tagGroup SexAngel's Work Ch. 06

Angel's Work Ch. 06


I hadn't been to work for a while. It was not a problem, I had plenty of money saved. The firm were very good about keeping some of the more persistent clients happy. It is flattering to know that were one of my guys would just ask for me, they now need two or three girls to get the same kick. They loved it at the office as the money goes up if there is more than one girl.

After about a month I got a call asking if I felt like trying something a little different.

"Angel, honey. You did a party a couple of months ago. Well one of the girls was an up and coming star of a certain type of movies. You know, the type you don't by for your dad."

"Yes, I think I remember. At the Grand Hotel wasn't it? If it's the platinum blond with the big tits I wouldn't mind meeting her again."

"Even better than that sweety. They have called and asked if you would go for an audition. The time is free, but if you get a film deal we get our normal 15% off the top of your earnings as your agent. Will you go?"

"What will it involve? Do you know?"

"Use you imagination honey. You won't be reading Shakespear will you? Just wear something that shows off your tits and ass, but make sure its not to slutty. You'll enjoy your self, we have had dealings with this company before, you'll be in good hands. Make of that what you will."

"Okay, tell them I'll be there."

Ten days later I was on the subway across town wearing a very short, and very tight dark blue skirt, a low cut silk blouse and a very tight suit jacket. The overall effect was quite good. I looked like every other office worker that day, just with a knock out body that I was not afraid to show off. The sly glances of the men, and even some of the women, began to get me turned on. It had been nearly a week since my last orgasm. I could feel the tight crotch of my Victoria's Secret silk thong begin to get damp.

I found the office in an upscale building in an expensive part of town. I was expecting a sleazy little office, so I was pleasantly surprised. The secretary in the outer office was looking very hot as I walked in.

"Hi, I'm Angel. I have an appointment at 10 with Mr Jones."

"Of course. He's been expecting you. I'll let him know you're here. Take a seat."

She walked in to the office and shut the door behind her. Judging by the office and the decor there is a lot of money in porn these days. As I sat there staring at the art on the walls the secretary came out and walked towards me. Looking at her she was a very good looking girl. Tall, slim with wide hips and small, perky breasts. A dark complection with hair dyed blond I guessed. If all went well I might get a chance to find out if it was natural or not.

"You can go right in. Good luck honey, maybe I'll see you in a while." With that she casually rested her hand on my ass. Her touch felt good and got me even more worked up that I was already.

In the office the first thing I saw was a huge black leather sofa. The casting couch I guess. It looked very plush and comfy. There was a large desk with a rather handsome man behind it.

"You must be Angel. Tina's description did not do you justice. You are stunning, and what a body. As long as you can use it as well as she said, you'll get rich and famous with us."

"I take it Tina was the blonde I met at the hotel the other week?"

"Yes, she was." As he spoke Mr Jones came around the desk. I was a little taken back by the wheelchair but managed not to stare or look shocked.

"Well, I hope to meet her again. Maybe you can arrange that for us."

"If you pass the audition then I am sure you will see her again."

"What do you want me to do." I was a little nervous as I wasn't sure how much he had working.

"Don't worry, its just a little solo screen test. I won't be in it."

"If you don't mind me asking. What happened?"

"Well, I used to be a climber. Damn good at it to. Even the best can't see if a line is weak though. The rope snapped, I fell a few hundred feet. Landed in a deep snow drift. There was only one rock, I caught it with my back. With the compensation I opened a film studio. Its hard to make a go of it though. I fell in with some models one night. As I can't really get it up anymore I just watched. That's when I though up this."

"Well, you seem to be doing quite well out of it."

"Sure am. Shall we get started. Do you know what one of these is?" He held up a huge 10 inch Rampant Rabbit, with the extra part for the butt.

"Sure, but I don't normally need to do myself."

"I'll bet, but its just a start. Go ahead, the camera is focused on the couch."

I took the large dildo and sashayed over to the couch, stripping off my jacket as I went. I sat facing him on the edge of the seat, with my knees together. Putting the Rabbit as far down my throat as I could I began to get it well lubricated. With most of it in my mouth, I started to peel off the silk blouse to reveal a tiny white silk bra. The soft material had been rubbing my nipples all morning and by now they were as hard as bullets. With the blouse gone they stood out proud as the small bra was having difficulty holding on to my breasts. I rubbed the hard, wet plastic between my tits and around my engorged nipples. The saliva made the thin silk go see through almost straight away.

