byChicago Bob©

I had stopped stripping and was just standing there, mesmerized.

"The pants, the pants, don't forget about the pants."

"Yes, doctor."

I quickly unzipped and let my slacks drop to the floor, stepping out of them and kicking them aside. I watched her and waited.

"Good. Now the shirt."

I was out of the shirt in seconds. I didn't even bother to unbutton it. I pulled it off like a sweater. I stood before her in a pair of gray boxers.

She was now stroking her clit with the index finger of her left hand.

I watched her and she smiled at me. She was such an innocent, yet she could be so sexy, so erotic. Right now she was a wanton wench.

"You are a shameless hussy, playing with yourself like that in front of me."

She grinned and held out her arm toward me, making a circular motion with her hand. "Continue. The boxers. I want to see only skin."

I grasped the elastic at the top of the boxers and pulled them down, stretching the material so I could get it over my very erect penis.

"Turn around and let me look at you."

I turned slowly, grateful for every sit-up, every bench-press, every squat, every exercise I had ever done in my life. I finished the turn and waited.

She looked at me, still grinning, "I like. Now sit."

I sat where she had sat and this time it was Amanda who slid off the couch and kneeled. She put her hands on my knees and ran them down the tops of my thighs, and back. Then again, with her thumbs caressing the insides of my thighs. We maintained eye contact the entire time, just as we had when our places had been reversed.

She then ran her hands up the outside of my thighs and grabbed my hips. Her face was very close to my hard cock and for a moment I thought she was going to kiss it, maybe lick it, or take it into her mouth. But no.

"I can't pull you, so you'll have to help. Scoot down a little for me."

I did and she sat back on her heels. She looked very pleased.

She reached out and grasped the shaft of my penis in her right hand, squeezing it gently. Then she moved closer to me, again on her knees, her head was just above my very excited member.

"I've examined lots of guys, but always with gloves. You feel so smooth, hard and soft at the same time."

She stroked me gently and I scooted down a little more.

"Oh, you like that?"

I just looked at her and I am sure she could see the lust in my eyes.

Amanda looked at my cock and took a deep breath. "Well, here goes."

As she moved her mouth toward my penis I put my hand on her head and said, "Wait."

She looked up, confused.

"Amanda, this is great, but if you are at all uncomfortable you don't have to do this. There's no list of things to do here tonight, no requirements. I don't want you to do anything you don't want to do, understand?"

She smiled sweetly, "You misunderstand. I should have said, 'Well, here goes.' to myself. I do want to do this. I'll tell you more later, now sit back and enjoy, I hope."

Without hesitation this time, she leaned down and took the head of my cock and maybe the first two inches into her mouth. I could feel her tongue pressing against the underside of the shaft, but she made no movement for quite some time. Then she sucked in a little and slowly pulled back. When she got to the head, she slowed her retreat and ever so slowly let me slide from between her lips.

We looked at each other again and she smiled, "I could get used to this."

"And I hope you do."

I thought she was going to say something, but instead she returned her attention to my penis.

Her movements were tentative, but she was obviously approaching her task with enthusiasm. She started with about two inches and stroked me with her tongue and lips until she became comfortable with what she had in her mouth. Then she would add a little more and practice on that.

When she was comfortable with having about half of my cock in her mouth she started a regular, steady, up and down motion. It felt wonderful. She wasn't sucking or using her tongue that much, but just being in her mouth, being caressed by her lips, was exciting me more than I could believe.

"Oh, baby, this is great. You're doing just fine."

Seemingly encouraged by my comments, she increased her pace and I was soon thinking of how to hold back. That was enough for tonight.

I placed my hands on either side of her head and said, "Amanda, that's enough for now. Easy, baby, easy. That's all I want right now."

She pulled back and let go, "Didn't I do it right? Tell me…"

I interrupted her. "You were doing too well. I was getting close and I didn't want to risk cuming in your mouth."

"Why not, I know guys like that."

"Yes, we like that, but not tonight, not now. Now I want to make love to you, the old fashioned way."

"In the bedroom?"

"In the bedroom."

