tagNovels and NovellasAlicia Ch. 09

Alicia Ch. 09

byAngelique Bouchette©

Warning! This story contains material of an adult nature and is intended for mature readers and for personal use only. No copyright infringement is intended.


Alicia looked at herself, critically, in the full length mirror. She was wearing a tight, black, lace and satin bustier, which left both breasts almost totally exposed, underwired to push them upward and together, to give her a spectacular cleavage. Narrow garters, both front and rear, stretched down her smooth thighs, from her tightly cinched waist, and clipped to the tops of her sheer, black stockings, framing the smooth, curved pad of her hairless pudenda.

She bent down and stepped into her lacy, black panties, and wriggled them up over her hips and buttocks. The sheer material clung like a second skin, cut high on the hip, with a plunging vee front, that just stopped short of exposing her sex. She slipped the matching five-inch stilettos onto her feet, then posed, legs slightly apart, hands on hips, in front of the mirror.

"Hmm, I certainly look a knockout, if perhaps a little too obvious," she thought, but Arnie had insisted on her wearing this outfit, which he'd bought her, especially for the occasion! She pulled on the long, black, matching lace gloves, that stretched almost to her armpits, and slipped on her jeweled Rolex watch, before checking the time.

Arnie had told her that their business discussions should be over by nine, and then she should come down to 'entertain' his visitors. It was five minutes to nine! She quickly touched up her crimson lipstick, added a touch more blusher, then hurried into the adjoining bathroom. She poured a glass of cold water, then swallowed the two pink tablets that Arnie had given her, and washed them down, with a couple of large gulps of the water. He had insisted that the tablets would help calm her natural nervousness. She certainly needed something to help calm her jitters!


As she elegantly descended the curved staircase, into the huge lounge, concentrating on placing one high-heeled foot in front of the other, without loosing her balance, the small group of so-called businessmen, all turned to stare at her, open-mouthed, and the hum of conversation died away.

"Gentlemen, allow me to introduce Ms. Alicia Rossetti!" Arnie announced, in a loud voice, leering over at her. "Ms. Rossetti is here to attend to your every need, and ensure that you all enjoy the rest of your evening to the full!"

He walked over and took hold of Alicia's hand, and drew her into the centre of the group of admiring men. "Remember what I told you!" he muttered, out of the side of his mouth.

"Good evening, gentlemen," she said, calmly, although her heart was pounding like a two-stroke motorbike engine. "I'm so glad to meet you all!" She forced a beaming smile, trying not to squirm beneath their wide-eyed scrutiny. She was acutely aware that, despite her nervousness, her already prominent nipples, were standing out, hard and proud.


"Can I freshen up your drink, Roger?" Alicia murmured, with a friendly smile. She had been formerly introduced to all seven men, by Arnie, and she was addressing Roger Keown, a good-looking, dark-haired, six-footer, who couldn't have been much more than thirty. He was easily the youngest man in the room. In other circumstances, she could've quite fancied him.

Roger fingered the tight collar of his white shirt, nervously.

"He looks uncomfortable in a jacket and tie," Alicia decided, as she watched him trying not to stare too blatantly, at her breasts.

"Um, ah, yes!" he replied, passing over his almost empty glass. "Thanks! It's Islay malt, neat!"

Her eyes twinkled, good-humouredly, as she moved over to the small bar, to top up his whisky glass.

As she was pouring the Scotch into his glass, an arm snaked about her slim waist. "How 'bout you and me slippin' upstairs for a few minutes, honey?" slurred a deep, slightly inebriated, masculine voice.

She spun around, in the man's arms, pressing back against the bar, and putting on a welcoming smile. "Are you sure you haven't had too much to drink, Tony?" she murmured, staring into the leering features of Tony Padovara, a dark-haired Londoner, of Sicilian descent.

His narrow lips twisted in a humorless grin, highlighting the old razor scar that ran down from the outside of his heavy-lidded, right eye, to the corner of his mouth. His hands came up, and cupped her naked breasts, his thumbs expertly flicking her nipples into full erection. "Not so drunk that I can't fuck a hot bitch like you!" he hissed.

