tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAn Arrangement Ch. 01

An Arrangement Ch. 01


Mandy had lived alone for more years than she cared to think about. Her husband had died after many years in a happy marriage. She was lonely, but over time, had become more than independent and was very happy living on her large property. She had more than enough to do taking care of the ranch and the family business. Both of these took up more time than there was in the week. But over time, friends and family had tried to get her to take in a boarder or in another sense, a roommate. She adamantly told them that she was more than content being alone and didn’t need another person to mess up her daily routine. The more she thought about it, the more she thought of reasons that their idea might not be so bad. She wasn’t exactly lonely, but it would be nice to have someone around the house, someone to talk to, someone there when she came home. And there was always the idea of security. Having a man around the house might be a good idea in this crime ridden day and age. And her house was very large, giving her plenty of room to keep her privacy. Being a large two-story house, she could easily keep her large master bedroom and bath, allowing another person the privacy of the large bedroom downstairs. This way, the boarder could easily have their privacy, their own bathroom, and access to the kitchen at any time they chose. Maybe it was time to think seriously about the idea.

Mandy was only 42 years old but could easily pass for around 30. She was small at 5’3 and very petite. But though petite, her legs appeared long even at her short height. She had always been very active, maintaining the same weight, as she was when she left college. She had married her high school sweetheart right after college graduation and they built their life together. Even now her short dark auburn hair still showed no signs of graying, even with her hectic busy life. At 42 years old, her body could easily fill a section of any men’s magazine. She was what some would call a ‘hottie’. Even with a ‘hot’ body, she hadn’t noticed it, staying somewhat secluded after her husband died. All of her friends had tried to get her back into dating, but she had no need, nor the desire to play all of those games again. Her life was set and she was happy.

She thought about her friends’ suggestion, but it wasn’t something pressing. She’d get around to it, sooner or later. Sooner came quicker than she had thought. One of her close friends in town told her that she had the perfect person in mind. The friend knew of a man, around her age, that was looking for a place and was somewhat new in the area. She went on to say that he was a former police officer and was more than nice. With a devilish smile, she added that he was also very handsome. Mandy didn’t care about the handsome part, she wasn’t in need of this asset, but the idea of a police officer intrigued her. At the very least, he would probably be a safe bet. Not someone that she would have to worry about. They talked some more about it and Mandy agreed to meet the man.

About a week later, Mandy met with Ken, arranged by her close friend. They met at a local restaurant and after a couple of drinks; they were all laughing and talking like they had been close friends for years. Mandy had to admit, that he was handsome. He was in his early 40’s, average build around 6 ft. He was dark haired with a touch of gray in the temples. He had what she thought were the softest dark brown eyes that she had ever seen. She couldn’t help but notice that he was darkly tanned. There was a touch of a stomach but he was very nice looking. In the tight jeans, she could see that he had long and very lean legs. He was so friendly that Mandy felt like she had known him for years. It felt so normal being around him. After several drinks, Mandy asked him to come over to the house to see if he wanted to rent the downstairs room.

Several days later he did come over and almost immediately agreed to rent the room. Both of them were happy at the arrangement and he started moving in that very afternoon. Almost immediately, Mandy’s friends started kidding her about the arrangement. Mandy blushed at almost every suggestion her friends made, telling them that he was a renter, not her sex slave. They all had fun at the jokes, but Mandy knew that she wasn’t even looking let alone ready for the pitfalls of a relationship. Yes, he was handsome but that wasn’t what she was looking for. She enjoyed the occasional company when he was there but didn’t need him around to enjoy her full daily routine. And Mandy was more than attractive, having what her friends called her ‘college legs’. Her legs were fabulous, looking the same as they had, back when she was in college. Her friends even kidded her about being a beauty contest winner, still having those same looks. Besides, she was more than aware that he was dating. He and Mandy would sit around in the evening, discussing the local dating scene. She even knew the girl that Ken had gone out with a couple of times. Neither of them was serious about anyone in particular.

