as passionately as she ever had.

Diane suggested, "I think you two should be alone, why don't you use this brass bed, I'll come back and lock up later."

As Diane withdrew, James marveled at how Julia's tan looked so much deeper and richer under the studio lamps. He moved to Julia's side at the bed and knelt down beside her where she lay propped against the bulging pillows. James brushed Julia's hair away from her face and with his left hand pulled her towards him. He kissed her deeply, and as he did, moved his other hand down to the bustier below. James felt Julia's breasts beneath the bustier and massaged them gently. He moved his lips to Julia's neck and used his soft wet tongue to play with her ears and shoulders. Slowly he kissed his way from Julia's neck to the cleavage at the entrance to her bustier. James kissed the top of each breast in turn, and then ran his tongue slowly between Julia's breasts. Wanting to explore Julia further, James reached around with his right hand and released Julia from the bondage of the bustier. Julia's firm full breasts fell free, and James could see that his efforts had not gone unrewarded. Julia's nipples were dark and hard and long.

"James", Julia said, "Please take my breasts in your mouth. I love when you kiss me like that". Without any hesitation, James moved his wet open mouth to Julia's breasts and sucked on each nipple, alternating from one to the other at Julia's direction. He then moved his head lower and ran his lips along her tummy, navel and beyond. As he reached Julia's neatly trimmed mound of pubic hair, Julia gasped. James continued his journey and parted Julia's lower lips with his fingertips. He then bathed her exposed pussy with his tongue and took her erect clit in his mouth and sucked on it, first softly and then with more intensity. Julia was getting wetter and wetter and finally pleaded with James to come on top her and bury himself deep inside of her.

James needed no coaxing and rolled on top of Julia, placing his weight on his elbows and his engorged cock where she had demanded it. He thrust rapidly and deeply while Julia wrapped her legs around his back. James's cock ventured as far into that warm wet chasm as possible. Even the vibrators that James and Julia had experimented with had not filled her so completely. With a gasp and a muffled cry, Julia came bucking against James to ride her orgasm for every bit of pleasure it could offer. Her body shook with that telltale shudder that announced a full and complete orgasm.

With incredible control, James held his orgasm, wishing to feel Julia take him in her mouth and pleasure him until he could stand it no longer and would explode his hot sticky come over her lips, tongue and chin.

Without noticing the change in position, James now found himself on his back with Julia lying partly on her side beside him. Julia ran her hand along the bulge at James's crotch as she kissed James's chest, firmly and rapidly, massaging his nipples with her tongue. "I love how you do that", James panted. The encouragement seemed to spur Julia on and the attention she gave to James's nipples almost made him explode, even without any stimulation of the bulge that Julia was next to apply herself to.

After a few, very enjoyable, moments, Julia moved her lips to James's ear and whispered," I want to go down on you and feel that warm hard cock deep in my mouth". With that, Julia shifted down the bed until her mouth could reach James's toes. Julia lifted James's foot to her mouth and kissed and sucked each toe, warmly bathing each toe with her tongue. Knowing that James could not wait much longer, Julia move her lips and tongue up James's legs to his thighs. Julia licked and nipped James, teasing him as she watched his penis harden still further. Finally, she ran her tongue along the pouch that held James's balls; she sucked on it and took it into her mouth. While she had it contained within her lips, she ran her tongue all around it, licking it vigorously. Sensing that James was ready to burst, Julia moved her mouth to the head of his cock, and swallowed him deeply. With his hardness encompassed, she bopped up and down, licking the backside of his cock furiously. Suddenly, James erupted, spurting hot slippery come into Julia's waiting mouth. Julia continued licking and sucking James's cock, savouring every drop, as she alternated between taking him in her mouth and running his cock over her lips and chin. James was out of control with the orgasm that Julia had brought him to. It wasn't until Julia rolled over exhausted in his arms that he noticed that they weren't alone.

Out from behind the shadows of the studio lamps stepped Diane. With her was a beautiful auburn-haired woman in her early thirties. "That was beautiful", Diane gasped, "You two are wonderful together, I didn't remember that love making between a man and a woman could be so lovely". "I didn't plan on spying on you, but just as I was making my way to the change room, Megan arrived. I was telling her about our photo session and as you started to make love, we couldn't help ourselves. I hope we haven't offended you".

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