tagLoving WivesThe Journey Pt. 01

The Journey Pt. 01


This is a long story. I considered publishing it in parts but decided to go ahead and submit it all at once. It is a story of a man and woman whose marriage has become dull and mundane. The husband talks the wife into a game that changes their lives. He had always harbored a secret desire to see her with other men. In the end, he gets that and more. You should pass this story by if you don't like long stories, or stories about slut wives. However, if enough people like this story, I may do a second part. Gary

* * * * *

Chapter 1

Tim and Janice Harwick met while in college. He was a business major and she was working on her undergraduate degree in law. They dated throughout college and fell madly in love. They decided to get married after Tim graduated, and Janice would continue her study for a law degree.

The wedding was held in Tim's hometown. It was a large traditional wedding with over five hundred guests crammed into the small church. The newlyweds ran from the church to a chorus of cheers and rice; they were off to make a home and live the American dream.

Ten years later both had made their mark on their chosen professions. Tim was a partner in a large advertising agency and Janice was a well-respected associate professor of law at the local university. Both made good salaries, affording them a nice standard of living. There were no children yet but that was in their plan at some point. However, Janice knew that at 35 years of age, her biological clock was ticking. Unfortunately, there had always been something that delayed the event. While Tim wanted children, it was hard for him to see how they would have the time to fit them into their busy schedule without adversely influencing their life style.

If you asked either of them if their marriage was good, they would both give a resounding yes. However, that answer would belie the true emotions lying just beneath the surface. Despite their comfortable outward appearance, there was a deeper feeling that something was missing. Over the years, the stress of two professional wage earners had taken its toll on their personal lives, resulting in less and less time for each other. Sexual relations had become routine, if not mundane. Sex was relegated to the back burner and often turned into a quickie every couple of weeks when they weren't too tired.

The deplorable condition of their sexual relationship was on both of their minds often. However, neither of them felt comfortable talking about the subject: Janice because of her strict upbringing and Tim for fear of her anger. The result was the construction of an emotional wall, locking them on opposing sides. It had reached a point where they each thought that the other felt that sex wasn't important anymore in their marriage.

One Friday night, Janice and Tim had a rare night at home together. Tim was reading in the family room when Janice came in with a book on tort law that she had assigned for reading by her first-year class. She had to brush up on the subject herself, and then grade some papers.

Tim looked up and smiled as Janice walked toward him. She was wearing a baggy sweat suit, her hair pulled back in a ponytail. The thought occurred to him that she still looked sexy even in sweats, even with no makeup on. He knew that she had gained a few pounds in the last couple of years but it all went into the right places. In fact, Tim had always felt that she was a little too skinny anyway. She had been a dedicated exerciser when they met and had even participated in several marathons. As a result, her legs were still firm and she had a gorgeous, well-rounded butt.

As Tim watched her walk by he could see her bare breast bouncing under her top. On impulse he reached out and caressed a buttock, bringing a yelp from her.

"You're frisky tonight, Timmy," Janice said with an indulgent smile.

Tim reached up quickly, before she could get away, and pulled her onto his lap, bringing another surprised yelp from her lips. "It's all your fault for coming in here looking so sexy," he said and kissed her passionately. His hand slid up under her top and began to caress her breast as his tongue searched her mouth.

Janice pushed Tim away gently but firmly. "Boy, you are really hard up if you think I'm sexy in my sweats," she admonished him gently. She was just a little breathless. Then she moaned as she felt Tim begin to squeeze her nipple again, pinching it between his fingers. Janice knew that she had a lot of work to do tonight if she was going to be prepared for class the next day. "Tim, I have work to do!" she complained, grabbing his hand and pulling it from her breast.

Tim's smile turned to a frown. "It seems like you're always too busy," he said with undisguised frustration.

"What is that supposed to mean?" Janice returned as she stood up.

"It means that we never have any time for fun anymore."

Janice started to say something then stopped. Unfortunately, he was right. Janice sat back down on Tim's lap and said, "You're right, we're both far too busy. Truthfully, it's been bothering me lately as well. Everything is always so rushed." Janice snuggled comfortably into Tim and said, "I'm not sure what we can do about it though."

