tagIncest/TabooAmber in the Basement

Amber in the Basement


Here is the third chapter of Amber's story, or Steve's, which started as a one off story has grown into something else altogether. If you are new to the story line, it might behoove you to start with "Amber" then read "Amber at Home," then this one.

Everyone in the story is at least eighteen

As always, please vote. There are five stars at the end of the story, choose one and let me know how I did.

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I had driven home slowly staring at the text from Meredith, "I know what you did." I decided to take the bravado route and replied, "?"

Her near immediate response was, "Be there tonight to discuss."

'Fucking great' I thought. Maureen and Yvonne were in Michigan visiting Maureen's Mom; I was barely into my annual bachelor time. To cap off day one, I would have to deal with an angry sister-in-law, who probably thought I had fucked her daughter, rightly so.

Pouring myself a whiskey I gulped it down and deliberated on how the day will progress; or more precisely 'tonight.'

Around 5:00 the doorbell rang and I opened it with a sense of dread. My Anxiety turned out to be misplaced as Kim stood at the door. Amber has the greatest tits I ever had the pleasure of touching and playing with by far. Kim though was in a league of her own. She was the prototypical cheerleader; five foot two tall she weighed all of 90 or 95 pounds. She was always happy and chipper. She was the type of kid you loved to hate, or hated to love.

Her ass and legs were hard as rocks, as was her entire body. B cup tits were constantly caressed by her long black hair, which always had the look of being freshly done. Her dark brown eyes looked as if they were in the middle of a joke and had the appearance of melted milk chocolate. She was nothing short of fantastically gorgeous, perfectly proportioned.

To top it off, she was a pretty great kid despite of her mother. She could command a room if she wanted, but never did, always enjoying other's pleasure while they were the center of attention.

"Hey Kim, come on in." I said.

"Hi Steve, I am here for Amber's bag; I can't believe she forgot it here." Kim said as she nearly skipped into the house.

We walked through to the kitchen where Kim grabbed the bag. Turning to me she asked, "Steve, what happened?"

I looked at her like I had no idea what she was talking about asking, "What do you mean?"

"Well, Meredith and Amber have been fighting all day; Amber is threatening to move out if Meredith doesn't chill." Kim said.

"They have always fought Kim, you know that. They can be pretty nasty to each other."

Kim sat down at the kitchen table, her voice bordering exasperation, "Yes, I know. But this is different. There is an undercurrent of something that I do not understand."

Looking at Kim, I once again wondered what it would be like to fuck her up the ass. This time however, the image of Amber sitting below me sucking my balls while I was doing so, stirred my cock enough. I sat down opposite Kim before she noticed the rapidly hardening appendage. "Well, what did Amber tell you?"

"Nothing really other than she had the greatest birthday ever," Kim said morosely.

I chuckled saying, "Well, I am glad to hear that."

I couldn't imagine how that would have caused a negative reaction, but Kim flashed me a look that was gone as fast as it had appeared, containing anger, jealousy or something. "She told me about what happened at the theater last night." Kim's voice was more guarded than I had ever heard from her before.


"About how the woman played with your cock until you came." Kim's voice still held the same strained neutrality.

"Did she tell Meredith?" I asked.

Kim nodded and said, "It was some story. Does that kind of thing happen often on your dates with Amber?"

I shook my head, "No. That is the first time anything outside the ordinary ever happened on date night."

Kim's eyes pooled as she asked, "Was it the last thing?"

I have to admit the girl had a future as an interrogator if she wanted one, or perhaps I wasn't being guarded enough, which had to change. "I don't know what you mean, Kim," I said.

Kim sighed, "Okay, well, I need to go and give Amber her bag back." Standing up, her perfect ass swayed tantalizingly before me as she started walking toward the front door. With a dry mouth, I followed far enough behind her to be able to ogle her ass as it swayed left and right. I could feel myself stirring at the sight before me; thinking I really need to get a grip on myself; figuratively this time. I was getting out of control with all the lusty thoughts lately.

I wasn't prepared for it when Kim stopped at the door. She wrapped one arm around my shoulders, giving me a hug. Pressing her torso into me, she couldn't have helped but feel my half hard cock press against her. Her body certainly had a youthful hardness which was how I had imagined it. She felt great, better than great. The heat of her stomach pressing against my rigid prick sent a thrill through my body that I was still enjoying as I heard her say, "Good night, Steve."

