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Anal Joy


I met my wife Joy about three years ago when she responded to a personal ad that I had placed on the Internet. We talked every day for a week on the phone and emailed photos back and forth until the day we met.

Joy was 36 then, 5' 6" tall, about 135 lbs, with blonde hair just past her shoulders. She's a 38-D with very long thick nipples. She works in a professional office and is always well dressed in business attire during the day. We live in the mid west, but she is from Georgia and still has that Georgia peach accent.

Joy was just getting out of a relationship with a married guy she worked with. I know she really liked this guy, and she thought he was going to leave his wife and so on, but I also know that she was just his lunch time whore.

Joy has a full sized conversion van and from what she say's they would go to "lunch" at least four times a week. She was the menu, from what I gathered.

So in prying about her sexual past, I found out that she also dated five other guy's that worked where she worked over a five-year period. Apparently she wasn't to well liked by most of the other girl's at the office, and I don't think she realized that it was probably because they all knew she was fucking quite a few guy's there. She even told me that she screwed a black guy there several times at her home when her kid's were away with their father.

Now you should know that in my first marriage my wife and I swung quite a bit. I completely got off on seeing my wife with other men, and I suppose I could be considered a cuckold. My ex wife would even be allowed to meet other male swingers and people she met in personal ad's by herself, as long as I either got a blow by blow description of the encounter, or sometimes even a videotape of her getting screwed. Joy, did not know right away that I was involved in swinging, or had these fantasies.

So, everything was going pretty good in or marriage. I was happy, and I was pretty sure she was, although I was not having sex with her enough. That I knew. To offset the lack of sex on my part, Joy loved to masturbate. She had already had an assortment of vibrators and dildos when we met, but we have added to her collection since then.

So, like I said every thing was basically decent except for my lack of sexual prowess. Then one day when I was cleaning out the van, I found a pair of her black pantyhose stuffed under the bed in the back. My mind instantly raced. The nylons were ripped at the crotch, and I instantly knew what was going on.

I couldn't get in the house fast enough to relieve the massive hard on I had, realizing she had fucked someone in her van.

What else could it be? I didn't want it to be anything else. I had already fantasized about Joy with other men. Multiple men, and even black men and younger guys. So, I devised a plan. I purchased a voice-activated tape recorder and placed it in the back of the van. Every day I would go out and get it and scan it for something other than normal noises. Music and what ever.

Well, it didn't take long till my suspicions and fantasies were realized. One week to be exact. I couldn't believe my ears. My heart was always pounding when I listened to the tape, but this time my heart skipped a beat.

It started with a big squeak. The vans side door always did that when you opened it. Then I heard Joy saying how much she missed her lover, whose name I would later learn was Jason. Jason said " Shut up, lay back on the bed, I want to suck that pussy through your nylons." I was in heaven. I KNEW it. She was someone else's lunch time whore again. Jason obviously knew what he was doing because pretty much right away Joy started moaning loudly. Joy has an awesome pussy with huge labia and is always shaved except for a small runway. Joy was yelling " eat that pussy, suck that clit." Jason then told her, " Move off the bed, I want you to blow my cock, and you better have been practicing on your dildo. I want your nose in my hair you whore." Joy said that she had been practicing. "God I love your cock," Joy said, as I heard muffled sounds of her sucking him off. Jason said" you have been practicing, huh. Let's see how much you've learned."

"Take it all the way, I don't care if you choke" he said. Then I heard a huge sucking noise as she breathed in and swallowed his dick. "God Damn baby, that's the way, take that cock."

