tagLoving WivesAngela's Awakening

Angela's Awakening


Angela had sucked a lot of dick in her life, if not a lot of cocks. What I mean by that is that Angela had sucked 3 dicks in her life, and she had sucked them a lot. Her first husband didn't really seem to appreciate her talents. Oh, he would come, but it's like he expected her to do it. Like he thought it was his God given right to be able to stick his penis in his wife's mouth and expect her to get him off. Angela really shouldn't have been surprised, the man did have a God complex when she'd met him. Time had only seemed to strengthen that.

It wasn't until Angela began a very brief affair that she discovered she could actually enjoy giving oral pleasure. Her lover's cock was bigger, and though it seemed strange to Angela at the time, it tasted better than her husband's. While this love affair didn't last long, it had managed to lead to her long desired divorce from her husband, as well as let Angela see that, sexually, there was so much better out there.

While in the midst of what turned out to be an incredibly nasty divorce from the Almighty One, Angela met Mark, and her world changed.

It was purely sexual attraction that got the two of them together in the first place, for what was supposed to be a one night stand. Mark was in a relationship at the time, with one of Angela's friends, actually. It wasn't something they intended to happen, this attraction, but the more they were around each other, the more they wanted each other. One night, as it turned out, just wasn't enough for either of them, and they wound up getting married shortly after the ink was dry on Angela's divorce papers. Everyone told them that they were being stupid and that it wouldn't last, but here it was, 10 years later, and they were still going strong, even through the rough times.

Angela absolutely loved Mark's cock. She supposed it was average size. She had measured it once at Mark's request (6 and a half inches), but that crap didn't matter to her, it was what he could do with it that rocked her world. If he didn't get a chubby just from kissing her, Angela could always rely on her tongue, and Mark always let her know how much he loved it. He let everyone else know too, which always made it hard for Angela to meet his friends, because she knew that they knew what made her scream. It was excruciatingly embarrassing and yet such an incredible turn on that people knew these things about her. His friends never let on that they knew, but it was enough that Angela knew they knew, so she tried to steer clear of his buds.

As much as Angela loved sex, she also had a life outside of the home, and sex wasn't always a priority. As time went on, she seemed to make less and less time for the sport, and while Mark never complained, she knew he missed it. Don't get me wrong, Mark still knew just which buttons to push to turn Angela into his little sex kitten, they just needed a little extra spark. Angela says it came to her in a dream. What she means is that she came in a dream, and the spark ignited a full on wild fire. Literally overnight she became obsessed. She could function in the outside world. She was able to be productive at work, even if 75 percent of the time, she was thinking about fucking Mark. She would smile at the people who came through her line at work. She'd take the money for their purchases and send them on their way. It made her feel wickedly delicious inside to know that while she chatted lightly with Mrs. Blue-hair, she was thinking about how her husband fucked her in the ass just last night, and how she hoped they'd do it again tonight.

Today was Angela's day off, which kind of bites, since Mark had to work all day, then he had to come home and work on the truck because it started doing something "funny" and there were only a couple of hours of daylight left, so it had to be done right away. Erg, Angela had been waiting all day for him to get home. She had found a website that one of her co-workers had told her about, with all of these sinfully erotic stories, in just about every category you could dream of. Angela decided to try her hand at writing one. She's always loved to write, but writing something so provocative turned out to be a lot more difficult than she'd imagined. It also made her horny as hell.

Finally Mark was done working on the truck and decided after this bitch of a day, he needed some added stress relief. After his shower, he brought out the bong. This was a practice that Angela normally didn't indulge in, but her stomach was a little off tonight, she supposed it was from her insanely raging hormones today, and she thought a couple of bong rips would help settle it. Actually the first one helped settle her nerves, the following dozen were just for kicks. She and Mark were watching TV while they were smoking, but Angela just couldn't keep her mind off sex anymore. And for some reason she couldn't explain, she could not get enough cock in her mouth. She knelt between Mark's legs and took his soft head in her mouth. Tenderly licking all around, and slowly sucked his flaccid penis into her hungry mouth, until it was a hard, throbbing erection. She doesn't know what made tonight different from any other night. She had always before used her hand to help her give blow jobs. Even though it wasn't all that long, Mark's schlong was fat, and Angela was always afraid she'd hurt him with her teeth. So she'd jerk him while she sucked and tongued him, and sometimes she'd have him come in her mouth. Mostly not though. Whatever she felt like was always great with Mark. He always let Angela have complete control in that area.

