tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersAngel's Interludes Ch. 01

Angel's Interludes Ch. 01


The American College Dictionary defines an interlude as: 1. An intervening episode, period, space, etc. For my purpose here, it will be used as a quickie. No plot to worry about, just great sex with the hottest woman around. There will be more interludes to follow.

A Beach Interlude

I was following her as we walked up the beach. I was there on vacation by myself and was rather hoping to find a young lady to pass some time with. She was a tall woman with long blonde hair and a great figure. She was wearing a red string bikini that was pretty skimpy. I was slowly gaining on her and after a few minutes I was walking along beside her. I said

"Hi. My name's Jeff. Do you mind if I walk along with you?" She looked me up and down in an obviously appraising manner that caught me a little off guard, then replied,

"Not at all. My name's Angel."

Now that I was beside her I realized that she was actually a few inches taller than me. But it didn't seem to bother her so I wasn't going to let it bother me. We passed the time getting to know each other for a while as we walked up the beach. She was getting more and more friendly and when I tried to be funny she actually laughed and put her hand on my arm. After a few more minutes she looked at me and said,

"The sun is really getting me hot and so are you. Why don't we go out into the water and cool off?" I said,

"Fine with me!" and followed her out into the surf. I watched her sexy ass sway as it slowly disappeared into the water. Once we got out to where the water was about belly deep between the waves, she turned and pulled me to her. She then leaned down and kissed me.

It was an incredible kiss! Her tongue filled my mouth and began to leisurely explore it as her hands moved all over my body. I got an instant erection in my swim shorts. As she pressed her long body tightly against mine I could feel something growing hard in her bikini bottoms. The more she kissed me the larger and harder the bulge in her bikini grew. She let out a low moan as she rubbed her bulging crotch against mine. Even through my shorts I could tell that her bulge was bigger than mine.

I wasn't sure how to react. She was a beautiful woman and kissing her was blowing my mind. She also had a very nice set of breasts that were pressed against the upper part of my chest as she continued to kiss me lustfully. I thought that anyone watching us wouldn't know what was in her bikini bottoms so I decided to just give in to her. She had her arms around my lower back with her hands on my ass pulling me against her forcefully as she continued to kiss me.

My head was spinning as she kissed me and ground her crotch against mine. Her bulge continued to grow, and so did her urgency as she squeezed me against her. Angel pushed both of her hands down my shorts and squeezed my ass cheeks once before sliding her right hand between them and pushing her index finger into my tight asshole. I would have yelped but her tongue was still in my mouth. She added another finger and worked them in and out of my ass for a few minutes as I sucked on her tongue. When she added the third finger she moaned into my mouth and started to use her left hand to untie my shorts and push them down around my ankles. Once my shorts were down she moved her bikini bottoms to one side, releasing her cock. I could feel how big it was as she rubbed it against mine and pushed it between my legs. The feel of her breasts against my chest and her big cock slipping between my legs made my knees go weak. She grabbed my leg with her free hand and pulled it up onto her hip, all the while kissing me and fingering my ass. She pushed her cock back to where her fingers were having their way with me. She pulled her fingers out and put them under the head of her cock, pushing it up into my now slightly prepared ass. She moaned again into my mouth as she pulled my other leg up and wrapped it around her waist so that she was supporting my weight in the water. With her hands back on my ass, she slowly and steadily pushed her cock and tongue into me fully, moaning as she did so. She gripped me to her tightly as she began to fuck me right there in the surf.

The waves would come through up around her shoulders and the troughs would go down around her waist far enough so that if someone was paying attention they would know that my legs were wrapped around her instead of the other way around. One trough was so low that it had to have been obvious to anyone watching us that this beautiful blonde had her big dick buried in my ass. My back was to the beach, so only Angel knew if someone saw us or not and she didn't appear to care. She was doing a lot of grinding with very short thrusts because the water washes the lubrication away and can make things very painful if your not careful. I could feel her big cock pushing my insides around. As she got closer to an orgasm she moaned and groaned into my mouth as she churned my insides. I slipped my hands inside her bikini top and began to pinch her nipples and roll them between my fingers. Then I gripped her breasts and started to kneed them and squeeze them. She kept groaning and moaning into my mouth while her excitement continued to build. After a few minutes of this she exploded into my ass. Shooting load after hot load into me as she buried her big cock in me to the hilt.