Alicia felt a small thrill of fear run down her spine, but she managed to twist out of his oily grasp. "Maybe later," she gasped, "when the party has died down a little!" She turned away, and picked up the half-full glass of malt, preparing to return to Roger with it.

"Nobody turns their back on Tony Padovara!" snarled the furious, middle-aged gangster, as she took a step away from the bar, heading away from him. He reached out to grab at her, stumbling slightly, as he did so, and ending up clutching the back of her panties.

There was a loud ripping noise, and Alicia, who had momentarily been brought to an abrupt halt, staggered forward a couple of steps, minus her panties, spilling most of the scotch in the process.

"Har, har, har!" Tony guffawed. All eyes swiveled around at the sudden commotion, to see Tony triumphantly holding up the torn remains of Alicia's underwear, and the blushing girl trying to cover her naked crotch, with her free hand. "That should teach you not to give me the cold shoulder, you little slut!" he snarled.

Blinking away the tears, Alicia thrust the remains of the whisky into Roger's hand, with a mumbled apology, and tried to force her way through the throng of cheering, laughing men, hoping to escape to her room.

Suddenly, she was grabbed around the waist. "Not so fast, sweet-cheeks!" snarled Tony, in her ear. "I'm not finished with you, yet!"

"Please, let me go!" Alicia half-sobbed, trying to wriggle free of his grasp. "Haven't you embarrassed me enough already?"

"On your hands and knees, slut!" he snapped.

"W-What?" she gasped, wide-eyed.

"You heard me, bitch! Get down on your hands and knees. I'm going to fuck you, right here and now!"

"Noooh, please!" she half-choked. "Not here! Not in front of everyone!"

"On your knees, I said!" Tony eyes were now glittering, dangerously. He was barely in control of his emotions. "Do it!"


"DO IT!"

She sank down on her haunches, then leant forward on her hands and knees, silent tears streaming down her face. The crowd of laughing men moved back, giving them plenty of space, as Tony unfastened his trousers, and pushed them down about his knees, along with his silk boxer shorts.

Taking his semi-hard erection in his right hand, he quickly pumped it into full hardness. "I'm gonna give this slut the best fucking she's ever had!" he bragged, to the audience. "And I bet she's had a few good ones in her time?"

He positioned himself behind her upraised arse. "Spread 'em, bitch!" he commanded.

Obediently, the quietly sobbing girl opened her legs, and automatically assumed the position, head down, and bottom raised high into the air.

With a chuckle, Tony stepped forward between her thighs, and positioned the fat knob of his circumcised cock against the entrance to her sex. "Watch carefully you guys," he declared, "you might learn something?" With that, he rammed his hips forward, entering her in a single, vicious thrust.

"Yeeeooww!" The pain of the sudden intrusion, before her cunt had had time to adapt to him, was terrific, and Alicia tried to scoot forward on her hands and knees, to escape him, but his hands clutched her hips.

"Oh nooo you don't!" he exclaimed, pulling her back hard onto his massive shaft, with a confident leer.


He ignored the girl's gasp of pain, and began to plunge in and out of her still dry vagina, slapping his testicles against the back of her thighs, as the hooker whimpered with each successive penetration.

Soon her pussy began to lubricate itself, and the pain eased, to be superseded by wave after wave of intense pleasure. Alicia's eyes were squeezed tight shut, her audience temporarily forgotten, as she concentrated on the delicious, tactile sensations. She clamped her powerful vaginal muscles tightly about his plunging shaft, determined to maximize her pleasure, and consequently doing wonders for her partner's own experience.

"Jesus, you're a hot bitch!" Tony gasped, feeling his climax rapidly approaching. He pumped into her with renewed enthusiasm, grunting with each powerful thrust.

"Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh... Oh Jesus Christ!" He stiffened, as he cock began to spurt his thick, white cum into her throbbing snatch, and the girl gasped with pleasure, squirming her firm bottom back against his crotch, to meet each fresh thrust.