She rose, the material of her dress still tucked beneath her breasts. "Thank you. I was wondering if you were going to ejaculate in my mouth. I was a little worried if I could handle it, you know, the first time and all."

"You get straight A's for bravery."

She giggled and grabbed my hand, leading me to her bedroom, another blue room. This time a pale blue; walls, ceiling, and carpet.

She had a queen-size bed with a simple black, tubular headboard. She had already turned down the spread: Grey sheets. A break in tradition?

Once in the room, Amanda turned to me and pulled the chemise over her head. "Do you want me to keep the stockings on?"

"No, sit on the bed and I'll take them off for you."

She sat and I again knelt before her. I lifted each leg in turn and removed her shoes. She then spread her legs a little and I took the top of her right stocking in my hands, one hand on the inside of her thigh, the other on the outside. I slowly pulled on the sheer fabric and rolled it down and off her leg. I repeated the process with the left leg.

When she was completely naked, she scooted back on the bed and lay flat on her back, head on a pillow, left knee raised.

Part VIII - Consummation

I lay beside her and quietly said, "I've had my tongue in your vagina, and you've had my penis in your mouth. I think it's time for our first kiss."

I reached across her body for balance and leaned toward her. She raised her head to meet me, embracing my neck with her arms. Our lips met and we pressed together ever so gently. It was like being touched by a breeze, a breeze that rapidly grew into a hurricane.

We were soon mashing our mouths together, each moving in a desperate effort to get as close as possible to the other. I grabbed her and rolled onto my back. She came with me, straddling my hips with her knees and pushing her breasts into my chest. Still we kissed. I stroked her back and her hips, and down the sides of her thighs and she grabbed my head with her hands and held me still as she pressed her mouth to mine. It was intense.

She pulled back and sat up on me, breathing hard, "Wow. Now that was a kiss."

She was grinning and giggling. Her face was flushed and her nipples were hard.

"How do you want me? What position?"

"Just like this, if it's OK with you."

"Anything is OK with me."

"Let's start with you on top. You'll have more control."

She nodded, lifted her hips, and reached for my cock. Placing it against her vulva she gently rubbed it against her until her lips parted and the head was at the entrance to her sex. She hesitated.

We looked at each other, "If you want to stay a virgin, now would be a good time to stop."

She grinned again and said, "Do you think I should?"

"No. No I don't."

"Neither do I."

And she lowered herself onto my erect penis, wiggling a little but mostly moving straight down. I was soon completely encased within her.

When she was sitting on my thighs she stopped moving and sighed.

She then leaned forward, supporting herself with her hands, looking into my eyes, "I am so happy right now. This is perfect. You are perfect. I have imagined a million ways for this to happen, and tonight is better than any of them. Thank you."

I reached up and pulled her close. I kissed her. "Thank you. I am honored to be here.

"Now, do you want to stay like this, or move around a little?"

"You mean missionary love, or raw, fucking sex?"

"My, what a potty-mouth you have all of a sudden."

She smiled sweetly, "Only with you, sir, and only in the bedroom."

Then, with lust in her voice she added, "I'll tell you what I want. I want you to fuck me like you've never fucked a woman before. I have a decade of sex to catch up on and I want tonight to be a good start, a very good start."

"OK, you can start. We'll stay like this and you can stroke me. I won't move. See if you like it."

She started to raise and lower her hips, allowing my cock to slide out and then back into her vagina. Initially, she moved slowly, savoring each circuit, but she quickly increased the pace. Soon, she was lifting off slowly, and then smashing herself down on me, moving her pelvis forward and back as she ground herself against me. I caressed first her sides and buttocks, then cupped her breasts and gently pinched her nipples.

"I like you to touch my breasts." She was looking at me, smiling.

I could feel the head of my cock hitting her cervix on the downward strokes.

"It's OK? It doesn’t hurt?"

"Hurt? No. I like it when you are up against me like that, it makes me feel completely filled by you."

I reached behind her back and pulled her down over me. She put her arms on the mattress, by my head, to support herself.

I looked at her and said, "I've been negligent."

