tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAn Unwanted Exam

An Unwanted Exam


"She lives here," the masked man said in a whisper to the three other men standing with him.

"You're sure?" one asked.

"Yes, I have her information right here," the first man said. "42 Johnson Avenue, Apartment C."

"And you're sure that she's the one we're here to get?" another man asked. The first man nodded once more.

"Will she be alone?" a man in a dark blue mask asked.

"I've been watching the apartment all day, she's come out and gone back in several times, every time she's been alone and I haven't seen anyone else from the windows," the first man replied. "It should also be noted that she put on her information with our company that she lives alone." The three other men nodded in unison.

"Are we ready guys?" They all nodded.

"Joey, you have the supplies?" The man in the dark blue mask nodded and patted a black leather duffel bag in his hands.

"Don, come up to the door with me, Joey and Ed, follow behind us." The three men nodded in unison again.

The lead masked man and another named Don walked up the steps to the front door.

"Key," the lead man said in a hushed whisper. The man named Don reached into his pocket and pulled out a key with the name "Krista" written on a keychain attached to it. He slipped it into the keyhole on the door and with the turn of the key the door swung open automatically with an ominous creak.

Don and the lead man started up the stairs and were followed by the other two men, Joey and Ed. The four men silently walked up three flights of stairs to the top apartment, Apartment C. At the door, Don took the key once more, slipped the key with the name "Krista" into the keyhole, twisted the key in the lock and opened the door with another creak.

The four men walked across the living and dining room of the apartment and down a small hallway to a closed door.

"Joey, you come with me," the lead man said, "you other two stay out here until our signal." They all nodded in unison again. "Here's hoping she's a sound sleeper."

It was fairly routine for the men to do on a regular basis. The women that they filmed on a daily basis often skimmed over the fine print in their contracts and never made any fuss about unconscious filming and examinations. Krista had been one of these young women, and since it had been a month and she hadn't been back to the studio for a following film in that time, the studio decided that they would come and get her to do a film.

Joey and the lead man walked into Krista's bedroom and kneeled next to her bed. Joey already had a blindfold out and ready to put over her eyes which he applied immediately. The lead man reached down into Joey's bag and pulled out a sterile needle with syringe and a clear bottle filled with liquid. The lead man quickly filled the syringe with the liquid and buried it swiftly into one of the main veins in Krista's arm.

All four men almost immediately heard a loud sigh escape from Krista's lips and she became limp in her bed.

"All right," the lead man said. "We're ready." Joey pulled the blindfold off of Krista's eyes and reached down into her bag and pulled out a small bottle of pills. He pulled one from the bottle and slipped it into Krista's mouth.

"A little extra reassurance," Joey said quietly. The lead man picked up Krista with some assistance from the man named Ed and they all left the apartment as quietly as they had entered.

It was five in the morning by the time the small group arrived at the filming studio but there was already an array of people there ready to work. The four men carried an unconscious Krista inside the studio and into a filming room already prepared for her. This room was much different from the room that she had been in for her first film. This room looked much more professional and much more real than the first one. Most conscious women were never brought to this room for filming because of the authenticity of it. There were surgical lights surrounding a cold sterile examination table in the middle of the room, there were tables, trays and counters that were full of gynecological, fetish and sex instruments and off against the far wall of the room there was filming equipment. Krista was briefly sat in a large chair off to the side of the set.

"Strip her down," a man dressed entirely in black said as he walked into the room. Joey, Ed and Don all left leaving only the lead man standing next to an unconscious Krista.

"Where are you going?" the lead man asked the three other men.

"We've had a long day, Michael," Don said, "we don't have the stamina to participate in this." The lead man groaned and stood in front of Krista. He pulled off Krista's socks, followed by her boxer shorts, and he lifted her thin tank top over her head and smiled devilishly at her perky breasts and hard nipples. The man dragged his fingers over her nipples and looked down into her lap, it was his favorite part of any film – stripping the women of their panties. The man hooked his fat fingers in either side of Krista's panties and yanked down. The silky panties slid off her legs easily and with that swift yank, Krista was completely naked in front of three large men. Michael smiled devilishly once more and ran his fingers over Krista's breasts once more and dragged them down her front, down below her navel and down into her fuzzy and moist pussy.

