And Sister Makes Three


I could not believe how much it hurt to have Stenny in my backside. Despite his efforts to somehow lubricate me beforehand, I was pretty dry. As he continued fucking me it became easier, I think because he somehow added lubrication or was spitting on his cock to increase his enjoyment.

After several minutes—which seemed like forever—I could tell he was about to cum. At least I wouldn't get pregnant from him. He started grunting, thrusting faster and going deeper, now holding my hips to get as much leverage as possible. With a roar and the comment to 'take my black cum, you fucking bitch,' he slammed me back onto his cock and started to cum. He seemed to spurt forever.

Eventually, he collapsed on the bed beside me, telling Jake that he had to get some of this woman's tight ass. I was in a panic. No way could I take Jake's cock in my ass.'

'No, please,' I said. 'I want to have your big nigger cock in my pussy. Cum in my pussy, please.'

I was desperate, and hoped that by my using some of their language he would be flattered enough to think that I actually wanted him. I knew I might become pregnant, but I also knew that I couldn't have him do to me what Stenny had done. He was just too big. I didn't think I could survive it.

So he pushed me onto my back and mounted me. No formalities, just more sexual insults about my begging for a black cock and what a worthless cocksucker I was. Again, intense, intense pain. It hurt when he started ramming his monster into me and I think I literally passed out when he started going deep. I cannot describe just how much it hurt, far worse than having a baby. I drifted in and out of consciousness, aware only that he was still thrusting into me, that Hal was still in the room snapping pictures, that Stenny was now sucking my tits, that my ordeal hadn't yet ended. Finally, Jake went incredibly deep and shot his cum deep inside me, grunting like some sort of animal. Like Stenny, he seemed to fill me with endless spurts of his cum. I know I passed out.

Then they—and Hal—were gone. I struggled to the shower where I stood under the soothing waters forever. Finally, I was able to drift into an exhausted sleep.

I had survived. Hal, of course, never mentioned the incident except to ask sarcastically the following night if I had enjoyed myself."

Jenna had been softly crying the whole time mom related her story, her head in her hands. My mother had related the story stone-faced, expressing no emotion whatsoever. I had been holding Mom's hand, speechless at what she was saying. We all had been taking occasional drinks from our glasses to help dull the pain. When Mom fell silent, Jenna rose to hug her telling her over and over again how sorry she was. Mom finally interrupted her.

"Let me finish my story, then you will know everything—especially about Hal. There were two other times. Once with two Asian guys, maybe Japanese or Korean, once with some big cowboy type guy. This time, he told me he would show you kids the pictures of me with the black guys if I didn't cooperate. The Asians were pretty tame. They seemed to be intrigued by my boobs and by my hairy pussy, both of which they continually fondled. No oral sex or anything like that. They used a lubricant to get me wet, and when they fucked me, they both used condoms. The cowboy was pretty drunk but was almost apologetically nice. Hal ordered me to strip in front of him, play with myself, and tell him I wanted his cock. No touching from Mr. Cowboy, he just took off his clothes, stroked his cock to make it hard and then led me to the bedroom. I was already wet because Hal had made me use my fingers and a dildo, so he just laid me on my back and mounted me. He slipped in easily. No bad language other that to comment on my 'tight pussy' just before he came inside me. He passed out after he came. I slept the rest of the night locked in the guest bedroom. Hal hadn't even bothered to tell me his name. Cowboy knocked on the door in the morning, apparently wanting another go with me, but I didn't answer. I never let Hal touch me again, but he still made me pleasure myself. He had taken pictures again with the usual threats to show them around if I got out of line. Obviously, I never got pregnant and never caught some kind of disease, although I worried for months each time. End of story. And now you both know.

So your brother didn't rape me, Jenna. We sleep together because we both want to. He gives me pleasure I can't get anywhere else and we try to be careful so that no one will find out, so that no one will get hurt.

Now I want you, Ben, to tell Jenna about you and your wife. She needs to know that if she is ever going to understand our situation."

So I told Jenna basically what I had revealed to my mother about her reluctance to have even the most basic sex and how anything remotely exotic was out of the question. I don't know if it was the alcohol, the "true confessions" nature of our conversations, or the fact that I had shared intimate secrets with her, but Jenna suddenly began crying, gulped down the rest of her drink, and told us about what it was really like in her marriage.

