Amy and I Pick Up Ebony Stripper


My admiration of her pussy was short lived as I was beckoned by Amy who had moved onto her hands and knees on the floor, inviting me to enter her from behind. Never one to relinquish an opportunity to pound my sexy wife from the rear, I swiftly scooted behind her with my cock in hand. I rubbed the head of my penis along her slit, lubricating my cock with her moisture, before plunging deep into her tight pussy with one long, fast thrust. I vigorously pumped my cock as hard as I could causing Amy to cry out in bliss, "Fuck me harder, I want to feel you deep inside me!" I pistoned in and out of her snatch for a few minutes, my hips slapping against her ass with each stroke. I soon became aware of that familiar tingle which signalled the near arrival of my own explosion. Not wanting to cum before my horny wife, I pulled out in order to regain my composure. "Please don't stop, I need you to fill me up!" Amy begged, but I knew if I entered her again right away I would lose control.

I took a second to glance at Sam and saw that she was intently viewing the show while playing with her pussy. "Why don't you crawl under Amy and eat her pussy while I fuck her" I suggested. Sam arose from the couch and slipped beneath my wife, positioning her face directly under Amy's wet pussy. She grabbed hold of my shaft and fed my cock back into my wife's waiting snatch. The look in her eyes as my thick member penetrated Amy's tight pussy was one of utter joy. Once I was balls deep in my wife again, Sam began to assault her clit and my shaft when I withdrew. Each time I pulled back I could see Sam's hungry eyes peering up at me while she licked Amy's fluid from my shaft. I allowed my entire dick to slip from Amy's pussy and fall into Sam's awaiting mouth. She slurped at my cock as I thrust all the way to the back of her throat, the stud in her tongue gliding along the underside of my shaft.

"Put it back in me" my wife pleaded. My cock popped from Sam's mouth and I pushed back into Amy's silky box, grunting as I did so. The pleasure caused by the combination of my cock and Sam's talented mouth was too much for Amy, she started to scream out the arrival of her orgasm. I pummelled her pulsating cunt and Sam sucked and nibbled on her clit as Amy started to thrash between us. She reached between her legs and held Sam's mouth against her pussy while continuing to cum violently. Her orgasm was so intense that my cock was actually forced from her pussy as she sprayed Sam's face with her cream. Sam eagerly lapped up as much of Amy's spurting juice as she could, nearly drowning in the process. When her climax finally subsided my wife collapsed in exhaustion atop Sam's chocolate body. I leaned back, attempting to take in the sight before me and recoup some energy.

Sam then pushed Amy off of her and climbed onto the couch, laying on her back with her legs spread wide. "That was so hot, I want you to fuck me again." I wasn't about to pass up the chance to feel her velvety box one more time so I crawled between her thighs and rammed my cock into her depths. "I love your white cock" she moaned as I pumped into her pussy.

Amy had recovered from her recent explosion and moved over next to me between Sam's legs. Sam rested her leg on Amy's shoulder as I maintained a steady assault on her cunt. "Fill her with your thick cock" Amy urged, obviously turned on by the sight of me fucking another woman while she watched. I made sure not to obstruct Amy's view, wanting her to see my cock slip in and out of this beautiful new pussy.

"Cum all over her" my wife suggested when she sensed that I was getting close. I rammed my cock deep into Sam's vice like pussy a few more times before pulling out and erupting on her stomach. Amy took hold of my cock and pumped my shaft with her fist, coaxing every drop from my pulsating member. She aimed my cock at Sam's dark mound causing my cum to splash against her pussy lips. My cock twitched in Amy's hand as jet after jet of hot semen leapt from my tip and landed on our ebony stripper. My white cum looked great as it ran down her dark skin and dripped onto the carpet below. My wife released her grip on my cock and started to massage my spunk into Sam's skin as if it were lotion. When my cum was completely absorbed by Sam's body, Amy and I each climbed atop the couch on either side of Sam and gently caressed her warm body.

"Let's go to our room" Amy suggested, "we can get some sleep and do this all over again." We helped Sam to her feet and led her to the bedroom, groping her toned body along the way. The three of us snuggled under the covers as we relaxed after our intense sex session. Sam lay on her back between my wife and I as we both leaned in for a kiss. Sam drifted off to sleep as soon as we broke off our kiss. Amy and I said goodnight to one another and collapsed next to Sam, passing out almost immediately. When we awoke the next morning we picked up right where we had left off and proceeded to fuck each other senseless all day long until Sam had to leave later that evening. Amy and I made love once more that night, both hoping that we would see Sam again sometime very soon.

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