Time passed quickly with both of them living their day-to-day lives. Mandy was caught up in the daily work of taking care of the ranch and Ken had gone to work a few months before with the county Sheriff’s Office. They still saw each other daily, but didn’t have the same free time that they had enjoyed before. Mandy had come to find him more than attractive and found herself daydreaming about him. Over a short period of time, she actually began to think about the obvious sexual possibilities, blushing at the very thought of what her body was telling her. What she didn’t know was that he too was having those same thoughts, but without the blushing. He was more than aware of her in a sexual light. He couldn’t help it. On several occasions he had come home while she was in the garden working. On those occasions, it had been the typical hot summer weather and she was wearing next to nothing. Well, not exactly next to nothing, but clothes that accentuated her shapely figure. Her legs were fabulous and tan, easily seen through the short shorts. Her backless top more than showed off her ample breasts and smooth skinned shoulders. Seeing her bent over, working in the garden had made him quickly hard, more than one time.

She had not failed to notice his bulging jeans. Seeing him get out of the car made her more than a little aroused, seeing the bulge growing in his jeans. He was more than obvious, even if he didn’t know it. He must be huge, judging by the size of the swell in the front of his pants. She more than enjoyed the effect she had on him, watching as he quickly made his way into the house. And on the few occasions that he did stop to talk to her, she made it clear that she was looking at that bulge, causing him to become harder and more embarrassed. It made her feel so sexy that she started wearing shorts that were way too short for what she was doing, and her skimpiest bikini top. This particular bikini top was the one that she had stopped wearing, years before. She had considered it to be too skimpy. As Ken took in the sight, she told him that she was working on her tan. He noticed.

But Ken was also into teasing her. On several occasions, Mandy returned home to find Ken working on his tan. Being out in the country, it wasn’t hard to get a good tan, with no one around for miles. Mandy had returned one day, earlier than she had intended. As she pulled up at the house, she could see Ken in a chaise lounge at the side of the house. Even from the distance, she could see that he was wearing next to nothing, enjoying the warm sun on his body. As she quietly walked up to him, she could see a huge bulge under a very very small swimsuit. It was more like a man’s bikini thong rather than a swimsuit. He seemed to be asleep. She stood for a moment looking at the huge rise in the skimpy fabric. There was enough there that the swimsuit did very little to hide the flesh underneath it. She could feel herself becoming wet, just standing and staring. He didn’t move as she slowly walked up. Within a few feet of him she could see that he was huge, and he wasn’t even hard. From where she stood, she could actually make out the difference between the long shaft and the head of his cock. Under that, he sported a huge set of balls. He was facing away from her, his body in line with the sunlight. She got several feel from him when he suddenly jumped, turning around and seeing her.

“You’re home early!” he said, jumping up form the chaise lounge.

He was covered in suntan oil, a slight sheen over his body. He almost seemed breathless as he stammered and stuttered, quickly putting on a pair of shorts to cover his swimsuit. But Mandy just stood and watched behind her sunglasses, the hugeness between his legs. As he stood and quickly put his shorts on, she could easily see that his cock was long and very thick. It actually pushed outward on the sheer fabric of his swimsuit, and it wasn’t even hard.

She was more than enjoying the show, not sure if it was in his embarrassment or of what she had actually seen. She had seen enough to know that he was more than well endowed, even as he quickly tried to hide it under his shorts.

After what had happened that afternoon, she decided to turn the heat up a notch or two, so to speak. After so many years, it felt good to noticed by a man. Knowing that he’d be coming home around 1:30 in the afternoon, she arranged to be doing her own sun tanning at that time. Almost in the same spot as he had been, she was stretched out on the same chaise lounge. She was already tan, and from previous conversations, she knew that he couldn’t resist a dark tan. She was wearing a string bikini with the top done loosely, allowing her ample breasts to push outward in loose fashion. The bikini top barely covered her large nipples and as aroused as she was, they were sticking out and very hard. As she heard his truck approaching, she took up a position with one long leg stretched outward, the other one pulled up casually with her knee up. She rested back in the chaise lounge, her arms relaxed over her head. Stretched out on the lounge, she pretended to be asleep as he walked up. She could hear his footsteps as he approached, then the silence as he stopped several feet from her. She didn’t move but just waited. He stood there, obviously taking in her sight, for what seemed like forever. Knowing that he was watching her, she faked a yawn and acted as if she were waking up. Looking over toward him, she acted surprised and sat up in the lounge.

