Angel Ch. 02


Angel 2: T-girl in the City

This is the second in the series about the life of Angel Jones, a beautiful English T-girl.

Angel Jones stepped off the train and hoped she was in the right place. It was noisy and confusing in the terminal, a far cry from the relatively quiet station in her home town where she had boarded the train that morning. One hand clutched a small suitcase that contained her makeup and clean lingerie and a few similar items. The other hand held her punched ticket, which Angel inspected again and compared to the visible signs. She was gratified to know that she was in the right place, at least so far. George Parker had shown himself to be a cad and a rotter, and Angel didn't trust him to have told her the truth about the arrangements that he had made. He told her he was in a hurry to get her away from the local branch of the bank where they worked, and would pull some strings to get her treated like a VIP. Although Angel hadn't believed him then, except for the part about being in a hurry, and didn't completely believe him now, she was cautiously following his directions.

Fortunately, not all her memories of George Parker were bad ones. Angel had been very attracted to his rugged good looks and, one evening when they worked overtime together, she gladly surrendered her virginity to him on a sofa in the office. She remembered, with immense pleasure, how his cock felt when she engulfed it in her mouth, how thick and round it was as it glided in and out between her lips. Her tongue happily recalled caressing the smooth skin that stretched so tightly around its hardness. Her whole mouth had fond memories of being filled so pleasurably, and of the glorious sensation when she enveloped enough of his shaft to let the hard tip brush against the back of her throat. At the time, she wished she could have engulfed its entire length.

A few minutes later that evening, that same hard cock deflowered her as she lay, face down and naked, on the sofa. Her memories were still vivid of the exquisite pleasure she received as it wedged its way into her, gently stretching open her virginal pussy and the adjacent channel, and massaging her rear clit. It had been so long and thick and hard and, after achieving full penetration, had surged over and over into her as she reflexively thrust back to meet it. From the incredible pleasure that had radiated outward from its presence, Angel had cum twice, her front clit, just as hard as his cock, rubbing against the sofa cushions and squirting semen all over them and her own belly. George had been so manly, and so sweet and considerate to her during her deflowering, that Angel had hoped to be able to get together with him regularly in the days after their tryst. However, once he had taken his pleasure with her, he changed drastically, seeming to turn into a totally different person.

Her very first experience with sex as a T-girl was even more wonderful and exciting than she could ever have dreamed it would be, at least while it has happening. The aftermath, being reviled by the man she had trusted and given herself to, and being sent away by him, could never change that. The end result wasn't really that bad either; she was in London, where she actually wanted to be anyhow, and her flat was waiting for her. And, after all, there were millions of men in the city, and some of them were sure to be single, and available, and to find her desirable.

There was supposed to be somebody there to pick her up, and Angel walked slowly to the area where men were standing and holding signs with people's names on them. After less than a minute, she spotted her own name on a sign being held by a tall, handsome young chap with long blonde hair. He was wearing what was obviously a uniform, including a billed cap, and Angel started walking toward him.

Brian Hunter knew nothing about the woman he had been assigned to meet at the train station, except her name was Angel Jones, which matched the name on his sign. He suspected she was most likely some fat old frump who was a big stockholder in the bank that retained his company, or maybe the homely wife of a big shot executive. Whatever she was, this would be a really dull assignment. "Too bad it can't be somebody like that bird over there," he told himself, ogling a tall, sexy young blonde in a tight green dress.

He was amazed when the blonde walked up and spoke to him. "I'm Angel Jones. Are you here to pick me up?"

"Yes, Ma'am." Brian had a hard time not staring at her beautiful tits. Although not overly big, they were perfectly formed and jutted nicely. The only reason he could avoid staring at all was that the blonde's face was almost as much of an attraction. He reasoned that this sexy bird couldn't be the exec's wife; she must a hot little tart he had on the side.

"Let me carry your bag, Ma'am." Brian reached out to take her suitcase from Angel. "Do you have any more luggage?" He supposed the overnight case she was carrying contained a silk nightie, and he imagined the hot blonde wearing it. And then he pictured it crumpled around her feet, while she smiled at him alluringly, holding her arms out in a lascivious welcome.

