tagCelebrities & Fan FictionAlexandra Steele Meets Robin Meade

Alexandra Steele Meets Robin Meade


I was heading to Myrtle Beach for a couple of weeks of golf and relaxation. On my way there I stopped in Atlanta overnight to rest my aching back and tired eyes. As I entered Atlanta I saw the building housing the Weather Channel and CNN News. I remembered my old flame from high school was now a meteorologist there at the Weather Channel. Her name was Alexandra Steels and my dick got hard just thinking about the wild times we had back in high school.

After high school I went off to college on the west coast and Alex (as I used to call her) went off to meteorologist school on the east coast. I was shocked a couple of years back when I turned on the weather channel and saw Alex. She looked better then ever. Her hair was a long dirty blonde with a deep bronze tan. Her long willowy body was better then ever and she filled out her tight sweaters to perfection. Her long graceful legs were still slim, but if she gained any weight it was it her gorgeous rounded ass.

I looked her up and gave her a call a few months ago and we laughed and talked for hours. We finally hung up with Alex telling me to look her up if I ever was in Atlanta.

So here I was pulling into the parking structure that housed the Weather Channel. I walked through the huge lobby and asked the receptionist for Alex Steele. She had a puzzled look on her face. I realized that she now went by Alexandra and corrected myself, telling her who I was. She rang her office and she spoke briefly with her on the phone and hung up.

"She'll be down if a few minutes to see you. You can wait over there for her." She pointed to a row of couches and I went over to wait for Alex.

About five minutes passed and out of the offices behind the receptionist came Alexandra. Her radiant smile beamed from ear to ear. She looked even better in person then she does on TV. She was wearing a lavender leather coat that zipped up the front and now not being on the air was pulled down to exposes the upper halves of her orange sized breasts. Looking down her legs were bare, not needing stocking with her deep tan. They were perfectly shaped and ended just above the knee leaving a lot to the imagination of what lied above that. Looking back to her face, it was framed with dark blonde waves that bounced as she walked towards me.

I rose to greet her putting out my hand to shake hers. She had nothing of that and threw her arms around me and gave me a long shoulder to knee pressing hug. When she broke the hug she planted a brief kiss on my lips and beaming with joy asked me what the hell I was doing in Atlanta?

"I'm on my way to Myrtle Beach for a couple weeks of R & R and thought I would spend the night in Atlanta before making my way there.."

She asked where I was staying and I told her I haven't made plans yet and she told me to forget it because I was staying at her place.

"Alex, I don't want to put you out."

She frowned, "John, I Go now by Alexandra, if we are alone it's okay to call me Alex, but in public places, especially here at work could you please call me Alexandra? It took me a long time to get my associates to go by Alexandra and I'd hate to have them fall back into that old rut. And by the way, no way are you staying at any cold impersonal hotel and I will not take no for an answer, got it?"

"Okay Alexandra, on both counts."

"So John what are your plans for this evening?"

"I thought we could have dinner and catch up on old times."

She scrunched up her face, "Oh that may be a problem. You see I had dinner plans with a colleague of mine from Headline News. Maybe you've seen her in the morning; she's the anchor, Robin Meade."

My eyes lit up, seen her, I've made love to her many of mornings just listening her infectious laugh and gorgeous body."

Alexandra laughed, "I guess I have some competition for your affections, huh?"

"Never; you'll always be my first love."

"John I have an idea, let me give her a call and she if she's up for it. Come on back to my office and let me give her a call. I'll introduce you to some of my colleagues at the same time."

I followed her, my eyes never leaving the movement of her gorgeous ass.

"Hi Heather, this is an old friend of mine from high school. John this is Heather Tesch and her is Stephanie Abrams and Nicole Mitchell, an old high school flame, John.

I said hi and took in all of their beauty. They all looked great, even better in person.

We made our way to her office and on the way I was introduced to Paul Goodloe, Hillary Andrews and Jeanetta Jones.

She sat behind her desk and made a brief phone call. She was calling Robin Meade.

"Hi Robin, Alexandra here! Listen my old high school boyfriend dropped in unannounced and I wanted to know if I could get a rain check on our dinner plans?"

She listened a few moments and told Robin to hold on. "Listen John, Robin is all alone for a few days, her husband is out of town and she was wondering if the three of us could have dinner together?"