My own cock was still kind of hard but I hadn't gotten off yet. Angel stayed inside me until her cock began to go limp. She pulled out of me and let me stand back up on my own. She adjusted her cock back into the bikini and fixed the top back to what small amount of coverage it had before we started. While she did this I just stood there in an embarrassed silence. She looked at me and said,

"Thank you, that was very fun." Then she proceeded to start walking toward the beach.

"Wait! Where are you going?" I asked.

"Back to the condo." She said as though I was a little slow witted.

"But ... can't I go with you?" I asked.

"No." Angel said simply.

"But I didn't even get to have an orgasm." I protested.

"Maybe you didn't notice, but I wasn't really worrying about whether you had one or not. I just fucked you because it felt good for me." She said easily, then turned and walked the rest of the way out of the ocean and started back down the beach the way we had come.

I started out of the water to follow her when I realized that I no longer had my shorts on. I felt along the sand, but of course they were nowhere to be found. I looked back to the beach, but Angel was already out of sight.

A Balcony Interlude

Angel awoke in an early morning pool of sunshine that was falling on the bed all around her. The sun made her beautiful hair shine as it lay on the pillow. She stretched luxuriously and rolled onto her back causing the crisp white cotton sheet to slip down, revealing her full firm breasts. Her outline showed easily through the sheet, but what was most evident was the tent her early morning erection was making under the sheet.

She looked to her right but the young man she had come home with last night was not in bed with her. As Angel remembered the night before, a broad smile crept across her face making her eyes sparkle in the morning sunshine. She pushed the sheet off of her shapely body, slipped her long legs over the edge of the bed and stood up. She could smell coffee now and decided she wanted to go into the kitchen to get a cup.

Angel looked around for her clothes then saw one of his light blue dress shirts laid carefully over the back of a chair. She couldn't resist, so she picked up the shirt and slipped it on. She buttoned it just below her breasts so that her ample cleavage showed and headed out into the kitchen. Her hard on had subsided enough so that it wasn't standing out through the front of the shirt, but her hard nipples were very obvious.

Angel opened several cupboards before she found a coffee cup. She poured a cup of coffee and turned around to lean against the counter. That was when she saw her new friend through the open sliding door, standing on the balcony off of the living room. He was wearing a pair of boxer shorts and leaning on the railing looking down at the pool below as he drank his own cup of coffee.

Angel thought to herself how inviting he looked bent over the railing. She admired his muscular legs and broad back as she walked through the living room toward the balcony and she could feel her hard on coming back as she looked at him. She stepped up behind him and pressed her growing erection against his firm tight ass. He started to stand up, but Angel put her free hand on his back and pushed him back down onto the railing. She continued to rub her growing cock into his butt crack as she caressed his back with her free hand and sipped her coffee.

Angel looked across the pool to the condos on the other side and noticed that a few other balconies had people on them enjoying the early morning sunshine or having breakfast and reading the paper. She had to admit that this was a great way to start off her day as well. The feeling of his satin boxers between her cock and his ass cheeks began to make her want more.

Angel leaned forward and set her coffee cup on the railing off to one side and out of the way. Now that both hands were free she started to rub his body more eagerly as she ground her hard cock into his ass cleavage. Angel ran her hands all over his back, then down his sides, across his hips and onto his muscular thighs. She moved her hands around to the back of his thighs and pulled one leg of his boxers up so she could get her cock inside and against his sphincter.