"I don't know either," Tim said, hiding his real feelings, adding another brick to that wall. No damn it he thought, it was time that they talked. "Janice, we need to do something or I'm afraid we'll drift away from each other."

"Do you think we're drifting away?" Janice asked in shock.

"Sometimes, yes! We hardly have time to talk, let alone time for sex. I remember not too long ago when we used to talk for hours. And... and we would make love for hours too."

"Yes, I remember," she sighed.

"We have to find time for each other." Then Tim remembered an article that he had read in Playboy. He didn't think Janice would go for it but he figured he had nothing to lose. "I read an article last month about what one couple did to spice up their life. It was about SEX so I'm sure you wouldn't like it."

"What do you mean that I wouldn't like it because it was about sex? I like sex."

"You do?" Tim said sarcastically.

"What makes you think I don't like sex?" Janice said defensively.

"Because you are a pru..." Tim started to call her a prude but realized that that would start a major argument. They were already treading on thin ice.

In truth, he did feel that she was a prude. She looked like the proverbial sex machine; tall, great shape, stylish blond hair and breasts with nipples that seemed to always be hard. Yet, behind closed doors she was anything but a sex machine. She had only given him oral sex on a few occasions and he had rarely done it to her. They never talked about it. Once he brought up anal sex and she just about went off the deep end, calling him a pervert.

"I'm a prude!" Janice almost screamed.

"I wasn't going to say that."

"Yes you were!"

"All right, I was, because you are!"

Janice stood up again, her face red with anger. "So I'm the prude. What about the time I wanted to wear that low- cut dress to your stuffy old Christmas party? You almost had a stroke. Then there was that time that Sally and Bill wanted us to watch a porn movie. I said yes, but you made a big deal about it. And I'm the prude!"

"It's not about dresses or movies," Tim said, returning her anger. "It's about the bedroom. When is the last time you... you... you know... oh, never mind," Tim said in frustration.

Janice was fuming now. She could barely speak. "Fine, I don't want to talk about this anyway." She stormed out of the room.

Tim started to respond but decided to shut up. It wasn't any use talking when they were both angry. The wall was getting bigger. He lifted his paper back up and tried to read. It was no use. His mind drifted to those forbidden thoughts that seemed to be coming quite often now.

In his dreams he was watching Janice lying naked on the bed. There was a man with her, but it wasn't him. They were kissing and he was fondling her breast. Tim's excitement grew as he watched the stranger kiss his wife, then move his hand under her skirt. She squirmed and sighed, pushing her hips down, demanding that he pleasure her. He watched though a dream -like fog as his wife spread her legs, opening herself for this stranger. She let him press his fingers deep into her.

"Sweetie, can we talk?"

Tim jumped, startled by his wife's voice. "Sure," he said, trying to shake the perverted vision from his head.

Janice sat on the sofa close to Tim and placed her arm over his shoulder. They sat quietly for a while gathering their thoughts. Tim spoke first. "Listen, Janice, I'm sorry I called you a prude," Tim said sincerely.

Janice put her fingers to Tim's lips to silence him. "The truth hurts," she said. "I'm afraid I have been a prude. You know that I was raised in a religious family and sex was never talked about. The truth is that I would love to really let go and do some of the wild things I've read about in magazines or heard the girls at school talk about. I... I... Oh damn," Janice said, her voice cracking with emotions. "Oh God, Tim, I fantasize about things all the time. I've even... even been masturbating lately."

It shocked Tim that Janice had been fantasizing, not to mention masturbating. His first inclination was to blame himself for not being man enough for her. Then he felt anger at her for closing him out. However, he was smart enough to know that the issues were a lot more complicated then secretly masturbating. Hell, he had done it plenty of times himself. Tim hugged Janice to him and they sat silently again for a long time.

"Tim, what was it you were going to suggest a little while ago...? Before I blew up?"

"It's too crazy. I don't even know why I brought it up."

"No, come on, what were you going to suggest?"

Tim took a deep breath and said, "Well, I was reading an article in Playboy magazine."

"Oh yes, that great philosophical journal," Janice said sarcastically.

"Fine, forget it," Tim said, anger flaring again.