When she had milked the last drop of spunk from his throbbing organ, he withdrew its softening length, panting, heavily, from his exertions. "Best fuck I've had in weeks!" he declared to the others, with a smug smile. "Who's next?"

"Oh nooh, not again!" Alicia preyed, resting her damp forehead against the fitted carpet, between her forearms, and panting, softly.

Tony was quickly replaced by Dean Fagin, a thirty-five year old redhead, of Irish extraction, who was justifiably proud of his magnificent eight-inch penis. Dean would never have treated a woman as roughly as Tony, ensuring she was well lubricated, before penetrating her fully. He didn't need to bring himself to full erection, he had developed an almost painful hard-on, whilst watching Tony fucking her! Also, the girl's pussy was already sopping wet, from a combination of Tony's spunk, and her own womanly secretions!

He hastily pushed his trousers and underpants down about his knees, and taking his cock in his left hand, he eased back the foreskin, and slipped the head between her dark, swollen, nether lips. It slid in with minimal resistance, and he thrust forward, until his massive shaft was fully embedded inside her.

"Aaaaahh!" The girl gave an initial gasp, then raised her buttocks to maximum height, and began to grind her ass back against his aching balls. "Oh, yes, yes, yesss!" she hissed, tossing her head from side to side, eyes tight shut, as he began to move in and out of her muscular sheath. "Fuck meee!"

Once more, Alicia could feel the pressure building in the depths of her belly, as her orgasm approached. She straightened her arms and arched her back, as she ground her pubes back onto the thrusting shaft, her hanging breasts jiggling, the nipples painfully hard and erect.

She was open-mouthed, panting heavily now, as Dean plunged into her. Suddenly, her eyes sprang open in surprise, as something warm brushed her lips.

"Mmmmnngh!" Her exclamation of surprise, was half-stifled, as the cock was forced past her teeth, and deep into her throat. She glanced upward, and saw the face of Roger Keown, teeth gritted, as he rammed his erection deep into her throat. She gagged, and blew him out gasping for air, then licked his purple glans, before taking him in once again. His hips moved back and forth, as he attempted to match his thrusts to those of Dean, and Alicia found herself being forced onto Roger's cock, by each powerful thrust into her pussy.

Suddenly, Dean's rhythm was disrupted, as he shot his load of hot cum into her contracting sex, with a groan of satisfaction. Seconds later, Roger spurted into her throat, and she was forced to swallow his hot semen, as he held her face against his crotch. Finally, they both pulled out of her, and she was left with cum dribbling out of both ends of her anatomy.

Gasping for breath, she sank down to the carpet, disappointed that she had still not been allowed to attain her own orgasm. She was no longer bothered about her humiliation. All she could think of, was cumming herself! She slipped a hand between her thighs, and squeezed and pulled her swollen, throbbing clitoris. "Oh, yesss, yesss!" she panted, as she felt herself approaching the brink.

"Aaaaauugghh! Oooooh!" Suddenly, she slipped over the edge, and her hips started to buck and writhe, and her pussy spasmed, uncontrollably, as she continued to torment her clit. She supported her upper body on her damp forehead and gripped her tits in both hands, flicking and pulling at the hard, but elastic erectile flesh. "Mmmmgh, aaaggh, oh Jesus!" she gasped, as she came, again, and again, and again.


That night, Alicia cried herself to sleep.

As she lay in bed, aching all over, her humiliation finally came home to roost. She had allowed herself to be shagged by all nine of Arnie's drug pushing associates, and had even ended up on a high, enjoying every minute of it!

Her thoughts turned to Mike. "How can I ever look him in the face again?" she wondered. "Assuming that I ever see him again, that is?" She burst into a fresh round of sobbing. Her heart ached. No sooner had she found the first man she'd ever really cared for, than they'd been torn apart!

She curled up into a tight defensive ball, and gently sobbed herself to sleep.

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