Amy the Nurse's Aide Ch. 07-08


She paused in her story long enough to tell Bill "That's why I picked Scott for last night. I knew it would make me think of you the whole time. His cock is the biggest I'd ever seen until you. Oh it isn't anywhere near as big as yours, but it is way bigger than most of the other boys I've been with. It is why I always wished Scott would try harder. But he never did.... until last night!" Amy could see Bill shiver, she smiled even more!

Back to the evening before. Scott was so horny and now his ego had been pumped up, so he was ready. Amy nearly made him faint as she went on. "In fact Scott, I want to feel you in my mouth. I want you to cum in my mouth. Would you let me do that Scott?"

Both Scott and Amy were glad he hadn't started to drive yet. There was no doubt he would have caused an accident right then! His mouth moved like a fish out of water, but nothing came out for quite a while. "Amy, I'd love that, as I'm sure you know." Scott had been just praying that he'd get a handjob that ended in him cumming. A blowjob from Amy was more than he'd dreamed possible.

"Well, that's what I really want to do, but there is one thing you have to do for me first, okay?"

"What would that be Amy?" replied Scott suspiciously. He hadn't forgotten the numerous cases of blue balls from his junior year.

You need to undo your pants and slide them down a bit and push your underwear down so I can play with your cock as you drive us to your parents house. If you do that I promise I'll suck you off tonight. And you know what else? I'll swallow every drop!" Scott turned and looked at Amy with that 'deer in the headlights' look. He started to say something, then stopped. Amy had successfully turned Scott's mind into Jello. He didn't even speak, he just undid his pants and followed Amy's instructions, started the car and began to drive! Amy couldn't help actually laughing this time, but covered by saying "Scott you are so much fun. We're really going to have a great evening now!"

As she described Scott exposing his cock, she slowly turned back the covers, exposing Bill in much the same way.

Amy leaned over and put her head on Scott's shoulder and touched his bare cock for the first time in almost two years. Scott shivered. She cupped his balls and squeezed very softly. "Pretty full already, huh Scott? I bet I can make them much fuller than this even." she giggled. After a few minutes of feeling his balls she began to stoke his cock. Softly and slowly, building him up again, but very, very slowly. The slower Amy went the fast Scott seemed to drive. Amy finally had to tell him to slow down and pay attention to his driving.

"Sorry," he said "I guess I was just a little distracted." Even Scott had to laugh at this.

By the time they reached Scott's parents house, Amy had brought him right to the edge twice and would back off by using a single finger tip to spread his precum all over the head of his cock. Once his orgasm had receded enough she would start stroking again. It kept Scott highly aroused and frustrated, but also kept him safe from cumming. Scott pulled into the garage and closed the door behind them. Amy instantly jumped out. Scott started to fumble with his pants but Amy stopped him with "Scott, just finish undressing right here. I want you naked for the rest of the night."

Scott would have done anything that Amy said at this point. He had completely lost the ability for independent thought and was only following the 'little head'. He climbed out of the car and his clothes in what was nearly one step. As Amy came around the front of the car he was just shedding his last item of clothing. He was obviously a bit embarrassed to be completely nude in front of the fully clothed young woman, and was holding his hands strategically in front of himself.

"No silly," she giggled, "I want to see you!" As she said this she grabbed him by the wrists and pulled his arms wide apart. She then reached down and cupped his balls and gently began to stoke his cock. Scott moaned audibly. After just a little of this Amy wrapped her arms around his neck and pressed herself close to him. She trapped his cock between her stomach and his and Scott could feel her erect nipples against his hairless chest. Amy laid a big liplock on him and Scott reached around her and slid his hands under her dress and was feeling her bare ass. Amy didn't resist.

Amy let this go on for a while and then whispered his Scott's ear "It time for your payoff now." With that she released him and turned around. Using Scott's rock hard cock like the handle on a wagon, she led him into the house.

To be continued

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