Alley 1


Her thoughts were unclear, how long had she been here?

His presence, his scent filled her senses. Recall, thought, returned for a fleeting moment, she sensed she still stood in the alley behind her home. She had taken a moment's break to place the scraps outside for the local cats, as was her usual duty every evening upon closing.

She sensed him, glanced up and looked at the darkness that was the alley she stood in, yet saw nothing, however she felt something, was this fear? was this the impulse to flee?, no the fear was not there, just the warmth deep within her body made her twitch.

Her personal space had not been breached; she usually kept a full arm length from strangers, yet still she saw nothing. Her mind asked questions, should I take the body back to your workplace? She over rode the thought, No! I need to stay here! What method of control existed over her flesh she wondered? She flared her nostrils and drew a mighty inward breath. Yes! Her senses filled her with his presence. He was near her; she flared her nostrils again seeking his direction, aahhh! He was near. Her body again began its slow climb as it had done only moment's prior.

His scent was the trigger; her body urged the blood to move quickly to the areas that he may explore if she was the chosen one. Her nipples, beautiful in any state of arousal felt the rush of her life's force surge into them, and gorged themselves with the new blood. She felt the heat and the pulsing as the blood met her skin, her nipples enlarged and flared and pulsed, in the cool of the alley she felt they shone like twin beacons in the night. He must sense her now she thought, the fire in her nipples demanded attention, would he come closer now?

Her life force coursed through her body racing downwards towards her sexual centre, emitting her own scent of arousal, now he would surely come forwards to her from out of the darkness and ravish her body as she now urgently required. She became aware of the dampness between her legs and ordered her body to provide separation between her legs to better allow the scent to flow forward to him. Yes, good, she thought as she sensed the nights breeze was indeed coming over her shoulder, for unlike most hunters who wished to go undetected, her needs were such that she had placed her body in his path with the breeze blowing her scent towards him. She knew that his nostrils would detect her lust and she hoped he would soon emerge from the darkness and break into her personal space.

Her arms started to slowly move towards her chest, firstly she detected her body had a cloth covering her upper section, her thoughts were strong, I must show him my upper torso, entice him closer to me. She found the first button and her trembling fingers had some trouble with the action yet she soon managed. Her body adapted very quickly to new actions and in moments she was able to repeat the action with the second button. She felt the cool breeze on her back as the garment became looser as she undid the third button. Slowly she opened the garment and pulled it free of the lower section covering her sexual centre. Could he see her clearly in the darkness now that she was partly exposed to him? She urged her body to move a half step sideways to catch the beam of moonlight that streamed into the alley from one of the three moons of the planet she was upon.

The moonlight bathed her left breast in its faint orange glow and she sensed him again in the darkness. Her mind urged more blood to her breasts and they again swelled, throbbing like beacons for him to home in on. Her body sensed his closeness; the sideways half step had brought her legs together again, slightly reducing her scent from her sexual centre. She used the opportunity to steady her body ready for her next arousal. Her mind again focused on her actions. She was holding her upper garment open, exposing her breasts to him, her engorged aching nipples, beacons in the night, urged him forward. Her mind urged more life force to flow to her sexual centre and the breeze carried her love scent to his nostrils. He although invisible still was wary of the creature so close in front of him. He like her, sensed her sexual readiness and his own body started to betray him to her. As his lust grew he slowly revealed himself in the darkness, firstly with his pale orange eyes.

She drew breath, sharply as his piercing eyes appeared not more that half an arm length away, slightly to her right. Her neck hairs stood straight up as she realised she had in fact caused him to lower his defenses, his lust had reduced his normal invisible nature and he was now very exposed, simply the glow from his orange eyes could be sufficient for his capture. She urged her flesh to respond further by causing more life force to rush to her lips, allowing the sensation of fullness to engorge her lips she knew that her scent of arousal would drift upwards in the light breeze to his nostrils. She again moved one leg to open her sexual centre allowing the breeze to waft her scent to him. He responded as she had hoped and his shaft began to appear to her eyes, just the head visible at first with the glistening pre cum droplet hanging from the slit at the end of the flesh stalk she now urged her eyes to focus upon.

