tagLoving WivesAnne and Tom Ch. 01

Anne and Tom Ch. 01


This is a true story - the names have been changed. I know some people aren't into the swinging scene and usually leave mean replies to those of us who write about our experiences. If you don't approve of swinging or couples who have open relationships, then please move on. This story is not for you. However, I hope those of you who do like these stories enjoy our adventures.


I was on the couch watching a hockey game when I heard my phone ring that a text message had arrived. Checking my phone, I saw it was from my wife.

Her text - "r u sure about this?"

My text - "YES!!"

A moment later, her reply...

"he just asked me back to his place. he wants to fuck me!!"

My reply, "do you want to fuck him?"

"yes!! but want to make sure ur ok!" was the reply 30 seconds later.

"u know i am. Have fun. c u n the morning!! love you" was my instant reply.

"k. love you 2"


Let me give you a little background. My wife and I have been married for ten years. We can't have kids and have enjoyed the financial luxury that comes with that. However, as most married couple do, we had become lax in the bedroom.

Sure we still had sex. In fact, much more than our friends with kids do, but it was routine. No foreplay, just a "you want to" then we do. No spark. No impromptu desire.

About four months ago, we happened on a documentary about a couple that had an open marriage and did some swinging together. After watching it, we ravaged each other. It was the most passionate sex we had in quite some time.

And we did it again later that night as we talked some more about what it would be like to have sex with someone else.

For the next month all we did was talk about it and then fuck like rabbits. We were having sex almost daily. The great thing was, I didn't always bring it up. We'd be out to dinner and my wife would start pointing out women at the place and asking me if I wanted to fuck them. And I would do the same.

Finally, about a month ago, I asked her if she wanted to experiment with this. She readily agreed. Then the details as to how. We decided to go all in on the first experience.

If one of us found someone to fuck, we do it after we ask the other if they are okay with it. We decided that if we could handle the thought of our significant other fucking someone else without being there, we could definitely handle seeing them get fucked at a swingers party.

We both agreed that either could call this off at anytime before or after we started playing. However, we both knew how worked up we got when we thought about doing this. Anne, my wife, knew I was always going to love her and I knew likewise from her. I was smart enough to know that I wanted to Anne to go through with this with another man before I would "hook up" with another woman, even though I knew of a few opportunities that I would follow.

Let me tell you about Anne. She is about 5'5" and a size 5. 38 years old. Nice c-cup tits even though some sag has set in. While not skinny, she wasn't a bbw or anything. Brown hair and gorgeous deep blue eyes. While she still gets stares, she has an awesome outgoing and bubbly personality. I knew it would take long before she found her guy.

And she did. At the gym. And that is who she is with now on this Friday night. She left a few hours ago wearing a sexy low cut black dress that stopped well above her knees. Other than her 4" black stilettos, that was all she wore. No bra. No panties. Oh, and a freshly waxed smooth pussy.


My phone buzzed again with a new text message, which broke me from my daze. Damn, I was as hard as a rock too.

Her text - "Leaving my car at the restaurant. Is that okay?"

My text - "of course. but u might be too sore to drive home 2morrow, lol"

Her text -- "ur a perv, lol. I love it. U may b right. I plan on fucking him n the morning also."

My text -- "ur a horny slut aren't you ;-)"

Her text -- "yes!!! he bet me he could outlast me. we'll see."

My text -- "you love a good challenge :-) c u 2morrow. happy fucking. luv u."

Her text -- "k. love you 2. i'll text when i'm on my way home 2morrow. could be afternoon though. alright?"

My text -- "absolutely. i'll be here. text if you need anything."

Her text -- ":-) i so love you. we're at his house. i'll probably be naked in 5 min. been playing with his cock on the way here. he's super hard!!"


It was now 10:30 at night.

And with that, the texts stopped. However, my mind did not. I was hard. I decided I had to do something about it so I went to the bathroom to jack off. I was so horny and the thought that my was naked with another guy meant that it took about three minutes to shoot a load into the toilet!!

For the remainder of the evening, I tried to watch TV, but couldn't concentrate. My mind kept drifting back to Anne and wondering if at that moment she was sucking his cock, on her back as he pounded her missionary, on top of him riding his cock or in her favorite position getting pounded doggy style. Or all of the above.

I jacked off one more time before trying to go to bed. It was a restless night of sleep. As you can guess, my mind was always wondering what Anne was doing at that moment.

I finally drifted off into a decent sleep and woke up around 10:00 the next morning. I checked my phone and saw no message from Anne. I immediately began fantasizing about what Anne and her boytoy were doing. Were they sleeping because they fucked most of the night? Did they fuck most of the night, but already have woken up to fuck some more? What did she do with him? I'm sure she swallowed his cum. Did she let him fuck her ass? We've done anal a few times and we both enjoyed it, but never thought to do it much. How many times has he cum in her?

Oh, and by the way, I was rock hard with most intense morning erection of my life. I went to the bathroom to take of that.

After finishing in the bathroom -- not only relieving myself, but also showering and my usual morning routine -- I got some food and settled on the couch. At least there was college football to keep my mind somewhat occupied.

The first game finished and no word from Anne. Halftime of the second game, 4:00 in the afternoon, still no word from Anne.


Finally about 5:30, my phone buzzed. It was Anne.

Her text -- "he just dropped me off at my car. on my way home."

My text -- "ok. i'm just on the couch watching football. how was it?"

Her text -- "amazing. i just hope ur not going to be pissed with how crazy i got with him."

My text -- "no way babe. been hard since last night imagining you and him going crazy with each other. had to jack off three times!!"

Her reply -- ";-). b home soon"


About 15 minutes later, I heard the garage door open. My wife entered the living room and I noticed she had just showered and was wearing a shirt and pair of shorts that were obviously his. Her heels and dress were in her hand.

She looked exhausted, but still had the "I just got fucked" look on her face. I stood and went to her and took her in my arms. We hugged and then began to kiss. Not a word was said as our hands slowly explored each other.

"Honey," she whispered in my ear as I was kissing her neck. "My pussy and ass are too sore to fuck. Can I give you a blow job to tell you thank you and how much I love you?"

I just nodded and she dropped to her knees. While I had jacked off three times, the feel of an actual mouth on my cock, plus with all of the possibilities that entered my head when she told me her pussy and ass were too sore to fuck had me cumming rather rapidly.

Anne swallowed every drop.

"Would you mind if I went to sleep now," she asked. "I think I slept three hours last night. I promise to tell you about it tomorrow."

Of course, I told her it was okay. Why? Because it was.

She went upstairs to shower and go to bed and I returned to the couch to finish watching football. I drank a couple of beers and watched the evening game before heading to bed myself.

I got ready for bed and joined my wife in bed. When I turned the covers down, I noticed Anne was sleeping naked, something she never did.

As I got into bed next to her, after shedding my boxers and getting naked as well, I pulled her next to me as I was on my back and her head on my shoulder and one of her legs over mine.

I felt her naked body on mine. Her sleeping naked was something new and I was going revel in it. At the same time, I had a hunch this wasn't the only change that was new with my wife.

To be continued...

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