Alien Cat-duction


"No, it's Harvey." I placed her gently on the bed.

"Harvey?" she whispered, sounding confused, but then fell back to sleep. I covered her over.

Leaving her to rest, I walked around the house, thinking about what I would need to stock up on. Food, definitely. I wondered what she ate. Grabbing a quick bite myself, I watched a little TV. Thankfully, there was nothing on the news about the crash. Then I took a shower.

When I returned to the bedroom, I gazed down at Leosa slumbering peacefully. It made me feel warm inside to have her here. I slid in beside her and pulled the blanket down to admire her body.

I ran a finger down her side along the border between her fur and skin, both sides innocently soft and naughtily inviting. Then I brushed my hand delicately under her supple breast, feathering my fingers around its rounded bottom. Watching her sleep while I played with her body started getting me hard again.

Moving my hand up to her nipple, I brushed over the pink bud with my fingertips, then I pinched and tweaked it lightly. Leosa took a breath and then opened her eyes.

"Sorry," I whispered. "I didn't mean to wake you."

"R-r-r-r-r. Yes you did," she purred. She turned over and then rolled me onto my back.

"No, honestly, I ..."

"Shhh," she hushed me. "You're going to need all your strength." She snuggled into my side and began to nibble and lick my neck. A thrill went down my spine.

Something fuzzy tickled along my penis, went away, tickled again, went away and then wrapped around it. I looked down; it was her tail. While she nibbled on my neck, she slid the tail up and down my cock, the soft bristles brushing exquisitely on my sensitive skin. "Nnggghhh," I gasped.

"Like that?" she murmured between wet nibbles.

"Yes," I whispered back.

After a few minutes of furry stroking, she unwrapped her tail and lowered her head to replace it. Slowly, she sucked my cock into her warm, wet mouth. I had been thinking about this moment for most of our drive back. Up, she slid slowly on my cock, and then ever so slowly again, she went down. U-u-u-u-p ... and then do-o-o-own. U-u-u-u-p and do-o-o-own. I was fully hard in no time.

She sucked me slowly, rhythmically, and I just lay there luxuriating in it. Then, on one of her up-slurps, she said breathily, "Do you want me, Harvey?"


U-u-u-u-p and do-o-o-own. U-u-u-u-p and do-o-o-own. U-u-u-u-p ... "If you want me, you have to take me." Do-o-o-own.

"Take you?"

U-u-u-u-p and do-o-o-own. U-u-u-u-p and do-o-o-own. U-u-u-u-p ... "You have to take me." Do-o-o-own. U-u-u-u-p and do-o-o-own. U-u-u-u-p ... "Take me, Harvey." Do-o-o-own. U-u-u-u-p and do-o-o-own. U-u-u-u-p ... "If you want me, you have to ta..."

I grabbed her shoulders, hefted her up the bed and flopped her onto her back. She growled and arched her back. Her eyes glimmered. I shifted between her legs. Angling my erection, I nestled the head of my penis between her pussy lips. She growled again. "Do it, Harvey. Do it!" she cried.

I thrust with my hips, but she was amazingly tight. I thought my penis, as hard as it was, would buckle on me, but I kept pushing anyways. "Do it, Harvey!" she gasped. Her tail wrapped around my throat. Little by little, I penetrated between her thick, wet muscles, burrowing into her snug interior. She writhed and snarled beneath me. Her tail tightened, choking me, then released.

I couldn't believe how warm her pussy was. I tried to pull out, but suddenly her muscles grasped my shaft. Then, starting at my base and working towards my tip, her muscles contracted rhythmically along the length of my cock. Wave after wave of her wet gripping milked my rod. "Oh my gawd!" I exclaimed.

"You have to move too," she said, pushing on my hips.

"What?!" Was she crazy? However, with her help, I actually got a bit of a slide going. But cripes! With my sliding and her frenetic pussy, I wasn't going to last another minute. "Oh gawd! Oh gawd! I'm gonna cum," I gasped.

"No!" she said in a panic. "Wait!" She grabbed the sides of my head. Staring into my eyes, she recited, "I give myself over to you, entirely, willingly, unreservedly." Oh great! Another ritual.

"I can't ... I can't last." Her muscles rippled along my cock.

"No. Hurry. Repeat what I tell you. Say, 'I possess you now'."

I repeated, "I possess you now." And then with her instruction, I continued, "I will co ... Ohhh ... co-mmand you. I will ten-n-n-nd ... Oh my goodness! ... and protect you. You belong to me. Ohhhh!" I was on the edge.

Smiling, she ended the ritual softly, "I will do whatever you want, whenever you want, ..." Suddenly, she inhaled and clenched her body. Her pussy muscles clamped onto my penis, and then a thrum of ripples rose rapidly from base to tip.