I cupped her breasts again and again pinched her nipples. Then I raised my head and sucked the nipple of her right breast into my mouth.

"Ahhhhh, yes," she sighed.

Amanda lowered her torso so my head was back on the pillow. I sucked and licked her breasts, alternating my attention between them, kneading them with my hands, sometimes squeezing them so I could get more of her into my mouth.

Amanda supported herself on her right hand and reached behind my head with the left. She pulled my head up and leaned down more, literally crushing her breasts into my face. I used my hands to keep them from bulging out to the sides.

"You must never be negligent again, do you understand. My nipples are on fire. God it feels good when you kiss them."

We remained like this for a few minutes but eventually her arms tired and she sat up.

She hadn't missed a beat with her pussy, and she continue to stroke me for a few awhile longer, then said, "Time to switch."

I gently pushed her off and she whined, "Don't take it out. I want it to stay in me."

"I'm glad you do, and I bet you'll like this, too. Lie on your back while I do a little missionary work."

She lay back, instinctively spreading her legs, and I mounted her quickly. My cock was aligned just right and she was so wet I slid in easily. I buried my cock in her in one smooth motion.

"Wow. Look Ma, no hands." She laughed and put her arms around me.

I lowered myself so our bodies were touching. Her breasts felt wonderful pressing into my chest. I kissed her mouth and started to pump in and out of her with full, rapid strokes. She sighed into my mouth and I brushed my tongue against her lips.

Amanda opened her mouth and we explored each other with our lips and tongues. After a few minutes, I lowered my head and kissed the side of her neck, and nibbled her earlobe. She sighed and moved her head so I could reach more of her neck.

She was busy, too, alternately stroking my back and hugging me tighter. She was lifting her pelvis to meet my thrust into her and at times our pelvic bones would come together with quite a bit of force, causing us both to grunt a little. It was loving and intense at the same time.

After about five minutes of missionary work I slowed and said, "Now, be careful. Kind of roll onto your left side and raise your right leg. Wait till I get my leg out of your way."

She looked at me questioningly, but complied. I lifted my body off of hers and she rolled onto her side. As she did I straddled her right leg and spread my knees, keeping my penis in her vagina. I helped her with her raised leg and held it against my stomach and chest. When we were adjusted she was on her side, legs apart with me kneeling between them. She rested her head in her hand, with her elbow on the mattress.

"This is interesting."

I held her thigh against me and stroked into her, reestablishing the rhythm I had maintained during the missionary position.

Amanda pushed against my thrusts and tilted her hips to maximize the pressure against the walls of her vagina.

"This is good, too. I like to watch your face. You look like you're enjoying me."

We moved together, she with her eyes closed at times and at other times watching me closely. When I started to become sensitive, so I slowed my movements.

"I don't want to cum in this position. How about from behind, you on your knees?"

"Do you have to take it out?"

"No, but it's easier and faster if I do."

"OK, but make it quick."

I pulled out, she quickly got on her hands and knees and I entered her again.

"Amanda, honey, I'm not going to last very long in this position. What we want to do is try to climax together. It's hard to do, but if we talk to each other, maybe we can pull it off. It would make for a fantastic first time."

She looked back at me and asked, "What should I do?"

"Put your shoulders on the bed. That will give me an angle that will give us both more stimulation. Then one of us is going to have to stimulate your clit. Who do you want, me or you?"

She lowered her shoulders and said, "I want you to do it."

"OK. Spread your knees a little more so I can reach around. That's good. Now I'm going to rest a lot of my weight on you, if I'm too heavy, let me know."

I reached around her waist and between her legs. Carefully probing her sex I found her engorged clit and touched it lightly.

"Bull's eye! That's it."

I slid my first two fingers around inside her pussy lips, getting them wet and then returned them to her clit.

I kept my body up by supporting myself on her back with my right forearm while I worked the fingers of my left hand over her sensitive button. As I did I stroked my cock in and out of her vagina. I was on fire within a few minutes.

I ran my fingers on either side of her clit, increasing the pressure slightly every now and then.

I started thinking about my schedule at the office, about the war against terrorism, global warming, cities crumbling in massive earthquakes, anything to keep my mind off the pleasure I was feeling inside of her.