"I'm sorry!" Janice apologized. "Please tell me."

Tim hesitated then started again. "It was about a man and woman whose sexual relations had become boring... like ours. They were about our age, however they had three children. They agreed to take a week where one partner would do anything the other partner wanted. Anything!"

"Wow, that sounds dangerous, but tell me more," Janice said trying to sound interested but thinking that it was totally crazy.

"The guy came up with all these things that turned him on and his wife would have to do them. She had a safe word that when she used it, whatever he was doing he would stop. However, he would go on to something else. If she used the safe word three times they agreed to end the game. If she didn't, the husband had to do whatever the wife wanted for a week. If the wife beat the husband, by using the safe word less then him, she would get a present of her choice."

"Did she get her present?" Janice said, suddenly interested.

"Yep! She got her husband for a week. When he used the safe word twice, she got a trip to France. The guy claims that now their sex life is an adventure ever day. However, I don't know if you can believe the story or not."

"Sounds very interesting, but what kinds of things did he make her do?"

"Well, you know Playboy, it's always wild. He made her do things like going out without panties and flashing people. He experimented with all of his sexual fantasies. Some of them were pretty far out." Tim stopped for a moment, waiting for Janice to say something.

"Go on," she said with interest.

Tim took a deep breath and said, "Well, they tried oral sex, sex in public places, anal sex and even a little S&M. He even had her fool around with other guys."

Janice opened her eyes wide in shock. "Would you do that?" Janice asked, astonishment clearly in her voice.


"Would you let other men fool around with me?" she asked, almost trembling now.

"Uh... uh... I don't know," Tim said, his face turning red, giving himself away.

"You would!" Janice said is shock. Yet her shock was not entirely because of Tim's fantasy. Janice had her own fantasy lovers.

"I didn't say that! I... I... guess the thought of you teasing some guy does have an appeal to me. But that doesn't mean I don't love you or that I would let you go too far," he hastened to add.

"But you would let me do something with another guy? And, what does 'too far' mean anyway?" Janice asked nervously, her mouth suddenly dry as a vision of one forbidden evening not so long ago jumped into her head.

"I don't know," Tim said, now wishing he hadn't brought the subject up.

"This is hard to believe," Janice said, trying to act indignant but feeling her heart race in her chest.

"I knew that I shouldn't have brought it up. Let's just forget it." "No!" Janice said a little too loudly. Then she lowered her voice and said, "This seems pretty crazy to me, Tim." After a few minutes she whispered almost bashfully, "I would probably use the safe word the first day."

Tim could feel his heart begin to beat rapidly. It sounded like she might be interested. "That's what this guy said his wife said to him. However, she took it as a challenge. She never used the safe word, but he did, twice."

Janice was staring silently into space, a plethora of emotions running though her. On one hand, she was shocked by Tim's willingness to involve another man. However, on the other hand, she could not deny that she was feeling a tingle of excitement.

Tim took that opportunity to pull Janice to him and kiss her lips tenderly. When he heard her moan, he moved his hand under her sweatshirt again. This time she didn't push his hand away. He could feel her breathing speed up as he began to play with her already hard nipple. As their tongues worked together, Tim's hand slid under the waistband of her sweats and into her panties. He almost gasped when his fingers found her wet and already- swollen sex lips. It was obvious that the conversation had been more exciting to her then she was letting on.

Janice was embarrassed; her crotch was a swamp of sex juice. In fact, her juice had already soaked through her panties and was making a stain on the crotch of her sweat pants. Janice moaned as she felt Tim's fingers push into her pulsing hole. She spread her legs to give him better access. As his finger began to slide in and out, her hips moved up from the sofa, encouraging him to go deeper. She moaned in frustration when he suddenly pulled his finger out.

Tim quickly pulled Janice's top over her head then began to pull her pants down. She lifted her hips up and let him strip her naked. Then he stood up and looked at his sexy wife. She was lying back on the sofa, her legs were spread slightly apart, her thighs almost quivering. Her chest was moving up and down with her excited breathing and her eyes were hooded over with approaching pleasure.

