tagRomanceAn Erotic Breeze

An Erotic Breeze


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to stand at the edge of a dock, wondering if once you jump, if you would sink to the bottom, cold, lonely, crushed, and soaking wet or rather be caught and held tight?

I bent my knees, as I wondered if I would sink or be caught, and jumped upon his boat. He'd asked me to be there around dawn, to watch the sunrise as I'd never seen it before. My heart was pounding as I saw his figure stepping from a darkened doorway. Before the light hits you, I can already imagine you. Your light brown hair, almost light enough to be a very dirty blonde, just long enough to put in a short ponytail, yet a few strands hang down on the left side of your face. Your mysterious, deep, brown eyes so full of ancient wisdom. Your arms so sturdy that I'm sure they are strong, keeping the ones you love close and safe. Your jeans, loose and comfortable. You are the image I see when I close my eyes at night and you don't even know it yet.

As you step into the light, I see you are bare chested. Your chest with soft curls, running down to the tops of your pants, hinting at more below. You smile and catch my hand, with a quick hello, as you pull me to you. Your arms wrapping around my waist, turning me so my back is to your chest, holding me close.

I bite my lip and look out over the edge of the boat. The water just underneath my feet, your arms around me, and still wondering if I will sink when I take the leap. I sigh, standing against you, in silence, staring out into the now slightly lit sky as dawn begins to break. A gust of wind whooshes past, and suddenly, my white tank top with my wool sweater over my tight jeans and high heels just aren't enough to keep me warm. I shiver and you hold me closer, whispering "cold my dear?"

I nod, still to shy to speak, not knowing if my voice would falter if I spoke to such a perfect man. "Come, I have another view that would better suit you, out of the wind and the cold."

You lead me, arm around my waist, into the ship's walls, up the stairs, and into your bedroom. You lead me straight to the window, closed, yet looking out towards the horizon. My knees start to shake, as I notice I'm in your bedroom. I start to panic, not knowing what to do with the butterflies that suddenly flew into my heart and my stomach all at the same time. So, I turn away, suddenly overwhelmed and trying to hold back tears and walk towards the bed to take a seat. You stand there a moment, still looking out the window.

I start to fumble my fingers, curling my hands into squirming balls, then releasing them. You sit on the bed next to me, and put your arm around my shoulder while your other hand reaches for my chin to turn my face towards you. I look into your eyes and a tear falls.

"What's the matter? What has you so down?" You ask, your face so concerned yet looking in my eyes lovingly.

"I----I---I just---I'm so nervous. I am so sorry." I stammer and look away quickly.

"Nervous about what? Being here? With me?" I nod my head, feeling ashamed.

"Darling, there is nothing to be nervous about."

"But, you are so perfect, and me, well, I'm ...I'm just...me."

You push my shoulder length curly blonde hair away from my face and sweep it behind my ear, then grab my chin and pull me into a kiss. You lips touch mine, but only too briefly, before you pull away and lean over me, pushing me gently to lie back onto the bed. You kiss my shoulder, just below my collarbone, kissing slowly up my neck to my jaw. You whisper softly into my ear, "But its you that I want here with me. Just you." You suck my earlobe into your mouth, sucking gently and moving yourself so you are fully over the top of me and holding yourself up on your arms.

I moan, without being able to think it through, at the sound of your voice whispering in my ear, your hard body over mine, and electricity that's racing straight to my nipples from your mouth sucking so gently. I tilt my head to the side, exposing my neck, as my arms go around your back for something to hold onto. Taking the invitation, you kiss back down my neck, nipping here and there. I moan each time you nip at my neck, my chest arching into yours in pleasure. You sit back and pull me up, pulling my sweater off and dropping it to the floor, then my tank top, ever so slowly up over my head and onto the floor. My black transparent lacey bra is barely noticeable compared to the creamy flesh of my 36JJ breasts, bubbling up over the edges of the fabric and gleaming in the dim light. I grab the back of your neck and pull you into a deep kiss, tongues twisting, as you reach down and unbutton and unzip my jeans.

Breaking the kiss, you slide down my body, your lips brushing along my thighs until you have slipped off the edge of the bed, pulling your jeans and boxers off, and kicking them to the side. Bending over my legs, you slide my jeans over my hips and down my long legs, then finally over my feet and off my body, revealing my matching boyshorts. Your cock standing at full attention, looked to be about an appetizing 7-8 inches, and rather thick. And hard. For me. Just me.

Reaching behind my back, I use one hand to release the clasp of my bra and I slowly let the straps fall from my shoulders, pulling away from my breasts to reveal my hardened nipples. Tossing it to the floor, I gasp as you come over me, your cock pushing against my clit while you lower your mouth to my nipple. I wrap my arms around your back, pulling you back as I begin to lie down again. Arching in pleasure, I push my pussy up against your cock and moan at the sensations taking over me. "Mmmmm...baby...pinch my nipple...please..." I gasp out between moans. You reach up , still sucking my nipple, and pinch my other nipple. I scream out in pleasure, my nails pulling roughly against your back.

You stop and come up over my lips and kiss me deeply again before whispering in my ear, "I've got you baby, just trust me..." and with that, you roll me over, and pull me up until my face is down on the sheets and my ass is up in the air, proudly displaying my sexy panties and my willingness to trust you. Behind me, you spread my legs farther apart, and you start to rub against my pussy through my panties. Pushing back against your hand and moaning into the sheets, I feel my juices starting to soak through and onto your hand.

You start to slide my panties off, me lifting my legs one at a time so you can dispose of them easily. Coming up behind me, feeling the bed shift behind me as your knees push against the edge of the bed, your cock gently rubbing between my thighs, but not touching my pussy...teasing me further. Finally, you push your cock slowly into my virgin tight pussy, and I let out a long approving moan. You pull out, all the way to the head of your cock, and thrust back inside me hard, fast, and you hold yourself buried deep inside my pussy as I squirm against your cock, pushing back, dying for more. You grab my hips and start thrusting in and out of my pussy, harder and faster with each thrust until you find a fast, rough pace, while I scream in pleasure and grab fistfuls of the sheets. Starting to shudder, my orgasm builds closer and closer to the top.

Suddenly, you move one of your hand from my hips and slap my ass. Admiring your cock sliding in and out of my pussy, you snake your fingers to my asshole and gently push a finger inside. I scream again in ecstasy, as my pussy quivers in a harsh orgasm, milking your cock. You continue to fuck my now thoroughly soaked pussy, while fucking my ass with your finger, adding a second finger in, stretching my asshole out. My moans of pleasure pushing you add a third finger in my ass momentarily before pulling your cock out of my pussy and gently pushing into my ass. My ass clenches down against your cock, pushing you farther and farther into bliss as you push farther into my tight little asshole. "Oh god...more baby...god...fuck my ass hard baby. Please...fuck my ass harder!!!" I scream as you start slowing fucking me. With that, you start to fuck my ass harder, faster, and deeper than before. I feel your cock start to swell as your orgasm started to boil. I start to push harder back against you, reaching between my thighs and rubbing my clit, the other hand pinching my nipple. I feel your cock explode inside my ass and it forces my orgasm to reach its peak again and I scream in pleasure as the orgasm catches my breath and shudders throughout my whole body. You pull out and walk away, only to come back with a warm wet cloth so I can clean myself up. Laying down next to me, I curl up against your chest and drift off to sleep, looking at the most beautiful sunrise I had ever seen, knowing that when I took the chance and jumped, I was caught in your arms and held, not left lonely, scared, and alone.

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