tagNonHumanAn Immortal Kiss

An Immortal Kiss


The Vampire stalked around the room, moving with a liquid grace that only the undead possess. His shiny black boots squeaked with every turn of his heel, as he paced. The girl that by all means should have been cowering in the corner, as a testament to the unholy light burning in the Vampire’s eyes, just stood to one side, watching him with a steady gaze that proved her to be no coward. Stupid? Quite probably, but not a coward.

His pale skin glimmered under the harsh overhead halogen bulb, making a stark contrast between his white chest, and the black shirt that lay on it, covering the bottom half of a cross-shaped burn above his left nipple. The soft leather pants he wore clung to his muscular frame, tight enough to squeak as he walked and railed in frustration.

“And you do not fear me? Why? Why is this so when you live only because I chose it? When you stand there only because I decided instead of ripping your throat out I would rather you satisfy…my other hungers?”

She paled at that. Not that she hadn’t wondered why the Vampire hadn’t killed her yet, but a girl can hope, right?

She shrugged. “If you’re going to kill me, I have no escape. If not, I can only wait to see what you will chose to do. There’s no use in running around in hysteria, it won’t help anything”

Pragmatically she was right of course, but it infuriated him that she had no traces of fear, no respect. He rushed over to her standing form faster then she could see and grasped her by the throat, slowly lifting her above his head, choking her a second at a time. She grabbed his hands, and tried to lift up, to keep from strangling herself, and kicked at him, making contact with his ribcage. The Vampire didn’t flinch. He threw her onto a large canopied bed in the corner where she writhed and coughed.

“So you see,” he said with a mocking bow “I can make you fight just like any caged animal for your life…I enjoy that struggle you know, respect it.” He looked at the girl coughing on the bed, and a look of pure lust crossed his smooth white face. He stalked towards the bed.

He ripped off his clothes with superhuman strength and climbed onto the large bed. The black satin sheets caressed his skin, making it look even more pale and otherworldly then before. The girl lay perfectly still in the center of the bed, not moving, barely breathing. The Vampire trailed one long perfectly sharp fingernail down her chest, to her belly, severing the shirt she wore apart, he clawed down her pants, ripping them to shreds, and he gently lifted the corpse of her clothes away from her warm, pink body. He gazed down at her, eyes burning with hunger, and he moved over her body.

His still pink tongue tentatively reached out and licked a nipple, like a cat sampling cream. The girl sighed and shifted underneath his weight. His teeth grazed along her ribcage, down to her waist, where he licked circles around her navel, and gently nibbled along the line of her sternum. She tried to hold very still, to not react, because this wasn’t what she wanted. It was his desire, his lust. He felt her stiffen beneath him, and he growled, low in his throat. “You might as well enjoy this girl, when was the last time a Vampire made love to you?”

She couldn’t hold back a chuckle. “Yeah, I forgot how much I wanted to fuck a walking corpse, thanks for the reminder.”

He hissed and ran his sharp nails down her thighs, causing small trails of blood to well up where he had scratched. He moved up and positioned his body so that one thrust would bring him inside her. The speed and violence of his movements was frightening. He quickly grabbed her wrists in one hand and jerked them above her head, ignoring her protests. With his other hand he grabbed her hair and made her look him in the eyes, while with one powerful thrust of his hips, he impaled her soft flesh. She cried out in pain and pleasure, while he slowly pumped his hips back and forth, beginning to move faster, and thrust harder as his eyes burned into hers.

She writhed under his grasp; unable to keep it from feeling good, but still held down by his iron grip. He took one hand away from her hair to slap her, hard across the face. Her hips started thrusting up to meet his, and with a shudder, a powerful orgasm wracked her body. The Vampire had become frantic in his thrusts, and as her body convulsed around him, he arched his neck back, exposing white, gleaming fangs.

With one final thrust into her body, he bent down, and with a twist of his hand, turned the girl’s head to one side, and sunk his teeth into her slender throat. He sucked the life out of her as he spewed his seed into her warm, pulsing body. When his orgasm subsided, and his tongue was thick with her blood, he got up slowly, looking at her features, frozen forever in that pain/pleasure countenance. He sighed, and put his clothes back on. With one last look at the bed, he left the room, with her naked body still bleeding on the sheets.

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