"AHHHH!!" I exploded, shooting cum deep into her wet confines. My penis pulsed as if it were going to thrust through its own skin, spurting and spurting and spurting. The waves of ripples continued to milk me, even after I stopped jerking. Finally, both of us relaxed, and I collapsed on top of her. "... for as long as you want me," she finished with an adoring tone, hugging me into her chest.

It wasn't long after that that I fell asleep, but I seem to remember her rolling me onto my back, covering us with a blanket and curling around my body. "Good night, Master," she whispered. "Now my only thought is to do what you ask of me."

*** Rescue ***

Waking to the sensation of something tickling through my hair, I opened my eyes to see Leosa gazing down on me. My head cradled in her lap, she was combing her fingers through my hair. She smiled when she noticed me looking up at her. "Good morning, Sleepy," she said, curving her tail around to tickle my cheek. "You snore."

I grinned back at her. "Yeah, I know. Sorry."

"No, don't apologize; I liked it. It sounded like growling. I felt like I was back in the pride." She smoothed a hand over my cheek.

"What time is it?" I asked.

"Probably about 25 centads."

"25 'centads'?"

"Yeah, I know. It feels like about 40 centads, doesn't it?"

"I guess." I swung my legs over the side of the bed.

"Where are you going?" she asked.

"To get us some breakfast."

"No, that's my job."

Suddenly, a flash went off in the living room, sending a shiver down my spine. "Crap! What was that!" I exclaimed, jumping up.

At the bedroom door, I peered out but saw nothing. I glanced back at Leosa. "Stay here," I ordered in a loud whisper.

"No, don't!" she called back.

I stepped out into the hall, shutting the bedroom door quietly behind me. Across the living room with its back to me stood another cat-person – naked, striped and huge. A female, based on her curvy, heart-shaped behind. Well over six feet tall, she looked formidably strong. Her long dusty blond hair flowed over the soft-orange, black-striped fur on her back. As her long tail waggled idly in the air behind her, she occupied herself inspecting items on my bookshelf.

A shiver went through my body. Evidently, one of Leosa's Tigrinoid overseers was here to recapture her. I didn't know what to do. I was obviously no match for her physically, but I couldn't see how we could escape. I decided that bravado was my only option.

"Hey!" I yelled, causing her to start and almost drop the picture she was holding. "Leosa's not going anywhere!"

Composing herself, she set the picture down and glared over at me. I immediately realized that bravado had probably not been my best choice, but I was committed now. "You're not getting past me!" I roared. "She is not getting shipped off to any mining colony, and she's not going back with you!" I could feel an artery pulsing in my neck.

"Mining colony?" she muttered. Bending over, she pulled a strap out of a bag at her feet. Then she walked calmly towards me, her large breasts jostling as she walked. Between them, a thin mane of soft blond fur ran down her centre front, just like Leosa's, ending in a patch at her pussy.

I swallowed. Adopting what I thought was a reasonable martial arts pose, I made my stand. "Don't come any closer, you Tigrinoid monster," I warned her. "I don't want to hurt you."

The large cat-woman stopped in her tracks and stared at me. Then she broke out laughing. "You are just the cutest thing," she chuckled. "Tigrinoid monster," she scoffed.

Before I knew it, she had moved around behind me, wrapped the strap around my neck and cinched it tight. I felt an electric current running through it. I didn't have any trouble breathing, but I couldn't speak. Then suddenly, my knees buckled.

"Hey, Tigra," Leosa said calmly behind us. "Don't hurt him, okay? Do you have to use the collar?"

The cat-woman scowled and then walked me over to the couch, depositing me at her feet as she sat down. "Mom's pissed at you, you know," she said to Leosa, cupping my head in her hands and scratching me behind my ears.

"You didn't tell her I was here, did you?" Leosa asked worriedly.

"No. She thinks you're staying at Pumisa's tonight." Sitting back, Tigra pulled my head into her lap, unintentionally mushing my face into her crotch. My nose nuzzled into her musky smelling mane. "Tigrinoid? Mining colony? What's that all about?" she asked, petting the top of my head.

"I'll tell you later," Leosa replied. "Mom's not gonna call Pu's mom, is she?"

"I don't know," Tigra said dismissively, lifting my head by the chin to inspect my face. "So, where's the run-about?"

Leosa jumped onto the couch beside Tigra, grabbing her arm plaintively. "Sis, you gotta swear not to tell Mom anything. Swear!"

"Oh gawd, I knew it. You crashed the run-about, didn't you?"

Leosa pouted. "Yes," she whimpered. "Teeg, what am I gonna do?"

"Don't worry, Sis," Tigra reassured her. "We'll ... uh ... transmute the wreckage, wipe a few memories and tell Mom that the run-about was stolen." Tigra hooked a hand under my armpit and, with surprising strength, lifted me up into her lap. "Where'd you get monkey-boy here?"