“My, I must have fallen asleep, what time is it?” she asked innocently. She made no move to cover herself. He almost stuttered when he replied that it was almost two pm. She was wearing sunglasses to hide her eyes. It was easy to see that he was getting hard, his cock pushing out hard against his jeans. He was huge.

Immediately he was embarrassed and started to make his way to the house.

“Hey, I could really use some help with this lotion, on my back, if you want.” she called to him.

He excused himself, saying that he’d be right back. After about 5 minutes, he did return. As he stood behind her, she sat up and removed the bikini top, careful that she appeared to be modest. Holding the bikini strings under her arms, she kept the front of the bikini covering her. He began putting the suntan lotion on her back but seemed to have a hard time carrying on a conversation. She laughed to herself when he said he had work to do and rushed off.

All of this kept up for the first month or so that he lived there. The situation was becoming more sexually charged, but neither of them ever took the first step toward doing anything physical. It was obvious that each of them was dying to know more about the other one, physically.

Finally, on one night when Mandy was out with her friends, Ken had plans to go out with some of his friends. Mandy returned home around 11:30pm and found the house quiet. She was tired and lay down on the couch with the television on. Wearing only panties and a t-shirt, she had put a robe on and sat back to enjoy a late night talk show. It wasn’t long before she heard Ken’s 4x4 pull into the driveway. When she heard the tires skid through the gravel drive, she got up to see if everything was ok. Standing on the porch it was obvious that Ken had been drinking. He got out of the truck and almost fell against the hood. She went out to him and helped him get into the house. At least he was a funny drunk, laughing and telling her over and over that he had one too many, one too many. She helped him into his bedroom, lucky that it was on the first floor. He plopped down on the bed, laughing about some unknown joke going through his mind. She sat down beside him, asking if he was ok.

He kept laughing, telling her that he was just fine and had one too many. Suddenly he looked down and slowly announced, “Wow, you have fabulous legs!” Looking down she saw that her robe was open, exposing her legs up to her thighs. Feeling a little bit embarrassed, she started to close her robe, but then realized she felt a little bit more than aroused by his noticing.

She sat back, putting her legs out straight and asked, “Do you like them?”

“Oh yea, a lot, they’re gorgeous,” he mumbled, still staring at her tan legs. Feeling slightly more aroused and becoming more than aware of a heat building between her thighs, she slowly pulled her robe open exposing her legs all the way up to her panties. The white cotton panties were in contrast with the dark tan of her thighs. She was a little embarrassed but the arousal level egged her on.

“What do you think? Not bad for an older woman,” she laughed. He continued staring at her legs, putting his hand on her thigh. Her entire body tingled from the touch.

“Oh yea, these are beautiful legs.” She was almost holding her breath as his hand slowly inched up her thigh toward her panties. She could feel herself getting wetter and even wondered if it was showing on the thin cotton panties. It felt so good. He sat staring at her legs as she held them out straight. She couldn’t help but notice that he was slightly swaying as he sat there. She was just enjoying the warm feeling that was beginning to grow outward from her pussy. The more he stared, the bolder she felt.

Slightly spreading them, she tightened her legs, making her thigh muscles stand out. “I try to keep them in good shape.”

Suddenly he stood up, swaying. He lurched toward the bathroom door, walking unsteadily. She quickly asked, “Are you going to be sick?”

Laughing, he looked back at her, “Nope, just going to change.” She could hear him banging around in the closed bathroom, wondering exactly what he was doing. After several minutes he emerged from the bathroom, wearing a short kimono type of bathrobe. He staggered toward the bed where she was still sitting.

“Are you ok?” she asked him.

“Sure, I’m fine. I think,” he quietly answered. With that, he fell face forward onto the bed. He lay sprawled out on the bed, on his stomach. She just watched for a moment, making sure that he was ok. Once she heard his deep breathing, she knew that he was ok, but sound asleep. She couldn’t believe it. Things were beginning to get heated up and now he passes out.

“Damn, just my luck,” she said out loud. She couldn’t help but notice that the wetness between her legs had spread outward and more than obvious on her engorged pussy lips. Just the mere exposure that she had showed him had more than brought up her level of arousal. And now he was sound asleep. “Damn!” she said out loud. She stood up and checked him once more, sure that he was doing ok. Out like a light.