"That's okay. I can manage it. Yes, I have a trunk in the baggage car."

Angel was still not very trustful, and preferred to hang onto her overnight case, although the blonde haired chap seemed like a decent sort. Even so, if he was a minion of George Parker, he might be up to no good. Angel didn't really believe her former boss would try to do anything to hurt her here in London, but she wasn't certain of anything about him.

"We'll have to pick it up at the baggage window, so I can take it to the limo. Do you have your claim check?"

"Yes, right here." Angel held onto it too, not wishing to relinquish it to anybody except the people who would accept it in exchange for her trunk.

Brian waited for his passenger to lead the way, hoping he could walk behind her and watch the movements of her shapely bum in the tight dress, until he realized she didn't know where to go. "It's over here," he told her, starting toward the baggage counter.

They had to wait almost an hour. Angel fretted, but realized she was just one of many passengers. Brian didn't mind the wait at all. For one thing, he got paid the same whether he was sitting in the train station or driving. Even more important, he enjoyed being in the company of hot birds, and his passenger that day was one of the hottest. He especially liked the fact that the waiting area was crowded, making it necessary that he sit close to her on the bench, even with his leg pressed against hers. He was sure he could never afford someone like her, but she was friendly enough, and she smiled a lot, giving Brian a wild hope that she might actually be attracted to him. He was aware of his own good looks and charm, but he was neither rich nor educated, and knew she was way out of his league. Still, there was always the possibility that she had an itch that needed scratching that day, and wanted to have it done by some young bloke, such as him.

Angel rather liked the young man who was sitting beside her. He seemed nice and was handsome and quite charming. She had asked him his name, and addressed him by it, but he still called her Ms Jones or Ma'am. Probably had to be formal toward his passengers, she reasoned but, once she was no longer a passenger, he might loosen up a little. Angel didn't know anybody in the whole city, and she very much liked the thought of meeting and becoming good friends, maybe even sex partners, with an extremely desirable young chap like Brian.

Finally, her name was called, and she went to the counter to claim her trunk and, after inspecting Angel's claim check, the railroad employees placed her baggage on a wheeled cart. Brian pushed it out to where his limousine was parked. After unlocking all the doors with his remote entry, he started to load it into the boot of the vehicle. Angel started to offer to help him, but refrained when she realized he could more easily do it himself. Instead, she contented herself with admiring the rippling muscles in his back and arms and legs as he hoisted one end of the trunk into the boot and slid it in the rest of the way. He was not only tall and handsome, but also quite muscular, and attractive in every way. Even so, at least for the time being, she preferred to hold onto her overnight case until she knew more about him and his instructions.

"Do you have the address where we're going?" she asked the young man.

"Yes, Ma'am. It's right here."

After retrieving it from the front seat, Brian handed Angel the clipboard that held the work order he had been given earlier that day. He had been puzzled, because the address wasn't one of the first-class hotels, which were the usual destinations of his passengers. In fact, he hadn't even recognized the name of the street, and needed to look it up on a city map so he would know how to get there.

The address was correct. Angel had never been there, but the rental agent had sent her photographs and a description of the furnished flat, and the whole transaction had been done by post. She felt relieved when she saw the name and signature of the person who had ordered the limousine for her. From seeing it on letters and other documents, Angel recognized it as being the name of the personnel manager at the main office where she would be working. If it had been George Parker's name, she might not have gotten into the limousine. Angel handed the clipboard back to Brian, along with her overnight case and, while he was placing them next to her trunk, opened the door and climbed into the front passenger seat.

He was surprised and elated at that. Usually, the swells sat by themselves in the back seat while he drove. Maybe this bird really was interested in cheating on the guy who was keeping her, and wouldn't mind doing it with him. It was worth finding out and, as soon as he started driving toward their destination, he began chatting her up.