"He's not a monkey-boy. He's cute. He helped me after the crash. Isn't he cute? He has no fur." Leosa stroked a hand down my arm and cuddled in closer to me.

"Yeah? Well, look around you. It's Earth; they're all like that." Tigra began kneading my chest with her fingers. "So what the hell are you doing here anyways? Earth's off-limits, you know."

"It's not my fault. I've never heard of this stupid planet before," Leosa stated, "I called Pu on the vid for directions, and she told me to ... Wait a minute! How come you know about Earth?"

Tigra smiled. "Well, when I ... Never mind."

"What? Tell me."

Tigra scooched out from under me, walked over to her bag and pulled out something that looked like a cell phone. "Never mind!" she insisted. "Come on. Let's get started before it gets too late to clean things up."

"NO!" Leosa clutched me into her arms. "Not him! Don't wipe him. He's coming back with me."

"What?" Tigra placed her hands on her hips and furrowed her brow.

"He's my master," Leosa said proudly.

"Master? What in the hell are you talking about?"

"We conducted the Panthos rite of Masterhood," she declared.

"Gawd, Leelee. You spend way too much time with those old religious books," Tigra said, sitting back down. "You and your rituals. Master or not, you know he can't come with us." Leosa cuddled my head next to hers, and Tigra began stroking my thigh. "Hey! Doesn't that rite involve intercourse?!"

"Yes-s-s!" Leosa beamed. "We consummated the rite exactly how it's supposed to be done," she said proudly.

"You had sex with him?!"

"Yes-s-s! It was won-der-ful!"

"You could've killed him," Tigra scowled. "These Earthlings aren't very robust, you know." Suddenly, she grabbed my penis and pulled it out like an elastic band. I shifted my hips in surprise. I felt like screaming, but my vocal cords wouldn't move. "They're not used to having sex as intensely as we do."

"But he was protected by our conjoined spirit," Leosa asserted, hugging me closer. "Our souls bonded," she added dreamily.

Tigra snorted. "Leelee, sometimes you are way out there." She released the tension on my penis and, in doing so, returned her hand to my groin and massaged it.

"Anyways, Teeg," Leosa explained excitedly. "His thing can get stiff several times a day, and his tongue is slippery like a wet slug. And when he licks you, it feels so incredible."

Tigra smirked. "I know." Her massaging was making my cock firm up, and by reflex, she wrapped her hand around it and began to pump it slowly.

"So how is it that you know so much about Earth and Earthlings and ...?" Leosa gasped. "You've been here before!"

"No." Tigra glanced down absently at her slow pumping, avoiding her sister's eyes.

Leosa gasped again. "And you've had sex with them, haven't you?!"

"No!" Tigra reacted, yanking on my member, but then resuming her idle stroking.

"You have, Teeg! You're blushing."

"All right! Yes! Yes!" Tigra admitted. My cock was now fully hard. Her strokes were long and firm. "It was a long time ago. I was your age. A group of us used to come here a lot and fool around. It was before they made it officially off-limits."


"And what?"

"And wasn't the sex great?"

Tigra sniffed. "Yes. Yes, it was," she said, gazing off into the distance Then she looked back at her sister. "But it was a stupid thing to do, and I wasn't kidding around about hurting them. If you're not careful, you can lose control and then ..." She glanced down at my erection. "It was good, though," she murmured.

With a grin, Leosa shifted backwards on the couch, causing me to flop onto my back. Then she held out a hand to her sister. "Teeg," she said. "C'mere. I want to tell you something."


"I don't want to say it out loud. Come closer, and I'll whisper it in your ear."

"What?" Tigra leaned over my body.

"Closer," Leosa pleaded, pulling on her arm.

"Wh-h-h ...?" Suddenly, Leosa yanked, and Tigra fell on top of me, her breasts splaying over my face and squashing into my cheeks. She had to straddle my abdomen to get some balance, but Leosa kept pulling and pushing on her, preventing her from regaining it completely.

"Leosa, stop it!" Tigra yelled, getting to her knees. The two tussled. Arms flailed. Tigra shifted. Her pussy neared my face.

Leosa pulled at her sister's arms. Tigra's hips jerked forward. Her wet patch smushed into my nose, soaking it. She tried to place a knee beside my head but slid, and her pussy mashed into my mouth.

Tigra snarled fiercely. Her juices burst over my lips and flooded my mouth. They tasted warm and tangy. Instead of lifting up, she pressed into me harder.

As I jerked my head around to get some air, my nose swiped across her wet clit, and my tongue pushed out against her rubbery lips. The more I struggled to get a breath, the more she snarled and the harder she pressed. Streams of juice flowed over my cheeks and dripped onto the couch cushion beneath my head.