"Fuck yeah, that's it," he said as he fucked my wife's mouth. Then I heard the inevitable because I knew Joy wasn't used to deep throating. She started gagging, and she wanted to take his dick out of her mouth, but Jason said; " Not yet baby, you're not through"

So, after a few more minutes of sucking, gagging and moaning, Jason told Joy to lay back on the bed said, " I am going to fuck the shit out of you." And as he was probably from the sound of it undressing completely he said " I want you to rip those nylons and finger that cunt" Then I heard the rip of nylon I knew so well. See I am totally turned on by women in pantyhose, so this was a total turn on to me. I could actually hear her fingering herself. She was wet as hell and I could hear her fingers sloshing away in her soaking wet pussy. The Jason said, " are you ready for this? Do you think you deserve it as I heard him slapping his cock against her pussy lips. "Yes I deserve it, I will do whatever you want whenever you want just pound me with that fucking cock," Joy said.

"Anything" Jason said as he continued to slap her lips hard with his dick. " Yes, anything," Joy said. He said " Ok babe, I am going to hold you too that just remember what you said" Then he put his cock in her, slowly and just in apparently because she said " Don't tease me Jason fuck me hard!" Then I could tell he slammed it all the way in her because she let out a scream that I am sure could be heard outside the van. "Fuck that pussy" she screamed over and over.

Then after a few minutes of that he said to her " Get on your knees I am gonna fuck you from behind" Some more pounding and then I heard him slapping her ass, and very hard at that. I know Joy liked to have her ass slapped while being fucked from behind. He slapped her probably twenty-five time's, then he must have started fingering her ass hole, because Joy said" Oh God, I Finger my ass and then fuck it" Joy was definitely into anal, I knew this, and so did Jason. When she would masturbate, she would have her vibrating eggs in her pussy, along with her favorite dildo, a ten-inch very thick black dong, and a 7-inch dildo in her ass. Then Jason pulled out of her pussy and said "Ok biotch, here it comes" He then plunged into her ass. Joy didn't need loosening up or lube. Her asshole was fairly stretched from all her ass play and past lovers. Jason must have been going deep then pulling out because I actually heard the biggest fuck fart I ever heard, and with that Joy exploded in orgasm. She screamed and moaned louder than I have ever heard..."Keep fucking me!" she yelled "Fuck that asshole!"

It was about then that Jason announced that he was going to come.

"Get over here and take this load!" he told her, and I heard shuffling on the tape then Jason screamed "Take that come you whore...ahhhhh God Damn! Ughhhhhhh"

"Oh Goddddd you're a fucking slut aren't you" he said as I could tell he just blew a huge load of come all over Joys face. I could hear her sucking and lapping it up. In about ten or fifteen seconds I heard Joy say "Yeah Jase, I am a slut. I'm your slut."

"Wow, we better get dressed it's late" he said... and then they both shuffled around and were getting dressed. Jason said, " Did you bring extra nylons? I sorta wasted another pair for you"

"How many pair is that now?"

"Five, pair to be exact" Joy said " And these nylons aren't cheap either, but you're worth it."

"Whew baby, you are so fucking hot"

"I cant believe your husband doesn't fuck you more." Joy's response was " He can go beat off to his porno, I don't care"

"I have what I want."

"Oh," Jason said. "Another thing"

"I am having a little party at my house on Friday, and you are going to be there"

"Party for what," Joy said. " Party for you, well not for you really. For me and two buddies of mine. You are coming, and bringing some slut clothes and you're tool box, because you ARE the party."

"So, make up a story for your dude, tell him your going to your sisters house again or whatever you told him last time"

"I cant promise anything Jason, as much as I want to come over," Joy said. "Look" Jason yelled. "No fucking excuses, you make it happen, Now I am out of here, I am late from lunch"

The door squeaked and slammed shut. The funny thing was, was that I didn't get any travel noise. It didn't hit me earlier either, but she had fucked the shit out of this guy in the parking lot of the office tower! I was so fucking hard I jerked off right then and there in the basement. Then I went out to the van looking to see if her nylons were around...No such luck. If they were I would have sniffed them till they disappeared! I put a new tape in and replaced the recorder.

That night as Joy got out of the shower, I could see that her ass cheeks were STILL red and swollen from her spanking!

I see Joy in a whole new light now. We are off to the races, and I can't wait till Friday!

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