Her reward twitched within an arms length from her sexual centre, yet she required more of him yet, she had the urge to see more of the creature and for the first time she moaned, low like an animal in heat "mmmmmm, yes". She knew of the story of the creature and how exposed to death she was; yet her lust was strong to mate with the yet invisible body before her. He sensed she was no threat, was open to him and his hands appeared through the gloom, his arms still invisible, just his six fingered hands reached forward to within a fingers length of her engorged nipples. He hesitated, she moaned again "mmmmmmm,yes" and he touched the tip of her right breast, gently at first, then lifting and judging the weight. She saw the hands floating in the darkness, the invisible arms making them appear as cut off and floating and it seemed incredible to her they had the strength to lift her large breasts, made even heavier yet by the blood she had urged her body to force forward to fully engorge and inflate them for his touch. His right arm started to appear in the moonlight as he stroked her nipple, feeling her life force in his touch. Yes she thought he is slowly appearing before me and he will be mine tonight.

His stalk had also changed shape as she could now see his hairy ball sac dangling below his appendage. How she longed to thrust herself forward and impale her sexual centre upon his thick prong, yet she still hesitated somewhat, not yet even losing the lower garment that concealed her lips from him. He was homing in on the scent emitting from her lips and soon would remove any material in the way with ease. She decided that to preserve the garment she must now remove it herself quickly or he may indeed rip it from her body in his moment of lust as he was indeed becoming more visible, moment by moment as the blood flowed and pulsed within his aroused body. She saw his six toes appear on the alley floor and for the moment she knew exactly where he stood, his balance steady. She drew breath as she slowly lowered her arms to her lower garment, this one easier with its single zip at the side. His orange eyes glared and burned brightly as the zipper made it's slow steady sound as it traveled it's fixed road. Yes, yes she thought he would be mine alone tonight as she measured his lust, watching more of his shaft thicken and extend.

"Magnificent" she thought, her lust rising within her sexual centre every moment. He had a shaft far in excess of her expectations and she trembled in the anticipation of the first penetration to her virgin body. He would take her soon she knew and his seed would engulf her sexual centre and flood her belly with its heat. Her primal urgings took over and her palm extended forward and cupped his shaft in her hand. The size of it shocked her, as she attempted to close her fingers around the head of it she realised she could not close her hand and touch her palm because of the size. The instant she placed her palm upon the shaft a huge twitch pulsed through his organ so strong she almost had her wrist broken from the force of it.

Yes she thought this would be some night for my body and mind. His fingers had begun to twist her nipple and roll it back and forth lightly. "mmmmmm, uh" she issued the guttural sound without thought. Her body was now taking over her mind functions and for the first time in her life her body was taking over control. Her skirt fell to the alley floor and her legs parted easily to allow his gaze to see her full lips for the first time in their full glory. He lowered his arm and a bony finger reached forward and collected the tiny drop of honey from her lips, causing her to twitch as he had done and as he moved the drop of honey to his mouth his lips and teeth became visible to her gaze. He was much taller than she was and she knew he was hugely powerful, yet she still believed he was a gentle creature.

She urged him on with more gentle moaning and she now had his shaft captured with both her hands, now she felt her strength returning as she gained some measure of control over the creature. Her hands on his shaft lifted and felt the weight, yes she thought he is huge, and hard, and exactly what I need right now. He felt her shift in mood as she grasped his shaft in her hands and suddenly with lightening speed he made his move. His lust for her engorged nipples overtook him and he drew her left breast inside his open mouth and clamped down hard forcing her nipple to burst open and squirt her life force deep within his mouth. The swiftness of it shocked her; her skin erupted with tingles, twitches and fear. He suckled like an angry child deprived of milk for hours, drawing her life essence from the burst nipple and as she realised that pain was now coming into play she attempted to squeeze his shaft and pull on it in defense. Her virgin skills betrayed her as she only heightened his arousal further. She had called the creature to her side with her offering of lust and now she began to understand the danger.

