Angel Ch. 01


Chapter 1: A T-girl's Feminization

This is the first of a new series I will be starting. Please let me know what you think of the story. I expect to be adding new chapters over the rest of this year.


On her eighteenth birthday, fresh from her shower, Angel Jones looked at her nude reflection in the full-length mirror in her bedroom, and was mostly pleased with what she saw. Her blonde hair, down past her shoulders and still growing, was soft and shiny, and all that she could have asked for. She had always had very smooth, fair skin and, by the age of 16, had not developed a beard. It appeared she never would, which was a relief to her. The very mild hormone treatments she had begun right after her sixteenth birthday had worked perfectly in that regard. Since she was now 18 years old, she would be able to start taking the full-strength treatment.

The hormones seemed to be working perfectly in other places also. Between them and the oils and lotions she applied regularly, the skin all over her body was just as soft and smooth and creamy as that on her face. She inspected under her arms and found some wispy stubble, which was starting to grow back after her shaving there the previous week. This was alright; women usually had hair under their arms, so there was nothing unfeminine about it. As long as she shaved there when needed, it would not detract from her appearance.

Leaning closer to the mirror, Angel inspected her torso for body hair, and was quite elated when she found none that was unwanted. A close inspection was necessary because any hair would be even finer and lighter in color than that on her head. An equally careful inspection of her legs revealed none, although she expected to eventually find some there, since all her older female relatives had some hair growing on their calves. Her legs would also be shaved as needed. She had a pink electric razor, the most feminine-appearing one on the market, which she used under her arms, and she would use for that purpose also.

There was some hair on her body, of course, a soft blonde thatch just above and beside what she still called her cock. One small disappointment she had experienced since beginning the counseling and hormone therapy was that it and her testicles hadn't somehow disappeared, nor had they even shrunk. It would have been unrealistic to expect them to do either, and she knew that, but sometimes Angel fantasized that they had been replaced by the beautiful pink and white pussy that should have been her birthright. The pubic hair was perfectly normal, for either a man or woman, and she was not concerned about it. Some day she might trim it or even shave it all off, but that day had not arrived yet.

Angel cupped her hands under her breasts and compared their size to what they had been during her last inspection, three months earlier. Although still not as big as she was hoping for, they had definitely grown since then. The doctor who had provided the hormone capsules had mentioned the possibility of implants, but he hadn't recommended them. Angel had decided against such artificiality. For one thing, the T-girls whose nude pictures he showed her looked unnatural with implants, their chests resembling two grapefruit halves sitting on a platter. Having small, natural breasts was better than looking like that. For another thing, all the women on both sides of Angel's family were quite bosomy and she hoped that, after the added female hormones had overpowered the natural male ones in her body, the genes she had inherited would take over and she would have breasts to be proud of. Angel hadn't achieved that yet, but she could tell she was getting closer, and the stronger treatments she would be getting should help to increase their size.

She liked to end her body inspections on a positive note if she could, and Angel knew how to do it. Stepping back again and facing the mirror, she ran her hands down her hips. They were still fairly narrow; the bone structure would never change, but new fatty tissue was building them up, even as she watched it seemed, causing them to spread out nicely from her slender waist. Angel turned sideways to admire the cheeks of her ass, which were the most womanly part of her body. As on her hips, fat was being deposited there and, also like her hips, they flared sexily from her waist, curving out and around and back, forming soft globes where they joined her legs. Even now, that part of her body drew admiring glances from men, and Angel hoped it would continue to do so.

Her inspection complete, Angel put her clothes on, starting with the lacy white French knickers she favored, followed by the clear, thigh-high stockings and the short, tight skirt that flattered her hips and ass and legs. She considered her legs to be too long; she was almost six feet tall, but she also knew there could be advantages, if she was able to move gracefully, even in heels. Angel had hopes of some day being an entertainer on stage, and her height could be a definite advantage there.