I smiled from ear to ear; "I would love to have dinner with two of the most beautiful women in all of Georgia."

"Listen Robin, he's giving me a line so deep, I need my hip boots, but yeah, he'd love to make it a threesome, I mean dinner with both of us.

"Alexandra, you had it right the first time."

Even with her deep tan I could see her turn red and smiled as she told Robin that we would meet her at 5:30 at the restaurant, and she hung up

"Well John you have a couple of hours, if you would like you can go to my apartment and freshen up and I'll meet you at the restaurant at 5:30. I'll call my doorman to tell him you'll be coming, here's the address, okay?"

"Sounds great Alex, I mean Alexandra, see you at 5:30 at the restaurant."

She smiled and slapped me on the arm lovingly, gave me a peck on the cheek and told me to be good.

I made my way to her place not far from the Weather Channel offices and was I impressed. It had a spectacular view and was very roomy. I snooped around and found some very interesting things in her bedroom. Things like large black dildos, strap on dicks, lots of porno flicks, both straight and lesbian. I guess Alex played on both teams. She had some very interesting lingerie also. The doorman said she had a private tanning area on the roof and told me to keep it to myself, but he heard she was always up there in the nude. I smiled and told him I'd love to see that and he replied, "Me too!!"

Five-thirty came around rather quickly and I rushed over to the restaurant that Alex told me to meet her and Robin at. I got there before either of them and I was seated facing the door. They came in together and I got an instant hard-on just seeing these two gorgeous women. Alex wore what she had on earlier and Robin was dressed in a short clinging black dress that left her shoulders bare. Over the dress was a waist length gold jacket that did very little to hide her huge tits. I knew they were large seeing her on TV, but in person they were even larger. Her long brown hair was pulled back severely on a tight ponytail. Her full lips were painted a bright red and I visualized a stiff cock sliding in and out of those luscious lips. I couldn't make out her ass, but if it's anything like on TV I knew it would be fantastic. Her legs were covered with tan colored stockings and I wondered if they were pantyhose or stockings?

She put out her delicate hand and smiled, "Hi, I'm Robin, pleased to meet you John. Alexandra has told me a whole lot about you." After that she let out one of her patented giggles that sent blood rushing to my cock once again.

I shook her hand and told her, "Please to meet you, and don't believe half of that Alex, I mean Alexandra says."

She giggled again and said, "I sure hope its all true."

Alex playfully smacked Robin on the shoulder and told her to hush.

We had a leisurely dinner and a few too many drinks and by the time we finished it was already 8:30. We were there for three hours and luckily we could keep our cars at the restaurant and take a cab together to Alex's apartment.

When we got to Alex's apartment we all sat on her large plush sofa. I was in heaven with both women on either side of me. Alex got up and said she was going to freshen up and would be back in a few. I got up and made Robin and myself a drink and sat and talked about her job. She blushed when I told her how I fantasized about her every morning on Headline News. She got a little uncomfortable then and I noticed this. I told her I was going to go and look for Alexandra seeing she had been gone for over ten minutes

I walked down the long hall and from the bathroom I could hear the shower. I knocked on the door and she yelled out, "Come in"

Smiling I entered and slowly opened the large shower door. There stood Alex, naked in all of her glory covered in soap and her fingers buried in her bare pussy.

I licked my lips saying, "Need any help?"

"Get naked and join me."

I tore off my clothes in nothing flat and was in there pressed against her soapy slinky body. Her tits stood high on her chest like in high school and her rosy nipples were a lot darker now from sunbathing in the nude. I took the soap from her and standing behind her began soaping up her tits and belly I dropped the soap and ran my hands all over her front from shoulders to knees. She was moaning as I slipped my fingers between her pussy lips and rubbed her clit up and down. She shuttered and came and leaned up against me.

That was great John, let's get dry and continue this in the bedroom. She reached back and stroked my big cock.

"Damn John, it's bigger then I remember!?

"Is that a bad thing?"

"Oh no it's just right."

We got out and dried off and she started heading for the bedroom.

"Oh Alexandra, aren't you forgetting someone?"

"Oh Fuck, I forgot about Robin, here put this on."

She handed me a feminine robe and she put one on.

"No thanks Alexandra, I'll stick with my towel."

She laughed and we left the bathroom

Before she saw us Robin heard us; "It's about time where … She stopped in mid-sentence when she say us in robe and towel. She sat back down and looked a little nervous.