His suckling on her left breast increased to a crescendo and stopped. She knew he had drawn her life force from her and she felt faint. His orange eyes glowed fierce in the night and her legs trembled. She held on fast to the shaft in her hands, her only method of control, she stroked him slowly and appeased his lust whilst her own lips drew together and her honeydew ceased to flow. Fear now was here and her mind was starting to come back into the picture again. Her lust was receding as the pain of her ravaged breast formed an image in her mind. He had reduced her nipple to a tattered piece of flesh, the force of his suckling had opened the nipple fully and her breast was no longer the beautiful piece of flesh as it was moments before. He glared at her and for no apparent reason she knew she would offer her other breast to him now. He lunged forward and as before took the entire breast within his mouth, however this time his lust was partly sated so his suckling was more childlike, his urgency this time did not break the nipple open. She felt the warmth of the inferno of his mouth and her mind receded whilst her body again took over. His suckling open the nipple and her life force again flowed into his mouth. The intense pain moments before passed away as the pure lustful pleasure of his suckling overtook her mind and controlled her body again. As the gentle suckling continued she felt his shaft twitch again and she knew again that the coming pleasure could overcome the pain. Her honeydew wept again from her lips as she drew the head of his shaft slowly towards her frontal opening.

He moved his third hand around to her back to gain the hold he wanted prior to his initial penetration of the sexual centre of this hot virgin offering. She sensed his change of mood and offered her breast deeper to his mouth. The pleasure increased as he suckled, more slowly, more gently and she relaxed her trembling legs as she felt her body being raised off the alley floor, powerfully he controlled her sexual centre as he moved her towards the head of his shaft. He still suckled her breast and was in no need of urgency now as she was totally controlled by him. He was in no danger and he could take his time. He moved her forward not moving his feet at all and slowly he placed his treelog shaft tip at the entrance to her lips. They were fully engorged and he knew she would be well lubricated within her warm depths. He hesitated, as he knew the first touch of her lips to his shaft would produce sensations he loved. He also knew that he would appear fully to her soon enough as he moved to close the last of the distance between them. She watched his form appear before her fully as his heated shaft touched her sexual lips and parted them fully as he slid her forward onto his shaft of pleasure. Her body poured her honeydew forth to allow the lubrication required to take him within her belly.

He grunted with the pure pleasure of it as he moved her further forwards towards his balls. She felt his width stretching her lips and her canal opened to accept his hardened shaft with its bulbous head forcing itself forward deeper within her body. The expected moment of penetration she had covered many times in her mind yet this was not as she had expected. He stopped for a moment and started to move her away from him. It was pure bliss she felt; yet a tinge of fear was still in her mind. Was he rejecting her as unsuitable by slowly removing her from his shaft? She felt him pause and again he reversed the movement, drawing her closer to him again, she felt empowered "mmmmm,yes" he had accepted her as suitable and would now use her for his pleasure. She again felt his width penetrate her belly and his lust thickened his shaft further, she felt his treelog being shoved up between her legs towards her belly.

He moved more of his shaft into her belly as she realised she was still a long way from his ball sac and wondered if she could take his entire huge shaft. He felt the resistance as his head touched her virginity, yet he slowed here determined to enjoy the thrust he knew his shaft would soon impose upon her body. His eye moved to her belly and watched as the pressure increased upon her virgin belly. He had her impaled upon his shaft and he now released her breast having removed all the fullness from them both. He glanced at her bleeding nipple and gave it one more lick to clean it for her. Both her breasts hung now as flat sacs against her chest, all semblance of fullness gone from them. He now centered his entire being on the offering now impaled upon his large shaft. He wriggled slightly and saw her eyes open wide as she realised she was suspended above the ground with his treelog shaft between her legs. She was unable to touch the ground and his third hand held her back, whilst his other two were upon her hips. She could lean backwards against him and he allowed her to do so. Her head was not supported so she had to make an effort to look upwards into his fiery red lust filled eyes.

