Dane Margeauland is a fine man, a noble and intelligent man, a far better man than I could ever hope to be. That is why I now drive his car, care for his house, and fuck his wife. When I fuck his wife he watches from the darkness, crouching in the corner as I debase her with myself. To her I am an animal and when I touch her delicate skin we share in the abomination.

My skin is different than them, hence I serve them, I am disfigured, my body twisted, my shoulder bent beneath my hump... he calls it a tumor. I know what I am, I see it in the faces when I drive him into town, I hear the women gasp. Small children cry, older children laugh and before I began driving for Mr. Margeauland they would pummel me with rocks and mud.

It was one of those times, as I stumbled in the alley pulling the molded bread from the rubbish when they later attacked me. In the darkness of the alley they didn't just throw rocks, they had large sticks which they beat me with. In the wide streets I could usually escape or else someone would take pity and stop them, but in the alley I couldn't get away and no one was around to run them off. When I realized I could not escape, I simply kneeled before them and endured the blows, endured the pain until dark closed in from the edge of my eyes. I was ready to die. That was when I first met Mr. Margeauland as he grabbed my hand, lifted me over his shoulder and carried me to hospital.

Later, when I woke up, I found myself in a bed, my body covered in white bandage. I slept a lot then, but each time I woke I could hear a woman talking to me, telling me how lucky I was that Mr. Margeauland saved me. She said the man was paying for my stay, this man I didn't even know.

As I got better he let me work around his giant house, I would wash cars, scrub the floors, take out trash and whatever he told me to do. He kept me doing those jobs until one day I overhead a terrible fight between Mr. Margeauland and his new wife. He called her a whore and a slut as he screamed at her. It wasn't until later when I heard some of the other house workers talking that I found out why he screamed so at her.

They said he caught his wife with the driver of her car. It was only a short time later that he came to me and told me of a different job. It was late one evening that he called me into the library. As he sipped on a red drink he talked to me, speaking very slowly.

"Thorpe, I want to talk to you about a new job I need you to perform. If you do it well for me you will become the new driver. Besides your duties as driver you will need to do no other tasks for me and I will pay you the same as I have for all your fine work. I will also allow you to move into one of the bedrooms in the main house. Do you understand?"

"Yes sir," I replied.

"In the past I have asked you to show the utmost respect to my family and guests and I would like you to continue to do so, however I will ask you to do something you may think contrary to my request. I want you to understand, this thing I will ask of you is my bidding alone and you will tell no one. Do you understand?"

"Yes sir."

"Tonight and on other nights I will ask you to enter Lady Margeauland's bedroom at nine o'clock sharp. The Lady will be in the room on the bed and I will be seated in the darkness, you may or may not be able to see me. On occasion I may not be alone, but you will pay no attention to me except to follow my instructions. Do you understand?"

"Yes sir."

"When you enter the bedroom you will follow only my instructions, you will ignore anything the Lady tells you. This is for when you are in her bedroom only, you will follow only my instructions. There may be times I may instruct you to do something that you think will hurt the Lady or she may cry out. Understand that I alone will tell you when to do these things and you must do them even if it the Lady asks you to stop. Can you do this for me Thorpe?"

"Yes sir."

"Good then, you can go and clean up for the day and at nine o'clock I want you to come to Lady Margeauland's bedroom. If all goes well tonight I will have the staff help you move into one of the empty rooms. And Thorpe, if you are asked by any of the staff why you have been allowed into the room simply tell them you are doing a special job for me, nothing more. Do you understand?"

"Yes sir," I replied.

"Thank you Thorpe, I will see you tonight at nine."

"When I come to the Lady's bedroom."

Mr. Margeauland nodded, so I turned and left the room.

I returned to my quarters in the servant's house and cleaned myself up. I was nervous about what he wanted me to do, but he is a good man so I know whatever he would tell me to do I would obey. I remained in my quarters until a few minutes before nine, when I walked to the main house, went up the stairs and into Lady Margeauland's bedroom.

I saw her sitting on the edge of the bed in a gown. In the corner I saw Mr. Margeauland sitting with another woman. Carefully closing the door behind me I stepped into the room.

Suddenly, Lady Margeauland said, "Wait a minute Dane, you said I was to do this with the driver while you watched, what is he doing here?"

"Why darling, didn't I tell you? I fired the old driver, he had such a nasty habit of sleeping around with all the sluts in the county. Such a dirty business with all that disease and debauchery about. I've hired a new driver."

"I'm not going to do any..."

"YOU WILL DO WHAT I TELL YOU, or I will have my good friend the constable throw you in jail with the street women. It's a simple matter of a phone call."

"But you can't make me..."

"Oh, I think I can and I plan to watch it all. Now Thorpe, I want you to remove your clothes and then fuck Lady Margeauland."

"No, Thorpe, please don't do this," she said to me as I undressed. I pulled off my shirt, and then my pants. When I took off my undergarment I heard the woman sitting with Mr. Margeauland gasp.

"Why Dane, he's huge," she said to him.

"Yes I imagine it may be quite a treat for the Lady," I heard him say as I moved toward his wife. "Now Thorpe, you may remove her garment if she doesn't, tear it off her if you need to."

She pushed herself back up onto the bed, backing away from me while staring at my abominable cock. Clear fluid was dripping from it as I crawled onto the bed. I reached out to grab her robe, but she quickly pulled it off as she hissed, "Damn you Dane, I will show you that this... this... this animal is more of a man than you could ever be."

The lady then leaned forward and opened her mouth wide and moved it to my cock. Her mouth could only take in about half the head, but she began sucking and licking on it. As she did that she drooled, getting the head and shaft wet.

My cock had never been in any mouth before and the feeling was so good I feared I might not last enough to fuck her, but suddenly she moved away falling onto her back. She spread her legs then reached up and pulled me to her. With one hand on my cock and her other hand stretching herself open, she pulled me to her. I watched as her puss lips opened and then stretched wide as my cock slowly moved into her.

I could hear her whimper some but she kept pulling me onto her and my cock went deeper and deeper until it seemed to hit something inside her. My cock was about three quarters of the way inside her but it could go no more. Sensing that it might be hurting the Lady, I waited, but then I heard Mr. Margeauland say, "Now Thorpe, fuck her."

I pulled back and then thrust into her once, and then I did it again. The Lady's body relaxed a bit and by the fourth or fifth thrust I felt her lifting up to me as I pushed into her. The first few thrusts ended as I banged against her, but then I didn't push as deep and it seemed better.

"Look at that Dane, the little slut is taking it," I heard the woman say from the darkness.

"Just keep sucking woman, keep sucking," I heard Mr. Margeauland said to the woman.

I continued, but could hold out no longer and as I felt a wonderful feeling flood through my cock I moaned and pushed deep, feeling my cock bang the lady very hard. She cried out just as my cock began to spurt my filth into her. As it continued spurting inside the Lady I could see a tear run down her cheek, but as I wiped it away she said, "I don't blame you," and then she looked over at him and whispered, "I'll show him."

After a few moments I pulled my cock out of her and saw it was very wet with my filth, her wetness and a little blood. I didn't want to hurt her, but she seemed okay now. I looked over toward Mr. Margeauland and saw the woman with him kneeling between his legs.

"You did well Thorpe, you can go now. Tomorrow you will move your things into your new room. I'll let you know when I want to see another performance, I think our Lady may need a day or two to recover from that fucking," he said, smiling toward his wife. I watched the woman between his legs stand up, gently wipe her mouth on a tissue and sit down next to Mr. Margeauland.

I quickly got dressed and headed back to my quarters. I remember thinking how nice it will be moving into the main house.

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