He started to stand up again saying, "I think we need to move back into the bedroom." Angel pushed him back down and said,

"What, and waste a beautiful morning like this? I don't think so." Angel reached forward and grabbed the railing on either side of him and easily pushed the entire length of her big cock into his ass. It was a good thing she had stretched him out the night before or he would have let out a much larger yell than he did. Much to his horror, he realized that he had made enough sound to make a few of the people look up to see what was going on. Angel continued to hold onto the rail as she slowly pumped her big cock in and out of him. To his embarrassment, the few people who had heard his first noise also alerted the others close by and they were all starting to watch Angel thrusting into him.

Even though his boxers were silk they were starting to hurt Angel's cock. So she pulled herself out of him long enough to grab his shorts and push them down around his ankles. Before he realized what had happened she was already holding onto his hips and pushing her big cock back into his ass. Angel looked up, and for the first time noticed that there were people watching her have her way with him on his own balcony. The fact that she had an audience really excited her! Where before she had been fucking him because it just felt good, she now started to play to the crowd. She began to exaggerate her movements, making a big show of pulling all the way out until just the head of her cock was in him, then thrusting back into him hard so that his body rocked forward with each thrust. She reached up and unbuttoned the shirt, pulling it open, so that they could all watch her breasts sway and bounce with each hard thrust. Angel began to moan loudly as she pumped his ass harder and harder. Then, just so the crowd would know exactly what their relationship was, she took both of her hands from his hips and ran her fingers through her long blonde hair with one hand while she pinched one of her nipples with the other hand. She put both of her hands in her hair and pushed it up off of her neck and on top of her head as she stuck her breasts forward wiggling her shoulders to make her boobs bounce even more. He, of course, stayed in the same position, allowing her to continue enjoying him to the fullest. She continued to moan louder and louder as she got closer to what was going to be a great orgasm.

Angel grabbed a hold of the railing again and started to ram into him as hard as she could, grunting and moaning loudly. His hips were against the railing and he was feeling the full power of each thrust. Angel wrapped her arms around him, pushing her breasts against his muscular back as she pulled him into a standing position and began to pinch his nipples hard as she continued to thrust into him. Angel spoke loudly,

"I'm going to cum babe! I'm going to fill you with my hot cum. Do you want it?" He nodded his head yes, but that wasn't going to get it. So Angel said even louder, "Do you want my cum in your ass? You better shout it out or I'm going to see how long I can keep this up before I cum!" He wanted to have this humiliation over as soon as possible so he shouted,

"Yes! Please cum in me Angel!" And with that she started to blow a huge load into him while making as much noise moaning and groaning as she could. To his further embarrassment he shot his own load through the railing and off the balcony onto the concrete below.

Angel pulled out of him to the sound of people clapping and yelling. She stepped up beside him, slipped her arm around him and pulled his hip over against hers so it was easy for everyone to see her bigger cock along side his smaller one. This was the final humiliation and he stood there with his head hanging as Angel waived to the cheering crowd like a beauty queen in the Miss America pageant.

A Kitchen Interlude

Angel was walking up to the door of her home. She was tired, in a bad mood, and very horny. She had been at a photo shoot all day. The fluffer guy that usually kept her hard had the day off and another one hadn't been hired, so this meant that she had to keep her cock hard for the pictures all by herself.

As she went to put her key in the door she noticed movement in the kitchen. She opened the door and walked into the kitchen. There at the sink was an old friend, Gerald, and he was wearing an apron and nothing else. Angel viewed this with mixed emotions. She now knew she wouldn't have to stay horny, but Gerald was having problems letting go of the relationship. He was a little too willing to play the girl part for Angel's tastes. Angel liked her guys to be guys, not some kind of girl wanna be. He was addicted to Angel's cock, and the worse she treated him the better he seemed to like it. Angel was kind of pissed to see him in her house, but she was also really horny and his ass did look great poking out of the back of that apron.

Gerald had a great body. He was lean and hard, very muscular and had done work posing as a men's magazine cover model. He looked over his shoulder and said in a cheery voice,

"Hi Honey! It's good to have you home. As soon as I get these dishes cleaned up I'll start making supper. I stopped at the store and got some great little Cornish game hens that I'm going to roast on the grill."

