tagNovels and NovellasAdventures of James & Julia Ch. 2

Adventures of James & Julia Ch. 2


A few weeks later on a Saturday evening, James and Julia prepared to join Diane and Megan for the evening. They had decided to take taxis each way so that they could enjoy the wine that James had selected from their cellar. The hostesses had suggested that they dress comfortably, so James wore silk boxers, Dockers and a long-sleeved Tommy Hilfiger polo shirt. Julia wore a sweater and black pants, with dark green lingerie underneath.

Shortly after arriving at the townhouse and ringing the bell, Julia and James were greeted both by Diane and Megan. The hostesses wore matching black silk half-length robes, oriental style slippers, and seemingly very little else. The two escorted Julia and James to their living room that was set up as a conversation area around the fireplace that had a fire well underway.

Megan served some of the wine that James had brought, and the four supped on shrimp and scallops and rice, right there by the fire. With this portion of the meal complete, Megan suggested that James and Julia change before the group tried some ice wine. Diane produced two black silk robes similar to those that she and Megan wore. She instructed James and Julia to change into them for the massage session. Evidently, the massages were about to begin.

Moving to the spare bedroom, James and Julia changed as they were told. They returned to the living room to see that the ice wine had been poured and that two futons had been set out on the floor near the fireplace. Following a taste of wine, James was instructed to lay face down on the futon beside Diane, and Julia did the same beside Megan.

The lights were dimmed except for the glow of the fire, but James and Julia could make out the images of the masseuses, as well as of themselves. It was Diane who first stripped James of his robe, revealing the silk boxers that lay below. She warmed some oil with her hands and began the massage at his shoulders. She gently but firmly worked his back, moving up and down with the heel of her hand. From time to time she would move her fingers back to his neck and deeply work the muscles she found there. As James suspected, Diane wore nothing under her robe and he could feel the tickle of her pubic hair as she straddled the back of his legs to give him the massage.

Megan slipped Julia's robe off as well, all that lay beneath were a pair of thong panties that had worked their way up Julia's bottom, revealing her lovely lower cheeks. Megan was having a difficult time controlling her excitement, and enthusiastically applied the warm oil to Julia's neck, back and shoulders.

Having generously worked James's neck and shoulders, Diane whispered that she would like to work on James's legs. Softly, she asked James if she could slide off his boxers so as not to stain the silk. James raised his bottom slightly, without turning over, and Diane slide the shorts down and removed them from his ankles. Diane then applied oil to the backs of James's legs and worked it in deeply, first at his ankles and calves and then at the backs of his knees. After a number of minutes of this enjoyable treatment, Diane turned her attention to the backs of his thighs and ultimately his firm buns.

This was a very strange sensation for James indeed, as no one other than Julia had given him a massage before, let alone one so intimate. James peeked over to see how Julia's session was going.

As if working from a script, James noticed that Megan had coaxed Julia to remove her thong. Julia likely thought that there was no reason not to, since the thong really covered very little from behind at any rate. Megan's massage technique appeared very similar to Diane's, James thought. Although it was dim, he could make out that Megan was starting at Julia's feet and ankles and making her way progressively up Julia's legs to her thighs and bottom. As he was savouring the sensation of his own rub down, he noticed that Megan had slipped off her robe and was paying particular attention to Julia's bottom, applying the lovely warm oil generously.

What he couldn't know was that Megan's breasts were lightly touching Julia's back from time to time and that Megan had whispered in Julia's ear asking if she could give Julia a very deep massage. As she did, Megan lightly ran the crimson coloured nail of her index finger between the cheeks of Julia's well oiled bottom, resting momentarily at that private opening that she and James and only in recent months began to explore.

Not waiting for an immediate answer, Megan removed her finger and continued her massage, alternating from light brushing on the insides of Julia's thighs, high up near where Julia's pussy began, to more firm kneading of Julia's bottom. As Megan continued her massage in this fashion, she would explore cautiously the area between Julia's buns, lingering a little longer each time. Each time she brushed by the button that was the opening to this back passage, Megan found Julia a little more relaxed and could feel the button opening and beckoning her red tipped finger. Finally, Megan whispered the proposal in Julia's ear, and Julia consented as Megan slowly ran her finger deep in Julia's bottom. Unexpectedly, Julia came and could feel the waves of pleasure pour over her as Megan moved that wonderful finger lightly inside her. For her part, Megan too was expended and she lay beside Julia with her arm around her. The excitement and anticipation had been very draining for her.

With the dimness of the room, James was not quite sure what had transpired, but guessed that something beyond what was expected had taken place. At any rate, he was very relaxed by the massage he was receiving except that it was becoming more and more difficult to lay on his stomach. Although he had shifted somewhat so that he could lay on his erection, the combination of his cock against the futon and Diane's hands on his thighs and ass were making him very horny.

Just as he was wondering how he could continue like this, Diane gently rolled him over. With James lying on his back, Diane applied some oil to his chest and began to give him an intense massage on his chest and stomach. After a few minutes, this massage moved lower, running from James's navel, along the sides of his hips and then to his thighs. As this path of the massage was repeated over and over for the next couples of minutes, James got harder.