Alex slid one hand along Robin's thigh upwards towards her pussy and the other hand was stroking her neck.

Robin let out a little whimper and said; "Alexandra, I just couldn't, that was my wild time. I'm happily married now and oh god if you knew what that does to me… Please stop I just couldn't do this if front of another man, oh fuck Alexandra, please stop."

Alex slid closer to Robin and slid her tongue into Robin's ear and flicked it back and forth. She whispered in her ear; "This is what I want to do to your pussy and clit." She flicked her tongue back and forth along her earlobe and nipped at it with her teeth.

Robin let out a groan and turned her face towards Alex and their lips met tentatively at first, then with more passion. They were both moaning as their tongues invaded each other's mouths. Alex's robe parted and her grapefruit sized tits popped out and Robin covered one with her delicate fingers. Squeezing lightly Alex let out a gasp as she slid her hands up and down Robin's thigh.

When they broke their kiss I could see the fire in Robin's eyes and her lips were swollen from kissing Alex. She lowered her head to Alex's tit and slowly ran her tongue around her dark nipple. Alex pulled Robin's head hard against her tit and she engulfed half of her tit in her mouth. Robin kissed her way up Alex's chest to her neck and once again their mouths met.

As they kissed, Alex slowly unbuttoned the three large gold buttons holding Robin's jacket closed. When she had they undone she slid the jacket off Robin's shoulders and I helped her draw it of her arms. Robin's upper chest and shoulders were now bare and I couldn't believe the size of her tits. They were like small melons being held up by her tight black dress. With Robin still leaning forward I reached behind her and lowered the zipper on the back of her dress. As the material parted Alex pulled the dress down to Robin's waist. She was now wearing a very shear strapless bra that did very little to hide anything. Alex lowered her mouth and sucked on Robin's extremely large nipples right through the bra. Robin ran her hands through Alex's golden mane and pulled her mouth tighter to her tit. I unsnapped the bra and tugged on it, but it was had to remove with Alex's mouth sucking the bra and nipple into her mouth.

I pushed Robin back against the sofa and when I did this Alex's mouth let go of her tit. The bra fell into Robin's lap and we were all treated to a sight to behold. Her tits were mammoth. They were natural and did not sag an inch. Alex's hand could not cover one when she palmed it and they were capped off with large aureoles and rosy pink nipples that stood out like large pencil erasers. Alex attacked Robin's tits like a starved baby. She lapped at one while tugging in the other nipple. She moved back and forth and when she stopped both tits were shining and dripping with Alex's saliva.

I opened my towel and stroked my cock as I watched these two gorgeous women French kissing each other again. I grabbed Robin's idle hand and placed it on my cock. She quickly pulled away and I took it again and held it to my cock. I slid her hand up and down my cock slowly and she let out a moan. I let go of her hand and she continued stroking my cock. I spit on my hand and covered my cock with it to give her some lubrication. She giggled and did the same with her saliva.

I lowered my mouth and began sucking on one nipple as Alex did the same with the other one. Robin threw her head back and groaned, but refused to let go of my large stiff cock. Alex and I let go of Robin's tits and I locked my fingers in Alex's luxurious blonde locks and pulled her face to mine. We kissed and Robin moaned her disapproval of abandoning. For someone who didn't want to cheat on her husband she sure was into Alex and me now.

I returned to lapping away at her tits as Alex stood up and dropped her robe. Both Robin and I stared at this slim beauty with not an ounce of fat anywhere. Grapefruit sized tits, flat belly, long slender legs, tight rounded ass and a smooth shaved pussy shining with her leaking juices. Alex slowly sank to her knees and reached out and began tugging on the dress that was around Robin's waist. She raised her hips and Alex slipped it off her ass and down her ample thighs. What a glorious ass Robin had had. It was extremely firm and beautifully rounded without looking large, sort of a Ja-Lo ass, but with the rest of her body it was exquisite. She had thigh high stockings on that Alex slipped off of her firm legs. This left her with only a black pair of nearly see-through panties, it marched her bra that was now lying on the floor.

Alex grabbed hold of Robin's hips and pulled her to the edge of the sofa. When she did this her head was halfway down the back of the sofa. I had a plan but decided to wait a few minutes to see how hot Alex was going to get Robin.

