tagExhibitionist & VoyeurAll In The Family Ch. 03

All In The Family Ch. 03


It didn’t take long for Debby to gradually open out to me. Though we had still not actually fucked each other, we were doing pretty much everything else. Finally, I did ask her about her sex life with her husband.

Initially, I felt that maybe she did not want to talk about Arnie. Perhaps, there was a tinge of guilt. I hinted to her about some of the games I played with Ronnie, and that eased her considerably.

“He isn’t too inventive, like you are!” she told me jokingly. “I mean sex is a act which he carries out because it is in the timetable. He can’t stand too much foreplay; it makes him cum too soon. Too many times, he cums before he gets inside of me whenever I try to play around.”

We were sitting in her office. Like Arnie, she too was an architect. But she had her own office, because unlike Arnie who did interiors, she specialized in landscaping.

Her office was small: a ten by ten sitting room that led to her cabin. The cabin itself was about fifteen by twenty, tastefully furnished. Her desk faced the Ego Wall (she had considerable diplomas) and held a PC with a plotter standing by the side.

We were seated side by side on the sofa in her cabin, the office locked. She was naked waist up, and I was naked waist down. I cushioned her head in my shoulders, playing with her breasts while she was fondling my semi erect cock. It was about an hour after we had an amazing sixty-nine; she had actually asked me to fuck her cunt with my fingers while I was licking her clit!

“Play around?” I asked her.

She giggled. “Well, we usually kiss a lot, and it’s always when we are in bed. He likes to squeeze my breasts, suck on the nipples. When I begin to jack him, he pulls away and tells me to just hold his cock still. A few times, he has cum during this stage itself. In that case, he groans aloud, then turns around and goes to sleep.”

I made a sympathetic noise. “Leaves you just like that?”

“You know it doesn’t take me long to cum. But yes, just like that. I have to then do the job myself.”

“Do it yourself? By that you mean you have to rock-the-boat yourself?”

She giggled, giving my cock a quick up and down masturbatory ministration.

“Of course, I have to. Don’t you ever jack off yourself?”

“I do,” I declared, pinching one nipple and lifting my other hand to grab her breast. “Tell me, what do you fantasize about when you diddle yourself, Debs?”

She blushed. I reckon women don’t really like to reveal that part about them like guys do in the shower room. So, she counter questioned, “ What do you fantasize about?”

“Not fair,” I replied, “You go first”.

She hesitated, looking at my cock that she was holding in her fist. Then, slowly she lifted her eyes to stare at my hands fondling her tits.

She sighed. “Okay. A few years before I got married, I was once visiting my aunt during a vacation. You don’t know her. She’s my dad’s youngest sister. She’s married to a bull of a man who’s in the air force. She isn’t exactly petite either. She is a squarely built woman, quite good looking in a sort of old-fashioned way. At that time she was about thirty-five. She has three kids, a girl of my age, Angela and two younger sons Sean and Gerald. I was in my late teens, and naturally, Angela and me shared one room.

“I woke up one night, feeling thirsty, and not wanting to disturb Angela, was making my way noiselessly to the fridge when I heard whispers and giggles across the living room. They were coming from the direction of my aunt’s bedroom”

I slipped out of her embrace and lay down on my back on the sofa so that my head was now on her lap. She bent down to let me lick at her nipples and reached out one hand to take hold of my cock again. I felt the stirrings of another hard on when her hands closed over my shaft; it was perhaps the excitement of hearing a secret story from her that was egging me on to raise another erection so soon after having been just sucked off.

“I slipped quietly to the room, suddenly curious. It was about two at night, and I wanted to see what was going on at this time of the night. Aunt Susan and Uncle Ben had been careless in that they had not just forgotten to lock the door to their bedroom they hadn’t even closed it. What I saw really set my heart racing. Aunt was completely naked as was Uncle Ben. She was on her fours and he was behind her. She was holding the edge of their bed for support; he was hanging on to her tits. And he was shoving in and out of her from behind.

“I had a clear side view of them and I could easily see his cock moving in and out of her hairy pussy and his hands squeezing her bouncing tits. Her mouth was open and she was muttering obscenities that shocked me. His eyes were shut as if she was concentrating on a job seriously.

