Amy Ch. 04

byParis Waterman©

Amy left the building, and nervously walked around the block twice before deciding they'd had enough time to get dressed and resume working. My God, she thought, anyone could have walked in on them. Or me, for that matter, and she shuddered at the thought. A strange sound caused her to shriek, as a rollerblading skater came extremely close to her before deftly cutting to one side and skating blissfully away. After she'd recovered her poise, Amy recalled the excitement she'd felt watching them. Am I an animal just like them? Or is that the way people act in this city? They sure don't do things like that back in Seegerville, or have I missed something? I had better get my act together. After chiding herself, Amy took a deep breath and gathered herself once more, presenting a serene demeanor, obviously acting out a scene from a favorite movie.

Back at her uncle's building, Amy strode through the lobby and into the elevator as if she'd been coming and going there for years.

This time, the elevator stopped three times before she reached her floor. She noted with some smug satisfaction that her stomach had acclimated to the fast rise as well as the fact that she was still tingling between her legs from what she had witnessed and done to herself as she'd watched.

Reaching the office Amy knocked lightly on the door, and heard Janice's response. "Come in, the door's open."

She sounds different now that she's not getting humped, Amy thought. She actually sounds like a sweet thing. Maybe we can become friends, she said to herself, as she entered the office.

"Hello," Amy said in her best business voice. "I'm Amy Jefferson-Prentice. Mr. Prentice is my Uncle. I believe he's expecting me."

Janice gave her a winning smile as she appraised Amy, and said, "Of course! We've been expecting you. My, you are certainly a pretty girl."

"Thank you. You're very kind to say that. Is my Uncle in?" Amy intuitively understood that she had passed a test of some sort.

"Yes, yes he is. Just one moment, he's on the phone. I'll let him know you're here. He's so excited about your visit. He told me he hasn't seen you since you were about nine years old, is that right?"

"Yes, it has been a long time. I must confess, I don't remember what he looks like," she lied. Amy whispered the next few words, "Is he fat and bald?"

Janice laughed out loud, "Goodness no! She rose up from behind the desk. "He's rather handsome actually." She turned toward Mr.Prentice's office door, now fully closed, "Let me tell him you're waiting."

Janice rose from her chair, and opened Uncle John's office door. "John? Amy has arrived. Come on, hurry, she's waiting, and you don't keep a lady waiting. I shouldn't say that, no one knows that better than you." She laughed at herself, and Amy thought it had a surprisingly happy lilt to it.

Amy smiled, and thought, I guess a good fuck does put one in a good frame of mind. She was squeezing her thighs together to confirm the fact, when her uncle emerged from his office.

"Amy!" He said loudly. "Finally, I get to see you again. It's been far too long." He was hugging her before he finished speaking.

Uncle John was impressed with the firmness of her young breasts as they pressed against him for perhaps a moment longer than might be expected. He sensed this, and decided then and there to seduce her.

The hug over, they stepped back and looked at one another. Amy caught herself thinking. He's so…. so handsome.

She's definitely special, John conceded, as his eyes roamed from her face to her toes.

Amy became aware of John's scrutiny, and blushing, looked down at her white blouse and dark blue knee-length skirt.

"Is something wrong Uncle John?" she asked, straightening her clothes rather than look him in the eye.

"No," Uncle John said with a wolfish smile. "Everything's just fine," he added, licking his lips.

"Oh! You've a button open on your cuff," Amy said, pleased at finding a minute way of reminding him that he'd just finished doing it with his secretary.

"Hmmm, so I do," he replied, promptly rectifying the problem.

"Now come on into my office," he said, gesturing with his hand that she follow him. "We have a lot to catch up on."

As she did, Amy turned to Janice and said, "It was very nice meeting you Janice."

"Likewise," said Janice. "Perhaps we can get together some time, maybe lunch?"

"That sounds like a great idea. Why don't I call you tomorrow and we can set a date?"

"Good. Well, I'll see you after you finish with your uncle."

"'kay, see ya," Amy said in perfectly ungrammatical English.

Once inside her uncle's office, Amy took a moment to look around. The couch was still rumpled from their earlier activity, but the view of Manhattan from his windows was spectacular.

"Impressive, isn't it?"

