tagInterracial LoveAnd Joshua Came Down to Jericho Ch. 06

And Joshua Came Down to Jericho Ch. 06

byThe Avenger©

Chapter 1

As Josh left Steve and Yvonne's house, he drove out of town, to the highest mountain in the area. He gazed at the sun set. The tranquility and splendor of nature was so overwhelming he almost forgot to breathe. He sat there in awe, unmoving, until he started sweating. The vision of a future left him astounded, from its beauty and simplicity. Satisfied, he climbed down and drove to Rachel's.

He switched on his cell phone and called Svenia. She answered immediately and started berating him.

"What the fuck was going on? Why weren't you responding? I was sick with worry. I thought they had done something to you!" She pouted, sounding hurt.

"Sorry. I had lost my charger but I just found it. Sorry darling. How are you doing?"

"Fine, now that I know you are fine!" she pouted.

Svenia soon forgot her worries and started chatting happily. She said she and Marcia had been having loads of fun, shopping, partying and having a good time together, something they couldn't do in Jericho. Her young brothers were with her parent's friends. The two girls had been out to several parties the previous night and were now recovering from the booze and the dancing and weed in a motel.

"So, did you meet some nice, attractive guys?" he asked, feeling jealous, a little.

"Yeah, there were a couple, that kept hitting on us. But don't worry. I kept my legs closed," she laughed dirtily.

Josh could hear Marcia laughing sweetly in the background.

"So, you in a motel room with Marcia, huh? What have you two been up to?" he asked. "You and Marcia, all alone, in a hotel room..." he teased, chuckling dirtily, wondering if Marcia had eaten his girlfriend, like he told her to.

"No!" she gasped. "Whatever gives you that idea?" she wailed and he could feel her blush. His cock stirred in his pants as he thought of Svenia and Marcia getting down and dirty, eating each other like two dikes.

He parked his truck at Rachel's but stayed on the phone with Svenia. The two of them chatted about an hour, and took ages hanging up. Svenia became sad as they hung up and made him promise to ring her daily. He said he would, and wished her fun, with Marcia, all alone in the motel room.

He then sought out Rachel. The beautiful black woman was enjoying her day off. She noticed that Josh was deep in his thoughts yet wrapped in a cocoon of tranquility. She did not ask him any questions, for she knew when he was ready, he would tell her.

They had a hearty supper. Rachel turned off the lights, lit 16 candles, burned essence and put on some Marvin Gaye, then they sat in her living room and washed the food down with wine and fat blunts. Josh told Rachel to sit back and relax her feet. She sank back in the couch and he sat at her feet, massaging them as they listening to her sigh and moan.

"Thanks daddy. I need that."

Josh kissed her feet and his lips worked their way up her legs, to the insides of her thighs. Rachel opened her simple, short dress which had buttons all the way down the front. She let it fall down her sides, exposing her fine, curvy body. She wore a lace, semi transparent cream bra that let her dark, creamy skin show sexily, and a matching thong, that cupped her thick, dark pussy tightly and was plastered to her thick, dark, swollen lips. Josh started chewing and licking on juicy, dark thigh, while his hand stroked the other, working his way up towards her sex.

"Your so good to me daddy," Rachel purred, opening her thighs wide, as her hands started stroking her sides and belly slowly.

"Stroke your nipples for me baby, get them all hard!" Josh rasped huskily, as he eased a hand under her thigh, making her raise it. Rachel unhooked her bra at the front, pushed the cups off her big tits and scooped them up, catching her nipples between her thumbs and fingers, then she rolled pinched and pulled them till they were hard as pebbles and big as thumbs, as Josh licked and sucked in the soft hollow, where her thigh and pussy met. It felt so good and Rachel languidly draped her thigh over his powerful shoulder and rolled her hips and moaned, gazing at his happy face with her dark, slanted, smoldering eyes.

