tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAn Opportunity Not To Be Missed Ch. 16

An Opportunity Not To Be Missed Ch. 16


Over the next few days Peter managed to find out from Mandy how she came to be at his house. She explained everything, she then went on to tell him how her mother and his mother worked together and how her mother saw this as a chance to get her away from the troubles at home.

The more Peter listened the more he understood how Mandy's mother was also put in a difficult position in doing whatever necessary to save her daughter. The scheming little pervert soon realised that she too was a possible target to blackmail into sex, and the more he thought about it the more it seemed like a good idea.

His plan, however, wasn't for himself to benefit but for one of his nerdy friends, one he knew for sure would definitely jump at the chance.

His friends name was Stuart, but everyone always called him "Stinky." The reason was fairly obvious, he was a chubby guy with a real body odour problem brought on mainly by two things. Firstly he was rather overweight, he always seemed to have a film of sweat all over him giving his skin and hair that horrible greasy shine. Secondly he was so lazy that he hardly ever bothered to wash himself, he never saw the point as nobody much ever showed any interest in him anyway.

Being the same age as Peter, 18, they were at college together, and being both nerdy geeks, equally as unpopular as each other, they became friends. Stuart didn't seem to care that people called him "Stinky," it was just something that he had come to accept during his time at college.

He was an odd looking character, quite short and flabby with clothes that always looked like hand-me-downs, his trousers always seemed to be a good couple of inches above his shoes as they flapped in the wind. He had the same spotty complexion as Peter only his facial features were made all the worse by his glasses, they were the cheap thick framed type with lenses that looked like they had come from the bottoms of beer bottles.

Anyway the two of them remained good friends, mainly because nobody else wanted to be associated with them, until a few months ago when Stuart was suddenly thrown out of college for "inappropriate behaviour."

Now Peters mother, being a good Christian woman, took pity on him and found him a job at the department store where she, and Alison, worked. It wasn't much of a job, just a sort of caretaker and general lowlife handyman, but it was more than enough for someone like "Stinky" Stuart.

The thing that Peter never told his mother however was the exact reason why he was thrown out of college. The stupid little fat pervert had been caught secretly using a video camera to film up one of the lady teachers skirts.

The story goes that he had positioned his bag next to his seat and kept calling her over to help him with his classwork, and every time she did she had to stand astride the bag. This was fine until she caught her heel in the thing and kicked it over causing his video camera to fall out, which wouldn't have been so bad had it not been still recording at the time.

Apparently on inspection of the tape it was found that he had secretly filmed up this teacher, and others, skirts many times. Along with this there were a few shots where he had somehow filmed down the cleavage of some of the larger breasted lady teachers.

The tape was destroyed, the camera confiscated, and poor frustrated Stinky was unceremoniously booted out of college.

Peter had always felt a little sorry for the way he had been treated, not least of all because he understood the temptation to do such a thing, after all it actually seemed like a pretty good idea.

Now Peter wanted to share some of his recent good fortune with his unfortunate friend. He wasn't yet prepared to share Mandy, but her mother sounded an ideal candidate to quench Stuarts thirst for the pleasures of the female body.

This would definitely be something that Stuart would make use of and so he called him up that evening and told him of Mandy's plight, and more importantly, her mothers involvement.

"Do you know who she is?" Peter asked him after telling him her name.

"Do I know who she is?" answered Stuart in a raised voice. "Do you remember me telling you about this fuckin' awesome lookin' woman that works here with the most amazin' pair of tits you ever saw?"

"Oh yeah, I remember," said Peter.

"Well that's fuckin' her!!! She's been drivin' me nuts ever since I first came here, you should see her, Christ I would give anything to fuck her the stuck up bitch, she's such a cock teaser parading around here knowing full well every single guy wants her."

"Oh...right," said Peter, somewhat surprised by his enthusiastic and rather graphic reaction, "well, it's up to you what you do now."

"So if she thinks I've got a copy of that tape, and, erm... she thinks I might let other people at work see it, you reckon she might just do anything to stop that happening?" Asked Stuart, sort of thinking it through while he was saying it.