When Tim's eyes moved down her body, he had to suppress a gasp. Her large nipples were hard, sticking out like pencil erasers. Her beautiful breasts sat up proudly, firm, yet soft. When he looked a little lower, he could see the very large inner lips protruding from her hair-covered vagina. He had always loved the way her vagina looked. He liked that the lips were long and fat. In fact, he had never seen any woman with lips as large as hers. Unfortunately, she rarely let him look at her like this. His mouth practically drooled as he looked at the dripping flesh between her legs. The few times she had let him eat her, it had been incredible to feel those fat lips in his mouth; he could practically fill his mouth with the swollen flesh.

Tim stripped off his clothes in record time and moved quickly into her arms. He moaned as his penis slid into his wife's willing body.

"Oh God, baby, you feel so good," Tim moaned as he began to move in and out of his wife's slick hole. When he felt her legs wrap around his waist, he began to pound into her with rapid strokes.

"Yes, yes, fuck me," Janice whispered, her excitement rising rapidly.

"Fuck me!" Tim thought. She never used language like that. Two could play that game, he thought. He bent to her ear. "Yes, I'm going to fuck you, baby. I'm going to pound into your pussy until you can't stand it anymore," Tim whispered, using words he had never spoken to her before.

"Oh yes, God yes fuuuucccckkk me!!!" Janice moaned as her excitement built beyond control.

Soon their bodies were covered in sweat as their moans filled the room. Tim worked to control his excitement. It had been a long time since he had been inside his wife and frankly, the conversation had excited him tremendously. Still, he wanted to make sure Janice enjoyed herself before he climaxed. He tried to think of anything but his wife's incredibly tight vagina. Suddenly, his dream flashed before his eyes. He wasn't with his wife any longer. He was watching... watching as she made love to another man. That was the wrong thing to think of.

Fortunately, Janice couldn't last very long either. "I'm going to cum," Janice breathed. "Yes, yes, ohhhhhhh!!!" she moaned as her body began to convulse in pleasure.

In his fantasy, his wife's lover bellowed that he was going to cum. He watched his beautiful wife wrap her legs around her lover, pulling him deep into her, waiting for his cum. This was the point at which time Tim always lost control.

Tim could feel his own balls pull tight to his body. "Oh God, baby, here it comes," he moaned. Then his penis throbbed and began to spurt juice into the welcoming hole of the women he loved.

Janice pulled Tim tightly to her, her heals digging into his buttocks, forcing him as deep as possible into her. She could feel her already saturated hole fill with her husband's seed. Suddenly an unwanted thought raced though her mind. It was no longer Tim between her legs, but rather her fantasy lover taking his pleasure inside her body. Without warning, a second, even more intense, climax rushed through her. She had never had two climaxes this close together. Hell, she was lucky to have one good one.

It was an intense coupling for both Tim and Janice. Maybe it was the argument... makeup sex was always good. Maybe, it was the thought of the suggestion Tim had made or the fantasy they secretly shared. Whatever the reason, it was the best sex the two had had in many of years. There was just a little crack in that emotional wall they had built.

Chapter 2

For the next several days, the only thing on Janice's mind was the proposition that Tim had made. At first, she dismissed it out of hand as a totally crazy idea. However, she couldn't deny that every time she thought of it, she could feel excitement begin to course through her.

There were a thousand questions going through her mind as well. What if Tim really wanted her to do something with another man? God, what if he wanted her to go to bed with another man? Could she really do it? Having someone in a fantasy was entirely different than doing it in real life. She knew that fantasies were innocent most of the time. She had read where most women dreamed of fantasy lovers.

And what about all the other things Tim had suggested? Sure she could go out without panties but could she really flash strangers? What about oral sex? She had grown up thinking it was dirty. Yes she had loved it the few times she had let Tim do it to her, but she had had too much to drink. At least that was her excuse. As far a performing oral sex, well, she really couldn't remember the few times she had done it to Tim because she had been intoxicated then, too. She knew that if she agreed to this wild game, she wouldn't be drunk.

Then there was the nagging thought that worried Janice more than anything else. Would Tim stray if he got the chance and she didn't change their sex life? She had seen his roving eye. He was a very handsome man and it would be easy for him to attract some immoral slut. Maybe he had already done it?

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