"Is she ready, Michael?" a man off to the side asked with a smile.

"Of course," Michael replied.

He picked Krista up and carried her over to the examination table. He set her down gently, her head lolled off to the side and her mouth dropped open. He pulled her legs out straight, he wouldn't pull her apart...yet.

"Are we filming this one?" Michael asked.

"We will just in case," a man setting up a camera replied. "You might want to get dressed, Michael."

"Yeah, sure," Michael said. He walked out of the room and down the hall to dress leaving the cameraman alone in the room with Krista. He quickly finished setting up the camera and walked over to the unconscious Krista on the examination table.

"Aren't you a pretty one?" he said quietly running his hand over Krista's knees. "You look nothing like the blonde bimbos we often get in here...too bad you have to come in like this." He traveled his hand up her leg and he too buried his fingers inside of Krista's pussy.

"Kevin!" a female voice exclaimed from a far side of the room. The man jumped.

"How dare you," she said, "and how dare someone leave you alone with one of the clients..."

"She's unconscious," the man said.

"Obviously," the woman replied as she walked over to where the man was standing, now a couple feet away from Krista.

"Are you in this one, Kate?" he asked. She shook her head.

"Unfortunately not," she replied. "She hasn't okayed female actresses in her films yet. However, when she does, I will be first in line to examine her!"

"What are you doing here, then?" Kevin asked.

"She needs another injection," Kate replied walking over to Krista with another syringe filled with clear liquid.

"When was her last?" Kevin asked.

"Right before she was taken here," Kate replied. "She's only had one and that was almost an hour and a half ago." Kate leaned over Krista and injected the liquid into Krista's arm in the same place where it had been before. "That should keep her out for at least another two hours."

Kate left the room and as soon as she had left, five men, all dressed from head to toe in aquamarine and white scrubs, entered the room. Michael, the lead man, was in front of them all. They all gathered around Krista, looking over every inch of her body.

"So what are we doing?" a small man asked Michael.

"Whatever we want," Michael replied, "but there will be no intercourse. There is also a limit of three of us around her at all times. We still want the camera to see her, not us." The men nodded. "We will start with medical equipment, advance into some fetish materials, and then finally end with a combination of medical and sex toys." Two of the men went to the counter of restraints. "We will start by restraining her."

Michael smiled and shooed the other two men off, this was his territory as far as he was concerned. He took both of Krista's legs and pulled them apart and pulled her naked body to the end of the examination table, her bottom hanging off of the end. The two men who had been at the restraint counter brought over two large leg restraints. They attached one to either side of the table and Michael placed both of Krista's legs in the two leg-shaped restraints.

"Pull these farther apart, will you?" Michael asked. The two men pulled both restraints apart until Krista was lying completely spread-eagled on the table. The other two men who Michael had shooed off approached the table again with arm restraints. Since Krista was so far towards the end of the table, the two men pulled Krista's arms up over her head and to the back of the table and tied her arms there.

"She ready?" a large man asked from the side.

"I think so," Michael replied. "I need a tray of wipes, a douche, a spreader, and three different sized specula." The small man immediately threw the things onto a metal tray with some clanging and the tray was rolled over to Michael. "Start filming whenever."

The lights were turned on bright and Michael picked up a large wipe and ran it up and down Krista's pussy. He handed the wipe over to one of the men who threw it in the trash as another man picked up the douche bag and handed the nozzle end to Michael. Michael stuck the douche in Krista's vagina and the man with the bag filled with liquid began to squeeze. Water ran in and back out of Krista's vagina for a minute until all of the liquid in the bag was gone.

"All right, she's clean," Michael said. "Spreader." Another man handed Michael the spreader as three of the other men walked over to the counters in order to put together some instruments to use on Krista.

