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Angry Sex

byMichael Herrick©

Rebecca and I have a somewhat unusual relationship. She is a natural submissive, and thrives under my direction. I'm aware of the special gift she gives me in her submission, and I take the responsibility seriously. Although I've taken care of subs for some time, the depths of her tendencies continue to surprise me. I have yet to find Becca's limits, but I continue to explore them, cautiously, much to her delight. This is the story of some "edge play" in our relationship.

We're aware that most outsiders would be appalled at the treatment Becca desires, and that I give it to her. In fact, we communicate constantly, and I'm always watchful and protective of her. Rebecca has great tolerance not only for physical pain, but also for the emotional aspects of submission. I think of her as an extreme athlete. Becca is not only able to tolerate great discomfort, but savors it and takes pride in her stamina. She simply claims to be "uniquely wired" sexually.

One of Rebecca's fetishes is to be made to do things she genuinely doesn't want to do, sexual or mundane. Whether I require her to masturbate for an audience or do the dishes, each task reinforces her submission. In fact, Rebecca detests doing the dishes. But in the context of our relationship it makes her feel great satisfaction and security to serve. So she pouts as she rinses and dries, usually naked. I supervise with a riding crop and make helpful suggestions, knowing that later she'll tell me she loves the attention I give her.

I began to notice that the more averse Rebecca was to a task, the more she later enjoyed having done it. After probing her on this subject for a while I decided to try something edgy. I'm always careful in this sort of play – I don't want her feelings to be actually hurt. But I know Rebecca, and I was convinced this would pay off well for us both.

I was going to pick a fight.

I arranged to come home later than usual one evening. Rebecca greeted me at the door, and I pulled her into a kiss knowing she would smell the smoke on my clothes. I'm a non-smoker.

Breaking the kiss, her brow wrinkled. "You smell like cigarettes. And something else...."

"I was out with a client. Have to keep them entertained, you know. Coat please."

She took my coat and held it while looking carefully up at me. "Where did you take him?"

"The lap dance place," I said. I knew this would get a reaction out of her.

Becca leaned in and sniffed my collar. "Perfume!"

I shrugged. "That's what happens when naked girls rub up against you." Despite my calculated offhandedness in this remark, Becca looked as if I'd slapped her. I know, because I sometimes do slap her – it turns her on like nothing else.

"Let me get this straight", she said slowly, anger building in her voice. "I cleaned the entire house today, made a nice dinner, you don't call to tell me you'll be late, and you've had strippers crawling all over you for the past two hours?!"

I glanced at my watch while strolling into the living room. "More like three hours. I Left the office early."

Becca had followed at my heels and now ran around in front of me. She stood with her hands planted on her hips. "And you expect me to put dinner on the table now? Just like that? Let me tell you something..."

"Let me tell YOU something", I interrupted. "I do expect you to put dinner on the table. But first, I think I'll have a blowjob."

She stared at me, but did not react otherwise for several seconds. Then, with malice dripping from each syllable, "I... beg... your... PARDON?"

I advanced to an inch from her nose and annunciated carefully. "I said – you're going to blow me. And after that you're going to serve dinner." Becca's lips pursed and her nostrils flared. Her chest heaved as she tried to regulate her breathing. She looked into my eyes with an expression of rage.

"Did you hear me?" I whispered with menace. I jerked a finger toward the floor in front of my feet. "On your knees - now."

Her chest heaved as she seethed with rage. I couldn't recall ever seeing her so angry.

Very slowly and with great effort Becca said, "Yes... Sir."

Staring daggers at me, she dropped to her knees. I gave a small smile and nodded down at her, then unzipped my pants. Already hard from the game, I held my cock in front of her. "Make it good – those girls got me all worked up. Usual rules."

Our usual rules for blowjobs are as follows:

-Before sucking my cock, she is to rub it on her face. Eye contact is encouraged, and she is to continue until the act makes her feel appropriately submissive or she is given further instructions.

- She is not to make me orgasm until I tell her how I want to cum. Since I don't tell her when I'm close, it is her job to be alert.

- If I choose to cum in her mouth, she must wait for permission to swallow.

