tagInterracial LoveAll in Black and White

All in Black and White


It's all in black and white.

Jamie and I, I'm Susan by the way, had been friends with Chanise and Delroy since our schooldays, we all went to the same high school. We had often gone out together as a foursome and had even stayed over at each other's places occasionally. This was always quite proper with each couple staying with their own partner, although we had once made out with our husbands in the same room. Chanise and I had "fooled around" in my bedroom when we were about fifteen, but nothing like that had happened since. However, she and I were close friends and always kissed each other when we met or parted, these kisses had mostly taken the form of pecks on the lips. It wasn't long before we were doing the same to each other's husband.

Sometimes the sight of two couples, one pair black and the other white out together had prompted a few "looks", but unlike in some areas, in our town it raised no comment. Jay and I have been invited over to dinner next Friday night with the tacit understanding that we might stay over.

Chanise and I had naturally spoken about the forthcoming date. "How about we give the men something to look at?" I asked Chanise.

She gave a deep throaty laugh, "How much are you suggestion we let them see?" She asked.

"A bit more than usual." I murmured calmly, although what I was about to suggest was making me feel a tingle. "Let's say we wear something flimsy......."

"...............With no underwear!" Chanise interrupted, laughing out loud.

"Well I wasn't going to suggest nothing at all, just no bras." I protested gently.

"Listen girl!" Chanise replied, "If you want to bring some excitement into your life, you better show some spunk!" She then laughed again, "But I guess that's what we'll be wanting the men to show! Ha Ha!"

I laughed with her. "I think we need to go shopping, don't you?" We went to the market and looked round the women's clothes section. There were plenty of sexy, flimsy dresses there. "They are so cheap and not very well made." I remarked.

"No need to spend too much money, Hon." Chanise said in return. "If these dresses have the desired effect, they may not last the night!"

I put on a mock shocked look. "Whatever can you mean?"

Chanise looked at me, "I know Delroy," she said, "If I give him half a chance, I may have trouble keeping my dress on!" I giggled and thought about Jay's reaction and secretly hoped he would be as forthright as Delroy was expected to be.

We each bought two outfits, I bought a thin vest topped straight print dress which came to just above my knees and a shorter faux silk dress with a slit up the side. It had a scooped cowl neck which although quite low, was not as low as the back which came down to just above my waist. The spaghetti straps, were linked across the back of my neck, to stop them slipping. In essence, the dresses that Chanise bought were very similar to mine, but the details differed. For one thing, both of hers were much shorter than mine, one of them ridiculously so. "Chanise, you're never going to wear that in public?"

"You're coming to dinner at my house, so whose going to see it apart from my husband?" She asked.


"Oh well he'll just have to keep his fly buttoned!" She gave another healthy roar of a laugh.

"Chanise I do love you!" I laughed and kissed her. Suddenly at that moment in the middle of the market, there was a frisson which we both felt as when we broke apart after a second or two, a tiny static charge shot between our lips.

"That was nice." Chanise said quietly, I'll have another of those and kissed me again. This time there was no actual spark as the static electricity had already been discharged, but we both enjoyed the sensation.

As we rode out of town on the bus, I took her hand. "I have something to tell you. – We are trying for a baby."

"Sue! No!" Chanise seemed very surprised. "That's wonderful!" We hugged and she said "This is fate. So are we! We have been trying for a few weeks."

"These things often take some time,- even years." I told her.

She nudged me, "But the practice is a lot of fun!" We laughed so loud that other passengers on the bus began to stare at us. We got back to ours and decided to try on our new dresses. In order to add to the effect, it was agreed that one of us (me) would go upstairs and change, leaving the other (Chanise) in the lounge. Then the positions would be reversed. As I went upstairs Chanise called after me. "Remember no underwear!"

I examined myself in the mirror, I dressed(!) in the thin vest top first. I hadn't realised quite how low cut the arm holes were. As I turned to each side, I could see that almost half of my breast was exposed under my arms. Neither was I quite prepared for how translucent to dress turned out to be. As the sun shone in through the window, I stood between that and the mirror. Depending how I stood, either my silhouette was clear through the dress, or my breasts and nipples were clearly defined. I gulped and wondered if I had been too rash in suggesting flimsy clothes when we were meeting up.