"We don't fuck much either," she said. Jenna was clearly beyond caring about being selective in her word choice. "I guess it all started the night we were married. When we finally got to our motel and slipped between the covers, we started making love. I had wanted this for so long, but Frank had always insisted we wait until we were married. After the usual beginnings, I began planting kisses down his body until I came to his cock. I worked my way up again to his nipples, then downward. Finally, I took his cock in my mouth, something I thought any man would enjoy. The next thing I knew, my ears were ringing. Frank had really slapped me on the side of my head and now stood beside the bed in a state of total rage. 'I am only ever going to say this once, and never again,' he spat at me. 'What you were going to do is called cocksucking, one of the worst sins a woman can do. Don't EVER do that again. God gave us mouths for spreading his word and taking nourishment to stay healthy. NOT to use like some depraved animal without morals. Do you understand?' Finally, he just mounted me without any preliminaries other than mauling my tits for a minute and putting his hand on my pussy. He came in about ten seconds—about half his cum landed on my skin when he slipped out of me. I don't even think he was aware of that. Then fell asleep.

In that moment, I understood all too well that oral sex was something I could never offer him, and that he would never offer me. So basically, my marriage became one of the classic slam-bam-thank-you-mam arrangements. I always held out the hope that he would get better with practice, but that never happened.

Missionary style almost always. Doggie style is something he considers to be too animal-like. Eventually, he let me mount him, but he's not too comfortable with that—too Women's Lib, I suppose. Strangely enough, he sometimes just wants me to jack him off even though that too is questionable—spilling his seed and all that religious shit. Playing with my own tits or even hinting at frigging myself are off limits. Suppose he is afraid I will surrender to masturbation. So when I cum, I cum alone, when he is away. He is so totally inept. I don't think he had ever fucked me for more than a minute before cumming.

So that's my 'love life' in a nutshell. Do I still desire women, Ben? Guess for yourself. I don't get to do that anymore, but yes I do. At least my roommate gave me what I needed, not only what she wanted."

Jenna was now drunk as was our mother. We both gave Jenna a long hug, told her how sorry we felt, chit-chatted about a few other things, and then drifted off to bed. Jenna had much earlier called her husband to say that she would be staying the night.

To maintain some sense of propriety for my sister's sake, I let my mother take her leave first. I talked with my sister for maybe ten minutes expressing again how sorry I was for the things I has called her and for her dissatisfaction in her marriage before I suggested maybe she better got some sleep. She agreed and surprised me by sincerely hugging me when we both stood up and she whispered that she was sorry my wife didn't meet my needs either. We then parted for the night, she closing the door of the guest room behind her, I joining my mother in what had become our bedroom, quietly closing the door behind me.

My mother was already in bed, dressed in her nightgown, emotionally drained. Her voice was emotionless, yet sad when she asked me if I resented her for having slept with all those people. I quietly removed my clothing, slid in bed beside her, held her in my arms and begged her not to think of it that way. My position was that if she had enjoyed a few moments of happiness with Tess, it was far less than she had deserved. As for the men that Hal had forced on her, he had left her no options but to willingly accede to their acts. But I emphasized to her that I loved her now as much as ever, perhaps even more so for what she had suffered to save us kids.

Her relief was obvious. She held me tighter. We kissed, and our kisses became more passionate with the passing moments. I cupped her breast, slowly kneading her softness, feeling the nipple harden. I pressed my body more tightly against hers. She couldn't help but feeling my growing erection, especially when I took hold of her hips to draw her more tightly against me, against my rapidly hardening cock.

"We can't tonight," she whispered, "not with Jenna in the house." But clearly, the many drinks she had had accompanied by the emotional relief of sharing her forced sexual acts with others were having an effect.

"We can be quiet, and Jenna is probably already sleeping," was my response. She passively allowed me to slip off her nightgown.

Then I took her nipple in my mouth, my hand now journeying to enjoy the feeling of her lush growth of course pussy hair. As I gently touched her clit, her breath caught. I slowly lowered my face between her legs and began the slow process of offering her oral love. She easily relented, and, taking my head in her two hands urged me onward. I wanted to cement our love after this troubled night and I could tell she now wanted it too. I continued to minister to her clit and pussy, now gently flicking her clit with my tongue, now licking the length of her lips, now burying my tongue deep within her. When I sensed she was ready for consummating our deepened love, I again licked and sucked each breast before kissing her again with all the love I felt for her.