- If I choose to cum on her face, she must ensure it is spread evenly over her features and in her hair.

- When finished, she must thank me.

Becca began rubbing my cock on her face. This always looks and feels wonderful to me, but her angry expression created new contours in her features I had never felt before. Hmm – I wonder what her tears would feel like?

All of this had gotten to Becca in a big way. Despite looking as if she'd just as soon bite my cock off as suck it, I could tell she was fiercely aroused. Ours was a positive feedback loop – the more cruelly I made her submit the more submissive she felt, and the more we were both turned on.

"Just a minute", I said, leaving her on her knees looking exasperated. I took a digital camera from a shelf in the other room. "Make the face again."

"What face?"

"The one you made when I told you about the lap dance place."

Her angry expression instantly returned and I snapped a picture. This re-doubled her fury, but I quieted things down by pushing my cock into her mouth. She was so angry that she refused to move on me, although her protest didn't go so far as taking my cock out of her mouth. To Becca, that would be crossing the line. There are limits, of course. So I took hold of her hair and pushed myself in and out of her mouth.

"Look at the angry little slut on her knees." Becca looked away from me in disgust, but I ordered her to maintain eye contact. I condescendingly patted her on the head and continued taunting her while I took more photos. Scrolling through the shots, I found one in which Becca appeared to have redeye. I showed it to her, suggested the effect might not be due to optics, and announced that in another picture there appeared to be steam coming out of her ears. Alas, she was not in a laughing mood.

After letting her suck me for a while longer, Becca seemed to relax and accept the situation somewhat. Being on her knees was familiar and comforting, and I encouraged it by stroking cheek for a moment. She sighed and settled herself more comfortably at my feet.

I decided it was time for another change of tone. "Hands behind your back."

Becca looked up fearfully because she knew where this always led, but dutifully crossed her wrists just above her ass. I reached down and pulled up Becca's shirt. Her small breasts are topped with perky, gumdrop nipples. I am capable of inflicting great cruelty on nipples, and hers simply begged for such treatment. Becca winced in anticipation of what was to come. "Seems to me that you hesitated earlier when I told you to get on your knees and suck my cock. Is that how a nice girl behaves?"

Becca shook her head, her breathing coming in fast gasps.

"Not to worry. I'll teach you how to be good." With that I gently took her nipples in my fingers, and Becca braced herself. After a moment she opened her eyes, and when her gaze met mine, I squeezed. Hard.

"Keep sucking," I said as Becca drew in a desperate breath through her nose. I maintained the pressure for about five seconds and released. She whimpered in pain around my cock, which is a sensation I relish.

I kept this up for the next few minutes, cruelly squeezing Becca's nipples while she struggled to keep her hands behind her back and pleasure my cock all at once. I'd give her brief respites, mostly to rest my finger muscles, then clamp down again. Sweat was breaking out on her forehead, and her ordeal was turning me on tremendously.

When her resolve appeared flag I looked into her eyes and said, "Bear it for me." She nodded resolutely and steeled herself against the coming pain. I squeezed again and also added a twist to each nipple. Becca squealed around my cock, but didn't release it or touch it with her teeth in the slightest. Very impressive.

I pulled my cock from her mouth, put my hands on her shoulders and gave a slight but firm shove. Becca looked up at me indignantly as her backside hit the carpet. "Hey!"

"Quiet. On your back."

She glared at me, not moving. But after a few moments, Becca appeared to make a decision. She lay down with her hands thrown back above her head, and turned her face, red with fury, to the side. This was her usual position of submission for sex.

I smiled inwardly, but kept a stern expression on my face as I unbuttoned her jeans and shucked them roughly down over her hips. Tossing them away, I jerked her legs wide and positioned myself between them. The head of my cock brushed her shaved pussy, and it was very wet. There was no need to be gentle.

Grasping her chin, I turned her face to mine and said with as much menace as I could muster, "Put it in!"

Becca slid one hand down between us and tentatively took hold of my cock. Her angry expression was again mixed with fear, although I knew this was tempered by the comfort of submitting to me. This was the safe thread running through our relationship – as long as it was present I had little fear of actually hurting her.