"Come on Sue!" Chanise called up the stairs. "I want to see how you look!"

I went down downstairs in some trepidation. I wasn't bothered about Chanise seeing me, but I was getting nervous about Friday evening. "Wow! Sue!" Chanise clapped her hands together. "You look fabulous!"

"Do you think it shows too much?" I asked tentatively.

"Not if you want to get shagged!" Chanise laughed. "I could do you myself right now! Let me look at you." She held me at arm's length, her hands on my shoulders. "You're one sexy bitch." She hooked her thumbs under the shoulder straps, and let them slide down my arms a little. "I could kiss you!" I said nothing. She kissed me full on the lips briefly, then saying "Now I must get into a similar state of undress." She dashed up the stairs.

I restored my dress straps to their correct position thinking how easily they slid off my shoulders and sat on the sofa to await the arrival of Chanise. I brought my legs up onto the seat and was nicely surprised by the amount that the dress rode up my thighs.

"Ready or not, here I come!" Chanise burst through the door wearing the shorter of her two dresses. It was almost too short to cover her. "I'll have to trim my bush." She said thoughtfully as she twirled in front of me. The same thought occurred to me. Her really dark skin went with the feint off-white colour of her dress. The material clung to her body, so well that her long nipples seemed to be trying to get out through the fabric. "Will he want me, do you reckon?"

"He surely will!" I exclaimed. "I probably have to sit on Jay to stop him ravishing you himself!"

She raised an eyebrow as if to say, "That might be fun!" I said nothing. Then I went back upstairs to try on my second dress. This turned out not to be as transparent as the first one, but was lower cut both front and back. I felt it definitely needed the tie across the back of my neck to help it stay on. As I returned to the lounge, Chanise had taken up my position on the sofa. The difference was that he dress was so short, almost all of her arse was below the hem of her dress. Her long slim legs were stretched along the leather seat. I wished I had legs like her. "Do a twirl." She instructed me. I did as she bid.

She got to her feet and stood behind me. "You should wear it without the tie." She announced and promptly undid it.

"The dress will fall off!" I protested.

"Dance." She told me. "Go on dance! Let's see if it does." I moved as if to music and was surprised how secure the dress felt. "See!" she almost screeched, "You're quite safe. Unless your partner comes up behind you like this and takes advantage of the easy access to your tits." She held me to her from behind and slid her soft hands inside my dress and cupped my breasts. Unconsciously I was still dancing and she matched her movements to mine. We stayed like that for some time, several minutes dancing slowly together, my back to her chest. I covered her hands with mine through the thin dress material. Her thumbs found my nipples and barely touched them. I jumped but clasped her hands even tighter to my breasts. I felt one of her legs slide round and up mine. The back of her ankle rubbed up and down my inner thigh. Neither of us said anything, I think we were both lost on the moment.

I turned around and put my arms round her waist and we kissed. I was surprised to find that her dress had ridden up into a crumpled roll. I pulled it a little higher. She sniggered and slid the top of my dress off my shoulders and down almost to my wrists. I took my arms through the straps and let her pull my dress down to my hips. I lifted her dress completely off over her head, so it didn't take long for her to drop mine to the floor. We stood, both naked in the middle of the room kissing and fondling each other. "This takes me back to when we were fifteen." I whispered.

"Yeah." She uttered softly, "The difference is now, we know what to do!" I felt her hand cup my mons and I deliberately opened my legs a little wider to give her better access. She knelt before me putting her tongue between my labia lips. My reaction of pushing my cunt into her face encouraged her to lap up my juices which by now were flowing. She looked up at me, her face smothered in my fluid. "What to kiss me now?" She asked.

I did want to kiss her, I wanted to lick her face clean of my oil. I knelt suddenly and she lost her balance and fell backward on the carpet. I lay on top of her and kissed and licked every part of her face. I felt her hand slide between our bodies and she began to finger her own cunt. "Let me do that." I whispered. Her answer came in the form of the slightest nod. I slid down her body, the sweat on both of us made the friction sin to skin less. I rested my head on her hip and started to finger her damp labia. Her legs parted and as I worked, my nose caught her scent and I edged my face closer to her vagina. Suddenly I turned my head towards the top of her thighs and licked the red gash that was before me.