Her padded bra matched the panties, and she donned that next. Although Angel would never have implants, she saw nothing wrong with wearing padding where it was needed, until her breasts reached their proper growth. The last thing she put on was her sheer, silky white blouse. Her clothing and her entire appearance shouted out her femininity, which was as she wanted it. Her counselor had advised her that the hormones and other treatments could give her a female appearance but, equally important, would be learning to think and act as a woman, after having been raised as a boy. Angel had taken the counselor's advice completely to heart. Everything about her, from her long, blonde hair, to her sexy clothing, to the teddies and babydolls she slept in, to the fact that that she always sat on the toilet, told herself and the world that she was a woman, and proud of it.

With her smooth, fair complexion, Angel didn't need much makeup, but she did apply a minimal amount, after she was through dressing. Soft red lipstick, a bit of blush on her cheeks and a touch of eye shadow to frame her beautiful, blue eyes was enough. Angel's face, with that skin and those eyes and her delicate features was already lovely, and the intent was to emphasize that, rather than to hide any flaws. In addition, she considered a bit of makeup to be an integral part of her feminization.

Her shoes were another part. Because of her natural height, Angel had no need for high heels, but she didn't like the idea of wearing flat heels when dressed the way she was. A compromise was two inch heels, which were high enough to be feminine, but not high enough to be awkward or to make her excessively tall. Just before going out, she dabbed a drop of flower-scented cologne on her wrists and the pulse spots of her throat. With everything ready, she picked up her purse from the dresser and walked out the door of her parents' flat, down the stairs and out into the street.

Angel had two reasons for going out that day. First, every time she walked out on the street dressed as she was, it helped to solidify her femaleness in her own mind and, she hoped, in the minds of the neighbors or anyone else who might happen to see her. More importantly, at least on that day, she was going to leave an employment application at a local bank. William Parker, her favorite sixth form teacher, had suggested it, and had given her a letter of recommendation addressed to his brother, who was the head of personnel at the branch in town. It was no guarantee, but the recommendation would go a long way, and Angel hoped she would be able to eventually get a transfer to the main office in London, and be that much closer to her real objective.

Angel had always been fond of Mr. Parker, the teacher, who was tall and athletic but, during the last few months, her feelings had taken a new direction. If she had been younger, Angel might have thought of the attraction as a schoolgirl crush, but she considered herself too old to have such things. Whatever it was, she had started having explicitly carnal thoughts of him, even sexual desires, and guiltily cherished those thoughts and desires. They were on her mind a lot, although she didn't know how they could ever come to fruition, especially since she had graduated from sixth form, and hadn't seen him for almost a month.

She had never had either a girl friend or a boy friend, or any really close friends of any kind. As a young boy in primary school, she had never felt anything in common with other young boys. They had always seemed too crude and brash and, although she had tried, there had never been any enjoyment for her in their rough games. Lee Seymour, which had been her name then, had always felt a stronger kinship with girls, but had been rebuffed by those who knew him. Most girls of that age don't really like boys very much, at least most boys, and Lee did not appeal enough to them to be one of the exceptions.

Secondary school and the related sixth form were much worse, with the most dreadful part being the physical education classes, and the worst part of them being the showers afterward. Lee was terrified and incredibly embarrassed at crowding into the shower with a bunch of naked boys, although he would have been unable to explain why. He tried, with no success, to conceal his own nudity and avoid noticing that of the others. Finally, he had confided in his parents, with no benefit. They had chided him, saying "What's the matter? You're all just guys." Their reaction had done nothing to mollify his extreme discomfort.

A series of sessions with the psychologist on retainer with the school had helped much more. That doctor had suspected the reason fairly early and, after considerable research and discussion, had showed his patient case histories of female-to-male transsexuals or, as they often preferred to call themselves, T-girls. Reading those histories was an epiphany to Lee because he saw a great deal of himself in every one of them. After extensive physical and psychological testing, the doctor concluded that this truly was an example of a mistake of nature, a girl born into a boy's body.