"Yeah.....it's got to be worth a shot," answered Peter.

After a few more minutes chatter the call ended and the dirty little fat pervert was left wondering with excitement what the next day would possibly bring.

It was a day when Alison wasn't working on the cosmetics counter, instead it was her turn to be one of the floor supervisors. Among other things this meant that she didn't wear her uniform to work, instead for this roll she was expected to wear a smart suit.

Always one to make an extra effort to look her very best, Alison would wear rather expensive clothing, she looked very classy and, of course, extremely sexy at the same time.

She dressed herself that morning in an ivory coloured one piece silk and lace body, she often wore these as they held her stomach in and made her waist look narrower than it probably was. The lace bra cups showed her phenomenal 40HH tits off to the point that you could be forgiven for thinking they were fake when compared to her apparent slender midriff. It was all held together with two little poppers that fastened together under the crotch.

Most of the time Alison preferred to wear pantyhose, however this piece of fine lingerie came with suspender straps attached, and so she pulled on a pair of dark tan stockings and clipped them on.

Over the top she wore a flimsy cream blouse and a dark blue suit. The suit consisted of a short jacket that came to just below the waist, she could never button it up as her boobs were just too big to allow it. The skirt was knee length and fitted perfectly considering the outward thrust of her big shapely ass, it was nice and tight but not stretched. On her feet she wore matching dark blue shoes with 4 inch heels, she admired herself in the mirror and, satisfied with how she looked, set off for work.

Meanwhile the stinky little nerd Stuart on the other hand simply rolled out of bed as he did every day, put on the first things that he found on the floor and slouched off to work without so much as a shower or even brushing his teeth.

He spent much of the morning excited and nervous at the same time, he knew he had to wait to get her alone before he dare say anything to her.

Then, as he came out into the store room he saw a golden opportunity, Alison was up a step ladder with a clipboard checking some stock and there was nobody else around. He took a moment to admire her, she was just so sexy, her legs looked gorgeous encased in the dark tan nylon of her stockings. As his eyes wandered up his cock started to stiffen, he took a long lingering look at her big beautifully shaped ass in the tight blue skirt. The dirty little pervert wanted to touch her, he had wanted to touch her ever since he first laid eyes on her. The beautiful classy blonde had been driving him crazy with her sexy clothing and her unbelievable tits, this was surely a once in a lifetime chance. She was so far out of his league that he would never even dare dream that she might let him get his hands on her, but maybe even the most far-fetched of dreams can just possibly come true.

Although she was 39 years of age she could have easily been ten years younger, every guy that worked there had passed a comment at one time or another about what a cock teaser she was and what they would love to do to her given the chance.

Stuart removed his glasses and wiped them clean on his shirt before putting them back on. Then he cleared his throat rather loudly which caused Alison to jump and drop her clipboard. Before she could take a single step down the ladder to retrieve it Stuart had rushed across and picked it up for her.

"Oh, thank you," said Alison somewhat surprised by his enthusiasm to help.

"You're welcome," replied Stuart as he handed it back to her, unable to help himself from looking at her fantastically huge tits in the flimsy cream blouse just above him.

Alison felt a little uncomfortable with the way his gaze seemed to linger awhile. "Was there anything else?" she asked the dirty sweaty little geek.

"Well, there was something I've been meaning to ask you."

"Oh? What's that?" She asked, starting to become more and more uneasy with the way he was looking at her.

He decided to just come straight out with it. "I have a porn video at home, and I didn't know until just yesterday that the girl in it was your daughter."

"W...what?" Asked Alison completely shocked. She knew straight away what he meant and was unsure of what to do. She had worried that this day might come, but she never thought it would come so soon.

"The thing is," Stuart went on before she could say anything else, "I'm sure you wouldn't want me to show it to the rest of the guys here."

As he spoke he stood behind her and placed his hands on either side of the stepladder, effectively trapping her. His mouth started to water and he began to sweat more than ever as his eyes wandered up her legs and over her ass in the lovely tight skirt.