Michael inserted the spreader into Krista and pulled it down as far as he could. He got his face close to Krista's privates and poked the moist, pink flesh a bit with his finger.

"Perfect," he said quietly and pulled the spreader out. The man standing next to Michael grabbed the smallest metal speculum on the tray and pushed Michael out of the way. He inserted the speculum effortlessly into Krista's vagina and opened it all the way without a problem.

"It's obviously too small," the smallest man said walked over to the man with the speculum in Krista. He picked up a medium sized speculum and pushed the man with the small speculum out of the way. He pulled the small speculum out of Krista without any consideration and shoved in the medium sized speculum with much of the same inconsideration. He opened it up all the way and a very faint moan escaped from Krista's throat.

"It's still a bit...small," Michael said stepping near the small man. "Let's try the largest one." He picked up the largest speculum from the tray, pulled the medium one out with much more consideration than the small man and slowly began to insert the largest one. Another moan escaped from Krista's throat as Michael began to open the speculum slowly.

"Look at that," he said quietly, in an awed tone of voice. "She has the perfect inner body."

"Let me see," one of the men who had overheard from a nearby table said and he rushed over. Michael moved out of the way and the man stooped down to the level of Krista's privates and gently blew a thin stream of air into her. An involuntary shudder seemed to run through Krista's entire body and the man in front of her could see the faintest trickle of moisture starting to roll down the walls of her vagina.

"She's getting wet!" the man exclaimed excitedly.

"Good," Michael said pushing him out of the way this time, "we can move onto the next stage." He looked over at a man standing along a counter of a bunch of metal instruments. "Robert! Bring some clamps, a bar and something for her ass." The man standing at the counter immediately scooped up instruments from the counter and rushed over to Michael.

"Clamps," the man named Robert said handing Michael two nipple clamps, a clitoral clamp, and a chain to connect the three. Michael handed the nipple clamps to the smallest man on the set and the small man jumped into action. He marched right up to Krista's chest and attached the small clamps onto Krista's already pert nipples. When they were hovering in perfect position, he began to tighten them with fervor. A groan escaped from Krista's throat and Michael, still at Krista's spread privates smiled slyly as he watched the telltale milky white fluid leaking from Krista's pussy. The small man tightened the nipple clamps until Krista's nipples were practically purple.

"Okay, that's good," Michael said, "we don't want to cause too much suspicion in the days to come." Michael then attached the clitoral clamp to Krista's clit. As soon as he began to tighten the spring, Krista writhed in her unconscious state and an even more audible groan escaped from her throat. Michael looked over at the cameraman and the cameraman nodded. Michael looked back towards another one of the men standing near the sex toys.

"Give her a pill," he said. The man nodded, grabbed a pill from his pocket, walked over to Krista and slipped the pill into her mouth. As soon as the man had slipped the pill into Krista's mouth, a hook began to descend from the ceiling. Michael smiled and reached up for it and pulled it the rest of the way down and hooked it around the chain connecting Krista's nipple and clit clamps.

"Metal bar please," Michael said. Robert handed a metal bar roughly 6 inches in diameter to Michael. Michael stepped to the side and covered the metal bar in some lubricant. With that, he started to slowly ease the metal bar into Krista's vagina through the metal speculum that was already present inside.

"Robert, take out this speculum as I ease this the rest of the way in," Michael said quietly. Robert did as he was told and Michael eased the metal bar the rest of the way in. "Perfect. Now what did you bring me for her ass?"

"A toy?" Robert said meekly handing over a long dildo. Michael scratched his chin.

"We'll try it," Michael said, "get me a lot of lube." Robert did as told and lubed up the long, hard dildo.

"Put it in," Michael said as he began to turn a crank that pulled the chain connecting the nipple and clit clamps upwards. "Gently, no need to rip her apart." Robert got to work. He placed the dildo up against Krista's asshole and began to move it inwards with a slow circular motion. It went in with very little struggle at all, probably due to Krista's unconscious, relaxed state. Once the dildo had gone in to it's full length, Robert began to slowly assfuck Krista with the dildo. As he speeded up and slowed down, he couldn't help but notice some juices leaking out from Krista's pussy around the metal bar. As Robert saw this, he began to feel himself getting aroused. He beckoned another man over, instructed the new man to continue what he had been doing and excused himself from the view of the camera.