He kissed her pussy through her soaked thong and lapped her gash with his hot thong. The he licked her thick clit through her thin thong, but as she pushed it at him eagerly, he chuckled and moved to the other side of her pussy and licked the sensitive hollow of her thigh. Then he skirted past her agitated cunt and itching clit and kissed her lower belly, snaking his tongue into her navel, making her shake and shiver with pleasure. He worked his way up to her tits, licked around them, tracing her ribs with the tip of his hot, wet tongue and it felt so good. Rachel held up her tits and fed them to him, crying softly, sweetly, as he feasted on her orbs with his hot, wet mouth till they were gleaming darkly with his spit. Then she pushed a nipple at his mouth and he twirled his tongue around it and sucked it, making sharp currents shoot straight at her clit and then dissipate all over her body. He ate both her nipples till she was so horny, she wrapped her thighs around his torso and started grinding her burning, dripping pussy into his belly.

Josh snaked an arm around her neck and pulled her lips to his. He pressed his mouth into hers and bore his tongue into her. He feasted on her mouth, casually, leisurely, yet hungrily. Rachel sucked his tongue like a dick, then she started begging him to fuck her, but he pinched her nipples hard, making her yelp, then he slapped her inner thigh and told her to spread them and feed him.

Rachel raised her thighs as he sank down between them. She grabbed her thong by the waistband, pulling it into a tiny strip and pulled it into her slit, exposing the shaved, silky sides of her pussy. Josh sighed as he gazed at her dark, beautiful cunt like an art expert admiring the work of a master. He ran his fingers through her short bush and caressed the shaved, dark sides and the elongated, swollen lips of her vulva, calling her luscious. Then he dipped to her womanhood and ran his tongue on the fleshy sides. She rolled her hips, pushing it at his mouth as he sucked on her flesh and chewed on it, moaning with relish. He did both sides, making Rachel's slit itch like it was filled with tiny, ants with sharp feet and even sharper teeth. Finally, she couldn't take it and yanked her thong to the side, exposing her dripping, pink-reddish gash and fat, excited, protruding clit.

"Here daddy, lemme feed my warrior the food of kings," she raised her hips, holding up her pussy like a tasty platter. Josh eased his tongue in her hole and sucked up her plentiful juices.

"ohhhh!!!!" Rachel moaned, her hips trembling, as her pussy melted like butter and her juices flowed into his mouth in torrents.

Josh ate her slowly, taking his time, exploring her pussy like he was seeing it for the first time. Rachel sank back, moaning and purring, enjoying the attention, until finally, her blood started to boil, and she wanted to cum. Josh inserted two digits into her hot, lubed hole, rolling them round and round as he pumped them in and out and Rachel cried and started fucking him back, begging him to suck her lil clit.

"Little clit! This is a big ass clit baby, the biggest I have ever seen," Josh teased, dragging his digits along the sensitive roof of her cunt.

"It don't matter darling, just eat it please...." she begged in a husky whisper.

Josh finally obliged. He sucked her clit between his lips and her hips shot off the couch as her pussy exploded in pieces. Josh fingered and sucked her and she writhed violently, crying and cumming, having a prolonged, mind and body wrecking orgasm that sent her half way to delirium.

Josh rose to his knees and shoved his hard, turgid cock into her clenching hole, burying it in to the hilt. He grabbed her hips and started pulling her onto his cock shoving his thick, engorged meat into her tight hole, like he was forcing his foot into a tight gum boot, again and again.

"Oh yes daddy! That's it Josh! Fuck me honey. Fuck me out my mind!" Rachel cried in a husky, joyful voice, her big eyes nearly exploding as she held up her cunt for him to fuck it deep and hard and use it well. Josh smiled down at her pretty face, fucking her in deep, hard, slow strokes, banging his cock to the back of her womb at every thrust.

Rachel became overwhelmed by the wonderful, sharp, exhilarating sensations his cock was causing her, and she threw her head back, her eyes gaping so wide that they seemed about to explode. She arched her back and her whole body shook violently as she cried, making a joyous sound.

Josh sank his hands into her hips and bit his lower lip for the final lap. He started pounding her cunt like he wanted to tear it, and send his swollen, hard cock straight through her back. Rachel started jerking violently, her hips lashing out at his cock, encouraging him to pound her harder. Her cries of joy became agonized as she was fucked into a delirious frenzy.

Josh's powerful hips slapped into her cunt as his balls slapped into her crack. Sweat poured down his brow and drenched his whole body. He fucked her harder and harder till he thought his hips would snap, but he couldn't stop, for Rachel was now grabbing his arms, yanking her cunt onto his dick and it felt like a challenge. He hammered her cunt till he beat her ass onto the couch!