Natural progression caused us to adopt a sixty nine position and soon we were pleasuring each other. Such was our drive that it wasn't long before both of us experienced an orgasm. Then we lay, still in the sioxante neuf position but holding hands. "That's one thing that Delroy refuses to do to me, - lick me out." Chanise murmured.

"Jay loves doing it." I replied before realising that my remark could have sounded cruel.

"He expects me to blow him – and swallow. But he won't return the favour.." She carried on as if she hadn't heard me.

"Jay likes me to do that too." I told her. "Before we were married, we did it everywhere, behind the club or pub, shop doorways in the town at night. But lately sex has become a strictly bedroom activity. Perhaps we're trying too hard trying for baby and forgetting the fun."

"So that's why you wanted to liven things up a bit." Chanise said.

I rolled off her and said "I suppose it is, was, is, Oh you know what I mean!"

"Have you had fun today?"

"Of course!"

"Then kiss me again." We spent the next half an hour or so just cuddling and kissing.

Then I realised that all our activities that afternoon had been conducted with the lounge curtains open. We live in a terraced house, the window is wide but tall and the sill is only about a foot off the floor, so if someone had been standing on the footpath outside, they would have been able to see everything. I didn't move straight away as I could see no-one looking in the window, but I did whisper to Chanise that the curtains were drawn back. As she took in what I had told her, her whole body suddenly tensed, but then relaxed. She laughed and suggested it was too late to fret about it and perhaps we should get dressed. We scooped up our clothes and dashed upstairs.

There was a slight awkwardness between us for a moment. I think we were both a bit embarrassed at the turn of events. "That was unexpected." I said quietly.

She nodded, smiled and sat, "But it was fun, wasn't it?" I had to agree, but it had broken a barrier, which neither of us knew had been there. She looked at me put her hands on my upper arms and somewhat shyly said, "I would like to do it again sometime if you're OK with that."

I nodded. "Yes, it was fun and I would like it if we tried again, but are we being unfaithful to our husbands?"

She looked a little exasperated. "What are we depriving them of exactly? This whole thing arose because we were exploring ways of arousing them in the first place!" She beamed a big smile showing her perfectly white teeth. "In fact knowing Delroy and Jay as I do, I think they would quite like to watch! We could, as a preamble perhaps put on a little show for them on Friday night."

I was horrified at first, but then saw the essence of what she was saying. If we stimulate their libido to the extent that they raise their sperm count, we stood a better chance of getting pregnant. "I love you Chanise," I told her, "but not in that way."

"Well you've got a damn fine way of showing just how much you don't love me if what you did today is any guide!" She said a little sharply, "Especially afterwards. Before, well you could say that it was pure lust, but that last half an hour on the floor wasn't wanton sex, it was love. We have been friends since before High School and I like to think we love each other a little too."

I pulled her to me and hugged her. "Chanise, I am sure you are right. I didn't see it when it was right under my nose."

"So are we going to give the boys a show on Friday?"

"Hell Yes!" I exclaimed. "I'm going to wear you out, so you will be unable to resist Delroy."

"I can't resist him already." She announced. "I just want to ensure that he is ready to pump his hot seed into me and impregnate me this weekend."

"Me too." I added.

After she had gone, I couldn't resist laying on the bed and masturbating myself to a climax. I was still all of a fluster when Jay returned home....

He looked at me a little strangely. "What?" I asked.

"Well if I am honest you look slightly dishevelled, it's almost like you've just had sex." I felt myself blushing, I became all hot. "Have you something to tell me Susan?" I confessed, not about Chanise, just about the masturbation. He laughed! I was a bit put out because he laughed and laughed. "I thought it was always men that knocked one out on the quiet, not women!"

"We women have needs too!" I protested then stomped into the kitchen to prepare dinner. Later over a glass of wine we both saw the funny side of it. That evening Chanise phoned me, luckily Jay was in the shower, so I could talk freely. "Are you still OK with our plan for Friday?" She asked.