Tonight though, Angela was feeling daring, and beyond horny, right into full blown sluttiness. And she wanted it all. So she sucked him to a raging hard on and didn't stop until her nose was mashing into Mark's pubes and her chin was hitting his balls. She'd do this for a few minutes, then come up for a good breather and a sip of water. Each time she did, Mark had the chamber filled with smoke, and Angela would take a hit. Then she'd be right back to eating his meat. As I said, she was in full slut mode now, ready to try new things, and after 10 years, there didn't seem to be a lot of new territory to explore. Angela started to think that maybe she would like Mark's hands, that had gently guided her head during blow jobs in the past, to be more forceful. Maybe it would be cool to have him lose control and just start slamming into her mouth, with regard only to blowing his wad. So she made little gestures. She'd deep throat him a few times, then make like she was actually trying to swallow his cock. She hadn't ever done anything like this before. When she next came up for air and a hit, she told Mark that the back of her throat felt battered. She knew that would get him hot, and he didn't disappoint.

Mark started kissing her with a passion, and rolling her nipples, pinching them like he knows drives her wild. Soon he's pulling on them, hard, over and over again, and the fact that it's like he's milking a cow makes Angela nearly lose all rational thought. He pulls his mouth away, as if he knows how hungry she is to have her mouth filled with something. If not tongue, dick, and she's back on him, sucking for all she's worth. Bobbing hard, hoping to feel his hands on her head. And when Mark finally does take her head in his hands, it's like he has always done. Gentle, no pressure, yet Angela suddenly realized that for the last 10 years he's probably wanted to do exactly what she wants him to do right now. So once more she takes him to the balls, and makes sure he knows how much she loves it by giving little moans through her mouth stuffed full of cock.

She wasn't disappointed when she felt his hands take a firmer hold and she moaned more to let Mark know that was exactly what she had in mind. Before Angela could believe it, her throat was being assaulted. His head was slamming deeper and somehow deeper still. She had to breathe with strategy. This was totally new, completely hot, and she wanted it all. And Mark was not going to let her down. He got more and more forceful until he was actually fucking his wife's face. Angela was moaning uncontrollably now, she wasn't even aware of it, all she knew was that he was going to blow his balls in her mouth, and for the first time, she wouldn't have a choice but to swallow it. She wasn't sure how, but she knew that wasn't going to matter when the time came. And then Mark gave one last shove and shot his seed deep down Angela's bruised throat. She was amazed and proud that she had swallowed it, and she was startled to discover that while she was being face fucked, she was getting off at the same time. She didn't even realize until the climax ripped through her, and she nearly collapsed, leaning her head against Mark's thigh, his spent dick resting on her lips.

He told her how much he loved her, but Angela was suddenly afraid. Not of Mark, but of herself. She had never experienced anything like that before. It was, sexually speaking, the most incredible event of her life. She knew, at that moment, that no matter what Mark had asked her to do right then, she would have done. And she did not want him to know that. He had just found this sense of control. He had completely dominated her, and she had loved it. She wanted more, and she was about to get it.

Mark laid Angela down on the bed and started kissing her, biting her, licking her, sucking her nipples til they were almost raw, because he knew these were what always got her really wet. Then he spread her thighs and started fingering her swollen pussy. First her clit, then her soaking lips, finally thrusting two fingers deep inside, getting them nice and wet before adding a third finger. Angela had told him years ago that she'd always fantasized about being fisted. But Mark has pretty big hands, and three fingers had always been the stopping point. Not tonight. Angela was bucking her hips up to meet his hand, trying to will her pussy to stretch, dreaming of his hand plunging into her cunt. She almost came when she realized he was getting a 4th finger into her juicy snatch. When Mark's palm came down hard on her clit, she was grinding against it until she could stand it no longer. He had to stop.

Angela wanted his fat cock riding her ass, and if she came right now, she was going to pass out and that would be the end of it. Mark knew what she wanted, and took his soaked fingers out of her pussy and started lubing up her asshole with them. Then he plunged his dick into her sopping cunt and she thought she was going to come right then, but he pulled out and for the first time in their lives, Mark had a hard time getting in her back door, not because it was too dry, but because it was too wet. He kept trying to work his cock head in gently, and kept slipping off, which was driving Angela mad. She knew what this was going to take, and the next time he rubbed her anus, she pushed right onto his slippery pole. Mark didn't move, he just let Angela writhe and grind farther and farther onto his pulsing member until he couldn't stand it anymore, and began ramming her tight little ass. Angela came, screaming, as his cock exploded deep inside her bowels.

Then they were done. Mark was stroking Angela's hair as they lay together, but neither of them said a word. Angela reveled in her well used asshole and she loved the "souvenir" she'd gotten from the experience, her battered throat. But she was scared that she'd given up a part of herself when she gave up her control, and although that thought worried her immensely, it also made her a little happy. As she drifted of to sleep, she knew that she couldn't wait to do it again.

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