“I watched them till she was telling him to ‘spray the cum over my body, not in my cunt…I am not on the pill’ and then he was pulling out of her, his hand jerking his cock until his cum erupted out. Aunt Susan let some drops splash her back, then spun around and took his spitting cock right into her mouth.

“I will never forget that sight. Uncle grasping her head and lifting it up, then pushing it back down over his cock while he continued to cum”.

“And”, I said, pulling my head out of her cleavage, “that’s what sets you off when you finger yourself”

She nodded dreamily, jacking me off slowly. “Yes. I fantasize that it was me in Aunt’s place and he was giving me a cum bath. Now, its your turn”

I was eager to let her know, of course. I prided myself as a real storyteller; remember my story about Al and Betsy?

“Honestly Debs, I have more than one fantasy when I jerk off. But the one I use a lot involves a rather kinky one”.

I felt her perk up at the word kinky. “Go on, Mike”

“But before that, I think I need to take care of a little matter” I said.

I managed to stick one hand inside her skirt. I began to rub her clit. Her hands clutched at my cock when I did that.

“Make my tits wet,” she whimpered. She always said that when she wanted a tit fuck. I had realized that she liked to get her tits fucked more than I liked to fuck them. I ran my tongue over her huge tits, slopping wetly between them, inhaling the womanly smell that emanated from the place.

Pretty soon, I had managed to wet not only her tits and her cleavage, but also my own cheeks. Her hand left my cock for a while, then, it returned, this time wet with her spit. She rubbed the spit all over my cock.

I got off the sofa and pulled her up too. We needed no words as I walked her to the wall pushed her against it where she gently slid down on her knees to crouch on the floor. I handed over a couple of pillows to her so she could kneel on them. This brought her tits in level with my cock as I stood in front of her.

She pulled her tits apart and leaned towards me so that my cock rested in the cleavage. She wrapped her tits together now, trapping my cock in the tunnel. She looked up at me and smiling, began to move up and down, my cock rubbing her enormous tit flesh.

“Oh, baby, you do that so good!” she muttered, rising up and then dropping down abruptly to her knees in counter motion to my movements, her hair flopping wildly around her face.

“I love fucking your tits, honey,” I gasped, grabbing her shoulders and now beginning to move myself in the opposite direction that she did. Down she would go, and up I would thrust. Then she would move up and I would sink down, feeling her tits milk my cock between them.

She lowered her head, so that her hair covered both: her tits and my cock being fucked between them and began to lick me. A few strokes later and she slipped away, pushing me down so that I was lying on my back on the floor. She sat at my feet, one knee on either side of my legs. Bending down, she scooped my cock back between her tits, now moving her entire body as she proceeded to fuck my cock there.

I concentrated on holding back. Whenever she took the lead, it meant that didn’t need me to finger her clit; she would have an orgasm just by getting her tits fucked.

She then came around and sat on the floor beside my waist, her back to me. Turning sideways, she grabbed my cock and slid it between her tits again. She had to slightly lift herself over my body; but her tits were large enough not to discomfort her. I watched her as she looked avidly at the sight of my cock plunging to and fro between her tits.

“Come now, darling!” she gasped.

I spun her around and pushed her onto the floor. I got on top of her till my knees were tucked in her armpits. I hunched over her as she herself guided my cock back in her cleavage. Then, I grabbed the sides of her breasts, pushed them together and began to move rapidly back and forth over her. Her hands covered mine, urging me to push her tits together harder than I was doing.

Since she was keen on holding her tits together, I let my hands fall off and grabbed her shoulders. The sight of my cock plunging in and out of her cleavage was an erotic one and was setting me up too early.

She was moaning and whispering and whimpering for me to fuck her tits, over and over again when I felt it beginning to come. She told me to bathe her tits with my cum, which meant she didn’t want it anywhere else.

I picked up the speed, grunting as I looked down to see my cock fucking her tits. Then, in one quick movement, I was rolling over, still holding her shoulders and ensuring that my cock was still in her tit valley. This had an effect of me lying on the floor while she was now on top. My legs were wide apart and she was between them, holding her tits together, looking down to where my cock plunged in and out.

“Oh yes, Mike, fuck my tits like that, oh yes, harder, oh baby, I love it, faster, darling, faster…I want your juice all over my tits, honey, please, fuck them now, oh god, yes…”

I guess her words did it. I could no longer hold back, and with a loud groan, I let myself go, looking down at my juice erupting from my cock and splashing her tits. She continued to hold me against her till I emptied myself, some of the jism falling down over my hips.