Angel's big head was telling her to order him out of the house immediately, but her little head was telling her to bend him over the sink and fuck the hell out of him first. Angel dropped her bag of clothes on the floor and pulled up her short black skirt. She didn't have any panties on and her cock was already getting hard. Without speaking a word, Angel walked across the kitchen, put a hand on Gerald's back and pushed him over the sink. With her other hand she lined up her now hard cock with his asshole and with one big push shoved it all the way into his un-expecting ass.

"I guess this means you're glad to see me?" Gerald asked breathlessly. Between clenched teeth Angel replied,

"Don't talk to me. I'll do the talking." With that Angel began to pump his ass. She was still completely dressed in the short black skirt, white sweater top, and high heeled shoes.

"I don't know what possessed you to come back here after I told you to leave, but since you have, perhaps I'll just keep you here." Angel continued to fuck him as she talked, her balls slapping against him with each thrust. "This time you will do exactly what I tell you to do. You will stay in the house at all times. You will not wear any clothing in my presence unless told to do so. You will do all of the cooking, cleaning, washing, and any other job around the house that I give you. When I enter a room that you are in, you will kneel so that your head is at no time above my breasts, which you are not allowed to touch at ANY time."

As Angel talked she started to pound her cock into him harder. She was trying hard to scare him out of her life for the last time. She continued laying out his new future.

"You will be nothing more to me than a house slave and a hole for me to get off in. No matter what you are doing, if I want to cum, I'll just grab you and use you in place of my hand. If you are on your hands and knees scrubbing the floor, I'll squat down and have a little of your ass if I want, and you better not stop scrubbing! While I'm sitting on the couch watching TV, you will be expected to suck my cock or my toes for hours if need be. But I don't want you to think there is going to be a lot of sex going on. I may use you four times in one day and I may not touch you for a month. It will be entirely up to me." Angel was now ramming her big cock into him. The combination of being really horny and all the things she was telling Gerald he was going to have to do to get to stay was turning her on in a major way! A small part of her half hoped he would agree to her conditions. She continued,

"If I have friends over you will be at their disposal just as you are mine. You will be expected to give them what ever they want. Whether it's sex, a foot rub, paint their nails, whatever, you'll do it. And you can be sure that I'll let them all know that they can use and abuse you at will. If I do take you out of the house be prepared to have the whole world know that you are my slave. You will be expected to walk behind me with your eyes on my feet. You will talk to no one, unless I give you permission. Do not think that displeasing me will get you thrown out of the house if you get tired of your life here. The first time you displease me I will take you to a dentist friend of mine who would do anything for me and have all of your teeth pulled so that you will be better able to pleasure me with your mouth."

A thrill ran down Angel's spine as she thought about how good a head job would feel from a man with no teeth. She was dangerously close to having an orgasm, but she had to wait and finish what she was telling him. She slowed her thrusts. Making each one deliberately, and continued,

"The second time you displease me I will take you to another very good friend of mine and have your balls removed and placed in a jar. The third and final time that same friend will remove your cock and give you a pussy. I will then have a party and let all my friends enjoy your new pussy. After the party you will be sent from my house, never to return."

Angel couldn't stand it any longer. She pushed a hand up under her sweater and started to pinch her nipple while she pumped her big cock into his ass as hard as she could. Her heavy balls slapping into his smaller ones with each thrust made him grunt with the pain. Angel was nearing her orgasm and almost forgot that she was also trying to scare off Gerald. She quickly got back on track and said,

"So Gerald, what's it going to be? Are you going to become my house slave or are you going to slink out of my door forever?" Angel asked, panting with her exertions.

Angel was pretty sure that Gerald had more of a wife role in his mind than a slave role, and that was what she was banking on.

"Gerald I'm going to pull out of you and turn you around. You're going to drop to your knees and sit before me." Angel commanded. "You're going to grab my cock and finish me off with your mouth. If you keep me in your mouth and swallow my cum that is the last bit of me you will ever get. To accept my terms, pull me out of your mouth and let me shoot my cum all over your face while you look up at me adoringly. Do you understand?" Gerald nodded yes.

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