I stood up and turned around, with me back to him I bent at the waist and peeled my skirt slowly down to my ankles. With my bare ass sticking in the air I heard him whistle in appreciation, so at least his eyes worked. Turning I kicked the skirt right to him, he caught it and smelled my perfume.

Seeing his smile I sat down again, with my knees together and began to rub the dildo down my body. As it got close to my pussy I pushed it down inside my very small panties. Resting it against my clitoris I turned it on to the slow setting. The gentle throbbing sent shivers up and down my spine. I slowly opened my legs to show him the ears of the Rabbit slowly pushing onto my clit.

"Is it ok if you come here and take off these wet panties. I have been thinking about all the looks I got on the train this morning and now my poor underwear is all sticky." I gave him my best little-girl-lost look as he came over.

"Damn, girl. Are you trying to give me a heart attack." With that he reached out and as I lifted my ass off the cushion he began to peel the silk down my legs. I was stuck to the lips of my pussy so he had to reach out and pry it out my wet, clutching cunt. The way he did it I guess he was a great lover in his day.

With my pussy now bear, I peeled of my bra to let my tits swing free, and lent back to let the Rabbit have full access to me. I was so wet by know that I didn't really need to suck the thing anymore, but I am a slut who loves the taste of my own juices, so I dug the head out of my pussy and sucked as much as I could in to my mouth. The buzzing in my throat set off a small orgasm and I began to leak cream out on to the sofa.

With that I slowly took it out of my mouth and began sliding the whole thing in to my waiting twat. When I was half way in I turned it onto full power. The vibrating, and the swirling ears set me moaning, so I rammed the entire length up my pussy. The end piece entered my ass and that sparked a huge orgasm that left me shaking on the sofa. With is still wedged full length inside me I began to beg.

"Please, I need someone. Man, woman anybody. I just need someone. I am so horny."

As I said it, the secretary walked over to sit next to me. I hadn't noticed her come in, let alone shed her clothes. With her perfect body next to me I plunged my head right down on to her pussy. She must have been watching as she was nearly as wet as I was. I began to beat my tongue against her large clit. She leaned back under my assault so I swung my leg over her head and presented her with my dildo filled cunt. She began to work the large plastic dick in and out of my pussy, causing my cream to pour out and run in to her open mouth.

With my tongue deep in her tasty cunt I rammed four fingers it there to join it. This started her orgasm, it hit with violent force and I felt her muscles clamp on to my hand and tongue.

As it subsided I gently pulled my fingers out and slowly began pushing them, one by one, into her peachy ass.

"Oh, God. Please, no. Argh, that feels so good, you bitch. Don't stop." She began spouting filth as I worked my fingers deeper in to her ass as my tongue lapped her delicious juices out of her bald pussy.

My cunt was leaking like a tap under the pressure of the dildo when I felt two more hands on my ass. I throw my head back as I felt fingers stretch my pussy lips wider around the Rabbit. This was made even better when a tongue began rimming my ass. I love anal sex, and being rimmed by an expert was one of lives great pleasures. I tried to figure out who it was when I noticed we wear no longer being watched. I took it as a good sign that he was joining in. He pulled the small nub out of my ass and replaced it with his tongue and two fingers. The force of his assault on my ass and her tongue beating my clit as the huge dildo pounded in and out of my pussy lead me to one more terrific orgasm. I sank my head in to the hot cunt under me and screamed out with all my life. I shook and screamed for nearly a minute before collapsing on to her body.

I was gently rolled on to the sofa, and the girl licked her way up my body before slowly liking her cum off my face, as I did likewise to her. When we were both clean we sheared a long, passionate kiss. As we both lay on the sofa exploring each other, Mr Jones spoke up.

"Well, Sara. I am impressed with this little slut. What about you?"

"Fucking hell. I plan to get her to my place what ever you decide. I think I'm in love"

"I agree. Well Angel. I can offer you a five movie deal to begin with. Five grand for each one to start with. If they sell we can get you doing more. Is their anything you will not do?"

"Heavy bondage or violent stuff. I'll do guys, girls both ideally. I love anal, blow jobs and I like getting a load of hot, thick cum on my face, as long as there is someone there to clean it off."