It took a full two minutes before her hands fell away and she slid down on the floor beside me. She used the palms of both her hands to spread my juice all over her huge tits. She rubbed the juice like she was rubbing some kind of tan over her. Finally, she brought her hands up to her mouth and licked off the juice from them.

We lay side by side and I turned to her to kiss her mouth. She shoved her tongue inside my mouth and I sucked it, tasting my own juice.

“Matter taken care of?” she asked mischievously after pulling her mouth off mine.

“For now, yes” I replied, rubbing my finger across her lips.

She pushed me back. “I haven’t forgotten, Mike. What’s your fantasy when you masturbate?”

Jeeze, this lady was something. We’d just had an amazing tit-fuck session after an equally furious sixty-nine. But she still wanted to hear my stories.

Well, I thought to myself. After all, I did pride on being an excellent storyteller, didn’t I? And especially stories of the erotic kind, the kind of which she had just told me.

I thought back, digging into those innumerable times that I had jacked off whenever I was by myself. All those adult books I had read, the picture magazines with graphic illustrations and the X-rated flicks I had seen flashed through my mind as I searched for one of them to relate to Debby.

Finally, I made up my mind about the one particular fantasy to which I probably had jacked off most number of times.

“This one involves Trisha, a door-to-door savings lady, a friend of Ronnie’s”.

“Savings lady? First time I heard of this.”

I laughed: “Well, she has a group of friends whom she calls on maybe once or twice a week and advices them on an appropriate savings plans. She collects the monies and handles the specific portfolios on behalf of these friends. She gets to keep a certain percentage as commission; lets just call it a kind of a sales job – selling finance plans”

So, what about her?” Debby was one hell of a curious woman all right!

“Trish is built somewhat like Rhea. Not very wide shoulders like Rhea’s, but she is quite heavy in the tits and ass department and equally tall.”

“I notice that you are really into tits,” she giggled.

“Tell me about it, babe. I dig them, especially when they are like yours.”

“Or like Rhea’s. Or like this Trish”

“Yeah, Trish. She was the first one who set me off as a thorough tit man. She’s now about the same age as maybe Ronnie; perhaps a couple of years younger. She’s married to a freak that looks old enough to be her dad and she’s now got as couple of kids. But looking at her figure even now, you wouldn’t believe that she’s got those kids. Her body is still as firm as a teen’s.

“Before she married, she was an outrageous flirt. Her dad was a Rotarian and she would often accompany her parents to those dinner meetings. She is one of those touching types you know: always wanting to touch a person. You should have seen her dance. Always getting real close to her partner, grinding her front side against him and wiggling that gorgeous ass of hers!

“After one of these dinner parties, I had to drop a couple of my friends and her off to their places. I was driving and a pal of mine, Sam was seated beside me. She was seated between two other pals, Joe and Russell. It was around ten at night and our parents had allowed us to share a bottle of wine at the party. That had almost all of us in high spirits. I was almost continuously glancing in the rear view mirror to look at her as she chatted with us. She was wearing a slinky red dress, one piece, and I wondered how she could have got into it. It was so tight it could have been stitched in place after covering the skin.

“The flashing street light was enough to illuminate the inside of the car, and I almost choked when I watched her throwing her arms around the two guys’ shoulders. Her right hand over Joe’s shoulder and her left over Russell’s. I heard the two of them laugh as they too put their arms almost simultaneously over her shoulders.

“Sam half turned and began to watch, a smile playing on his lips. I glanced at the mirror again, and this time, she had turned to Joe and was kissing his mouth. The car swerved and I hurriedly steadied it. Next look into the mirror and she was now kissing Russell. The kisses were wet and open mouthed. I saw the two guys reach out with their free hands to touch her breasts through the skintight dress. I heard her moan, and then she sighed.

‘Don’t even try to do that Joe,” she giggled. ‘The dress is too tight and you can’t pull it out’

“The guys laughed before she resumed kissing Joe again. Apparently he had tried to pull out her breast from the dress. Sam leaned forward and began to rub his hand against her crotch. So she broke away from Joe and leaned forward to kiss Sam on his mouth. She hummed as they kissed and I could see the other two guys squeezing her dress-clad breasts.