"Gosh, yes. I've never seen… well in the movies perhaps, but…"

"Sit down, sit down," he said, indicating the couch.

Amy sat, and immediately blushed, for this was the very spot Janice had been a few minutes earlier when Uncle John had humped her silly. When she realized her legs were very exposed from her seated position, the flush grew deeper.

"Your father tells me you've come to the city to begin an acting career," Uncle John said, not looking at her, but a memo on his desk.

"Yes," she said, and began to fidget. He looked up and noticed her flush, then allowed his eyes to scan her long limbs.

"I can tell you have a fine figure," he said as her flush deepened. "Do you have much in the way of experience?"


"Yes, you want to be an actress don't you?"

"Oh, yes!" Amy said, as she crossed her legs, unknowingly providing John with a glimpse of her panties. "I starred in the last two productions at school. And before that I worked as a supporting actress in two other shows. And… there was one Dinner Club Show, but that was more of a variety type thing."

"So, you're really just starting out?"

"Um, I guess so." She felt deflated, "When you put it that way."

Jeez, she thought, he's making my experience sound so demeaning.

Realizing that he'd hurt her feelings, Uncle John quickly moved to repair matters. "Well, remember everyone has to start somewhere. Now I have a friend, Mona Lott, who has made several motion pictures. If you're up to it, I'll invite her over tonight for dinner. Would you like that?"

She had never heard of Mona Lott, but the prospect of meeting a genuine movie star had her giddy with excitement.

"Oh, Uncle John, that would be wonderful."

She didn't realize that she was jumping up and down on the couch with excitement, but her Uncle John took it in and smiled at her.

"Amy, can I ask a favor of you?"

"Of course, Uncle John, what is it?"

"Please call me John. Uncle makes me feel… older than I am. I know it's foolish of me, but…" he paused for effect.

"John it is. Now may I ask where and when I get to meet Mona? Do you know what movies she's been in? Is she making one in the city now?"

"Whoa there, one at a time, please." He said laughing. "Tonight around eight, my place," he murmured, as he scribbled his address on a pad and tore off the page, handing it to her. "Now I'm going to ask you to stay at my place until we can find you a decent place of your own."

"Oh, Uncle… I'm sorry… John, that won't be necessary."

"I'm afraid I must insist. I promised your father. You don't want me breaking promises do you?"

"No." she said timidly. "I guess not."

"Good, then that's settled. Here's a twenty, get a cab and take it to my place. I'll call ahead and tell the doorman to let you in. I'll try to leave early, but feel free to explore the place. Oh, the maid's name is Eve. She's from Peru, and a wonderfully warm person. I'm lucky to have her. I'm sure she'll be good company for you until I get home."

"Thank you, I can't believe this is happening to me. Might I use your phone to call home? I'll pay for the call."

"Yes you can, and no, you can't," he said laughing softly. "Give me a hug and get out of here."

As they hugged, Amy definitely felt his hardness against her thigh. He's a man, she thought, for it wasn't the first time she'd felt a man's erection. Perhaps a very horny man, but he's my uncle, she reasoned, and I am a good-looking woman, if I must say so myself. And he's so handsome too, she told herself. And perhaps Amy pressed her breasts against him a little longer than was necessary. Let him think about me for a while and not Janice, she thought, smugly.


The taxi delivered Amy to Uncle John's apartment, and after telling the doorman her name, she was escorted inside and shown to the elevator. His apartment was on the fifteenth floor, and when she rang the bell, the door was quickly opened by a lovely Hispanic female who Amy thought to be about 25 years old.

"Hello," she said, "I'm Amy Jefferson-Prentice, you must be Eve, I hope you're expecting me."

"Oh, yes. I am expecting you. Mr. Prentice has told me mucho about you." With a rapid scan, Eve took in Amy's appearance and was impressed. Amy was doing the same, but she took a moment longer than Eve and realized that Eve had caught her.

"I… I'm sorry. I didn't mean to stare, but you are very lovely and…"

"Thank you for being so kind. Won't you be seated…? I mean, make yourself comfortable." Eve was flustered; finding herself attracted to this young girl.

Amy selected a loveseat and sat, casually smoothing her skirt in the process, then she took in the magnificent view the apartment offered of the New York skyline.