I watched her walk to her car as I involuntarily licked my lips once or twice. Kim waved as she climbed in, gracing me with a smile before she drove off.

Heading back through the house I poured a whiskey then stepped outside to drink it while smoking a cigarette or two. I put some music on the system that fed outside and sat drinking, trying like hell not to think of hard bodies, soft bodies and pissed off sister-in-laws. It was terribly difficult to find that center of balance that had served me so well over the years. I was excited. My breathing came in short little pants, my body so sensitive that normal wear and rub of clothing, especially my underwear, turned me on.

I don't know if I ever felt so damned ALIVE.

The music was soothing, the whiskey delicious and the smokes delightful as I sat on the patio watching the sun on its downward trek for the night. I wasn't really paying attention, but was not surprised when I heard the patio door open. Meredith said, "There he is, the great pervert," as she closed the door.

"Hello Meredith." I was going to have to get control of this, but I didn't know what Amber had told her.

"How could you, you bastard!" Meredith wasn't screaming yet, but sounded like she would soon.

"How could I what? What is it exactly that you think I did?" I asked, taking a morally reprehensible position, but I thought it may just work.

Meredith hissed, "You had my baby jack you off in my house today! Just like that whore did for you last night! DID YOU SET THAT UP TOO!?!?!?" By the time she got it all out, she was screaming, her face red in fury.

I looked at her and waited. After a minute of soundlessly raging at me she snatched up my whiskey pounding it back like an expert lush. Grabbing my cigarettes she pulled one out, which I lit for her as she sat in the chair next to me. Expelling the smoke in a long breath, she finally turned to me. "Are you ready to listen Meredith, or do you want to continue to rant all night?"

She took another drag and said, "Go ahead, this I have to hear."

I turned toward her, leaned forward, elbows on my knees then softly said, "Yes, something happened at your house today, something she asked for, over and over..."

"SHE'S A BABY YOU FUCKER!" Meredith screamed.

"She maybe a baby," I started reasonably. "But she is old enough to make her own choices, and she is very curious about boys. Sex in particular it seems. How could she not be when her best friend's mother is never home because she is off fucking some dude?"

I had scored a hit. I then lowered my voice, "Or when her mother is out every weekend doing the same thing."

I didn't blame any of the guys Meredith slept with one bit. Had I met Meredith before Maureen, I would have been fucking her myself. In fact I have fantasized about hammering her hooch into docility more than once or twice over the years. Meredith was a certifiable brunette MILF. Standing about 5'9" inches tall she was sleek and sexy. She moved like she knew every man in town wanted to fuck her. She had that air about her that suggested, 'Just line them up, and then perhaps she would.' Her tits were significantly smaller than Amber's at a large B or small C cup. Her waist was tight, narrow, and firm. Her ass cheeks bubbled nicely; they never jiggled. Her legs were long, shapely, a study in classic lines. She possessed the second best lower body of the women I knew; a distant second to Kim, but great nonetheless. Years of sweating every day with Gilead kept her in great shape; fucking as much as I thought she did certainly wouldn't hurt her any.

Meredith's face turned stony as she hissed, "At least I am not preying on children."

"Your baby, like my own, is a young woman. She is no child and yes, I let her jack me off. Pray tell Meredith, which would you prefer? Someone you know is clean, allowing her to jack him off to offset her curiosity, or some dude off the street plugging her as many ways as he can think of?"

"You are going to pay for this, Steve." Meredith said, her voice calm, which was in a way scarier than the raving of earlier.

"You already know I will tell Maureen about it, so you can't hold that against me," I said.

"You will not." Meredith said, dead certain she was right.

Trying to burst this moment of confidence Meredith had, I said, "Sure I will. If I hide it then I am guilty of something, whereas if I tell her about it, I can let her know it was the most amazingly soft and gentle hand job I had ever received."

She sat there and looked at me in shock. Her face an open book as the emotions that were warring in her played out. "Get me a beer, Steve," she finally said.

I stood, went inside and packed a small cooler with six beers topping it with some ice. Filling an ice bucket I grabbed a bottle of whiskey then headed outside. Meredith was sitting on the lounge talking on the phone, "See you soon," hanging up as I arrived.

I sat down as Meredith said, "I want to see it, Steve."