“Almost too soon, we were at her place. We remained parked there for a few minutes. I dumbly watched the three guys kissing, fondling and groping Trish. It was only when a light went on at the porch of her house that they ended it. A flurry of wild passionate kisses and she was out of the car, walking toward her house. The guys grumbled among themselves at having been left “half done”

‘At least she could have jacked me off’ Joe grumbled. We laughed and zoomed off into the night.

Debby was now playing with my flaccid prick. She reached out, took my hand and guided it to her breast. I began to fondle that marvelous piece of flesh.

“You get off with that, huh?” she asked me.

“Jesus, no! That happened for real. My fantasy is totally different”

She leaned forward, kissed me on my lips, and then licked my face with her tongue. “So what do you use to get off?”

“That’s totally different and maybe you might find it a bit too gross”

She bit me playfully on my lips. “Don’t mind how I feel. Just tell me what you think about.”

“This is the one I use when I need to get off quick. There’s no foreplay involved, no niceties and almost no dialogue except for ‘fuck and suck’, ‘cock and cunt’ and ‘tits and ass’, so there!” I laughed with her.

“Go on,” she urged.

So I leaned back, closed my eyes and let go.

I am driving the Ford and seated beside me on the passenger seat is Trish. In the back seat are Joe and Russ. Trish is wearing a tight T-shirt and jeans. Her long hair is tied in a ponytail and that makes her look kind of cute. Her tits are jutting out from the front of her T-shirt and the tight jeans accentuate her long legs. We are driving on a lonely stretch of road with thousands of trees lining both its sides.

Trish is leaning sideways toward me, her tongue slithering over my cheek, and occasionally, I turn my head to allow her to kiss my mouth. Sometimes I suck on her tongue and at other times she sucks mine. Her hand is at my crotch, squeezing the considerable bulge through my trousers. Russ and Joe are leaning forward and their hands are fondling her tits through the T-shirt.

The car enters a narrow lane, then I park it in a small opening surrounded by thick shrubbery. Trish opens the door at her side, climbs and walks around the car to the driving side. She herself opens my door, smiling coyly. I turn on the seat, my legs swinging around out of the car till they are resting on the ground.

Trish now sinks onto her knees, and with her hands pulls my legs apart. Holding my legs she crawls closer between my legs, her hand pulling my zipper down. I raise my ass and pull down my trousers. I am not wearing underwear, and my throbbing cock leaps out from inside. She gasps at the size, and immediately grasps my rod in both her hands. ‘What a cock, Mike!”

I groan when she leans forward and engulfs my cock into her hot mouth. I hold her ponytail as she bobs her head up and down, sucking my cock like a pro. I can feel the tip of my cock going past her throat. She doesn’t gag, merely proceeds to suck me harder. Her cheeks bulge and then hollow when she sucks me. She holds the base of my shaft in one fist, and uses her other hand to fondle my heavy balls.

I look up and see the other two guys grinning as they approach from behind her. They kneel down and their hands begin to undress her. She turns one way and the other, lifts her ass and stretches her legs without letting go of my cock, to allow then to pull down her jeans and her silk black panties. She has a great ass and long shapely legs. I push her head back from my cock, and quickly, pull her T-shirt up above her head. She hurriedly takes my cock back into her mouth. I do not care to unfasten the black bra. Instead, I push down the bra cups to let her large tits tumble out. The nipples are erect as I grab her tits and begin to fondle and squeeze them, occasionally pinching her nipples.

Russ and Joe are fondling her ass. I watch Joe slip down to his knees, then roll over onto his back on the ground. He wriggles upward till his head is directly below her legs, and then, grabbing her ass, he raises his head and fastens his mouth on her bald pussy. She moans, taking my cock deeper into her mouth. Russ walks over to our side and puts his head under her tits. Soon, he is licking and sucking her tits.

She pulls my cock out of her mouth and rubs it all over her face. She tries to put it into her nostril, her ears and then rubs it over her long lustrous ponytail. I grip her ears and guide her mouth back to my erect dick, this time, raising and lowering her head myself as she takes the shaft back into her mouth.

I get out of the car after pulling my cock out of her mouth and the three of us trot into the shrubs. When we reach a suitable spot, I lie on my back and tell her to suck me again. She giggles and hunches on her knees over my legs, bending down to capture my cock with her mouth.

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