tagErotic CouplingsAn Indian Family Story

An Indian Family Story


Ramu was an office boy in the Village Office. He was considered as somewhat of a big man. He knew every body. Any one with any work in the Village Office must seek his blessings first, before approaching the Village Officer himself. Otherwise one’s file will somehow vanish and will not appear till Ramu has been appeased. So he commanded a lot of respect in the village of Periaparai. Being a bachelor, he was also eyed by many girls in the village. His government job produced a steady income and was a security for them. Ramu was aware of this and so took his time choosing a wife.

On that particular day, Ramu was returning from the near by town after finishing some official business. When he alighted from the old bus at the junction of the road to his village, it was almost 1.00 o’clock in the afternoon. In the middle of May, it was the peak of summer. No one ventured outside unless it was absolutely necessary. So there was no chance of him getting a lift from anyone with a bullock-cart, or a bicycle. Ramu bravely faced the two-kilometer walk to Periparai village. With a black umbrella in one hand and a cloth bag of files in the other he walked briskly to minimize the time he had to spend in the hot sun.

He reached the edge of the village, marked by the broken down bared wire fencing of Ponusamy, s mango grove. Deciding to take a short cut in the shade of the fruit laden mango trees, to the village, he jumped the fence and folding his umbrella, crossed the groove. He might as well stop over at Velan, the caretaker’s hut, for a drink of cold buttermilk. He might even soak himself in the cool waters of he irrigation canal that ran in front of his hut.

As he approached the hut, he heard the sound of a metal container falling on to the floor with a loud bang.

“Be careful girl, don’t break all my pots and pans,” Velan’s loud voice came from within.

“Forgive me Vela, it slipped from my hands,” a woman’s voice replied.

“Now that is funny,” thought Ramu. Velan is a widower, his wife having died of typhoid fever two years ago. “Who was it in there now?”

His curiosity was now aroused. Ramu ventured to find out. He moved towards the front of the house cautiously, hiding behind the shrubs and the mango trees. He stopped when he had a good view of the front of the house. Velan was sitting on the raised platform on the covered verandah of the hut and fanning himself with a palm frond fan.

“Oh…. It’s so hot…” a woman came out of the hut complaining. Ramu was surprised. It was Ponni, his good friend Muthusamy’s wife. He had been to their house many times. She was a good woman.

Ponni was wearing a saree. She was not wearing any blouse. Although she had covered her breasts with the free end of the saree, they were quite visible through the thin material. She came up and sat besides Velan. She was sitting at the edge of the platform, with one leg folded and the other hanging down, exposing almost all of it up to the hips.

“Lie down on my lap Vela, I will fan you. At least it is slightly cooler under the shade of the mango trees.” Ponni said.

“It has not been so hot like this for so many years,” Velan sighed, as he lay down on Ponni’s lap. As she started fanning him, Velan looked up and was rewarded with a close up of Ponni’s breasts. Unable to resist the temptation, he stroked her breast under the saree.

“Muthusamy is a lucky man, he has these big breasts to play with every day. He has a beautiful woman to fuck every day.” Velan was saying.

“Don’t start teasing me again! You know how long I have to suck him to make his prick stand? After that he will spill his juice within a few minutes. If he can satisfy me you think I would come to you? Although now I don’t regret it,” leaning forwards and stroking his awakening prick under his dhoti. In the process her breast rubbed against Velan’s lips. Velan lost no time in removing the thin saree end covering both the breasts. He took the right breast in his mouth and started massaging the left one with the other hand. Ramu looked on with surprise. Ponni’s breasts were the size of a medium sized papaya. Velan couldn’t contain one with both his hands. Although Ramu had secretly glimpsed and admired her large breasts, he had not imagined that they would be so big when set free. Ponni untied Velan’s dhoti and took out his penis. While stroking it lovingly, she did a sixty-niner on top of him and took it in to her mouth. Velan threw Ponni’s saree over her buttocks and exposed her hairy cunt. What fair thighs Ponni had! They were plump and rounded. Her buttocks were two large globes. Velan spread her hairy cunt and began licking it. Ramu had a clear view from where he was hiding. His prick was now hard and demanding attention. He unbuttoned the fly of his loose government uniform trousers, freed his tool from his underwear pulled it out and started rubbing all ten inches of it. He saw the hairy mass splitting to reveal the fleshy reddish interior. Velan ran his tongue along the entire length of her cunt. Ponni groaned loudly. She rubbed her hairy cunt on Velan’s face, while sucking his penis with such vigor that Ramu could hear the sounds from his hiding place.