"Oh yes daddy!" Rachel weeped, drunk from her numerous, consecutive orgasms. "You are my warrior, my king. Now, please bless my pussy with your potent seed!" she begged.

Josh buried his cock in her tight, hot, wet hole and his balls erupted. His cock jerked lustily in her hole, spitting thick strings of hot baby juice into her, and she ground against him feverishly, her hungry cunt drinking his cum. He finally sank down on Rachel's soft, curvy body and she embraced and kissed him. As his cock started softening, his cumm seeped out around his meat and they heard it dripping onto the wooden floor boards and chuckled.

As Josh sat back on the couch, Rachel went and got a dish of warm water, and used scented soap to wash his cock. She anointed it with warm oil, thanking him for the good fuck. Then she eased a lubed finger into his hole and stroked his prostrate while she sucked his cock to hardness. She then devoured his meat till he came hard and rewarded her hungry mouth generously with his salty, creamy cum.

As they lay cuddled in her bed, Josh then said to Rachel, "Behold, I come to you with tales of a future I envision for Jericho. Rachel listened attentively, stroking his cock as he talked.

Josh said he wanted to create a new society in Jericho, in which black people would live like the African kings and queens they had been, in a time gone past, before they were colonized, enslaved and reduced to poor and dispossessed sufferers.

In his vision, black men and women were on top. Women of other races were welcome, as long as they would bear black children. White men played no role of significance, except as tools for black people.

"Why not get rid of them entirely?"

"Well, we may need them as a front, for doing business and for communicating with the white man's world."

Josh's envisioned society was one of love, joy, sister and brotherhood, loyalty, trust and positivity, many things the white man and his capitalist system had destroyed. Everybody would be equal, it wouldn't be the amount of money or the title one possessed, or his/her connections, that would gain a person power and respect, but his/her abilities. love, children belong to everyone, women and men can fuck freely, whom they want, with no jealous and no greed. The infants would be made strong and the weak and the aged would be protected. Everybody could have as many partners and as many children as they pleased, monogamy would be done away with, as it led to jealous, coveting, greed and arrogance, and it was a catholic idea anyway, alien to the lands and continents that the white hypocrites had colonized. Children would not belong to a person but to the whole society. The society would come first, before the individual.

Josh talked at length about his vision and Rachel listened. When he finally paused, she asked him,

"Well, that all sounds fine, but how will you finance such a society?"

"We will take the money from the whites in Jericho, and run everything legitimately from there on, so nobody can have shit on us, but I will get to that later."

"What about the black people amongst us that will not want such a society, of love, joy and happiness? The bullies, the killers, the rapists, the ass holes and the selfish bastards?"

"We will run them out of town. In fact, I want all such characters to be identified, and before the new world is born, I will get rid of them, all the dumb, violent, destructive brothers who have maimed or killed other brothers, rapists who have raped black women, and dumb, gossiping, malicious sisters, those will be run out. As well as white men who wont accept being under black men, for they will scheme and plot the downfall, white women who wont accept black men as leaders and lovers."

"Gay black men, who are experienced as dominant tops shall be brought in, to turn the white men into sluts. Psychologists shall lend their helping hand, to ensure that the white men shall be reduced to dog like beings, who love and adore their black masters. Doctors shall sterilize them. From the moment this town shall fall under our control, not another pure, white child shall be born in this town again."

"Black women might not want to accept white women, as they have ill treated us and made us suffer."

"There shall be a time of atonement, every black woman shall bring her grievances, and every white woman found guilty of ill treating a sister shall be made to service black women, as they please, be it to make tea for them, or to lick their feet, pussies and asses. After a period, white women who have paid for their sins and bear black children shall be accepted into the fold."

"What if our men become more interested in them, and don't want us anymore?"

"It is a fade that will pass with time. Once they can get as much white pussy as they please, brothers shall realize that white pussy is just like black pussy, they will no longer lust more after white women than sisters. Its not about the race its about the performance. And, once white people are no longer dominant, black men wont be so keen on the women anyway, believe me."

"But, assuming that you do gain control over the white men of Jericho, like you did Steve, how do you protect Jericho from interior and external forces?"

"We will not seek confrontation with the outside world, but will slowly spread our control and influence to the surrounding towns and eventually the states in the south. We will bring more and more black people here and slowly drive out white men, except the ones we can make into sluts for black cock. In fact, the only white men we will allow to join our community, shall be gay bottoms."