Finally, she lifted off, allowing me to gasp for air. But, pulled from behind by her sister, Tigra slid down my body. She gripped onto the couch tightly with outstretched arms and clenched her eyes shut in concentration as she slid, her pussy leaving a slimy trail on my chest. Then, with one last pull, she moved onto my cock, its head sneaking between her lips.

Tigra let out a loud growl that vibrated my body. She stared down at me and bared her teeth. In that moment, we became predator and prey.

Her vagina clenched around my erection and hauled me deep inside her as if she were hoisting a rope hand over hand. Inside, she felt hot and wet. Her eyes fixed intently on mine. Some drool escaped from between her set teeth and stretched in a long thread onto my chest. I swallowed.

She lifted her hips, pulling me up by my erection tightly held in her vaginal muscles. At the top, she released her grip slightly, and I slid ever so slowly out of her pussy onto the couch. The resistance on my cock rubbed more thoroughly than any hand-job I had ever received.

Sneering at me in absolute control, she lowered her hips, re-grasped my shaft and pulled me up again. Leosa appeared from behind to see what was happening. Slowly, I slipped out, feeling the tight rub as I dropped.

Leosa looked up worriedly at her sister. "Don't hurt him, okay Teeg?" she pleaded. Tigra snarled in reply and dropped for another lift. My cock was trembling from the exertion. I was not going to last much longer.

U-u-u-p-p I went. Grip and release, slide and rub, I dropped slowly back onto the couch. Leosa bent down to my ear and whispered, "Don't worry, Master. I will learn how to mate with you like that so we can do it every morning when you wake up."

U-u-u-p-p, release, d-d-r-r-o-p-p-p. U-u-u-p-p, release, d-d-r-r-o-p-p-p.

Leosa began to whimper as she watched her sister. Then, rubbing herself, she stood up and straddled my face. With a loud purr, she lowered onto my mouth. Pungent juices oozed all over my lips.

U-u-u-p-p, release, d-d-r-r-o-p-p-p. U-u-u-p-p, release, d-d-r-r-o-p-p-p.

Leosa lost all control when she made contact. She shimmied her hips wildly on my face, mushing her pussy on my lips, burrowing my nose in her slit, grinding her clit on my mouth. Juices spurted and oozed. I tried to stick my tongue out for her but was actually more worried about drowning.

Leosa's frantic movements caused Tigra to speed up. Instead of gripping me, she rode me, sliding her wet pussy rapidly up and down my shaft as she bucked and bounced. Her pussy muscles formed a ribbed tunnel only slightly wider than needed. I could hear a squishing sound between the slaps of her ass cheeks against my thighs. Her ribbed tunnel made my cock shudder.

Both cats growled as they bounced. Then, my thigh muscles seized, and I came explosively inside Tigra. I arched my back, causing my chin to grind into Leosa's pussy. Leosa dug her claws into my scalp. Her whole body convulsed. Tigra's vagina seemed to suck on my ejaculating penis, milking all the cum out of it and pulling its flesh almost off. Then, together, we slumped into the cushions of the couch.

*** Greys ***

After catching her breath, Leosa moved around to sit under me with my head in her lap. She wiped my mouth with her hand and smoothed my bangs. Tigra continued to straddle my hips, my limp cock still nestled in her warm interior. With her eyes closed, she panted heavily trying to recuperate.

"Are you sure I can't keep him?" Leosa asked coyly.

Tigra smirked and then slowly opened her eyes. "My gawd, I had forgotten how good that was!" she exclaimed.

"Does that mean I can?!" Leosa cried.

Still panting, Tigra nodded her head, spurring Leosa to pounce on her and lick her mouth. The two of them fell onto the floor, hugging and licking each other. Then Tigra pulled away. "But you gotta square things with Mom about the run-about first. Until then, he stays with me at the sorority den on campus."

"Ahhh!" Leosa whined.

"Ah nothing. You can visit him on weekends. I'll bring him home in a few weeks when Mom's cooled down," Tigra said. "Besides, I think he'll be a big hit in the sorority for a while."

Leosa crawled seductively over her sister lying on the floor. "Teeg?" she purred. "Let's clean each other, and then we can both clean my master. He will get hard again, you know."

"I know," Tigra replied, but Leosa had begun licking her neck, so her words trailed off and her eyes closed.

Leosa licked down over her breast and began nuzzling her nipple. The purring from the two of them joined to produce a low rumbling. Suddenly, Leosa lifted up. "Hey, Sis! I know a cleaning ritual that we should do."

"Oh gawd, Leelee!! C'mere!" Tigra grabbed her sister's head and pulled her down onto her groin.

Suddenly, flashes went off like crazy throughout the room, followed immediately by the appearance of helmeted figures in jumpsuits. With a chorus of hisses and whirring, helmets peeled off to reveal six young female cats of assorted varieties joining the scene.

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