"Tonight, you ride me," I whispered, and was answered by mom first rolling on top of me, then bringing up her knees so as to be sitting just above my cock. I pulled her upper body downward, again taking each breast in turn in my mouth. As our tongues met in a heated open-mouthed kiss, I rocked her pussy back and forth on my now rock-hard cock.

Eventually, she broke off our kiss, and reached between our legs to guide my cock into the place which had given me birth.

"If I'm a cunt," she whispered, "I only want to be a cunt for you. Always and forever."

I held her hips and began to fuck her more deeply. It was then I saw the bedroom door slowly opening.

When the door was fully opened, Jenna paused at the doorway. Although Mom was lost by now in a world of her own, I could hear Jenna gasp when she saw her mother sitting atop me, slowly rocking back and forth, my glistening cock buried deep in her pussy, her clit being stroked by my body each time she came forward in her undulating manner as she came ever closer to her building orgasm. I continued matching my thrusts with my mother's, but my eyes met Jenna's as she stood there, her hand covering her mouth as though in disbelief, disbelief in seeing what she already knew we were doing.

She stood frozen in indecision, before silently entering the room, now dressed in her pajamas, quietly easing herself into my mother's dressing chair just inside the pool of light from the street light. It wasn't until Jenna shifted in her chair that Mom realized she was present.

"Oh, my God," she said, rising on her knees and reaching for the sheets to cover herself. My cock sprang free as I grabbed her shoulders preventing her from completing her effort to completely shift off my body.

"No," was my response. "Jenna knows now what we do. If she needs proof, let her watch. If she wants to go, she can go. But she is not going to stop us from fucking. That is our business and ours alone. Sit."

Mom glanced at Jenna, her face registering her drunken dilemma as she was torn between her sexual need to cum and her embarrassment of doing so in front of her daughter.

"Ben, we can't do this," she whispered to me. My response was to pull her forward until I could first suck one of her nipples, then take as much of her tit into my mouth as I could, massaging her other nipple with my free hand. Her breathing deepened as she bent her head backwards and her pelvis slowly lowered back onto my body. I reached for her hips and began rocking her pussy back and forth on my love-slickened cock. When she didn't resist and I could feel her body again rocking in rhythm to mine, I knew our lovemaking would be continuing, Jenna or no Jenna.

"Put it in," I whispered, then repeated it moments later. Mom glanced at Jenna before reaching behind herself, taking my slippery cock in her hand and guiding it back into her well-lubricated pussy, a soft ooohh escaping her lips. After a moment's pause, her rocking motions continued, slowly at first, then with ever-increasing speed.

"Oh, Jesus," Jenna gasped, apparently in disbelief of seeing her own mother willingly participate in our forbidden act. She had been sitting with her arms crossed the whole time, but I could see that as we continued our actions, her hands were cupping her own tits, rubbing her own nipples as she eyes fixated on my cock's in-and-out motion from Mom's now glistening cunt, glistening from our mutual secretions. Seeing another couple engaging in the sex that her marriage had forbidden must have struck her deeply.

"Can you see my cock in her pussy, Jenna?" I asked. "Are you ready to see Mom cum on my cock?" No response, but I could see that Jenna's workings of her tits was becoming more noticeable. "Sit on the bed beside us, Jenna," I suggested. "If you are going to stay, you might as well be able to see everything."

Jenna responded as though in a trance, rising from the chair and sitting on the king-sized bed, carefully keeping her distance, yet mesmerized by the actions of mother and son and brother.

By now, the alcohol, the mental and physical exhaustion of the day, the emotionally draining revelations, her sexual excitement, and perhaps her defiance, were taking their toll. Mom was slipping into another dimension. Although she glanced at Jenna on the bed, her motions of fucking were increasing, now supplemented by her fingers beginning to add to her building orgasm by frigging her clit, my cock still thrusting deep inside her. Her breathing was becoming ragged, her face becoming flush, her manipulations more desperate. I knew she was reaching the point of no return as I raised my head to again suck her nipples, first one, then the other.

"Feel her tits, Jenna," I said to my sister. "Help make her cum."