"And how will you police all of that?"

"We will apply the same laws, written for this land. Those laws are good, only they are practiced wrongly, by corrupt officers like Sheriff Gray. Our Police Force shall be professional and honest. They shall serve and protect the citizens, from internal and outside forces. However, as our good society grows, you will find that there will be less need for violent crime and evil deeds, those are the works of desperate people and greedy powerful people, and in our new society, we will get rid of those. Everybody shall have a fair chance and a guaranteed, happy life. The ones that cannot really fit, well, they may leave and we will help them find a good place somewhere else."

"I will have a group of trusted men and women around me, who will help me in establishing and maintaining this society, these shall be strong, honorable black men and women of valor, everybody else shall be kept in the dark about many things initially, the less people know something, the less the chances of betrayal."

"So, any idea on how to choose your disciples?"

"You, Abe and a few others can help me in finding the right men and women, to build my army. I want strong, big dicked black men who are loyal, honest and are prepared to take orders from me. But initially, only Abe, you and I shall know the full extent of this," he paused. "Listen, who is the most notorious whore in this town."

"That would be Juniqua. She done fucked any Nigga around. Most women despise and hate her coz she has, is or will be fucking their man."

"Hook me up with her?"


"I am going to take down the most important men in town, one by one. We will fuck their women into a delirium, make them our sluts and impregnate them and turn them against their men. And then we will take down the men and their women wont help or even feel sorry for them. Therefore, I need an army of brothers with big dicks, that know how to fuck. They will be trained to turn white women out and even men, and make them sluts for black cock. I will also need the hottest, nastiest, dirtiest chicks. Who is the Nigga in town that has fucked the most chicks?"

"That would be Maxwell."

"Alright, hook me up with Maxwell and Juniqua."

"Alright, but if you fuck her, use a condom. She had had so many dicks in her that pussy must be acidic by now," Rachel laughed. "I like your vision daddy. I am one hundred percent behind you," she said, then she couldn't make another sound except moan, as Josh eased her on her back and mounted her, burying his thick cock into her.

Chapter Two

"What you blushing about?" Marcia asked, looking up from her bed, as Svenia hung up with Josh..

They were in a motel suite with two beds next to each other. Marcia was smoking a fat joint. She exhaled at Svenia and passed it to her.

"Josh was being silly, saying you and I are up to some lezzy stuff," Svenia replied, with a wide, blushing smile, as she looked at Marcia.

Her petite, chocolate brown friend had her long, curly hair combed open wide, like the wild mane of a lion. Her pretty face looked tiny in the midst of her hair, and it was looking so pretty, radiating joy and happiness. Her intense brown eyes were slightly slanted, from the weed. Her outing lips were a dark, glossy shade. She stretched herself languidly.

She was dressed in a tiny, cream top that was that was held her big, round breasts up like over sized tennis balls. It ended just below her breasts, allowing the brown bottoms to peek out as she lay back, and exposing her tiny wasp like waist, and toned belly, with a sparkling navel piercing. A pair of cheeky, tiny, deep v shaped hot pants were glued to her flaring, curvy hips and thick, round ass balloons. They cupped a plumb mound between her juicy thighs.

"Well, I suppose he cant imagine that two such hot girls like us can be alone with each other, and not eat each other," she teased in a husky, silky voice, batting her eye lids sexily at Svenia.

Svenia was looking hot in a baby blue, strapless boob tube and tiny, drawstring shorts that were wedged into the dip valley between her chicks and outlined the crease of her cunt. Svenia's long blond hair was tied back in a pony.

"Come and sit here," Marcia said in a thick, dark husky voice, and patted a spot next to her, on her bed. Svenia came and sank besides her, looking at her friend with glassy eyes. "Have you ever been with a girl?"

"No!" Svenia squealed, blushing.

"Do you want to?" Marcia asked, reaching for the joint, and sliding her head onto Svenia's lap.

"No!" Svenia gasped.

Marcia exhaled up in her face, smiling naughtily.

"Then how come you are always eying my chocolate ass like you want to eat it?"

"No! That's not true. I just like you a lot, and I think you are beautiful. Have you ever been with a girl?"

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