"Well I will send the contract to your manager. As for now I am going to my lunch meeting. Sara, look after our newest client. There is a shower and a bath in there. I am sure you will be well looked after in my absence."

With that he left to office. I looked at Sara and saw her smile.

"You know. That shower is so big I get lonely. Care to join me?" She said with a smile. I stood up and followed her perfect but in to the bath room.

The large bath room had a long, wide hot tub and a huge shower cubical in one corner. As she led me I put my arms around Sara and began to play with her firm tits from behind her. She let out a sigh and pressed her ass back in to my pussy. I kissed her neck and slid my left hand down to her bald pussy mound. I prefer to have a bit of hair there myself, but on her alabaster skin it just seemed so right.

She spun around and forced her tongue deep in to my mouth. She grabbed the back of my head with one hand and let the other slid down to grab my ass. The force and passion of her kiss was getting me even more turned on. I didn't think that was possible.

I pulled her away slightly. "You know I am not gay right? I love women, but I need a really good hard cock sometimes to."

"Relax honey. I am married to John. I got in to this with him. I still like cock to, I just need it from some where else now. Wait here."

As she left I turned the shower on and slid under the hot, powerful jets of water. Through the steam obscured glass I saw Sara approach the shower.

"Naughty, you shouldn't have started with out me. I'll have to punish you for that." With that she stepped in to the shower wearing a 12 inch strap-on cock. "I'll have to put this away for that."

I gawked at the huge cock. It was thick and vained like a real dick. Seeing it attached to such a beautiful body had me gasping. I dropped to my knees and began to deep throat the plastic cock. As I tried to run my fingers up Sara's pussy I noticed that the straps had a small cock on the inside, so every movement she made forced that cock in and out of her cunt as well. When I saw that doubled my the force of my assault on the big dildo. I managed to get most of it in my throat, it was to big even for me. She seemed to appreciate the effort how ever as she began to scream a string of filth as a large orgasm ripped through her body. As she began to slump against the glass I held her up.

"Oh, no you don't bitch. You can stand up and use that thing on me now." I held her hand and walked out of the shower. When I was sure she could stand on her own I leaned over the sink stand, exposing my wet ass and dripping pussy to this heaven sent slut.

"Now, stick your big toy as far as it will go up my tiny, soaking wet snatch." I am glad I put a bit of lubricant on that bad boy. Sara was not exactly gentle, with one thrust nearly half of that big dick was buried in my hot box. One more hard thrust and the whole thing was deep inside me. I could feel the cool plastic balls banging against my sensitive clit as she started to pump in and out of my cunt. Sara lent her body weight on to me, pressing my nipples in to the cold counter, as she reached around and began to play with my tits. The force of her pounding was beginning to push me into the mirror.

"Wait, Sara." I panted "Lets got back out and on to the sofa."

"Oh, God. I want you on top you sexy bitch. I want to play with your pussy and tits while we fuck each other." She slowly pulled the cock out of my aching pussy. It seemed to take several, exquisite minutes for the whole thing to be taken out. She lead me by the hand back in to the office and lay back on the sofa. Seeing her laying there with her perfect skin and a huge cock sticking out of her cunt filled me with even more lust for this hot little bitch. I sank my cunt slowly down on to the dildo, kissing her passionately as I did so. Inch by inch the whole thing was once again back inside me. When I felt it hit my cervixes I went hell for leather. I was bouncing up and down on that great big dick for all I was worth, screaming obscenities as I did so.

"Fuck me, harder. Force that big cock deeper in me. God, you fucking sexy bitch." I lent forward and took one of her tits in my mouth and began nibbling her rock hard nipples. As I noticed her breathing change I began to feel the start of a monster orgasm. I leaned back, forcing the smaller cock in to her soaking wet cunt and we both screamed out load as our orgasms hit at the same time.

"Arrrgggghhhh, fuckkkkkkk meeeeeee, you are so good." I could just hear her screaming for me to never stop fucking her as the blood rushed through me ears. I collapsed on top of her for the second time that morning, and we both lay there panting and kissing each other.

After a few minutes we went back in to the shower and gently cleaned each there up. I left Sara with my personal number and a long, lingering kiss. I made her promise to come and see me soon.

Three weeks later I got a contract and a copy of my audition tape in the post. I also received the details of my first film. An all girl orgy with Sara as the lead, I can't wait.

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