I looked at her like I didn't know what she was talking about, which was the first truthful thing I had done since her arrival. "Your cock, I want to see your cock. Take it out."

I laughed; it was a horribly derisive sound, "No fucking way, Meredith."

"Yes, or I will tell Maureen you fucked Amber." Meredith's voice had an edge to it.

I shrugged and said, "Go ahead. I'll tell her that you are lying about the whole fucking thing."

"I'll get Amber to tell Maureen that you fucked her." Meredith threatened.

That posed an interesting problem. Would Amber tell Maureen if Meredith threatened or forced her to? I really didn't know the answer to that one, which of course gave me pause. What to do? So I stalled, "Who is on their way?"

"My ride," Meredith responded.

"You didn't drive over?" I asked.

"No, Kim was upset with Amber and I, she went home." Meredith said.

"I see."

"Did she come get Amber's bag at least?" Meredith asked.

"Yes, around dinner time," I responded.

"Did you fuck her too, or save that for your niece?" Meredith asked acidly.

"No, but do you want to watch me when I do fuck her, that way you can see my cock?" I retorted.

Meredith's eyes glazed over for a second as she whispered something that sounded like, "I wonder if it is worth sharing."

I started laughing as I picked up my whiskey. "What?!" Meredith screeched.

"You're fucking Kim," I stated.

Meredith's face turned beet red as she said, "At least she isn't my niece."

I leaned forward retorting, "You're right there, she is as much your second daughter as Amber is my niece. Does Amber know you are fucking her sister?"

Meredith turned even redder as she started to stand up. I said, "No, sit your ass down Meredith. Does Amber know?"

Meredith sullenly nodded her head. I sat in wonder puzzling it all out, then asked, "What is it like to kiss one daughter while the quim of your other daughter is on her lips?" Okay perhaps it was cruel, but I now had an advantage; there was no way in hell I was not going to exploit it.

Meredith leaned forward, her face buried in the palms of her hands, sobbing quietly. Oh the righteous indignation of the morally corrupt, I almost hated myself as I said, "Tell you what; you can see my cock as soon as I see you fuck your daughters."

Meredith hissed, "You are sick."

"Yeah, if I am, so are you." I leaned back and thought it over a moment and said, "Truce? Look, we both have a lot to loose if Maureen finds out about our little secrets."

Meredith nodded silently, her eyes downcast.

In my softest voice, I said, "Tell me, Meredith, I want you to tell me what you do to Kim."

She did too, in lurid detail. As I sat there listening to her exploits with Kim, my cock grew harder and harder. At one point I looked down, there was a dark spot in my shorts where pre-cum was soaking through. Meredith obviously saw it, because as the spot grew the more animated the story until toward the end, it seemed all was right with the world, most oddly with the two of us.

I heard a horn honk and asked, "Your ride?"

Meredith nodded, stood up, and then began heading inside. It was an interesting comparison between Kim and Meredith. Kim looked like she could crack walnuts between her ass cheeks as did Meredith. Meredith's ass seemed to roll as she walked, whereas Kim's didn't. I walked behind her until we reached the front door before I put a hand on Meredith's shoulder. She stopped, and then turned slowly to face me. My overactive cock was still hard as she glanced down at it. "Can I come back later, if..."

I cut her off and said, "I am no one's fuck of last resort," and opened the door for her.

Meredith whispered, "Can I stay with you then?"

"What about your ride?" I asked, glancing out at the car in the driveway which looked familiar. "Ah, it's Amber out there."

Meredith nodded silently, blushing slightly before she turned her head down a little. Looking at Meredith, I pondered the situation a minute and then took her right wrist into my hand. Turning on the hallway light, I gave Amber a perfect view as I guided Meredith's hand to my cock. "Maybe that is a little better than just looking at it," I whispered.

Meredith sighed and stepped into me, wrapping her free hand around my shoulders while the hand around my cock remained, but tightened its grip. She whispered in my ear, "You are going to make love to Amber aren't you?"

I nuzzled her neck whispering, "Do you want to watch, if I do?" My lips danced lightly across her neck, as I whispered. Meredith's only answer was the ferocious grip she held onto my cock with as she pumped me once. Letting go, she walked outside and I closed the door behind her. I leaned against the door a couple of minutes wondering what the fuck I was doing. It was bad enough to stick my dick into my niece and then cum all over her; but now, I had just forced my sister-in-law's hand around my hard cock.