"N...no I suppose I wouldn't," was all she could say, now fully aware of the fix she was in.

"Well, I don't have to show anybody.....do I?" The tone of his voice sounded so creepy and Alison got a fright when she felt his fat sweaty hand touch the back of her leg just below the knee.

In her head she was screaming at him to stop, how dare he, who the hell did he think he was? But she couldn't, she was too afraid, and so instead she just remained still, frozen to the spot.

His breathing grew heavier as he realised that she wasn't doing anything to stop him. He spread his hand wide and moved it around until it was between her legs, his fingers on her knee. This was his first ever feel of a woman's stocking clad leg and he wasn't disappointed. It was so incredibly silky and smooth, his excitement grew and he licked the saliva from his lips as his hand started to slowly rub up and down the inside of her leg.

He was amazed that still she did nothing, was this for real? could she be so afraid that he would show people this tape that she would let him go further?Hhis cock was now rock hard and he could no longer resist the temptation to move his hand higher until it was under her skirt feeling the inside of her thighs.

He couldn't believe what she was allowing him to do, he had to push his luck further, he was in such a state of excitement. As he went higher he suddenly drew a huge intake of breath as he found her stocking tops with the suspenders attached, and then, more importantly, the naked thigh above.

At that moment she clamped her legs together and reached behind to push his hand away. "No no that's enough," she said as if she was suddenly realising what was happening.

Stuart, however, wasn't about to give up that easily, and so with her pushing his hand away, his other hand went up the front of her skirt. Quickly she grabbed that one to stop it venturing too far but as she did she had to release the other hand which meant he could again thrust it up the back of her skirt. As she wrestled with both of his hands while trying not to fall off the ladder she could hear him chuckling excitedly to himself.

"Ooh come on," he said with sweat breaking out all over his forehead, "don't be a tease, just a little feel."

"No," she replied as strongly as she could, "stop it!"

He couldn't, he knew he was in a strong position and intended to use the fact to its maximum advantage. She, however, had a distinct disadvantage as she tried to maintain her balance on the ladder while trying desperately to keep his dirty groping hands at bay.

With her losing the battle she decided to resort to drastic measures and clouted him hard around the side of the head.

Instantly he was shocked back into some sort of self control.

"When I say stop it I mean stop it," she told him directly.

As she spoke they both heard the doors to the store room open and someone come in. Stuart instantly stepped away and pretended to be checking what was in some nearby boxes. Alison took this opportunity to quickly come down the ladder. As she was about to leave Stuart grabbed her arm and told her to come to the cleaning cupboard in 5 minutes and if she didn't he was going to show everybody the tape and make sure they all knew who the star of it was.

This was a bit of a gamble for Stinky, he hoped beyond hope that she would do as she was told. She could, however, so easily now go and report him to the management for sexual harassment.

The cleaning cupboard acted as a sort of office for Stuart, it was a grotty little hole with a beaten up old desk and chair in it where he would take his breaks and read the paper. The most important thing about it was, it had a lock on the door, not that anyone ever came into it anyway.

He sat waiting for five, then ten minutes hoping that he was going to be lucky. His feelings were a mixture of excitement and fear, he just prayed that the beautiful and utter sex goddess that was Alison was going to make his dreams come true.

Then he heard the unmistakable clicking sound of heels on the hard floor outside, then there was a moments pause before the door opened.

It was Alison, she stepped into the cramped little "office" and closed the door behind her.

Stuart swivelled around in the beaten up old chair to face her. He was still a little nervous, but the sight of her extremely voluptuous curves before him in her well fitted suit and flimsy cream blouse meant that his overwhelming excitement soon drowned out any fears he may have had.

She locked the door behind her and said, "come on then, let's get this over with." As she spoke she was hit with the smell of stale sweat that seemed to fill the tiny little space.

He couldn't believe his ears, he wanted her so badly, she was his fantasy, all of his dreams rolled into one. He just sat there for a moment with his mouth wide open before pushing his glasses back up his nose with his middle finger (he was so sweaty and greasy that they kept on sliding down), he took a gulp, licked his lips and whispered to himself, "oh God yes."