With her legs hanging off the sofa Alex slid in-between them and starting at the knee kissed, licked and nipped her way up to her soaking wet panties. Every time Alex nipped at Robin's sensitive skin she jumped and let out a gasp and squeezed my cock. When Alex got to Robin's pussy she was writhing from side to side her head slipping lower & lower on the sofa. Alex took the panties in her teeth and pulled hard and she ripped them off of her body. Robin let out a gasp and dropped back down onto the sofa.

Robin let go of my cock and wrapped both hands in Alex's hair and pulled her blonde head into her crotch. She groans grew louder and louder as Alex licked and sucked Robin's pussy lips into her mouth. I saw her tongue dart in and out of her pussy and every time it entered her pussy Robin would thrust her hips up to meet her tongue. Her large brown eyes opened wide and I could tell she was coming close to her first orgasm.

I knelt up on the sofa and ran my cock back and forth across her swollen lips. She looked up at me and opened her mouth. I pushed forward and my cock slowly slipped into her mouth. Robin worked her tongue around my shaft as I fucked her mouth. She was slurping on it and her saliva dripped off of my cock and onto her large tits. I was in heaven, here I was having my cock sucked by Robin Meade and between her legs was Alexandra Steele licking her pussy like a wild woman.

I wrapped my hands around Robin's head and unsnapped her ponytail holder and her gorgeous brown hair cascaded around her face and covered her tits. I wound my fingers through her locks and closed my eyes. Her warm mouth and active tongue was bringing me close to cumming.

I let out a load groan and began spurting my cum down her throat. I surprised her, for her eyes opened wide and she stopped sucking and began swallowing as fast as she could. She got most of it down her gorgeous throat but a little leaked out of the corner of her mouth and dripped onto her tit. I rubbed it into her skin. My cock slipped out of her mouth when she let out a load groan as she shuttered and began cumming. She nearly crushed Alex's head like a walnut when she clamped her thighs around Alex's head.

When she calmed down and let up on her legs Alex came up with a smile on her face and her lips and chin covered in Robin's juices. She slid up Robin's still shaking body and they began kissing again, Robin licking her own juices off of Alex's face.

Alex looked into her eyes and whispered; "I've always loved you, I just forget how much!"

Robin smiled and kissed her tenderly and whispered back; "Now it's your turn!"

Robin slipped off the sofa and playfully threw Alex back onto the sofa. She kissed her neck and ear and run her tongue along the lobe. Alex moaned as Robin kissed her lips and moved down to her firm sensitive tits.

I was getting hard again watching this once reserved woman sucking on the nipples of a Weather Channel anchor. Alex ran her fingers through the lush locks of Robin as she moved across her flat tummy to her bare snatch. Robin parted Alex's pussy lips and I could see the fluids freely leaking from her cunt.

Robin lowered her mouth to Alex's pussy and Alex let out a yelp as Robin drove her tongue deep into her pussy. With Robin in that position her ass stuck up nicely in the air. I slipped off the sofa and got down behind her and licked her puffy pussy lips and licked upwards to her asshole. She pushed against my tongue and moaned into Alex's cunt as I continued my assault on her rear.

When I came up for air she yelled out not to stop, but I had better ideas. I leaned over her and cupped her tits from behind. My stiff cock rubbed back and forth across her dripping cunt as I guided it into the entrance of her pussy. It was unbelievably tight and hot. She jumped at first dislodging it from her pussy. I gripped my cock again and slowly pressed forward slowly entering her again. She raised her head from Alex's pussy to protest, but I just pushed forward slipping another three inches into her. She groaned and Alex bought her head back down to her pussy. I sank another couple inches into her before withdrawing. Pushing forward again I sank all the way into her tight cunt. She wiggled again me as her hand rubbed her clit and ate at Alex's pussy at the same time.

I got into a rhythm and began picking up speed driving into her pussy harder and faster. She threw her head back and begged me to fuck her harder. I grabbed her now sweat covered hair in my hands and pulled her back to me. Kneeling up she looked fantastic with Alex squeezing her tits from the front and me driving my cock into her from the back.

Robin dropped back down and sucked on Alex's clit and stuck three fingers into her cunt. After a minute or so I could tell Alex was ready to cum. Running my hands over Robin's gorgeous ass I knew I couldn't last much longer either. I slipped my thumb into her asshole and my other hand worked over her clit.

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