As she stood there, she couldn’t help but notice his long and tan legs. They were very nice legs. His kimono was short, very short. He was lying on his stomach, his right leg stretched straight out and his left leg bent outward at the knee. Stepping back away from the bed, she could actually see under his kimono if she bent down a little. She bent over and took a quick look toward his face. He was obviously sound asleep. Smiling, she peeked under the short kimono. She could actually see the bottom of his huge sack of balls. They were huge, bigger than she ever imagined. She had seen the huge bulge in his swimsuit, but now she could see the real thing. She laughed out loud, feeling like a 16-year-old schoolgirl, sneaking a peek into the boys’ locker room. But she couldn’t bring herself to look away either. She continued to look, stepping closer to get a better look. “Wow,” he was huge she thought. Upon looking closer, she could see a small amount of his cock sticking out from under his body, where his thigh met with his torso.

Somewhat hidden under the kimono, she could see that he appeared to be uncircumcised, the large head tucked up in the thick foreskin. She quickly glanced up toward his face and checked to make sure he was still sleeping. His deep long breaths told her that he was in deep sleep.

Slowly, she reached out and took the kimono, gently pulling it up over his butt. Now, fully open to her view, she visually examined all the fleshy parts that had teased her under his swimsuit. His balls were huge, big enough that even lying on his stomach, they pressed outward between his legs. They appeared to be more than full, each one bloated and resting inside the huge sack. His cock was soft but still sticking out to be more than available to her. Pulling his kimono up to his lower back and out of the way, she sat down on the bed for a closer examination. She checked him one more time and was sure that he was fast asleep. Watching him closely, she reached out and touched his foreskin shrouded cock. With just a fingernail, she teased the tip of the head exposed under the foreskin. It immediately responded, growing slightly and pushing out from the foreskin.

“Ummm, now that is nice,” she said out loud. Teasing it some more, it quickly grew outward, away from the hiding place of his body. She used her fingernail to scratch the sensitive underside of the head, watching in fascination, as it quickly grew thicker. Occasionally glancing back at his face, she knew that he was sleeping.

“Why not? He’s been teasing me. And besides, he was the one that went into the bathroom and took off all of his clothes.” She continued watching as the tip of her long fingernail danced all around the sensitive head. Within several minutes, there was a single clear drop of liquid that appeared at the mouth of his cock. She watched closer as her fingertip smeared the sticky fluid all over his cock head. He continued sleeping, but moaned once. She felt like moaning as the feeling deep in her lower abdomen seem to spread out to her belly and upper thighs. Almost like tightness in her lower abdomen. She was now more than wet, her own fluids appearing on her pussy lips in a large glistening spread. “Ummm, you are so much fun!” she said to the sleeping figure.

Standing up, she boldly took off her robe, tossing it to a nearby chair. Breathlessly watching him, she slipped her thumbs into the waistband of her panties and slid them down over her tan hips. Dropping them to the floor, she kicked them over to the chair holding her robe. Her whole body felt like it was tingling, her pussy actually starting to throb. Even though he was sound asleep, she was still more than highly aroused. Standing partially nude next to him, she quickly peeled off her t-shirt and tossed it to the chair. She figured that all of her clothes were nearby, in the same spot, just in case she had to beat a hasty retreat.

She slowly walked back to the bed and sat down. Peering down between his legs, she marveled at how smooth the skin of his sack was. She could actually make out the shape of each ball. They were huge and oval, each one being about the size of a small avocado. And she loved avocados. His cock was still exposed but had softened somewhat. She smiled and reached out, using her fingernail again to quickly bring his cock back to the hardness that it had been. Even lying on his stomach, there was enough of his cock exposed that she could get her fingers around the head and foreskin. Holding her breath, she snaked her fingers under the cock, pressed into the bedding. She slowly wrapped her fingers around the fleshy protrusion and closed her grasp around it. Amazed, she could actually feel his heart beat through the hardening shaft. The foreskin had pushed back as the head became fully exposed. What had been just a drop of clear pre-cum was now turning into a steady flow of fluid. Even in sleep he was more than ready to play or be played with.

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