Concluding that the mood and the time were right, Diane asked, "Julia, would you mind if I applied a little oil to James's penis. His skin seems a little dry, and it's the only area I haven't massaged yet. I think it needs some attention". Julia was not quite certain how she felt about this, but had her self enjoyed the orgasm that Megan's massage had brought. Also, she reasoned, what Diane was proposing was only a type of massage, wasn't it. "I think that would be fine" Julia said. " I wouldn't want James to suffer from dry skin.

With permission granted, Diane generously applied oil to James's cock, stroking it slowly as she worked the oil in. While she was giving him this intimate massage, Diane applied oil to the pouch that held James's balls and lightly massaged him there as well.

It had been some time since Diane had been intimate with a man, and as James came closer to a climax, Diane could feel her excitement growing. Glancing over at Julia and Megan, she noticed that they had renewed their activity. Shortly after Julia had assented to Diane's suggestion, Megan whispered to Julia that she thought Julia should also have a front massage and began massaging Julia's breasts and tummy with oil. With Julia distracted by Megan, and with the dimness that grew as the fire faded, Diane saw her opportunity to act on the impulse she was now having a very hard time fighting.

With James about to come from the hand job she was expertly administering, Diane, without warning, moved over James and took him deep in her mouth. Unable to control himself, James came immediately. Diane discreetly continued to work on James with her mouth, until every drop had been dealt with. Satisfied that her impulse had been fulfilled, she put her mouth to James's ear in apology. " I'm sorry I got carried away, please don't tell Julia or Megan, it's just that its been so long since I have been with a man, I didn't realize how I would react. It was wonderful".

James said nothing, and silently hoped that Julia was not aware of this final development. She had agreed to the intimate massage of his cock, probably expecting that he would come, but this was further than he imagined things would unfold.

Diane and James would have been relieved to know that Julia and Megan were too caught up in the continuation of Julia's massage to notice what their respective lovers were up to. In the darkness that had fallen on the room, with the dimming of the fire, Megan was massaging the oil into Julia's breasts, hips and thighs. With each stroke, Megan was gradually working her way to Julia's middle and her oily fingertips were softly touching the outer regions of Julia's pubic hair. Knowing that Julia had consented to the stroking of James's cock, and not feeling any reluctance on Julia's part as her hands approached Julia's pussy, Megan slowly but decidedly moved her fingers to where they touched those puffy lower lips. She found Julia's nub of flesh with her fingertips and slowly stroked that important and sensitive bit of anatomy just where a women's inner lips meet.

Very relaxed and satisfied from Megan's earlier sensual exploration, Julia was just lying back basking in the sensations that were flowing from this very expert finger work on her pussy. Normally Julia would have hesitated and perhaps stopped Megan, apprehensive about what James would think of this escalation of the rub down. But, with the wine and the oddly erotic sensation from knowing that James was getting his cock stroked on the next futon, Julia acquiesced, and allowed the massage to progress.

Megan was primarily running her fingers through Julia's pubic hair and lightly fingering her clit and pussy, but from time to time, just when it seemed like the perfect idea, she would insert her long index finger in Julia's pussy, hooking it in search of Julia's G spot. As this continued, Julia's arousal grew. She was no longer just basking in the glow of her last orgasm, but was feeling that another tremor may be on its way. Megan's senses were heightening, and she could feel Julia's orgasm building. All evening she had yearned to put her lips to that lovely pussy that she was now satisfying so expertly. Knowing that this would be her last opportunity, she went down on Julia, delicately kissing Julia's pussy with her tongue and lips. Like James was when Diane took him in her mouth, Julia was startled when Megan took the massage to this most intimate level. There was little to do about it without announcing to James and Diane what was taking place however, and in all honesty, it really was quite an incredible feeling of eroticism and sensuality. In a very short moment, Julia came quietly, but with no less satisfaction than from many of her greatest climaxes. The limited volume was more a matter that she didn't want to announce this development.

The taxi home was a treat that James had arranged. It was actually a small Limo with a privacy screen separating the driver from passengers. Another time, James and Julia would have used this privacy to satisfy a fantasy they share and have played out before. Tonight, however, the only had enough energy left to cuddle in each other's arms and think of the evening they shared so erotically with their new friends. Would they like to see these people again? They probably weren't sure. Even with the evening going farther than they each thought it would, it had been very exciting and mostly comfortable.

As the Limo made its way home, James wondered what Julia would have thought had she realized that Diane had gone down on him the way she did. James wasn't sure what he thought himself. Physically, it was very exciting and satisfying. However, even though he hadn't encouraged Diane and was taken by surprise when she took him in her mouth, James felt a little deceitful.

Julia was also reflecting on the developments of the evening. She, however, knew that James probably wouldn't have objected to the attention that Megan gave her pussy and probably would have found it rather exciting. What Julia was wondering about was how it would feel to make love with a beautiful woman again, but with a less passive role. Seeing Diane and Megan the way she had, she wondered what it would be like to administer the massage, to run her fingers through the soft curls of pubic hair, to lightly finger the lower lips and firm nubs of flesh, and ultimately, for the first time, to taste a beautiful woman's pussy as she comes to a climax under the application of her skillful tongue.

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