Angel was glad Brian was being so friendly, because she was becoming quite attracted to him. He had all the qualities she thought she liked in a man. Having been fooled so completely by George Parker, she was determined not to make that kind of mistake again, but Angel also knew that not all men were like him, not even all the good-looking ones. She decided it would be best for her to be open and honest, in the hopes that Brian would reciprocate. As she considered his attractiveness, Angel's thoughts turned to another, more erotic subject.

The session with George Parker had been almost two weeks ago, and the memories she had of the physical pleasures of that evening made her want a repeat, but with some other guy. She could certainly do much worse than Brian. Besides being all things she would want in a man, he was apparently unattached. She suspected, correctly, that one of the reasons George Parker had acted like such a cad had been that he feared she might want to disrupt his marriage, although that had never been her intention. After that debacle, Angel resolved to never again get involved with a married man, as well as avoiding affairs with co-workers.

Another highly favorable thing about Brian was that they would soon be together, alone, in her flat, with a bed they could very well decide to use. The thought of doing, with Brian on that bed, the same things as she had done two weeks ago on a sofa made her pussy and her mouth start to tingle in anticipation. Even her clit started to stiffen. Angel wondered if his cock would do as good a job of sexually pleasuring her mouth and pussy as the only other one of her experience had done. The thought of Brian, his muscular and naked body lying on top of her and doing carnal things with her, made Angel smile lewdly to herself. Some might think her shameless, but she had been a good boy or girl all her life, and she felt herself entitled to a handsome boy friend and some fun with him, both in bed and out. And, why should that boy friend not be the man who was sharing the front seat of the limousine? Angel smiled, even more friendly than she had been, and moved as close to him as her seat belt allowed.

As the trip and the conversation continued, Brian fancied his chances with the young bird more all the time. She was smiling and friendly and seemed to be trying to sit closer to him. Mostly, though, he was sure she was lying to him. She told him she was a junior clerk at the bank, and he knew that couldn't possibly be true. A junior would never be provided a limo. That would mean, he reasoned, she was trying to make him think she was available. Bored with her old man, maybe, and horny and looking for some action on the side. Well, he was just the bloke who could give it to her, but he had to be careful not to make any dumb moves. A quick toss in bed with her would be fun, but not worth losing his job over.

Their destination was a large, new building that looked as if it consisted of inexpensive flats. Brian knew that a place such as this would have a freight lift for baggage and furniture, and he drove around to the back to find it. There was even a friendly, middle-aged maintenance man there, who helped him carry it to the lift door. Admiring Angel's beauty, the man offered to ride with them and help get it to her door, an offer they accepted. Brian hoped the old guy would leave after they got there, so as not to be in the way when he made a move on his sexy passenger.

He did leave, once the trunk was deposited inside the kitchen of the small flat. Brian handed Angel the work order, which included a statement that she had arrived safely at her destination, and was satisfied with the service. After signing it, she set it on top of the trunk and stood next to the nice young man, resting a hand affectionately on his shoulder. Brian was aware of the gesture, and thought he knew what it meant, so he started his pitch.

"Well, I got you here, all safe and snug as a bug in a rug, so you're not really a passenger any more. Can I call you Angel?"

"Yes. In fact, I wish you would."

"Well, er, Angel, since you're new in the city, and probably don't know many people yet, I was wondering, would you have dinner with me tonight? Maybe even go out dancing?"

"Yes, I'd love to. But there's something about me you should know."

"If a man asks you for a date, before you accept it, be honest with him, and make sure he knows you're a T-girl. If you don't, he may think you've tricked him or taken advantage of him, and you could be in a very dangerous situation." That was what all of Angel's counselors had strongly advised her, even describing dreadful things that had happened to a few T-girls who hadn't done so.

Brian waited for Angel to tell him about her old man, knowing that it wouldn't change his mind, and would only make him feel good about poaching on some swell's territory.

"I'm a T-girl."

"A what?"

"A T-girl. A transsexual. I used to be a boy but I was really meant to be a girl, so I changed myself to one."

