tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAgainst My Will

Against My Will


This is for YOU. You know who you are.

Like most women I want it many different ways; sometimes I want it hard and fast, sometimes slow and gentle. Sometimes I want to make love like newlyweds, sometimes I want to fuck like a whore. Sometimes I want to run the show. And sometimes - I want to be TAKEN. . .

You pin me down and kiss me roughly. You slide your hand between our bodies and play with my pussy. I try to close my legs and tell you ‘no,’ squirming beneath you, but you push my thighs apart roughly and hold my wrists down on the mattress just above my head.

“I want you.” You say. “And I know you want me too.”

I keep saying, ‘no, please,’ but you continue kissing me and fingering my pussy. Your hard cock presses against my inner thigh. Despite my protests, my pussy begins to get wet and little whimpers and moans escape me.

“You want it. You want me to fuck you, don’t you?” you ask.

I say, “No. . .please don’t. . .stop!” But you keep going. You run your hot tongue up the side of my neck and a shiver runs through me. You shift your body and I feel your hard cock pressing against the opening of my dripping pussy.

“Please. . .” I whimper.

“Please what?” You ask. “Please fuck you?”

“No. . .please. . .stop. . .” I whisper breathlessly. But now my mouth opens willingly to accept your hot tongue and I feel myself returning your kiss with equal desire. My heart is pounding; not from fear but from passion, desire, need.

You push just the head of your cock into me and I moan aloud, my hips rising involuntarily off the mattress to accept you. You pull back a little and laugh.

“I knew you wanted it, you little cock-tease. Your pussy is SOAKED!” You say before pushing your tongue back into my mouth, probing its farthest reaches.

“Please don’t. . .stop. . .mmmmm.. . .don’t stop. . .” I beg.

You laugh and thrust into me deeply. You begin to fuck me with slow, hard thrusts. I moan and lift my hips from the mattress to meet each stroke.

“Tell me what you want.” You demand.

“You. . .” I groan.

“Tell me more.” You say, roughly shoving your cock in deep.

“I want you to fuck me. . .take me. . .take my pussy. . .” I plead.

“You’re a little slut, aren’t you?” You laugh.

“Yes. . .” I answer, lifting my legs and wrapping them around your waist.

“You like this, don’t you?” You say. “You like me TAKING you. You like me MAKING you fuck me, don’t you?”

For a moment I try to deny that I like this, that I want it like this. I try to move my arms, to get away, but you press my wrists against the mattress tightly. You pull your cock almost all the way out of my steaming pussy, leaving just the head inside me. I don’t want you to stop. My pussy is on fire and I need you to take me; there’s no denying it.

“No. . .wait. . .please. . .” I plead.

“You want me to TAKE you. You want me to MAKE you give me that hot pussy, don’t you?” You demand angrily, shoving your cock in hard. “Admit it!”

“Yes. . .I want it. . .TAKE me. . .MAKE me do it. . .” I whimper.

“Tell me whose pussy this is.” You demand, beginning to slide in and out slowly.

“Yours. . .this is YOUR pussy. . .” I whimpered, squeezing you with my legs and pushing my hips up to take all of you into me.

“That’s right. It’s MINE.” You say. “This pussy belongs to me. What will you do for me?”

“Anything. . .I swear, anything you want. . .”

“What if I want you to masturbate for me?” You ask. “Will you let me watch you play with your pussy?”

“Yes. . .” I promise.

“Will you let me see you make yourself cum?”

“Yes. . .”

“What if I want to watch you with another woman? Will you lick pussy for me?”

“Yes. . .” I feel intensely aroused at the thought, having often fantasized about other women.

“Will you get in a 69 with her?”

“Oh yes. . .” I moan.

“Will you push your tongue up her ass? And let her do the same to you?” You ask.

“God, yes. . .” I exclaim, so close to orgasm.

The idea of you watching me make love to another woman, tonguing her pussy and her ass sends me over the edge. I cry out and begin to cum, my whole body tensing, squeezing you with my arms and legs, and my pussy.

“That’s it,” you moan, never missing a stroke. “Oh yeah, cum for me, baby.”

My orgasm begins to subside, and my body begins to relax. But you don’t stop. You aren’t nearly done yet.

“This is MY pussy and no one else fucks it. . .”

“No. . .no one else. .” I whisper.

“You didn’t let me finish.” You reply. “No one else fucks it, unless I say so.”

I look at you questioningly.

“What if I want to watch some other guy fuck you?” you ask, shoving your cock in hard, brushing against my clit. “Would you do that for me? Would you let me watch?”

The idea of another man fucking me doesn’t turn me on so much as the thought of YOU WATCHING him take me.

I don’t hesitate. “Yes. . .” I whimpered as another orgasm began to build inside me. I resume meeting your strokes eagerly.

“Would you suck my cock while he fucks that hot pussy from behind?” You ask, slowing down the pace and watching my face.

“Yes, baby. . .” I breath. “Anything. . .I swear. . .anything you want. . .”

“Will you swallow my cum?”

“Yes. . .” I reply, and suddenly I thirst for it.

“I want to tie you up and fuck your hot mouth. Do you trust me enough to let me do that?”

“Yes. . .”

You release my wrists and I wrap my arms around your neck, running my fingers through you hair. You slide your hands under my ass, kneading the soft round flesh. I moan louder and my breathing is labored, my heart pounding so hard I think it will burst from my chest any moment.

“Are you gonna cum for me again, girl?”

“Yes. . .” I whimper. And I cry out as another orgasm overtakes me.

You push your cock into me deeply and ride out my orgasm. When it passes, you pull your cock out of me and tell me to roll over. I comply immediately and you enter me from behind. I push my ass up and back, giving you easy access.

“God, your ass feels so good against me.” You say, thrusting hard and deep.

I moan in response.

“What if I want to fuck that ass?” you ask. “Will you give me that? Will you let me slide my cock in and out of that tight little puckered asshole and fill it with cum?”

“Oh God, yes. . .” I moan, wondering if you have any idea how appealing that thought is to me. I long to give it to you.

For a while we don’t speak. The room is filled with the sounds of our lovemaking: moans, groans, whimpering, panting and the wet sounds of your hard cock sliding in and out of my hot cunt.

I slide my hand under myself and begin to rub my swollen clit.

“Fuck yes. Stroke that hot clit, baby.” You whisper.

Your strokes become harder, faster, more insistent.

“I’m gonna cum any minute.” You groan.

“Do it, baby.” I reply.

“Do you want me to cum inside you?” You ask.

“Oh yes. . .please, baby, please cum inside me. . .” I beg.

That does it for you. You push your hard cock into me and groan loud. I stroke my clit furiously and nearly scream as yet another orgasm, the most intense yet, hits me. Just as it begins to subside, I feel your cock jerking inside me, spewing its full load of hot sticky cum deep into my steamy pussy.

“Oh God, yes, baby! Fill me with your cum. Fill my pussy with your hot cum!” I cry out as my orgasm peaks again, begins to subside, then peaks yet again. For a second, my heart seems to stop and I think that I’ll surely die from the sheer pleasure of this moment.

This is just one of the many fantasies (yours, mine & ours) that I want us to explore together; several, though certainly not all of them, are mentioned in this story. I hope we have time to explore as many of them as possible!

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