A sound like a groan came from deep inside Jenna as she stared transfixed at what was taking place before her. "Help her cum, Jenna," I whispered again.

Jenna slid close to us, then began crying as she hugged my mother. "I'm sorry, Mom. I had it all wrong. I just want you to be happy. I didn't know...," her voice trailed to a whimper. Mom's response was to hug Jenna's head to her chest, lost in her fast approaching orgasm.

"Jenna," I repeated. "Help her cum."

My sister surprised my by slowly raising her hand to her mother's heavy left tit. After feeling the weight, the softness, the warmth of the breast which had given her so much pleasure as an infant, Jenna began massaging her mother's tit with one hand while slowly lowering her mouth to take the right tit into her mouth.

I could feel my mother's body shudder at the contact. She pulled Jenna's face even more tightly to her swollen nipple, now absolutely lost in her sexual pleasure. Her breath was coming in gasps, her eyes becoming unfocused, her fingers frantically moving on her pussy.

As Jenna sucked as though she had always wanted to, my hand strayed to my sister's thigh, rubbing higher and higher until I slipped my fingers under the bottom of her boxer pajamas. She grabbed my wrist to keep my hand from progressing further, her fingernails biting into my skin. My fingers could just reach her outer pussy lips, by now wet with her own juices. She, too, was breathing harder.

She released her grip on my hand as I withdrew it from her pussy, but instead of totally ignoring her, I began running my hand up and down her thigh, nearing her pussy with each upward stroke, then shifting my hand lower each time I could feel her cunt hair. She continued to massage her mother's tits, now increasing the pace of sucking and tonguing her nearest nipple.

Mom was now experiencing the beginnings of her orgasm. I pumped into her with abandon; she met my every stroke with one of her own. Suddenly she began gasping, slammed her pussy onto my cock, grabbed Jenna's head and mashed it to her breast, and made her final strokes on her clit. Then she was cumming, an experience which sent shudders through her now frozen-in-time body. With a final spasm, she collapsed first onto my chest, then rolled onto the bed beside me.

I had yet to cum, my slippery cock now freed from the pleasures and confines of my mother's pussy.

Jenna sat on my other side, one of her hands massaging her own breast, the other near her pussy. Without planning to do so, I now placed my hand on her pajama covered cunt, then brought my mouth to hers. She resisted at first, then opened her mouth to accept my tongue as a sign of her building passion. I lifted my hand from her pussy, only to reach into her pajamas so I could feel her sex without any barrier between us. I mentally noted that like her mother, the hair covering her pussy was course, crinkly, and thick. I gently rubbed her clit and pussy lips before inserting my finger into her sopping cunt. This time, she made no effort to stop me. I began squeezing her pajama-covered tits before slowly undoing the buttons and gently pinching her nipples before lowering my mouth to one of her dark-brown, fully erect nipples. After orally teasing both myself and her with the ecstasy of that moment, I paused to remove her pajama bottoms, then quickly shifted my mouth to her pussy.

My first move was to spear my tongue as deeply as I could into her, then raised my lips to her clit. She half-heartedly grabbed my head to push me away but I continued ministering to her pussy.

"Oh, Jesus Christ. Oh, fuck," she uttered as her hips began pressing upward to my mouth. Her hands now moved to address the needs of her tits, then seconds later she began cumming. I remember being amazed at how fast it all happened. Not thirty seconds had passed since I had first tongue-fucked her, then she was in another world, her muscles rock hard as her orgasm took control.

When she finally began to relax, I spread her legs, covered her body with mine and slowly slipped my cock into her well-lubricated pussy. She slid her heels upward to allow me easier access, then wrapped her legs around my back to take me as deeply as possible. Her cunt was a tight as any I had ever experienced, the soft, inner folds caressing my cock with each stroke. I stroked for a minute, but knew I was not far from cumming, so I withdrew my cock, waited a minute, then brought it to her mouth. Our eyes locked, both of us aware of what I wanted her to do. I don't know what was going through her mind at that moment. I thought only of her husband's total rejection of her attempt to suck him off on their wedding night. Jenna paused, then brought her head closer, taking my cock into her mouth, enveloped it with her butter-soft lips, tasting both our juices, now mixed with those of our mother. I had to have been leaking copious amounts of pre-cum by this time.

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