The new man pumped the dildo in and out of Krista's ass much more rapidly than Robert had been doing and before he could stop himself, he started shoving the metal bar in and out of Krista's pussy.

"Martin! Stop!" Michael exclaimed from the chain slowly pulling Krista's nipples and clit away from the rest of her body. "We do NOT want her to cum." The man stopped and backed away, and as he did so, the metal bar fell out of Krista's vagina with a loud clanging on the floor.

"Leave the dildo in," Michael said, "we're going to take a break." The lights died down and the cameras cut. The men excused themselves from the room and left the unconscious Krista alone in the large room, lying on the table with taut nipples and a dildo stuck in her ass.

Three of the men, along with the cameraman, returned a half hour later, ready to continue what they had started. The dildo was still stuck completely in Krista's ass, but it seemed to be the only thing that was the same as it had been when the men had left.

"Find the largest vibrating dildo that you can find and the most powerful clit stimulator," Michael said to one of the men next to him. The man walked over to the table of toys and picked up a large vibrating dildo and an electric powered clit stimulator.

"Will these do?" the man asked holding them up.

"Perfect," Michael replied. "Give them here."

Michael took the dildo from the man and covered the tip of it with lubricant.

"Be next to her side with a syringe in case she starts to stir," Michael said to the other man who had entered the room with him. The other man nodded and grabbed a filled syringe and stood next to Krista.

"All right...are we ready, Krista?" Michael said quietly as he began to slowly pump the dildo that was already inside of Krista while easing in the other large dildo into her vagina. "You're going to cum for us..." Michael said quietly once again as he began to pump the two together.

"Michael?" the man holding the clitoral stimulator asked, holding up the small metal bullet.

"Come here and have at it," Michael said.

The two men began to work away at Krista's genitals and the two began to get quite the reaction from Krista. Groaning and moaning were now very audible from deep within Krista's throat and the restraints that her legs were in were starting to shake with the impending orgasm.

Suddenly, Michael couldn't move the dildo within Krista's ass and he froze and looked at the man standing next to Krista with a syringe in one hand and with Krista's breast in the other.

"Inject!" Michael exclaimed.

Krista's eyes fluttered open, her eyes rolled around in their sockets. A couple of inaudible words came from her mouth, including what sounded like, "Where am I?". The man standing next to her quickly buried the needle in Krista's arm and her head lolled back to the side of the table and her eyes closed once more.

"Continue," Michael said.

The three men continued their magic for three more minutes. The moisture between Krista's thighs grew more and more, her legs involuntarily shook in their restraints more and more violently with each passing second. Michael pounded the two dildos into Krista in perfect harmony. Krista's abdomen began to bounce up and down with the force that Michael was applying between her legs. The man with the clit vibrator pressed the vibrator hard against Krista's clit, the tips of his fingers seeming to disappear inside of her lips.

In the last minute before her orgasm, brief scream-like sounds started to be heard from her throat.

"She's going to cum," Michael said with a smile on his face.

And it came. Liquid oozed from Krista's pussy, groaning and moaning filled the room and the examination shook with Krista's involuntary pleasure.

"And...stop," Michael said. All three men abruptly stopped at once. Krista's shaking continued for another minute. The dildos fell from her vagina and ass and Michael released all of her restraints.

"We'll leave her here for the rest of the day," Michael said. "I'll continue to come in every couple of hours to give her injections. We'll return her to her home late tonight. Leave her here for the rest of the day, no one bother her." Everyone nodded.

Michael covered Krista's naked body up with a soft blanket sitting nearby as everyone left the room.

"We won't sell this...not for a long while," Michael said quietly in Krista's ear. Krista sighed deeply. "You did wonderfully, my dear." And with that, Michael slowly walked from the room and turned off the light as he walked through the doorway and out into the hall.

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