The next day was quiet; I avoided all complications that I could. I talked to Maureen a while; then Yvonne which helped get me back and centered a little. Maureen was planning to come home Friday which gave me a timeline. It was nice to have the house to myself amidst having to worry about everything that was going on.

Going to bed on Sunday evening, I absently stroked my cock, pretty happy with my place in the world.

Monday was a blazing day at work. As always there was too much to do with too little time to do it in. Around 2:00pm I received a text from Amber, "Dinner? 6:00?" I responded with a "Y" then sent it to her.

Now that I had something to look forward to the rest of the day passed pretty quickly. Soon enough I was headed to Amber's house. Pulling up, I jumped out of the vehicle and walked to the door, knocking once before letting myself in. Amber came into the living area wearing a pair of black cotton shorts and a white tank top. As she hugged me her tits mashed against my torso. I could not help but moan at the feel of her against me.

Leaning back a little, Amber maintained contact with me as she gave me a smile, "How was your day, Uncle Steve?"

"It was fine, Amber." I responded. I then pulled her face to mine and kissed her in a way no uncle should ever kiss his niece. My tongue dove into her mouth searching it, exploring her. My hands pressed against the small of her back, forcing her against my cock. As I broke the kiss, I asked softly, "How was yours?"

Amber's face was alight as she responded, "I have been looking forward to this all afternoon."

"Oh?" I asked.

"Come with me please, Uncle Steve." Amber whispered. She took my hands in hers leading me toward the back of the house. We walked past the dining room going into her mother's room. Sitting in a chair at the foot of the bed was Meredith, wearing damned near nothing, a black teddy and panties nothing more. Amber turned back to me whispering softly, "Mommy would like to watch you fuck me tonight."

Warning signals were blaring in my head; I didn't know why, but I always listen when they do. "No fucking happening," I said and stormed out. I didn't even slow down until I was outside and headed to the suburban. I sat in the driver's seat, smoking a cigarette wondering about the situation, which felt like a set-up.

Still I wanted to fuck Amber. The thought of Meredith watching us, did have a certain appeal. All I had to do is figure out how to get control of the situation. That control came when Amber came outside and climbed into the passenger side. "Why did you say no, Uncle Steve?"

"Shut up Amber and take off the shorts and shirt. When your mother cracks open the door to see, throw them out the window at her," I said.

We sat in silence for a good fifteen minutes before the door cracked. When it did, Amber threw her clothes at her mother. The door closed. A couple of minutes later it re-opened, revealing Meredith in a bathrobe. "Open the door for her and climb in the back," I said to Amber.

Amber complied as she said, "Open door; get in back." As she settled in, I heard Amber whisper, "Uncle Steve's pleasure is the most important thing to me."

My cock twitched as Meredith approached the open door. "Get in Meredith," I said. She looked at me askance. After a moment or two she climbed in. "Take the robe off and throw it out the window," I ordered.

She looked at me flatly, saying, "No way."

Staring into her eyes to reinforce I wasn't kidding I said, "Then get out." My voice was lower than usual, rumbling in my chest.

After a couple of moments she unfastened the robe then tossed it out into the yard where it landed with a heavier thunk than one would expect from a robe. I got out of the suburban walking to their clothes and picked them up. Amber's of course had nothing unusual, when I picked up the robe, it felt heavy and I fished into the pocket and found a digital camera. I took everything inside, grabbed Amber's keys and locked the door on my way back out.

I sat in the suburban staring at Meredith. I didn't say a thing, letting the entire communication take place in my scowl. I fired up the vehicle and drove off. We were about a block away when Amber asked, "Uncle Steve, where are we headed?"

I glanced back in the rear view mirror, "To fuck the shit out of you." Both women in the vehicle gasped breathlessly as I kept driving. Twice Amber sat forward wrapping her hands around my chest whispering in my ear, "Uncle Steve's pleasure is the most important thing to me." Each time she did so, my cock recharged, getting a little harder.

As I pulled into the garage at my house, I told them both to stay where they were then retrieved some items from the garage. A handful of long tie wraps, a stool and a nylon strap; I took my sundries downstairs, depositing them in the middle of the basement. I then went upstairs, grabbed a chair from the dining set which I then took into the basement as well.

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