"What! Do you mean to tell me you've got a cock and balls under that dress?"

"Well, er, yes. I have."

"You bitch! You rotten cunt! But you ain't even got a cunt! You tricked me. I oughta beat the shit out of you, you fuckin' poofter!" As he spoke, the enraged man glared at Angel and his hands formed menacing fists.

"But I'm not, and I didn't mean to trick you." Afraid of the infuriated man, who had seemed so nice just a few seconds earlier, Angel backed away so the trunk was between them, not much of a barricade, but better than nothing.

Brian's sudden burst of rage abated slightly. Although still incensed, he told himself "I oughta bust her fuckin' pretty face in. But she – or he or it or whatever – ain't worth it." He grabbed his clipboard off the trunk and strode angrily through the doorway and down the hall.

Still shaking, even though there was no longer any danger, Angel sat on one of the chairs in her kitchen. Thinking of the terrible things Brian had said to her made her start to cry. Nobody had ever acted like that, not even any of the boys she knew in school. They had called her a pouf too, and other names as well, but had never threatened her the way Brian did. For a long time, Angel sat, before getting up, closing the door and going to the bathroom to wash her face.

Although her first flirtation in London had turned out badly, she was not going to give up on finding the male companionship she wanted and deserved. Angel took some solace in the fact that a handsome and desirable young chap such as Brian had been attracted to her, and she was glad that she had been honest with him. If she had waited until they were out on the town, or back here, or even somewhere in between, his threats almost certainly would have been carried out.

After making her bed and hanging up some of her clothing, Angel felt pangs of hunger. She hadn't eaten since that morning, and needed something fast, maybe from the fish and chips place they had passed on the way to her flat. Not wanting to attract any unwanted attention, she covered her shiny, blonde hair with a scarf and her sexy curves with a baggy raincoat before going out.

She took the same lift to the first floor, walked to the eatery and returned with a greasy bag of food. Not knowing there was another lift for passengers, Angel went to the same one she and Brian had used before, and met the same friendly maintenance man. He smiled at seeing the beautiful blonde again.

"You know, you don't have to use this slow, dirty thing, if you don't have freight," he told her. "There's a better one in the lobby. I'll show it to you. My name's Lionel, by the way. Anything you need, just give be a yell." By that time, they were at the passenger lift, and the door was open.

"Thank you, Lionel. I'll do that. My name is Angel Jones." She held out her hand and he shook it somewhat tentatively. Angel felt she had made a friend.

After eating, her first meal in London, and not a particularly memorable one, Angel finished hanging up her clothing and otherwise getting her flat ready. Although still a little shaken in the wake of her encounter with Brian, she was tired and, after her usual nightly preparations, fell quickly asleep.

The next day was Wednesday, and Angel wouldn't have to report to work until Monday, giving her time to inspect the neighborhood and buy food and supplies for the flat. She slept late, and after a shower in the tiny bathroom and getting dressed in her usual blouse and skirt, but with flat heels for walking, she set out to learn something of the area. This time, she took the passenger lift, which led to the lobby. When she walked out the front door, she saw Lionel, watering a row of bushes in front of the building.

"Good morning, Lionel."

"Good morning, Ms. Jones."

"Why don't you call me Angel? I'm new in town and don't know anybody, and I really want to be friends."

"That's fine, Angel. You can never have too many friends."

After getting a bit of breakfast, she spent the rest of the morning familiarizing herself with the neighborhood, and stopped into a local pub for lunch. The other patrons were young people like her, and seemed quite affable, especially the men. Angel smiled back at their friendly faces, but didn't want to get involved with anybody just then. After lunch, she went to a pharmacy and to the local grocers to stock up on some of the staples and supplies she would need, and to buy food for that night's supper. Although not much of a cook, Angel didn't want to make a habit of eating greasy takeout food like the fish and chips she had wolfed down the previous night.

When she returned to her building with two bags of groceries, Lionel was just finishing sweeping the lobby. "Hello, er, Angel. Would you like some help with those things?"

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