They changed positions. Ponni was now sitting on Velan and riding him with all glory. Her huge breasts were jumping up and down frequently escaping the grips of Velan. She was groaning loudly. Ramu rubbed his prick faster. Suddenly she stepped down from the platform. Her loosened saree dropped to the floor leaving her stark naked. He could see her round fleshy buttocks and had to stop himself from running and grabbing them. She bent over the platform and spread her legs. Velan stood behind her and inserted his prick into her cunt from the back and started fucking her. Since both were in heat, they were both doing it fast. Ramu too kept up with the tempo. Soon he spurted his sticky white juice on to the bush in front of him, almost at the same time as Ponni and Velan began screaming.

Ramu did not wait any further. He slowly retreated and took a round about way out of the mango groove before Ponni and Velan recovered from their stupor.

That evening Ramu went to Muthusamy’s house as usual. They sat outside on a bench and were talking about this and that. Ramu’s mind was not on the conversation. He stole glances at Ponni. That afternoon’s episode flashed before his mind every now and then. He began to appreciate her body in a lustful way. Ponni, being unaware of all this, continued to speak to him as she did usually.

Being unable to control himself, Ramu excused himself, on some pretext and went to home. Alone in his house, he was lost in thought. He had in fact only one thought. Somehow he must have Ponni, if not permanently, at least once. Having knowledge of his friend Muthu’s inadequacy, he schemed the whole night. He wanted to seduce Ponni badly. He went into a restless sleep finally. When he woke up it was already bright. He went about his morning routine.

It was Sunday that day. Still thinking of a way to seduce Ponni, he went for a walk. Without realizing it he found himself walking along the irrigation canal going towards Ponnusamy’s mango grove. He entered the grove and continued walking along the path to Velan’s hut. When he was within earshot of the hut, he heard Ponni’s loud voice. He hid himself behind a mango tree, which was besides the canal. He saw Velan, carrying some clothes and soap and with just a towel around his waist going to the canal in front of his hut, for his bath. Ponni followed him. As soon as they disappeared from sight, Ramu sneaked nearer to them. He edged towards the high bank of the canal and from this vantage point he observed them.

Ponni took the clothes from Velan and started washing them in the flowing waters. She was in knee-deep water. Her saree was tucked high to prevent it from getting wet. This exposed most of her white thighs. Velan was sitting on a stone watching her. There was an obvious bulge in his crotch. Having finished washing the clothes, Ponni asked Velan to get into the water.

“Come, Vela, I will rub your back for you,” she said invitingly.

Velan walked into the water with the bulge in his towel showing prominently. She noticed it and laid her hand on it and removed the towel. Velan faced her naked, with his prick erect and pointed towards her. She stroked it with love, gently but yet firmly. Then she playfully pushed him in to the water. He dunked a few times and then went up on to the rock at the edge of the water. Ponni followed him. He squatted naked in front of her. She soaped and scrubbed him on the head and back. He stood up and faced her. She continued scrubbing his chest and abdomen. She stopped short of the groin. The sight of the erect penis was to tempting to let be, although they had a round of fucking just now.

“Will your tool never rest?” she asked sexily.

“How can it with you around?” he answered. “You have to help him”

“Sure I am going to… how can I resist it?”

She engulfed Velan’s entire penis in her mouth savouring it for sometime. Then she began sucking it with vigor. She grabbed his buttocks and moved her head faster and faster. Velan arched his hips and closed his eyes. He was holding on to her head for support. Ramu saw all this with wide-open eyes. Ponni was sucking Velan’s prick with all vigour till Velan spurted his juice all over Ponni’s face. She also swallowed a lot of it that he shot into her mouth. Ponni continued licking his slowly softening prick till it was clean. She then went to he canal and washed her face.

The continued the bath and when they were finished Ponni told Velan that she had to go home early as there was a lot of work to be done.

Hearing this Ramu slowly retreated and made to the entrance of the mango grove. He waited for Ponni to come. He had to confront her. That was the best time. Not long after Ponni came along the path. Ramu stepped out from behind a mango tree and blocked her path.

“Ramu anna, what are you doing here?” she stammered in shock, wondering if he saw anything.

“I was going to see Velan, but then I saw you with him. You both were busy, so I didn’t want to disturb you.”

“You…you…saw? You saw?” her face showed fear and shame at once. She hung her face down.

“You know what will happen to you if I tell Muthusamy don’t you?” Ramu threatened.

“Anna…. Please don’t tell my husband! I will not do it again! Please don’t tell! I will give you any thing you want!” she pleaded.

“What can you give me?” Ramu asked seizing the opportunity.

“Any thing…” she said, not quite knowing what she was saying in the confusion.

“Then come with me now! I need you! After seeing you and Velan yesterday and today, I need to fuck you badly” Ramu said.

“But I am your good friend’s wife…”she protested. “You are like a brother to me.”

“Don’t try to escape from your promise. If you don’t, then I will tell Muthusamy!” he threatened.