That mistake could be corrected to a degree and, shortly after her sixteenth birthday, Angel Jones, using the name she had chosen, began her therapy, including ingesting very mild hormone capsules. Technically speaking, she should not have been provided with even those, because she was underage. However, the doctor was an independent thinker, who believed the treatments were necessary to counteract the heavy dosage of male hormones her body was giving itself, and provided them for her anyhow. She chose the surname because it was her mother's maiden name, and she had relatives who already used it, but it was sufficiently common that it would not be associated with her family. "Angel" seemed to be an obvious first name because of her fair complexion and because of the resemblance of her blonde hair to a halo.

Wanting to be completely straightforward and believing he owed her the information, the doctor also described her sexual wants and needs and possible activities as a T-girl, even including masturbation. The latter was no different from what she had done as a boy, but Angel was dismayed at being told of what she might do with men. She had heard of such things, sucking a man's penis or being anally penetrated by it, but they had always been described to her as something that gay men do. Angel already thought of herself as a girl or young woman, and had never thought of herself as being gay. Although she had no animosity toward them, she did have difficulties understanding people who wanted to have sex with others of the same gender. However, she also realized the limitations her body would have and conceded that, after she fell in love with a man and he fell in love with her and they were married, that would be what their sexual activities would involve.

To her great relief, the doctor also ordered her withdrawn from the physical education classes she hated so much. As a girl, she couldn't attend the boys' classes and, as the possessor of a penis, she couldn't attend the girls' classes either. That was fine with Angel, but not so fine was the ostracism she faced from her schoolmates. Once she changed from the gray school uniform trousers and white shirt to the gray skirt and white middy blouse, the boys were openly contemptuous. They had tolerated Lee Seymour as being a rather useless twit but, after the change, they thought, contemptuously, of Angel What's-her-name, as being the worst kind of pouf, one who dressed like a girl and even pretended to be one.

This was not much of a problem because she had never liked any of them anyhow, but the girls were something of a disappointment. They had never had much use for Lee either, but they had even less for Angel. They thought of her as being a boy in disguise, even though she was prettier than any of them, and she never became a part of any girls' clubs or cliques or associations or anything else extracurricular. Angel was lonely, but took solace in knowing that she was finally the person she was meant to be, and took pains to be as good as possible at being that person.

Because of her high intelligence and lack of a social life to distract her, Angel excelled in her classes. As her graduation date neared, she was the top student in her class, and her scholastic achievements came to the attention of Mr. William Parker, a teacher and career counselor, who foresaw an outstanding career in finance for her. He wanted to talk to her and advise her but, before he did that, he examined her school records, and learned that she was a transexual, who had adopted her current name when she started to undergo the sex change. To him, this fact was not relevant, nor did he think it would matter to most prospective employers.

At the conference he arranged with her, after some friendly chatting, he said "You have really excellent grades, the best in your class. How do you manage that?"

"Well, I don't have much of a social life, so I have plenty of time for studying."

"Not much of a social life? Why is that?"

Angel was not in any of Mr. Parker's classes, and she had only seen him from a distance until that day. She had always thought of him as being quite handsome but, in the more intimate confines of his office, she quickly started to feel a strong attraction, even sexual desires toward him. This was a new and decidedly pleasant experience for her. Any deception, she decided, would be a waste of time, because he probably knew a lot about her anyhow, so she told him the main factor that made her unusual.

"I'm a T-girl. A transsexual. The boys think I'm a pouf, and want nothing to do with me, and the girls think I'm a boy snooping on them, and they want nothing to do with me either. I think of myself as a woman, or almost a woman, although I was born a boy."

"I know that, Angel, and I'm glad you trust me enough to talk to me about it. In school, even a big one like this one, there can be a lot of problems, especially with students who knew you as a boy and now have a hard time believing you really have become a girl. Once you get out into the real world and start working, there will still be problems, but not like you have experienced here."