Alison looked at the filthy sweaty bespectacled little creep with disgust. His black ill-fitting trousers had that greasy shine to them that cheap trousers get when they get old and worn, they were tight around the crotch which made his excited state clear for all to see. His grubby white t-shirt was all stretched out of shape and looked as if it had never been washed. Under his arms she could clearly see two large wet patches of sweat.

She knew what had to be done, she couldn't risk him putting that tape about the place no matter what she had to do. He had always struck her as being a little bit backwards, not a head case, more just a bit on the slow side. She wasn't sure if he could be trusted with that tape and so she knew she had to win him over, and the way to do it was obvious from the way he was looking at her and the bulge in his trousers.

He sat there facing her unsure what to do next, he knew what he wanted but was suddenly almost too afraid to ask. As it turned out it didn't matter as she took the initiative, much to his delight.

She took the two or three steps towards him and slipped her jacket from her shoulders and lay it across the table. He looked up at her drooling from the corner of his open mouth. Without the jacket on he got a good clear look at the size of her magnificent bust. The fine cream blouse seemed to tease and tantalise, it wasn't transparent but at the same time it couldn't conceal the sexy lace design of her incredible 40HH bra cups.

The look on his face filled her with disgust, he was revolting but she had no choice other than to continue.

She pinched her skirt either side at the hips and, with a sexy little jiggle, hitched it up slightly until it was a good few extra inches above the knee. She then stood along side him, turned and sat herself down on his lap, crossing one leg over the other as she did which gave the horny little nerd his first glimpse of her stocking tops.

"Now what is it you want from me?" she asked in a very suggestive and teasing way.

"Oh God I...I...I..." He had apparently lost the power of speech, all he could do was stare with his mouth open as he struggled to regain his composure.

Alison felt sickened by the dirty smelly freak, but she was prepared to do anything to prevent the secret of that tape getting out, she almost found herself hoping that he would take the bait and have her. If he did then she felt that as he was of rather a weak mind, she would be able to manipulate the situation back into her control.

She took his hand and placed it on her thigh. "I thought you wanted to touch me," she said quietly as she took his fat sweaty face in her hands and, without warning, placed her pouting red lips over his and gave him a long and lingering kiss.

He couldn't believe it, his hard cock was pressing against her gorgeous ass while his hand roamed over her stocking clad thigh. It felt so good and he couldn't resist pushing it up under her skirt and over the smooth bare skin above, his fingers tracing along her lace suspenders.

His excitement took over and his inhibitions quickly faded away, he wasn't going to let this opportunity pass. This was everything he had ever fantasized over, she was more than he had ever dared dream of, it was his one and only chance and he wasn't going to waste it.

He put his other hand behind her head and kissed her hard pushing his tongue into her sweet tasting mouth. His hand went further up her skirt and along the back of her thigh until he was groping and grabbing her ass cheek. He started to moan and groan as he continued to force his tongue down her throat.

"Mmmmmmm yes, ooooh yes yes, mmmmmm," he kept on saying over and over.

Then, after a minute or two, he unglued his lips from hers and pulled his hand out from up her skirt before looking down at her magnificent chest.

"God what lovely big tits," he exclaimed with his eyes out on stalks, "I've dreamt about these more times than you could ever imagine."

She knew what he meant and the thought of him sneaking off to play with himself while thinking about her made her want to throw up, she couldn't help but wonder how many times he must have done this. She had seen him looking at her so often, and now she had a good idea what he was always thinking, he was such a disgusting little pervert.

Unable to control himself he brought his hand up and placed it on one of her tits. "Oh my God," he whispered as he gave it a gentle squeeze, he was surprised at just how firm it was, not to mention heavy. "Oh fuck you turn me on," he said as he leaned into her dragged his tongue up her neck, slobbering all over her like a dog.

She could see the state he was in and, much like Mandy, she couldn't help getting a little moist between the legs as he roughly groped her huge boobs through the flimsy blouse. Her state became more obvious as her sensitive nipples began to react by pushing outwards until they could clearly be seen.

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