"Absolutely!" I assured her.

"Right, just to keep us in the mood, I have a little dare for you, don't worry I'll do it too, but I think it will be exiting."

"What's that?"

"We should both be naked under our overalls at work tomorrow."

"Naked? Chanise, think about the risk!" I whispered into the phone. I should explain. Both Chanise and I work in the laboratory at a local electronics company. The lab is what they call a "clean room" in that we have to wear, overshoes, white hoods and toughened white paper overalls. These are completely opaque, so that there is no danger of being seen through the paper, but it is not unknown for them to get torn, say on the edge of benches etc. When this happens the wearer has to go immediately to change. This is done in the locker room where other employees both male and female are very likely to be.

"You were after a little excitement and I I am presenting you with an opportunity to get some." She lectured me. "Are you in or out? Going for it or are you a little mouse?"

I could hear Jay coming down the stairs.

"Well?" She demanded

I had to act quickly I didn't want Jay to know what we were talking about. He was nearly at the bottom of the stairs, when I finally gasped "Yes alright."

"Is that my desirable, black sex slave on the phone?" He asked as he came into the room.

"You wish!" Chanise called down the line, having heard what he said.

"Tell him yourself." I told her and handed the phone to Jay. I wasn't party to their conversation, but it wasn't anything new, as all four of us joined in with the jocular sex talk, but that was as far as it ever went. I suppose we were all talk and no trousers in that regard.

The next day Chanise and I met in the locker room at the start of our shift. "How are we going to do this?" I asked in a whisper. The room was busy as it was a shift change. Normally we would have normal clothes under the overalls, these having to be made out of synthetic or man made material. It is not normal therefore to strip down to other than a vest or shirt and trousers, before donning the protective clothing.

Chanise had got it all worked out. "We cover for each other. You engage the others in conversation and keep them facing you whilst I take off my shirt and slacks and get my overalls on. Then I'll do the same for you."

It worked too, at least as far as Chanise getting changed. She was very quick, which was good because in my nervous state I was already running out of riveting conversation with which to keep my colleagues so fascinated that they continued to look at me. I did notice that Chanise had come prepared, which I had not. She was not wearing any underwear when she arrived. So it was only a matter of seconds before she was covered in her paper overalls.

Luckily she is a bit more gregarious than I and she had no trouble in entertaining the others, whilst I struggled to take off my bra from under my shirt before completing the change unobserved.

We were the last two waiting to enter the air lock and vacuum brush, so we had a moment or two to talk. "Jay nearly caught me wanking yesterday after you'd gone." I whispered to her.

I need not have whispered, "WOWEE!" She shrieked" Jay caught you wanking?"

"SSSHHHH!" I urged her, hoping no-one had heard her outburst. Then the doors of the air lock opened.

"You have a lot to tell me over lunch!" She told me as she went into the air lock leaving me outside to contemplate on eavesdroppers.

The nature of our work means that we are not readily able to communicate during the day, but I noticed that Chanise kept looking at me from across the bench and although I couldn't see her mouth, I just knew that she was smiling at me because of the sparkle in her eyes.

Lunchtime is taken as a staggered break and it was easy enough for us to arrange to take munch at the same time and virtually guarantee that we could be alone I the locker room. We slipped out of our suits and into our everyday clothes to visit the canteen. Where of course she interrogated me with persistent questions on how I came to be bringing myself off so soon after letting her leave my house.

I realise that I haven't described the feeling of being naked under paper clothing at work. In reality it didn't feel that much different to a normal day at work. Perhaps because of the intensity of the work, but I don't think I'll bother to try it again. The friction of my nipples against the paper was a slight distraction but it was neither uncomfortable nor erotic. Chanise was of a different mind however. "Girl am I H.O.T!" She exclaimed as we finished our shift, so I guess Delroy was in for a treat when he got home.

When Friday evening came round Jay and left the house to make our way to our dinner date at Delroy's and Chanise' home. By prior arrangement, Chanise and I were to get (un)dressed in our skimpy outfits as a surprise for the men, but If I had left our house in my dress it would have given the game away. So we were to nip up stairs and change before serving dinner.

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