"I'm glad to hear that, and my doctor and counselors have told me the same thing. I expect to start working after I finish sixth form, but I don't know where."

"I have a suggestion, if you're interested. My brother is the personnel manager at the local branch of a London bank. I notice that you have done exceptionally good work in your math classes and business classes, and I'm sure you would do quite well there. They are always looking to hire bright, young persons like yourself, and I can put in a word for you."

"Thank you. I would really appreciate that."

Angel meant that sincerely and the phsical attraction she had started to feel for William Parker grew even stronger. She had never been involved in sexual activity of any kind at all, either as a boy or as a T-girl. As a boy, there had never been any interest in girls, nor had Lee been appealing to them. The attraction of boys, especially her schoolmates, was even less, but the person across the desk from her was no rough and impudent boy. He was kind and understanding, besides being the most handsome man she had ever met. His age, probably as great as that of her father, she thought of as being of no importance.

She had no great regard for her virginity. In fact, Angel considered her lack of worldly experience to be a drawback, and sex as being something she had been cheated out of so far. Too shy and nervous to flirt with him, and not knowing how to do it anyhow, the only thing Angel could do was to fervently hope that William Parker would try to seduce her. Had he made such an attempt, he would have enjoyed total success. However, either he was not aware of what she hoped for, or he was too honorable to take advantage of her, which is what he would have considered any attempt at seduction. Angel left his office with her virginity intact, and possessing a letter of introduction to George Parker, the personnel manager of the local branch of the big London bank.

That same letter was folded neatly and inserted in a clean, white envelope and placed protectively in Angel's purse on the morning she went to call on George Parker. From her personal inspection in the mirror and from the looks she got from men on the street, she knew she looked her best, but hoped her appearance was businesslike besides being attractive. Had she been calling on his brother, her sexual desirability would have been foremost in her mind, but she had never met George Parker, and was only concerned with making an impression on him as somebody he would want to hire.

"Mr. Parker, there's a Miss Angel Jones here to see you," his assistant informed George Parker, handing him the envelope she had received from the applicant.

"Thank you, Deborah. Send her in."

He already knew what the contents of the envelope said but he opened it, unfolded it and spread it on his desk. His brother had called and told him to expect Angel, because she would turn eighteen years old that day. He had mentioned that she was a transsexual, but had not given any description of her. George was not thrilled at the idea, and expected somebody with broad shoulders and a lantern jaw to come clumping into his office. He was amazed, even flabbergasted, when his assistant ushered the tall, slender and exquisitely beautiful Miss Jones through the door.

He was not the only one surprised. Angel was still infatuated by William Parker, and even fantasized about him while she masturbated but, from that moment forward, his image was crowded out of her mind by that of his taller, more ruggedly handsome brother. When George greeted her in his very masculine baritone voice, and offered her a seat, she was captivated. If he had sexually propositioned her, which he didn't, of course, she would have avidly agreed.

Their conversation was something of a formality. Even without the strong endorsement of his brother, George Parker would have hired the lovely young woman for almost any position she might have asked for. What he offered her was a job working for him as his second assistant, starting the next day. Angel eagerly accepted it. If he had told her she had to work for no pay, she probably would have agreed to that too, just to be able to work near the man of her dreams. Of course, he didn't do that either. The salary that was offered and accepted was the standard one for a young, starting clerk.

The next day, Angel came to work, her first day there, in a blue knit dress that hugged her curves and set off the color of her eyes. It did things to George's eyes too, attracting them, as well as the eyes of all the men, both employees and bank customers, who saw her. The women noticed her also, and their reactions ranged from the friendliness of Deborah, George's first assistant, to the hostile envy of her youth and beauty that was the attitude of some others. None of the people who saw her, or talked to anybody who had seen her, knew Angel was a T-girl, and she didn't want to tell them. She would not have denied it but she also felt it was nobody's business, as long as she did her job. Mr. Parker didn't mention it to anybody either.

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