She rubbed my cock against her pussy and began to slowly push against it. When I was just an inch inside I paused, as if I were letting her get used to it. Grabbing her wrist and pinning them both above her head, I then pushed my cock roughly into her pussy as far as I could.

Becca cried out and writhed beneath me as I took her. My thrusts were hard and deep, intended to make her feel helpless and used. Her shirt was still on, leaving her naked only from the waist down. I knew this would add to both her humiliation, and her enjoyment of this scene. She looked into my eyes, and I knew from past conversations that she hoped to see no sign of mercy. She craved the illusion that she was being ravished against her will, so I maintained a steely glare and an air of concern only for my own pleasure.

After a few minutes Becca's breathing increased and her eyes widened. I watched carefully, knowing she was about to orgasm. Sure enough, she desperately blurted out, "Sir! Am I allowed to cum?"

My heart gushed with love for her.

I stopped thrusting and shook my head. "Absolutely not. Tell me when you have yourself under control again."

Trembling, she turned her head to the side. "Yes sir." She then squeezed her eyes shut and concentrated, willing her body to obey. After a few deep breaths she settled herself down. Keeping her head turned away in shame she said softly, "You can continue using me now, sir."

Again my heart leapt – surely my Becca is the best, most obedient girl anyone could ask for! Later, I would reward her lavishly. I would fuck her again long and hard, but in the end allow her to orgasm. More than one woman has assured me that an orgasm earned as a slave is the most intense kind there is. But that would come later – tomorrow perhaps. For now, I had to keep up the façade that I was angry and punishing her.

I slammed my cock into Becca's pussy at an angle I knew caused her both discomfort, and the prospect of intense orgasms. Several times she had to quickly ask me to stop, lest she lose control. For some minutes I continued using her roughly, punctuating my thrusts every so often with a taunt whispered in her ear.

When I felt I had had enough I told her, "I'm pulling out of your slutty pussy in a minute, and we're going back to blowjob rules. Understand?" Becca nodded pitifully. I could almost feel sorry for her, except for the fact that she was gritting her teeth to stave off an unauthorized orgasm. After a few more thrusts I pulled out and sat on the couch. Becca remained on her back, breathing hard. I counted to three.

"You have five seconds to get my cock in your mouth." Becca quickly knelt and dropped her head into my lap. I luxuriated in the feel of her throat working on my length for a moment, then pulled her up. "It's going on your face, in your hair, and you're wearing it during dinner. Got it?"

She gave me a 'yes, sir' and resumed her work on my cock. She was going a bit slow for my taste, so I grabbed the back of her head and helped her move it along a little. She got the idea and soon I was ready to cum.

I stood up and Becca began using her hand as well as her mouth on me. She looked up and our eyes locked. Hers still held some anger, but also the familiar desire to please me. I remained poker faced, but then allowed myself a slight smirk. As my orgasm approached I tapped her on the shoulder and she took my cock from her mouth. Becca carefully aimed it at her upturned face while stroking firmly.

When I came, the first shots landed on her cheeks. She then ducked her head down slightly and stroked out a shot into her hair. She continued stroking and moved her face all around my cock. By the time my orgasm finished she looked messy, humiliated, and absolutely radiant and beautiful. She put my cock gently back in her mouth as I relaxed back onto the couch.

I hooked the camera off the table again and snapped a photo of her with my cock next to her face. "You're going to print that one out and put it in your wallet. The next time you're in doubt as to where your place is, look at it."

"Yes, Michael. And thank you." We remained there for a few minutes, Becca on her knees caressing my softening cock. "Sir, I'm sorry I got angry. That's over now – but I have a question..."


"Did the girls at the club really get you that worked up? If you had just..."

"I wouldn't know, Becca. I went to the gym after work."

Her eyes widened in astonishment. "But your clothes were all smoky..."

I smiled. "I joined the smokers on their break outside today. Didn't enjoy that part, but it was worth it."

Becca's lips curled into a wry smile as she looked deeply into my eyes. "Dinner in five minutes", she said as she bounced to her feet. "Sir!"

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