To break the ensuing silence, Amy decided to draw Eve into a conversation and asked, "Have you worked John a long time?"

"Oh, si, Miss Amy. It is almost seven months now. Mr. Prentice is a very good man to work for. He pays well and demands so little…"

"I'm from upstate New York," Amy said, "where are you from?"

"Hmmm, I am twenty years, and come from Guatemala."

Surprised at the close proximity of their ages, she followed with, "Are you married Eve?"

"Oh, no," Eve giggled, holding her left hand out for Amy's inspection. It was ringless.

"But I have had two boyfriends since coming here." She smiled broadly at Amy and asked, "And you, Miss Amy?"

Amy blushed. "No. Well, yes. There's a guy… Darren. He's a dreamboat. But he's going off to college and here I am in New York City… so, I don't know."

"Excuse me Miss Amy, but what is dreamboat?"

"I'm sorry, Eve… umm, dreamboat? Let's see… handsome, tall, and athletic… kinda like a movie star."

"Oh, yes, thank you. I'm knowing what dreamboat is now. I know much about the movie stars. I read the magazines about them all the time. Brad Pitt… he is to die for," and she clasped her hands across her chest and closed her eyes in what might have been a silent prayer.

"You will forgive me Miss Amy, but I have much housekeeping to do before Mr. Prentice arrives. Please make yourself at home."

"Oh, of course, I didn't mean to keep you from your duties." Amy replied, and reached for the remote and turned on the television. Amy watched one soap opera before she got restless and bored.

"Eve?" she called.

From another room Eve replied, "Yes Miss Amy?"

"I'm going out for a walk around the block, can I get you anything?"

"Oh, no thank you, Miss Amy. Please be careful. It is a good neighborhood, but in this city one never knows."

Laughing to herself, Amy said, "I will, thanks. See you later."

The walk was uneventful. Amy found that she was fascinated with the many small grocery stores and other shops that apparently specialized in only one or two products, wondering how they survived before realizing that with the city's population a shop could prosper with only one product.

She returned to the apartment after a thirty-minute excursion to discover Uncle John had sent her flowers and candy.

Obviously giddy over the flowers, Eve gushed, "He's so thoughtful."

Amy was impressed. "The only times I've gotten flowers before was for something very special, like a terrific performance in a school play, or the Prom. Wow! I can't believe this." She picked up the phone, called home and spoke with her mother for thirty minutes, telling her about the trip and Uncle John's office and fabulous apartment.

When Amy hung up the phone, Eve went to find a vase, and Amy arranged the flowers. Eve was impressed with the arrangement, and told Amy so as they helped themselves to the chocolates. A few minutes later, Amy dozed off, worn out from the night before, her trip and all the ensuing excitement.

"You look delightfully relaxed." The voice was a soft whisper in her ear. Opening her eyes, Amy found herself mere inches from Uncle John. Her first thought was to call him John. The second was to thank him for the gifts, but in looking up she was riveted by his hooded eyes staring down at her. My goodness, she thought, he has Robert Mitchum's eyes. And his breath is sweet, not sour. Her last thought before speaking was I like this man. I really like him.

"Oh, Unc… John! You're home! Thank you so much for the flowers and candy. Amy made to kiss his cheek, but John had anticipated it and turned his face so their lips brushed. Amy felt an electrical surge course through her.

The two of them enjoyed a glass of white wine as they admired the sunset.

"I should have asked you before offering the wine, just how old are you Amy?"

"Actually, I turned eighteen three days ago. But not to worry, I've had wine at home." She giggled. "And I've had beer too…umm, other places."

John laughed, and pointed at her. "You make other places sound exotic. I'm sure you're referring to clandestine parties where the boys got sick and acted like fools. Perhaps some of the girls did too."

He was dead on, she thought, and was captivated that he should know exactly what had occurred. "Do you have spies everywhere?" she teased.

"No," he said smiling at her, "Only where I think it relevant."

Amy was puzzled by his comment, and filed it away for consideration later.

"And this movie star who's coming to dinner. Can you tell me more about her?"

"I could, but it will be so much better if I allow Mona to tell the story. After all, it is her story to tell isn't it?"

"Oh, Uncle John," Amy whined, and then squirmed in her chair like the eighteen year old girl she was, forgetting to act mature for the moment.

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