I was just about the think of changing diapers when she moaned, "Almost. Almost. I'm almost there. Just a little longer. Almost."

I forgot about the diapers and put some more pressure on her clit. I stroked her clit with my fingers in the same rhythm as I stroked her pussy with my cock.

It took less than a minute and she climaxed. "Yes! Yes! It's now. It's now. Don't stop. Now!"

She mashed her hips back into me and I pulled away, needing the space for just another stroke or two to put me over the top. I made it and felt the sperm rising from my balls. A few seconds later I was shooting what felt like a huge load of cum deep into her vagina.

I tried to keep some contact with her clit, but I don't think I did. I pushed into her as deeply as I could and said, "Yes. Me now too."

I raised my body, grabbed her hips and pulled her hard against me. I felt my cock empty four times into her, each time feeling her vagina contracting around me. We had done it! Simultaneous orgasms on the first try.

Part IX – Afterglow

When the fireworks stopped, we remained still for awhile. My knees were weak and I imagined Amanda's were, too.

I said, "If we're careful, again, maybe I won't come out. Slowly lower your hips and then we can roll onto our sides.

She did and we did and I stayed buried within her. I was softer, but not completely soft. Just having her close to me was arousing.

When we were settled I said, "That seemed to go fairly well. For a virgin, you're a wonderful lover."

Amanda wiggled her tush against me and answered, "If it's always like that, I might starve before I get out of this bed."

I reached around and cupped her breast in my hand. "Maybe not always, but we can try. You know what they say, 'Practice makes perfect.'"

"Then practice on me. Practice on me."

We spooned, not talking. I would move my hand from one breast to the other, and then remove it to caress her side, hip, and thigh, and then work my way back to her breasts. When I held her breasts she would cover my hand with hers, sometimes squeezing my fingers, causing me to squeeze her breast. I liked this lady. She wasn't afraid to indicate what she wanted. Amanda was a great lover who would only get better.

After a long while she said, "When you pull out I'm going to leak like a sieve, aren’t I?"

"I think so, yes."

"Roll me over so I'm closer to the bathroom and I'll go clean up."

I rolled over, holding her on top of me. When she was facing the bathroom I slowly pulled out and she quickly stood.

"Oh, my God. It's running down my legs. Don't move. Lie on your back. Don't move."

She ran into the bathroom and I heard water running, again.

"It's like a river. There's so much. I'm impressed."

I didn't know what to say, so I kept quiet.

She returned with a towel between her legs and one in her hand.

Looking down at herself she laughed and said, "Not so sexy now."

"Wrong, Doctor, very sexy now."

She knelt on the bed beside me and said, "Indulge me."

She put the warm cloth on my stomach and grasped my now soft cock at the base, between her finger and thumb. She lifted it off my body and looked at it closely. Then she leaned forward and took it completely into her mouth.

"Oh!" I exclaimed.

I felt her tongue moving against me and then she sucked in and pulled her head up and away, allowing my penis to flop back on my stomach.

Then as if nothing had happened she used the cloth to wipe me clean.

"What was that about?"

"I just wondered what we tasted like, you and me together. Mostly, though, I wanted to get a preview of what you taste like."

She lay close beside me, her breasts pushing into my side. "The operable word being 'preview.'

"Now, lover I want to say just a few things and then I have to sleep. As exciting as this night has been, it's already after three, and I am exhausted."

She wiggled closer and put her arm around me. "I am so happy I waited for you. Thank you for giving me so much love tonight. It's nice, not being a virgin.

"I want you to stay. If you want to. We can cuddle and then maybe make love again in the morning, when I'm not so sleepy. I don't have to work tomorrow and if you let me, I want to monopolize every minute of your day. If you have to go, I'll understand, but please stay, if you can.

It's such an abused cliché, but I couldn't resist, "How do you like your eggs?"


I don't know when I will be posting additional chapters, but I have lots of ideas about what Amanda and Paul can do together, and I want to share them with you.
I hope you enjoyed my ramblings.
Chicago Bob

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