He drew her forward suddenly and her virginity was torn open. Her scream of pain rent the night air, his eyes fire red and he impaled her more deeply upon his shaft, feeling her relax into his huge third hand as the pain washed over her body. She was totally controlled by the creature and he sensed this as he slowly allowed her body to raise away from his shaft and he watched as the trickle of blood flowed down his shaft. "mmmmm, ah!" He always insisted that all offerings were virgins and they had done his bidding. He moved her body forward again and watched as his shaft slowly disappeared again into her belly. She was wide eyed again as the pain reduced she knew that the pleasure would start to soon build within her sexual centre. Her knowledge was only from stories and folklore, yet the creature was renown for his ability to stimulate the sexual centre of the offerings given to him by the localfolk.

He concentrated on his task now, fully visible he was vulnerable, yet he was confident he was still safe as he set up a slow steady rhythm of moving her body along his stiff shaft. His huge shaft was at an upward angle so she moved downward as he drew her closer towards his ball sac and as he pushed her away she was raised. His movement of her was different to any other movements she had seen her parents do, simply the creature was so powerful he did not move his feet or legs at all. He stood stock-still and moved her body only. She felt the pain going and her lust again responded. She was slick now and she could see his shaft was wet with her honeydew. It was clear in the moonlight and she relaxed as his gentle movements drew her belly into a tight knot as her first orgasms drew near as a non-virgin, as an offering to the creature. If she survived the night she would be a powerful storysayer in her village.

She concentrated upon relaxing her sexual centre and she opened herself up to him more fully. He sensed her body change and allowed her to move closer to his ball sac on the next downward stroke. She made up her mind that she would feel the slap of his balls upon her white backside and relaxed more to allow him more penetration on his next stroke. He raised her almost fully of his shaft this time and simply allowed her to slide forward using her own bodyweight as the power, she continued forward and stopped with a smile on her face having taken all of his treelog within her sexual centre. He raised her again and this time moved her impaled body to the very tip of his cockhead and allowed her to again slide forward, her bodyweight doing the work for him, his third hand acting as a guide for her to lay upon. At the bottom of the stroke she closed her legs around his hairy body and pulled herself hard to his ball sac and tried to close her feet together around his waist. He again raised her to his cockhead and allowed her to slide forward once more. She tried to close her legs again but was unable to do so. His tempo was picking up ever so slowly and she felt his shaft thickened once more within her belly. His cockhead throbbed and began to swell up as she saw his ball sac lift and begin to tighten.

She realised she would only have several more slides on his shaft and he would boil over and plant his hot seed deep within her belly. She concentrated on her own pleasure now as the dull pain of her flattened breasts, her one torn open nipple weeping her life force in the moonlight, was forced into the back of her mind. She needed to orgasm when he did for the maximum effect if she was to gain her pleasure from the creature.

He roared as his ballsac spasmed and his sperm began its journey from his ballsac to her belly along his thickened shaft. She slid down to the bottom of him and wrapped her legs around him. This time she managed to hook her toes together to hang on as his explosion began. She remembered that she must hang on as a previous offering had been shot right down the alley from the force of his blast like a cannonball and had been unable to survive the impact. Now was her greatest moment of peril, could she take the load of sperm jetting forward from his balls? He was well loaded and he began to unleash the reward towards her belly. She clung to his hairy belly fur and hooked her toes together as he emptied his life force into her blast after blast. She felt her belly filling as spasm after spasm erupted from his huge treelog. "Yessss" she was watching his eyes glow red and then even brighter as he continued to pour his life essence into her belly. She felt the healing begin of her torn nipple and watched in awe as her breasts began to return to their original state as his sperm filled her body and his life force spread throughout her body. Her breasts became hard and firm again and the healed nipple thrust hard and tightly upwards into the night. The creature let out his blood-curdling roar "AAAAAAAHHHHHH EEEEE" as the last of his sperm left his ballsac and his treelog slowed to a dribble. He had completely filled her and restored her battered body to perfection with his pure sperm. She knew she had won as his eyes returned from bright red to an unfamiliar pale yellow shade. "Yes" she cried as she knew she had survived the blast of the creature, she knew she would soon have child within her and the creature would protect her always as he returned slowly to his invisible world.

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