Ponni reluctantly consented. This her husband will never know. But if he knows about her regular meetings with Velan, he will surely take it out on her.

“But only this once,” she insisted.

Ramu led her to a hidden spot away from the path. It was a bare and sandy patch amongst the mango trees. No one will come that way.

He untied his dhoti and spread it on the ground. His penis was rising slowly inside his loose underwear. Without any formality, he hugged and kissed Ponni. She reluctantly opened her mouth to take his tongue into her mouth. As they flicked their tongues and exchanged saliva, Ponni softened and became more accommodating. At the same time she could feel his prick on her groin. Ramu removed her saree, leaving her in her blouse and inner skirt. He buried his face in her ample cleavage and licked and kissed her breasts. He made her sit on the ground and he sat besides her. By this time his bulge was quite prominent. This attracted Ponni’s attention. She felt the bulge through the underwear and grabbed it to feel the size.

“My, you have a huge one don’t you?” she exclaimed and proceeded to bring it out. She was apparently stunned to see Ramu’s ten-inch tool. Ramu obliged by removing his underwear and shirt and becoming totally naked. She started playing with it like it was a toy. She examined it closely, moving her hand up and down. She seemed fascinated to see the large reddish head slipping in and out of the foreskin.

“I have never seen such a long one,” she said softly.

She took it into her mouth and gave a long sustained suck and let it slip it out of her mouth with a pop. She pulled the foreskin back and used the tip of her tongue to lick Ramu’s piss hole. Ramu felt a strange tinge passing up his prick.

Ramu’s urge to see her naked and to fondle her breasts and buttocks was overwhelming. So he removed her blouse hooks one by one and watched Ponni’s large breasts slowly making their escape from their container. When at last they plopped out free, he was truly astounded. They were even bigger than he thought they would be.

“Do you like them? They are nice, no? Come hold them, don’t be shy.” She carried one breast in her palm and offered it to Ramu while stroking his penis. Ramu hesitated a little, then took courage and touched it. It felt warm and soft. He took it in both hands and kneaded it like kneading flour. The more he squeezed it the more Ponni grunted. Her nipple became erect and protruded for an inch. Ramu couldn’t resist the temptation. He took her nipple between his lips and sucked it gently. She hugged him and pulled him on top of her as she slowly lay down on the ground. He lifted her inner skirt up to her waist and felt her hairy cunt. It was already moist and oozing with her juices. He slid one and then two fingers into her hot cunt. With his thumb he rubbed her clit. She was in ecstasy. She crossed her legs and pressed his hands tightly with her fat and rounded thighs. She offered the other breast now for him to suck and suck he did to his heart’s content. Although they were in the shade, the heat was causing both of them to sweat profusely.

Ramu untied the strings of Ponni’s under skirt and removed it. He admired her nudity. Although she was on the plumper side, her flesh was firm as a result of hard work. He bent her thighs and got in between them. She spread them wider for him to enter. She took his long prick and placed it at the entrance to her cunt.

“Please do it gently Ramu anna, I am scared of your big tool. I have not taken one so big inside me.” She herself slowly lifted her hips and made Ramu’s prick enter her. She could feel his head penetrating her. She lowered herself and allowed Ramu to enter her. Ramu made a quick move and half hi penis was already inside her. He rocked his hips up and down at the same time entering deeper and deeper inside her. Ponni could feel his long thick prick spreading out her cunt. It was unlike Velan or her husband’s small flaccid prick. She could feel the head of his prick banging against her uterus deep inside her and each knock was sending a tingling sensation throughout her entire body. She had not experienced anything like this before.

“Has …it…all gone…inside?” she gasped.

“Yes…. and…. it feels…so …… good” grunted Ramu. He poked her to the hilt with his prick, slowly at first, savouring the warmth and the tightness of her cunt. Planting his arms on either side of her hips, he arched his back and swung his hips in and out, in and out…. looking at his prick sliding into her cunt and looking at her squeezing her voluminous breasts in the heat of passion. Both of them were sweating profusely.

Ponni urged Ramu to fuck her faster. “Fuck me Ramu anna… fuck me harder…. Fuck me…. Fuck faster” she urged him on.

Ramu increased his speed. He too was on the verge of spilling his juice. All the thought of fucking her had heightened his feelings. Faster he humped her, panting, sweating, and calling her name again and again, till he let out a loud grunt and spilled his juice into her hot cunt. Exhausted, he lay on top of her for a minute and then slid down besides her.

“You are really a great fucker. Had I known that you were interested in me, I would not have gone all the way to Velan. Had I known that you had such a big tool, I would have seduced you my self long ago,” Ponni said to him. “Now that I have tasted your tool, I don’t know if I will like another. Even Velan’s prick seems insufficient."

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